Welcome to the information page about Psychic charged cockrings.

These rings have two primary functions.

    a/ To act as a PSYCHOTRONIC BATTERY. This stored sexual energy boosts your own sexual energies. The use of stored sexual energy allows the user to enhance their libido by regular wear,  as well as boosting sexual enjoyment and prowess. This is done by encapsulating the sexual energy of the male in the steel ring, which acts as a battery. If your libido is at a low ebb, wearing one of these rings charged with male sexual energy by Tim Rifat himself, will help rejuvenate both your urges and your abilities.

    b/ To assist in a physical manner, encouraging a positive blood flow into the penis, and gently restricting it's exit, resulting in a stronger, harder, and longer lasting erection. This aspect can be achieved without regular wear. Caution must be used in sizing for this reason, as a ring that is too tight can be dangerous. Sizing procedures are below.

Upon ordering, you will be sent three rubber rings, in sizes small, medium and large. These are for fitting purposes only and are not charged in any way. Most men will require a medium, but we suggest that a large ring is fitted initially. This is achieved by placing the ring against the underneath of the testicles, and gently pulling one through, and then the other. With both testicles through the ring, the tip of the penis can be coaxed through, and when this is done, both the scrotum and penis will be through the ring, and the ring will be nestled nicely against the stomach wall.

At this point an erection is needed, to test for sizing. Once hard, the rubber ring should be gripping gently but not tightly, it should be held to the body by the swelling of your genitals, but not biting in in any way. The rubber rings are sent to you for sizing because if a mistake is made, they can be cut off with household scissors. The steel rings, as you can imagine, are not so easy to remove, and so sizing at this point is crucial.

Should it feel loose, and can be rotated around you without effort, then we should next try the medium. Allow yourself to soften, and then remove the ring, generally by pulling the penis back, and then the testicles, the reverse of how you fitted it originally.

Apply the medium and re-evaluate. Remember we are looking for snug not tight as such, although many people, when experienced with them, do prefer a tighter fit, but this is something which must be approached with caution. The steel ring will perform function a/ (as Psychotronic Battery) whether snug or tight, but it will perform function b/ (the physical assistance) better if it is a tighter fit. Please approach this aspect with caution.

Should the medium still feel quite loose, please try the small.

Regarding the rings, small medium or large, this has very little to do with the size of the penis. Many men with quite large manhoods still require a small ring, it is to do with how we are built, rather than size.

When you have decided, simply send an email here, the address will also be listed in the paperwork that will accompany the fitting rings. The charged steel ring will then be sent to you by first class recorded delivery as quickly as possible, subject to charging time. The rubber fitting rings are yours to keep. These can be used to accentuate the physical assistance offered by the steel ring by wearing the corresponding size at the same time as the steel one. We also feel that as you get used to the dual effect of the ring, you may wish to experiment with a slightly smaller size, and so we recommend that you keep the rubber fitting rings handy for later use. Should you wish for more at a later date, you may restock from us for a minimal fee at any time. Of course two steel rings can be worn at the same time, greatly increasing the physical enhancement, but again caution is required, and the rubber rings may help to experiment.

We invite you to make initial enquiries by emailing here.

Thank you for your interest, I personally wear a charged ring much of the time and enjoy it's sense of 'presence' and the effects it has both on my libido in general, and in my performance sexually. I would like very much to extend my thanks to Tim Rifat for extending me this opportunity to create this product, a combination of my sexual enhancement knowledge and his world renown physic abilities - the end result being a dual function sexual enhancement device that we are sure will bring a smile to your face.

This is the appropriate position for the charged ring to be worn, keeping it close to your bodies energy field, supremely positioned for comfort and for physical enhancements.

Please remember safety above all else. A properly fitted steel ring is comfortable, providing various benefits to you, but should not cause discomfort.  Please use the sizing rings and make a sensible, informed choice of size.