Grail Patterns Instructions:



Grail Pattern Instructions:


The 6 Grail Stones are the key to using the Agglutinising Force that binds the emanations together. The old Seers never accomplished its manipulation; to do this the Agglutinising Force need to be manipulated using the 6 extraordinary sets of mathematics. Six Grail Stones doe this set of transformations to change the Agglutinising Force. The first set of diagrams involving lines in boxes is to do with Lucid Viewing.


Four Cardinal Grail Stones describe the box of four dimensions in which the Agglutinising Force is manipulated in the Matrix. Place the four Cardinal Stones in a square hold the Wands of Horus Grail Stones in your left and right hands and etch and draw the lines respectively. Then draw energy with the left Wand of Horus and pulse out energy space time to project your Awareness; Lucid Viewing.

The different Patterns are all different types of lucid viewing. Lines always mean movement of the Assemblage Point, Lucid Viewing. Single lines are for LV (Lucid Viewing), once you add 3 lines that is real LV the 3 Great Bands. As you add more and more lines you get to move the Assemblage Point to the 600+ different locations of the Assemblage Point to assemble the 600+ different worlds in the Earth's energy body. The box is the 4D warp used to moved your Agglutinising Force to these different locations to give uniformity and cohesion, as well as the energy of travel.


The Wands of Horus provide the motive force by simultaneously creating and destroying the lines of the world used for travel. Six Grail Stones are therefore vital for all Lucid Viewing as they are the vehicle needed to travel as Castaneda describes, not in dreaming but in dreaming awake entered into by inner silence and using RV (Remote Viewing) protocols to initiate this LV. Since there are 7 different types of inorganic realm for each inorganic position of worlds then 4 lines are used to achieve LV of the dark energy (7) realm.


The lines above and below are the creation lines of opposites.