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Mr. Tim Rifat has been a guest on my nationally-syndicated radio 
program in the United States for approximately the last twelve years, 
and a regular monthly recurring guest for the past five of those years.

He is well-known to me and to my large audience as Europe's leading 
civilian expert on Remote Viewing and Psychic Warfare.  Over the 
years, Mr. Rifat has demonstrated extraordinary knowledge in these 
fields and a prodigious ability to inform and educate my listeners 
about them.  His outstanding books on these subjects have been very 
popular with my audience, as well.

Furthermore,  Mr. Rifat is, without question, on the few genuine 
authorities on the old Soviet - now Russian - Psychotronic weapons 
and warfare area of great general intrigue and military 

As a professional broadcast journalist, I have spent a great amount 
of time over the past 15 years interviewing the most accomplished, 
gifted and legendary remote viewers from the US Military's formerly 
Top Secret, now disbanded, 'Stargate' Remote Viewing project.  I am 
well-acquainted with the best of them and therefore can speak with 
authority and certitude about Mr. Rifat's credentials and knowledge.

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hesitate to contact me.

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Jeff Rense

3 March 2009 on Jeff Rense Radio

I became interested in the occult originally when I got in touch with Jeff Rense because I was writing a book called “Remote Viewing” which, in 1997, was a hot topic, now it’s old news. I got into all the military remote viewing remote influencing   and scanning which is going into people’s minds.   But the military in America was also interested in Egyptian occultism and we know that the American military is deeply satanic.   Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino was performing paedophile sex operations, carrying out satanic practices on US military bases to gauge the efficacy of paedophile sex murder on initiating Remote Influencing.   Remote Influencing is, for example, a US operative sitting down projecting his thoughts at you making you do something or making you ill.   Or, potentially, which gets the Pentagon generals very happy, making you drop dead which is called Remote Killing.      


I was fascinated to find out that the ruling body of the UK, the Rothschilds, have been deeply involved, not modern day psychic warfare but old time occultism: black magic, which seems rather strange because why should the richest, most powerful cabal, family on the planet be absolutely dedicated to satanism occult black magic?   Unless, of course, it had some basis in fact.      When we go back in history, we find the Rothschilds cabal is just copying a body of people who ruled the financial world and basically owned everything many centuries ago, called the Knights Templar.   The Knights Templar were a body of people of so-called Christian Knights who were based in Malta, hence the Knights of Malta which the Queen gives as honours to her servants.    These Knights Templars owned the entire western world at the time, after the fall of the Roman Empire.   


The Knights Templar had exactly the same agenda then as now i.e. winning back Palestine     The Knights Templars were the original Zionists.   We know they were not Jews because, at the time, Jews were less than dogs.   Jews were stoned to death and they lived in ghettos and were seen as the worst kind of filth because they had killed Christ on the cross.   As you can imagine in those times, the killers of Christ were seen as offal; and the only places they were safe to carry out freely their Talmudic Babylonian practices were what’s called the Moorish empire, the Islamic empire.   So the Muslims provided the only place where the Jews could live in peace.   In Christendom, they were persecuted, purged, killed and there were special days when you could stone them because they were considered vile and had killed Christ.


The Knights Templar owned all the banks and they drove Christendom to re-take a place called Palestine and set themselves up there.   They were fixated on the place in Jerusalem and it was only when the Muslims drove them out Palestine that they made their new place in Malta.   They were found to be the dedicated core of satanists.   So we have satanists running the banks and dedicated to owning Palestine.    Does that ring any bells?


The Pope eventually got fed up of them torturing children because they were into paedophilia, torture and murder, to use the blood for black magic rituals, and the Pope and the King of France had a purge.  All their land and banks were seized, they were tortured to death and a very small number of survivors went to Scotland who set up Scottish Rite Masonry.   Satanism then died out apart from this small cabal in Scotland who produce Scottish Rite Masonry and whose members today are Gordon Brown, Godwin, the head of the Royal Bank of Scotland, the head of the Bank of Scotland, the new executives of the Bank of Scotland, a Scot called Tony Blair and a large number of Scottish Labour MPs – all of whom are Scottish Rite freemasons.   


With the death of Christian satanism the only remnants of this were in Scotland which grew into Scottish Rite freemasonry so all that was left were the servants of  the Templars who had been used in Muslim countries called the Talmudic Jews.    These Talmudic Jews then copied the Knights Templars’ banking system.   They were deeply dedicated to satanism because they think Christ is vile and, according to the Talmudic Jews, they hung Christ and tortured him to death, then he was in the Jewish hell being burned to death in boiling semen.  That’s in the Babylonian Talmud but we find that all that happened was that satanism went into the Jewish quarter, protected by the Muslims and it slowly grew but only with the remit of Amschel Rothschild from the Red Shield - in the occult the North altar is for black magic and it is denoted in occult symbolism by a shield – and red is, of course, the blood which you spill on the altar.


So, the modern day Zionists, who are now Jews in the main, are actually just copying the Knights Templar i.e. the Christian satanists who were wiped out by the then Pope.    It is strange that recently the Pope has withdrawn his excommunication of the Knights Templars and, last year, in The Telegraph, a leading firm of accountants was acting for a hidden party, trying to recruit new Knights Templars.   So they are trying to begin the creation of the Knights Templars again.


The extant Knights Templars are the Scottish Rite freemasons one of whom is Gordon Brown who is visiting Obama today, one of the new generation.   Why is it the Knights Templar and the Rothschilds have been fixated on Palestine and Jerusalem?   Because the energy body of the planet has certain spots which are conducive to producing specific effects.    For example, the assemblage point for controlling the planet is over the UK.    The “death spot” is Yellowstone.    Palestine is actually the “dreaming spot” where you can actually go into the biophysical realm.   So we go completely to science because, if the Templars and the Rothschilds use this to make themselves the richest people in the world, they were obviously onto a sophisticated science which they hide from the mainstream, by simply not telling them about it.     This derives from Egyptian, Babylonian, and as far back as Atlantean and Lemurian technology but, be that as it may, I’ve looked at it and what we find is that 96% of the universe is composed of dark matter that's 23% dark matter and 73% dark energy which, according to physicists, we can’t see but actually forms the majority of the universe around us.   We know that if there is dark energy matter it could have denizens, beings that inhabit it and these could be the supernatural spirits, the demons which satanists consort with and which influence the minds of people to could get people to do things.


If you are in the banking industry the ability to make people to buy things such as houses, oil, stocks and shares, and the ability to make people afraid so that they stop buying, would give you a great advantage in the world of finance.  So you can see why satanism is vital to bankers.  All the bankers in the world are satanists because all the high level British bankers are Scottish Rite freemasons who practise satanism.  We find that members of the Royal Family of Britain are dedicated satanists.  Prince Charles’s Camilla is a dolly-mop, that’s basically the  Babylonian whore used in rituals.    The Grandmother was the consort of the Grandfather of Prince Charles and we know that dolly-mop’s sexual energy is used in satanism a lot.  Why?  Because, if you want to make a reality, sexual energy is used as the “glue” to bring about the thing you wish to bring about.  The term for this is the “agglutinising force”.   In quantum mechanics there are quantum wave functions which are collapsed by something.   Physicists at first said that it was just the observer that collapsed it but I’ve come up with something called “hyperinfinity”  which is something that causes quantum wave functions to collapse and, if it were to make something collapse, you’d find it present in things that don’t rot such as bones, crystals, stone obelisks and the element with the most hyperinfinity is  - iron.   Iron is found in the haemoglobin of blood so slitting the throats of young children after they’ve had sex with them (children have the greatest life force and agglutinising force), will release an even more powerful source of this agglutinising force to bind together the quantum wave function and the iron in their blood (because the blood is spilled onto the stone of the altar, the red shield -  the shield being the north position in an occult ritual –  will then collapse the quantum wave function.   So we see that the Templars and the Rothschilds have been using not mumbo jumbo but that they realise the full nature of quantum mechanics and have been using occult rituals to collapse quantum wave functions which produce realities to create the reality that they want.       Now we can see why all these bankers are buggering children, slitting their throats and so many children are disappearing.


We find in Britain that the government protects paedophiles and disappeared children cease to exist.    It has happened for centuries and now we know the reason why.    They don’t do it simply because they enjoy having sex with children, they do it because children have the most life force and the blood can be used in their rituals to create the realities they desire into being.


This is why they have their rituals at Bohemian Grove now, and why they have a predilection for children.    So the Templars took the ritual from the tactical level i.e. taking children in the dungeons and slitting their throats after raping them, to the next level which is the strategic level and, if you are planning a giant ritual, what’s the thing you want most if you’re a satanist?   That is obtain as much money and power as possible.    So the Templars moved away from gold, silver and copper coins and into using paper, saying they equalled the value of a certain amount of gold and silver.


The Rothschilds who are the survivors of the first purge of satanists followed this and produced fiat money or as I call it toilet paper.   Then they set up their banking in Threadneedle Street in London.    Because they are satanists, and Christ said that a rich man has as much chance of getting into Heaven as he would of threading the camel through the eye of a needle.


Hence, Threadneedle Street.  The Rothschilds are devout satanists and they like having their jokes.  British paper money has Threadneedle Street emblazoned all over it.   They have another joke in that the back of the £20 has a pin manufacturer because 7 million angels can dance on the head of a pin but, instead of 7 million angels, when you accept their IOU of your own free will, of your own hyperinfinity, you accept that you will produce 7 million demons for them.  


When you accept the paper money with Threadneedle Street on it, you are accepting that you will thread the camel through the eye of the needle so that evil people can go to Heaven and  experience all the joys of it.    So, basically, what we have is a magical ritual where they do all the evil, and you are scapegoated for their evil having accepted their IOU, their ritual which says you are damned by accepting this piece of paper.    They change real money, which is gold and silver, into this diabolical toilet paper whereby you’re not accepting wealth, you are accepting debt.     As we can see writ large, the bankers are all about not giving us money – but giving us debt.     Actually, the occult ritual, embodied in this paper, is all about achieving that.    As you can see, on a grand scale, the bankers are giving us unpayable debt.


Why would they choose paper?   All these satanic rituals were done by the Druids in the woods with trees because trees are gateways into the dark energy matter realm.  By making wood pulp into paper, within the paper, you can make a dark energy matter portal so that you can actually possess people through the toilet paper; which may seem strange but remember, these people believe it and it works because these people are the richest people in the world.   It worked for the Knights Templar and the Rothschilds have just repeated the rituals.

In British currency notes, there is a thread (to go through the eye of the needle) which is also an RF tracking device.   The pyramid is on the money, the soul of the person e.g. on the £50 or £20 note there is the oval, white egg denoting the soul.  So you are selling your soul by accepting their IOU.


So if an occultist gives you a piece of paper which has all the occult symbols to say you’ve sold your soul, you’ve threaded the camel through the eye of the needle which, of course, is the obelisk which you find in Washington, Paris and London and some of these obelisks have a hole at the top where you are supposed to thread the so-called camel and, if you accept this, then in occult science, then you do actually accept the debt and you lose all your wealth and you get a massive amount of debt.   Even if you say, well, the Rothschilds have just conned us through a giant Ponzi scheme called capitalism, into having an unmanageable debt and we’ll be in slave camps forever to pay off this 1.5 quadrillion, from their point of view, they say no, it’s been magical ritual which has actually influenced your minds and made you believe in our long-standing con.    No-one has seen through the con, even now, Obama, and the satanist, Gordon Brown who is Scottish Rite freemason descendent of the Knights Templar, trying to sell us these rescue plans and saying we must pump endless amounts more money to pay these debts when the simple fact is, that if we weren’t under the evil spell of the satanists, you’d say, let the banks collapse totally, all the shareholders gone, we’re just going to pay the depositors and all the rest you’ve just lost it.   It’s just gone.   It’s easy.   But with satanic spell, all the people in the West and the world are actually giving themselves an infinite debt which they can never pay.    Why would people want to do that?


Could there be a remote influence or, as the satanists say, a magic spell that actually makes them accept damnation?     (This can also be delivered though the electronic media, the electronic power grid and the coming digital tv will provide all kinds of further opportunities to influence human behaviour and emotional and physical well-being.)


We are following the satanic plan.   We can now see why there has to be a depression because the occult ritual has actually brought about a depression so we know the satanic bankers have been working towards a depression.      After that, we have these dark energy matter beings, these demons which the Rothschilds and the satanists seem to worship and we know that, in order to collapse quantum wave functions, we need hyperinfinity which is the iron in the blood.    Blood is made in the marrow of the bones, so the bones are actually the repositories in humans for this hyperinfinity.   So if you want, as the satanists do, to put demons into human bodies, i.e. kick out your soul and put in another soul, then you have to burn a lot of bones, spill a lot of blood in order to allow this giant ritual, after the depression (which originated in Dresden where half a million people were sacrificed), but if they can get into the billion, the satanist Rothschilds and bankers can perform the ritual to achieve their aims.    


According to people like Tex Marrs, they wish to put 200 million demons, dark energy matter beings, into humans.   This means they would then have these devils, demons, dark energy matter beings in human bodies who would act for the elite  - the elite, one can posit, are these beings in the first place i.e. not actually human – because the satanic rituals they go through drives out the human part of them and allows them to be possessed so they can do these satanic things in the first place which is what the Abramelin Ritual is all about which is what the occultists spend six months doing  to make them into a magus.   So they need to spill loads of blood and vaporise and blow up lots of bones.   They’ve already started this:  5 million in Iraq and Afghanistan but one knows the end result of this ritual is WW3 where they sacrifice millions.   Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons.   We lost 50 million in WW2 and this one is going to be even more “productive”.      Now we can see why, not only do they want war to use as an occult ritual to possess humans and allow dark energy vermin to push out the souls of human and put themselves in, it's called possession.   If you’ve seen “The Exorcist” and other films, these are examples.     You might not believe in it but the Rothschilds and the satanists certainly do believe in it and, the ability to kick out the soul of people and inserting a possessing demon, allows you to rule absolutely and very easily because everyone is then reading from the same prayer sheet, or rather, anti-Christ prayer sheet.  


So, in the banking community of the Rothschilds and the Scottish bankers all run by Gordon Brown, and the European bankers from the Black Nobility who are also dedicated satanists, here’s a cabal of satanists who are running an insane agenda which involves a depression and WW3.  From our point of view, geopolitically, it appears it’s to enrich themselves and to conquer the world but from their wider perspective, it’s also in order to extract souls from humanity and just use humanity as the vehicles so that these dark energy matter beings and strange energy matter beings, which are explained on my website, have vehicles to enjoy the real world because it’s something that these non-physical beings crave the most i.e. being able to go around in a human body to have sex, to kill people, eat people, those kind of things.  


Now we can see is why HD television, the fluoride, vaccinations, microwaves etc damage the minds of humans making them much easier to possess.  So, this is the point of view from the Rothschilds, the satanist bankers.  I am a very good friend of the Rothschilds and I know they would like me to reveal their secrets and agenda, so as a special favour to them (joking!) they plan the depression, WW3 not just to enrich themselves and make them rulers of the world but from the satanist agenda to use the human body in order for dark energy matter beings – or demons in old fashioned language -  to be able to enjoy themselves and walk the earth and enjoy themselves.   This will require a huge blood ritual on a scale where slitting the throats of a few children in a dungeon which might put one demon in one body, for example, to produce one member of the royal family, but they’d have to do it on a massive scale if they are going to have hundreds of millions of dark energy matter beings brought in.

The end result is to evict humanity from the earth and just have the Rothschilds in command of the bodies which they use for vehicles for their demons.   If there are any humans left, they can be used for torture-slaves for magic rituals in the camps.     This is what the Rothchilds are actually planning.    I know it sounds insane, but if you look at the facts of what they are doing, it all fits perfectly.    I thought I'd stray slightly from the geopolitics into the Rothschilds field, to let the Christians in America know that Obama and Gordon Brown have an agenda which fits perfectly into the world view of the Christians in America, it’s just they are on the other side. 


Even though Obama’s war in Afghanistan has failed and his efforts to make Pakistan a Zionist state have backfired today; and the world economy is 1.5 quadrillion down the drain and Israel is ready to nuke Iran – all this must be seen not as failure but as the Rothschilds succeeding.      The Rothschilds satanist agenda is going to plan.    No-one believes in the occult  -  except, of course, the American military who are doing massive Manhattan projects on psychic warfare, of course, and then there are the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis and the British.      For the common man, the occult doesn’t exist, but for the military, it is the cutting edge of new warfare, the ability to influence minds, for example, having nuclear submarines collide in the Atlantic would be useful, or getting your enemy to make a mistake and attack a country which would lead to its demise.   The ability to influence minds is the new battlefield of the Pentagon.   Though, it’s not really the new battlefield because the Rothschilds have been there, seen that, done that, and have convinced their generals of the efficacy of satanism and there is dedicated cadre of Pentagon generals who implement these rituals on a vast scale which are called Iraq, Afghanistan and Benjamin Netanyahu, a close friend of the Rothschilds, ready to implement it on a gigantic scale against the Muslims who were the reason the Jews survived the Christian purges.  So one can see that the death of all these Muslims, from the cosmic view, as karma, punishing the Muslims for protecting the Jews who became the Rothschilds who took over the world and unleashed ultimate evil on the planet.   So everything has a reason even though it might appear nonsensical and the non-moral majority in America are worshipping satan even though, for example, Southern Presbyterians for Israel – an oxymoron – but we can see that the Christians in America, of their own free will, have become satanists and are following the Rothschilds agenda.   This is why the Rothschilds fund a lot of churches in America and there are all those stupid people who don’t believe in satanism when all the bankers are totally dedicated to it.    Masonic temples, for example, in simple occult physics, are just three spaces where they twist you through 90º and allow the soul to be  linked up with these dark energy matter beings.   There’s a whole range of science which is unavailable to the public.

31 January 2008


The Rothschilds are at the top of the pyramid and the general public live in a box which doesn’t contain anything of importance to the ruling elite, in that the ruling elite have a religion, beliefs and practices which, in no shape, form or function, are contiguous with anything that the wage-slave-zombie-moron, or the average Joe in the street, or the educated intellectual researching geopolitics on the internet, would believe occurs - but the Rothschilds are the leaders of a world religion.   It goes way beyond religion in that it works, giving them power, the ability to control reality and the ability to go from being hated, persecuted Jews, who were thrown out of England during the Middle Ages for ritually sacrificing and eating children to become the most powerful, secret, covert rulers of, not only Britain, but Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and America.   Now, how was it that this group of hated Jews, (Jews were hated and were kept in ghettos throughout the Middle Ages and beyond), a Jewish family called the Rothschilds – who changed their name as Jews do and they were not called that originally – how did they become the most powerful emperors of the West?


It is because their lineage can be traced back to Babylon, black-magical, secret sects that used to sacrifice children, women etc to Moloch and various other gods of evil.  The same thing still goes on.   There is mass evidence of this, for example, in California, Alex Jones has filmed these rituals going on at Bohemian Grove.   What the ruling elite of the West all have in common, is their deep-rooted religion and beliefs in satanic practices which involve child abuse, child sacrifice and the eating of the children.  


What historical verification is there of this?


History provides us with substantiation from Aleister Crowley, the spokesperson for satanism, described his practices, which the Rothschilds Jews carried out, in his foreword to Israel Regardi’s book, who was the leading satanist at the time.    It was taken out of the book and Crowley, one of the most evil men in the world wasn’t noted for being squeamish but who was appalled having written down the practices of the Jewish ruling elite.


Around 250,000 people disappear in America every year.   In Britain, Fred West, one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, was acquiring runaway girls who then, according to his brother, were taken off to participate in secret rituals.   Fred West died in prison having hanged himself and his brother also hanged himself.     They had been raping them before shipping them off for these rituals to be sacrificed.   This took place in Gloucestershire and, coincidentally, the Rothschilds have huge estates in Gloucestershire.   I’m not saying that the Rothschilds are linked with Fred West, but there is evidence from one of Britain’s leading serial killers that children and runaway teenage females were captured and then shipped off for sacrifice.


Alex Constantine, an American writer, talked about this subject and the intelligence services, the US military etc have been involved in transporting children.   Michael Aquino, a colonel in the US army, has been indicted for paedophilia and abduction of children, all of which is not exclusive to the US but is widespread and rampant around the world.


I practise remote viewing and have written three books on the subject and I decided to look into satanism.   All the powerful people in the world: Hollywood movie stars, politicians, industrialists, the Royal Family, the thirteen Jewish illuminati families at the top, all the witches, the OTO, the Aleister Crowley satanist mob, the Black Nobility of Europe etc, are practising satanism, and they are very intelligent and successful so there must be some basis in it.   The Rothschilds are the most powerful people in the world so obviously satanism works and one looks at why they do these practices and it seems they go back to the money lenders, the Sanhedrin, the temple in Jerusalem, were thrown out by Christ in the Bible and they have been controlling entities, called demons, and supernatural spirits - now we’re talking out-of-the-box of the wage-slave - but all these ruling elite not only believe in these demons and supernatural spirits but actually control them and use them to change reality, possess people and cause change in the world which leads to their gradual and massive build up in power.  


The Daily Mail (in January 2008) reported a scientist had who stated that 85% of people can carry out remote viewing, and his next research project is to see whether it is possible to remote view through time.    This is the same newspaper that came to see me when I wrote my first book, took photographs of me, planned a whole story on me as the UK’s leading remote viewer and then MI5 and the British government trod on them and the story was quashed.  


The leading Jewish sceptic said recently that remote viewing has been proved by all the scientific means that we use for other things but we have to have even more stringent tests because it’s the paranormal and therefore normal tests that we apply in science aren’t adequate.   This is because the entire sceptical fraternity is run by these satanists who have the proclivity to steer the wage-slave away from the things that really give power.


Now, why are they going around sacrificing children?  


Well, we all know that children have a very strong life-force, an energy, a soul.    As remote viewers know, energy can slip out of the body and go elsewhere and, possibly when we sacrifice people, this soul-energy can be sapped and, as younger people have a greater amount of life-force remaining, and this energy can then be given to supernatural spirit entities or dark energy matter.     Dark energy matter is what scientists say 96% of the universe is made up of but we can’t see it.   However, these dark energy matter beings have awareness, can control the mind and can change the probability of events, so they would be a very useful weapon if they could be bought.   How would they be bought?   By sacrificing children and giving them that energy and bargain with it so they will possess people such as Gorbachev in order to destroy the Soviet Union which went into meltdown, using their own financial techniques in addition which is a war winner.   So you can see that satanism, according to the Rothschilds and the elite, works and you can collapse empires such as the Soviet Union with ease. 


The Catholic church’s persecution and slaughter of indigenous Indians in South and Central America, for example, was not performed for nothing.   It was done because these dark energy matter entities with which you can trade this energy, and they can then control reality and possess people so that things go their way.   If you look at history from the American Civil War onwards, you’ll see that the Rothschilds, even though they might have had agents on both sides of the war, haven’t lost.    General Albert Pike, one of their leading satanists, predicted and described precisely World War One, World War Two and a forthcoming World War Three, long before they happened, in a letter written circa 1870.    Therefore we know that there is evidence that these entities with which they trade the energy, give the ruling elite great power and, even if you don’t believe that, you must realise that the ruling elite believe it, because they carry out these practises.     The ruling elite like to have fun but they aren’t going to do anything unless there’s something in it for them.  So the ability to kill children whether they are Iraqi, Afghan or in a paedophile, torture-murder temple and use that energy to make artificial demons which they can send to drive their enemies mad or to affect reality to go their way or to trade with dark energy matter beings and then use that energy to manifest themselves or drive the enemy mad, gives them full spectrum dominance.   This is all the more powerful because no-one inside “the box” has any defence because they don’t even believe these practices -  this advanced technology passed on by a brotherhood of high priests of black magicians through the ages -  exists.


But, obviously, these practices go on and I posit that, not only are they carried out but they do work, and there are not thousands but millions of satanists performing these practices so it is impossible to stop them or the US military killing millions of people or the Rothschilds satanists from sacrificing many, many thousands of children in a month.   But it is possible to jam the system rather like putting a spanner in the works so that, when the energy is released, it boomerangs and reverses on the satanists causing them to lose control, and any demons they make to go dolally or any dark energy matter beings they trade energy with to become poisoned by the process.    My website explains some of the processes of rendering satanism absolutely and utterly useless.


Albert Pike was deeply involved in releasing demons by demonic invocation and, in 1871, he was writing about a One World Order: 


The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism.   The divergences caused by the agentur [agents] of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic empires will be used to foment this war.   At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions…… the Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the Political Zionists.  This war must be brought about so that Nazi-ism is destroyed and that the Political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel and Palestine.   During the Second World War, international Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom which will then be restrained and held in check until the time when we will need it for the final social cataclysm….the Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agents of the Illuminati, between the Political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world.  The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam, the Moslem/Arabic world, and Political Zionism, the state of Israel, mutually destroy each other.   Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion.   We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a formidable, social cataclysm which, in all its horror, will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.   Then, everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries will exterminate those destroyers of civilisation; and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will, from that moment, be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view.   This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism both conquered and exterminated at the same time.


What the Jews don’t understand is that, in satanism, there is something called the Upper Brethren who know about the true order of Judaism which is satanism and the Lower Brethren who are the normal Jews in the street and in Israel and who are just there to be sacrificed to satan, as they were in WW2.      The Upper Brethren are the Rothschilds, the elite families and Royal Family etc and the Lower Brethren who are the Israelis, Jews in America and Britain who prattle on about the wonders of Israel but who are actually being manipulated into WW3 and their own destruction, little realising the satanists Upper Brethren actually want to sacrifice the Jews.   This relates back to the Sanhedrin in the Temple when these satanists were their moneylenders beginning the perversion and corruption of the Jewish race.    The ultimate aim is to wipe out the Lower Brethren as a sacrifice in order to bring in this new satanic state.   One can see that the Christian religion is also to be wiped out so that means that the West is going to be absolutely decimated and that the agents of satanism are not only in NATO in America but also in Russia and China as well as Iran because otherwise they could not operate their system optimally.


What is upsetting to the Rothschilds is that I have been showing that Rothschilds satanism has been jammed and broken by my new anti-satanism so they no longer have control over the demons and dark energy matter beings, so the satanists lower down the pyramid can see that something is amiss because Putin is not dead.   Russian economists are saying Putin must back down and give in to the West because it’s bad for inward investments, so already the satanists in Russia are showing their hand by bleating on that Putin’s upsetting the apple-cart, so we know that Putin’s not playing by the satanists’ rulebook.    We also know that the Chinese are not quite on site and it seems that releasing information about the very top of the pyramid: how to jam it, how to smash it, which is what is about, has spread alarm and despondency among the ranks of the satanists thinking that the Rothschilds no longer have control over this force which they’ve been using to control the world.    As we know, satan is the father of all lies and it is totally realistic that the Rothschilds who have been the leaders of satanism would be betrayed and deceived by satan at the last hurdle because that’s what satan does to his own satanists i.e. trips them up in the final outcome and uses them as the sacrifice.


This forthcoming WW3, which was so carefully planned, has been derailed by a remote viewer who looked into the secrets of satanism and then and discovered how to derail and disrupt the process.   


This is not new information I’ve just encountered.   As far back as eleven years ago, in 1997, I did a three-hour programme on remote viewing on Jeff Rense Radio which was quite out-of-the-box.  The belief in the absolute power of these thirteen Upper Brethren Jewish Illuminati families who absolutely hate the Lower Brethren Jews and are going to use them as a sacrifice, act as a smokescreen and we get these Israelis and Jews in America, Europe and Britain who blindly follow these Zionists.  They don’t realise that the Upper Brethren were planning for their sacrifice, and the Christians, the Vatican who have been following the Rothschilds, don’t realise that they were going to be sacrificed as well and that all the thirteen Jewish families of the Upper Brethren, the Judaic satanists, the core of Judaism and satanism, were only concerned with their own pre-eminence and the currency of energy.  This very sacrifice is what they use to control reality.    So, the more people who die, the more people who are sacrificed by them, the more control they have over reality.     The more people they kill by whatever means: wars, vaccinations, viruses, etc, the more power they have over controlling events.


From a financial viewpoint, the collapse of the dollar in the inner cities of America will affect already destitute groups, which will incite riots and produce more energy for them to utilise.   The events in Kenya might be a model for this sort of reaction.  The economic “crisis” has been entirely planned over 150 years ago, as is the mass sacrifice in order to channel that energy into their reality which is the one world religion, the Rothschilds in power and their anti-Christ on the throne of the new Vatican.     It is planned to wipe out Christians.   The only way they can achieve that and conquer Christianity and Bible bashers in America is by breaking America into pieces.


We already have America attacking and firing missiles at Pakistan so the blueprint of WW3 is being followed to the letter, and the more deaths that occur, the more energy released and the more these dark energy beings can warp reality.       The Russians had a huge psychic warfare programme under Andropov and all this scientific, psychic warfare availed to naught against the Rothschilds’ cult black magic because, if you can control demons and dark energy matter beings, you can then possess people à la “The Exorcist” and get them to go mad or destroy their empire and, if you have enough energy, you can then use it to shape reality and use it to manifest events desired and prevent things that you do not want to occur.  


It boils down to people having a soul.    If you ask the average person if they have a soul, most would say no, apart from the Bible bashers and how many of those have had any real practise in using that soul, how many have actually used it in life?    We’ve all heard that approaching death or in near death experiences, people see a tunnel of light and see their own body but how many people experience that day-by-day and learn how to use their soul and discover that the soul has energy and that the soul has to be wedded to the spirit during life, so that, after death, it can’t be trapped.   Christ talks about the “soul stealers” and satanism is all about murdering people so that the soul can be trapped in a demonic reality, and this spirit energy can be bled off and used by their supernatural spirit minions, which is so far outside the box, you couldn’t even talk to most people about it except on a programme where the journalist reporting is wide ranging. 


If remote viewing works and you can get out of body observation then, of course, then there must be something that goes out of body and why make up new terminology when we’ve got accurate terms such as the soul and the spirit.    It’s Occam’s Razor not to come up with new explanations when you have old ones that fit the terminology.     As remote viewing works (and the press seems to believe in remote viewing this week – next week they’ll probably change their mind after my appearance on the programme!) and we have a soul and spirit that needs to be wedded together in order to travel through the tunnel of light and escape the satanic demons etc that want your soul, then of course, if the soul and spirit can be split, there is a huge amount of energy available which the demons and the dark energy matter beings can use to warp reality.


Going further, if you can possess people with a demonic influence, then you can make them do things, for example, if we don’t believe Hitler was a Rothschild but was just demonically possessed then, instead of finishing off Britain and the Rothschilds, he attacks Russia.   One can see that wars hinge upon decisions and that making the wrong decision in war can lead either to defeat or victory, so the ability to make your enemy change their mind and do what you want, is the highest form of warfare.    So, if satanism exists and you have access to demons and supernatural spirits that can possess the mind or put thoughts into people’s minds – how many times have we said, “Why did I do that?  Whatever got into me?” everyone has had that experience –  they control that and make it into a science which the Rothschilds and the satanists have.  One can see that mass mind control and the ability not only to win wars but also to control Western populations and possess them en masse, is clearly evident in the West.  Here they are possessed by demonic sex, possessed by a demonic stupidity, demonic greed, demonic depression, demonic suicide, etc.    All of these behaviours are physical in nature, but may also have an energetic-biophysical cause.


Just look at the actions of people, the continuing unrest, instability and genocide between nations such as the Iraqi’s and Palestinians.    The destruction of Iran or Pakistan or both, has its concomitant in that Israel has also planned for destruction which I don’t believe the Israelis or the Jews in the West think the Rothschilds would allow.


This year is a bad year because it’s 2008 and is special for the Rothschilds because 28 is a pertinent, sacred number to the satanists and every 28 years they have the year of the beast where they have a great feast, unless they are going by the real calendars then it would be next year, 2009.  This year, 2008, could be a humdinger.   These revolutionaries who are going to be slaughtered, the radical Moslems, but the neocons and the Israelis don’t realise that, once war starts, there’s going to be a huge purge on the Jews after the dust has settled because we need some scapegoats and we will have the neocon Jews and Israelis to blame because they were the most vociferous for the war.    After billions are dead, humans tend to look for scapegoats.  


The Rothschilds depend upon this energy and they depend upon the majority of people not knowing about the energy or not realising that they have souls and spirits or that the energy can be manipulated, traded and that it is the most valuable commodity and is what gives them their power.    So that, once a few people realise it’s valuable, they can tap into the flow, redirect it or cut the wire, move it or take a supply.    As soon as people realise the force that has been giving the Rothschilds and the satanists their overweening power, it can be damaged, changed, transformed, reversed, if like myself you have researched it fully, and make sure the Rothschilds get all the blow-back and you can get all the positive benefits.     The damaging thing is to think that WW3 is a purely geopolitical event – it isn’t – it is an entirely planned, organised episode by satanists, which was premeditated and deliberately arranged and set out over 100 years ago and, the people who are starting WW3 i.e. the Jews, are going to be the people who most suffer from WW3.     The Lower Brethren who make up the majority of Jews are just there as disposable sacrifices by the Upper Brethren (British Royal Family, Rothschilds etc), and that the Russians and Chinese and NATO in America are going to get involved in a heavy duty nuclear duel to create so much damage that eventually a Rothschild UN comes in.   But now that the plan is known and the energy supply is known, and the Russians and Chinese now also know that demons and these dark energy matter beings exist, we now have the so-called losers on the other side, the Russians and Chinese, realising that this was the force that has been used against them.


Remember, the Chinese have a very long history of interest in the supernatural and the paranormal, way beyond the understanding of the average Westerner, and now they know, thanks mainly to my website and the secret doctrine and technology of the Rothschilds, one can be sure that in Beijing, that they are taking this on board and making sure that the Rothschilds are getting frozen out of their demonic power so that the Rothschilds are now losing control, rather than getting more power in the last eighteen months at least, and that the reins of power have slipped.   They have lost total control over Russia and China and they can’t run WW3 unless they have control over both sides.   So the satanists in Beijing and in Moscow who are supposed to work for the Rothschilds and be devoted to them and knife their own countries in the back, can now see that the practices and this technology are open on my website to be seen and that the Rothschilds no longer have control, which has sowed alarm and despondency amongst the Rothschilds.   Hence, these stupid comments by McCain 100 years of war “would be fine by me” because now the Rothschilds satanists are no longer sure that they have full control of the outcome of WW3.   I am optimistic that the WW3 that they have planned will not come about but if they do have it, the Russians and Chinese will win and the Rothschilds will find themselves in the gulags.





8 April 2009   Jay Weidner on Jeff Rense Radio appearing directly after Tim Rifat who spoke on “Asymmetrical Warfare Amalek and Airborne Microparticle Atomic Lethal Emission Killer”


Jay Weidner is an author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar. He is the producer of the feature documentary film, 2012 The Odyssey and it’s forthcoming sequel, Timewave 2013.  He is the co-author of , The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time, (Destiny Books) and A Monument to the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges) as well as a contributing writer for the book The Mystery of 2012 (Sounds True).   Jay was featured on the History Channel’s Documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus.



Rense:            Tim goes where no-one else would dare go; he’s telling it like it is.  There is a very simple way to neutralise a trillion dollar defence expenditure budget over several years.    I’ve known Tim for years and he’s not been wrong about anything yet.    He’s rather frightening in his ability to project what may or may not happen.


Weidner:         It’s more likely that he’s right, I would say, in my opinion.


Rense:                        Many people have heard the term “Archon” but would be hard-pressed to define it.     What is an Archon?


Weidner:         To begin with, I would draw attention to two articles on your site: The Global Coup d'Etat and the one about ownership of the world.   The Queen of England owns one sixth of the non-ocean surface of the world; and keep that in mind as we go into the Archon subject.


The Archons were whispered about in texts after the burning of the library at Alexandra with some mention of mysterious beings called Archons.   But the powers that be spent 1,300 years cleaning up the records and had written out the Archons from our history.  In 1947, texts were found in clay jars in Nag Hammadi in Egypt and, on these texts was a story of what the Nag Hammadi people, 2,000 years ago, thought the world was about.   The reason the Nag Hammadi  texts, which date back 2,100 years (100 BC), are so important is that no-one has been able to put a spin on it [the texts have not been altered, destroyed or omitted as in the Bible], no-one has been able to distort or destroy them which is what they’d really like to do [to keep the information and knowledge from the masses].


Luckily, they survived, were successfully translated and when many people read them, they found a clear and defined discussion of what these Archons are.    The texts had been buried in a deep cave in Egypt, in order to protect the most important information that they had.


Rense:                        There are 13 codices containing over 50 texts, which is quite a substantial amount of writing.


Weidner:         A highly descriptive document of an entirely different world [from the one we know].   People don’t realise that, 2,000 years ago, there was a religion on this planet called Gnosticism, which was the biggest religion on earth at the time, was vying with Hinduism.  You could go take a university course on the history of religions now and wouldn’t even find a mention of Gnosticism.     The Nag Hammadi texts provide a description for what the Gnostics believed.     Gnostic is a Greek word meaning knowledge – gnosis.      The Gnostics believe that liberation can only be achieved by knowledge, by the consumption and evaluation of reality through knowledge.   The library at Alexandria was run by Gnostics and they were the first people to collect scrolls and books and assemble this information.     Their culture spread throughout Europe and the Middle East.   This was long before the advent of the Western religions outside of Judaism which was mostly concentrated in Israel.


Gnostics preached that there was an invasion that occurred about 3,600 BC and, about 1,600 years before the Nag Hammadi texts were buried, they wrote that this invasion was like a virus and, in fact, they were hard pressed to describe it.    The beings that were invading were called Archons.   These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality, to fool us.     They were jealous of us because we have an essence of some kind, a soul, that they don’t possess and the Nag Hammadi texts describe the Archons.   One looks like a reptile and the other looks like an unformed baby or a foetus.     It is partially living and partially non-living and has grey skin and dark, unmoving eyes.    The Archons are duplicating reality so that when we buy into it, when we come to believe that the duplicated, false state reality is the real reality -  then they become the victors.


Rense:                        How are they duplicating reality?   Is it by using consciousness?


Weidner:         Yes, according to the texts, they can get into people and can manipulate people to do things very suddenly that are very odd.    But also they are actually responsible for the deterioration of culture, so unlike the culture of the ancient Greeks or Chinese but a cheap façade of a culture.      As the Archonic presence has spread across the earth and has escalated in the 20th century, you can see that they are responsible for sprawl and the mass ugliness that is everywhere.     Television is an example of Archonic imitation.    Humans are imitated on television but the imitation is altered and is nearly always obscene and profane because the Archons not only do not understand the sacred but they hate it.     They are jealous of the natural world and of human beings with the natural world.    Also of sexual relationships: loving couples make them angry and they love violence and are sexually titillated by anger and war and death.    They create war to consume energy from the dying.


Rense:                        The Archons seem to be making their big move now, at this time.     You can find out about the Nag Hammadi Library on the Internet, which is the living record of the great Gnostic movement.   Gnostics and Templars seem to have been all but cleansed from history.   How, in the texts, have the Archons been described as coming here?   Is there any reference to their mode of transit, travel?


Weidner:         Supposedly, they live or lurk outside the inner planets near Saturn i.e. in our solar system.     The Gnostics thought that Jehovah was an alien, off planet, demon and that he was a fake god – a masquerading Archon again -         duplicating reality.    They did believe in God, they believed in what they called the one true God and that’s how they always defined it.   Interestingly, Jesus defined his belief as being of the one true God, always delineating it.    I believe many of the stories of Jesus are actually Gnostic myths about a possible rebellion against the Archons who came down very severely on the rebel.


So the Archons were released somehow from a prison – and this is probably what The Book of Enoch is about – where he said he took the demons and locked them in a box but that they would come back at the end of time.    Jesus was very interested in relating this idea that something was going to happen at the end of time.     So you see this illusion going on and then we see also that when Sitchin translated the texts, the cuneiform tablets, that the Annunaki are probably also the Archons.     So we can learn more about the Archons by reading about the Annunaki who came here and altered us genetically [using our DNA] so that they could make slaves of us.     So we can work out a picture of what these Archonic forces are.    They were somehow successfully quelled and then began their re-emergence and they are as close to immortal as we could understand and that’s why their plan is so precise but they needed time to gain power because, the people of the earth were essentially Gnostics who were resistant to, and didn’t believe in the “religion” that was being foisted on them where they must be fearful of an angry, war god called Jehovah.    But eventually, the forces of Jehovah conquered the last of them and now they are pretty much in control of the system and are getting ready for the final, gleeful [sarcastic] orgy of despair and horror [imposed upon humans] which is what they like.


So, following Tim Rifat and his horrific description of what is about to happen.  This is very appropriate, very accurate because this is exactly what they want to occur.


When I did a show for the History Channel last year, I shot it so that it would not end up making people fearful.      I shot it so that it didn’t have any fearful footage and they went behind my back and they shot more footage without my knowing and they filled this special, for which I was one of the producers, resulting in two hours of terrorising fear.     This is the head of a major network.


I think the Archons are involved in some bizarre pornography where they are here and they are perverting us and enjoying every last second of it and we’re letting it happen and I don’t know if there’s any escape from it because now they’ve made it almost desirable to be violent and perverted and sick.


Rense:                        Ask any young person what their life is like and you will hear much of what Jay Weidner is describing.    There was a news story, the average 14-year old watches an average of one and half hours of hard core porn per week.   There are current terms that we use which could be ascribed to Archon activity: Zionists, megalomaniacs, but this evil that we’re talking about certainly has been around for a long, long time.


Weidner:         It’s highly organised and beyond human and one of my reasons for delving more deeply into the subject, was that I could see that the organisation was just too effective and too trans-generational [to be earthly] and that’s when I found John Lamb Lash’s book, which I highly recommend, called “Not in His Image” about the Nag Hammadi and the Archons.   We must realise that we can tell which ideas are the truest by how much they are repressed.    When they are suppressing an idea, a language, or individuals [or a way of being] you know you have accessed the truth or that individual is portraying the truth.    The Gnostics were completely wiped out.   One group of people that were exposing that they were being invaded by these duplicators, these Archons – were wiped out of history.   They were wiped out completely.    They called them pagans and other names but that is not what they named themselves, which was Gnostics who were very knowledgeable.    They knew at the centre of the galaxy were millions of stars, they knew how far the sun was from the earth.     They were incredibly advanced people and the undertow of this one war-god religion spread across the entire world and now it’s going to burn itself up in a conflagration where all the Jehovah worshipping religions are going to murder each other – which has always been the point.   I really hate to say this but we have all been fooled.       The whole idea that some kind of messiah is going to come to save us is an Archon trick to make you think you don’t have to do anything about your present situation, no accountability.      Maybe some supernatural force will come but I think you have to look at how this oppression occurred and why it was written out of history.


When you begin to look back, you realise the early Christian, from the time of Jesus to the time of Constantine in 310 AD, they were preaching that they did not worship Jehovah; they worshipped the one true God.    It could be argued that the early Christians were actually Gnostic followers of Jesus instead of what we, today, call Christians.    The entire New Testament was completely rewritten by Constantine and all of the information on the Archons was removed and the ideas of Jehovah being a cruel god were lessened.   This is a fact.   The Nag Hammadi texts are older than the New Testament by 400 years.   The New Testament that we have today wasn’t concocted until about 350 AD.     When you go back to the Nag Hammadi, it doesn’t have the sin factor; they say what they really think. 


Rense:                        The issue of someone coming here to save us, whether it’s the second coming of Christ, a spiritual master or ET which may be the most sorry line of them all.  This is the most damaging of all to take humans off the hook of responsibility.


Weidner:         I agree.   It’s an abuser/abused relationship.    What these religions have done is beat us with a stick with nails and, whilst they are beating us, they are telling us they love us and that they are doing it because they love us.      It’s a trick, a reversal of reality that the Archons are always doing.    They are always trying to convince you that war is peace, that love is hate.   Everything is always backwards and the ultimate in this duplication – now this is probably going to make people unhappy – is this whole idea of gay marriage.      I have no problem what two people do in their own house, or whatever they do in their lives, but the idea that you can sanctify something that is actually a profane duplication of natural reality is an Archonic perversion of the truth.     Once you can see it, you are able to see that everything is being turned into a head-over-heels con trick where everything is reversed.    I don’t know how we get out of this except to talk about it and people are very afraid.   Even scholars who know about the Archons are very afraid to talk about them in public because you attract Archonic energy by even mentioning them but, at this late stage in the game, we have to start thinking about who is fooling us and why they are doing it – and study what the ancients had to say about all of it. 


Rense:                        Many people look into the media – not the mainstream media – for information.   So who are these Archons now?    These are Talmudic Zionists, to a large degree.  They are part of it, perhaps they are the central core of it.   We need to start looking at the name values are and where their DNA says they came from, the Czarian Empire.   They adopted Judaism and used it like a stick to beat people and hide behind at the same time which is a great tragedy for true, honest and Jews of good heart and there are millions of them.  So they are being used perhaps more cruelly and ruthlessly than any other group.   


 This is a summation, a viable thesis as to why there is so much cogent evil on the planet and why so many deaths in the last century – well over 100 million people have been killed and something is feeding psychically off the energy of these events.    There is a blood lust, a very dark and evil satanic blood lust and we are, apparently, well in the hands of these beings now.   They have made their plans long ago and intensified them over the last two hundred years and they’ve pulled it off.    They’re doing it without any stealth now.  They’re pushing it in the faces of an ever dumber and helpless American populus.       Did the Gnostics leave any strategies in the Nag Hammadi texts or anywhere else or any ideas to attack or subvert this evil?


Weidner:         The Gnostics believed that there were advanced beings who actually care for us and that there was a bet or forecast made that the advanced beings’ creation i.e. human beings, would one day stop falling for the tricks of the Archons and wake up and they provided avenues for this to happen.      One thing that is certain is that the Archons hate more than anything after love is courage.   They cannot stand up to courage or a clear, articulate debate because their own premises are built entirely on falsity.     It’s all false and so we can begin deconstructing history by seeing through the lies.     By observing outside the box, outside the norm, you can see the tricks of the Archons.   Everything they do is fake, it is not real and has no history, no veracity.    It is always a parasitical living off others.    Anyone who is following this mad, insane god, Jehovah, will be lead to their death for certain.      If you think there’s a reward for you for serving the Archons, I assure you there is not.    As they hate courage, stand up to them.      They will try to destroy, try to tear you down and do everything they can but nothing makes them shudder in fear more than someone standing up to them and they always overreact to it because they are cowards and terrified themselves.    They don’t believe in an afterlife and there may not be an afterlife for Archons but I think there is for humans and that humans are a divine principle.    This is also what the Gnostics say and we were gifted with intelligence and reasoning and this is what makes the Archons so angry and jealous of us because we have this innate, creative intelligence, which can almost solve any problem.  Solving the Archon problem may very well be the test.     The final test of humanity is can you define the Archon problem and solve it?   The thing that will solve the Archon dilemma more than anything is to love each other unconditionally.    That just drives them out of their minds.   They cannot stand familial love or the love between men and women and that’s why they do all these things to destroy the pureness of it.  


If you look at the path of modernity, it’s one attempt after another to remove any sense of purity even from the children.     It is really hard for them because children of 6 or 7 years old who watch television see things that probably no human should even see.    The same thing is true about the horror films, these are all Archonic tricks to desensitise people so that they create even higher levels of violence when that point becomes necessary for them, so they can become satiated.   Because that’s what they are doing, drawing energy from us because they have no intrinsic assets.  


Rense:                        The whole idea of the Archon controlled media is to desensitise the masses and reprogramme them with the most base of drives and instincts.


Weidner:         I don’t watch television but I was at a conference recently and switched on the television in the hotel room and was bombarded with people getting killed, all kinds of sex going on.


Rense:                        I won’t have a television in my home and got rid of it over 21 years ago.


Weidner:         Television images are the fastest way into your mind.


Rense:                        The saddest thing is that this is all self-policing.   They understand how the masses work perfectly and peer pressure.    They understand the drive of young people defining themselves in order to be accepted by a group and they know that no-one wants to be threatened by expulsion from a group.    So we get stories like the one last week:   British middle school age students who are very bright, gifted kids on the fast track, individuals are now dumbing themselves down so they can have friends.


Weidner:         It happened to me in school.    I had to play stupid so my peers would get along with me and would stop beating me up.


Rense:                        Intelligence is viewed as arrogance and conceit by those who don’t have it or don’t want it.


Weidner:         They are against gnosis, they are against knowledge.   The defining myth of Western mythology is that Jehovah told Adam and Eve that they could not eat of the Tree of Knowledge.   Not only that but if they did eat of it, they would surely die.    Yet the both ate of it and didn’t die so he wasn’t even telling them the truth.   This essential core myth that we’re being told from the very beginning is that we are to stay stupid and if you attempt to smarten yourself up, you will be punished.   This central myth is the reason we are caught in this nightmare world of abused relationship where they beat us up whilst telling us how much they love us and say, don’t worry, some saviour somewhere is going to save you.   You don’t have to do anything, just lay there because it’s going to come in an alien spaceship or the clouds or Obama.


Rense:                        Many of the photographs of Obama picture him, as they did Bush, with halo-like lighting above his head.     Look at the video of Obama on and his deep-waisted bow at the same time as holding his right hand with the King Abdullah of Saudi, which they denied and at the photo shoot, see him grinning from ear to ear.   He is as phoney as they get.


Weidner:         Yes, and the thing with the Archons is, as soon as you get rid of one, they will trick you and just produce another face.    Islam is not what we want to have in this world either.     It is another form of Archonic trickery.    I’m not saying we shouldn’t believe in the spiritual world, I do, but I’m saying we have to be a lot more discerning about what is being forced upon us.    


Rense:            I’m seeing the most primitive behaviour now, rising up, as more of the second and third world climbs up the metaphorical ladder.


Weidner:         If anyone thinks that we are not being targeted by foreign powers with that president and our current state weakness, of they are out of their mind.


Rense:                        If they have any minds left to get out of anymore!     We are heading towards a conflagration, as you say, there’s no question about it.   When and how, we don’t yet know but please do prepare.     We’re talking about food, protection, common sense, growing your own food.     The Archons have made it very difficult for anyone to live a healthy life because of the constant toxicity pumped into their bodies, the air they breathe, the water they drink but beyond that, but also through energetic subjugation of the masses through cell-phone radiation, all kinds of ELFs and EMFs, Gwen towers, the HAARP projects (including the mobile HAARPs that can be set up anywhere), so there is a tremendous amount of these technologies.     All of the telephones all of the media can come through the electricity into your homes, everything can be carried over the electric grid, as we know.    The issue is, they know that, too.



























The Global Coup d'Etat
Philip Jones


The term "New World Order" refers to the advent of a Totalitarian World Government. The current push towards achieving this nirvana has at it's core, a powerful and secretive group known as the Illuminati, which has been conspiring to take control of the the world for millennia. They aim to do this by the introduction of an autonomous Global State, which would supersede and replace the sovereign nations of the world. Most if not all significant occurrences in politics and international business are manipulated, orchestrated and designed by this extremely influential cabal operating through many front organisations, such as the Bilderberg Group, The Club Of Rome, The Royal Institute For International Affairs and a plethora of others, all of which connect at the very top of the Illuminati's symbolic pyramid.


But the idea of such a `One World State` is not new, and the origins go back into the very shadows of antiquity, and to a presence that has been a constant thorn in the side of mankind since it's very beginning.


The One World State and the Temptation of Christ


The Bible tells us that the concept of a `One World State` was put forward by Satan to Christ as one of the `Temptations in the Wilderness`. We are told that it was firmly rejected by Jesus. Whether one accepts the Scriptures or not, it cannot be argued that Christ's teachings, which involve personal freedom and free will, are totally incompatible with the concept of a `One World State` which would mandate and coerce diverse peoples and cultures into a centralised dictatorship. Satan's offer was conditional on Christ's worship of him. This temptation has been put to men throughout the ages, and it is not surprising to discover that many of the most influential men throughout history, and enthusiastic advocates of world government, have been Satanists. I speak of men such as Marx, Bakunin, Moses Hess, Stalin, to name but a few, together with a near full compliment of the more recent crop of Satan worshiping world `leaders` such as the Bush's, Clintons, Blairs and the current `Saviour` of the `Free World` along with them`


The outlines of the centuries old conflict between good and evil were laid down in the Gospels in as much as `God is the god of truth`, while Satan is the `father of lies and there is no truth in him`. And still on yet another level "You must serve God or money. You cannot serve both".


The present drive towards the setting up of a World State, that can increasingly be seen to be not atheist in construct, but Satanic and Anti God, has it's origins in Ancient Babylon, with the coalescing of the `Kabballah`, but which in it's modern form can be said to have begun gaining impetus in the 19th century, with the advent of Marxist Socialist theory, together with the growth of International Banking.


"Marxism you say is the bitterest opponent of Capitalism, which is sacred to us. For the simple reason that they are opposite poles, they deliver over to us the two poles of the earth and permit us to be it's axis. Within these two opposites, we find ourselves identified in the Internationale. And these doctrines of the two poles of society, meet in their unity of purpose, the renewal of the world from above by the control of wealth, and from below by revolution". The Comte de Saint Aulair in `Geneve contre la Paix` Libraire Plan, Paris 1936.




Among the requirements outlined in the `Communist Manifesto` for the establishment of a One World Dictatorship were:


1.The abolition of private property;


2.The abolition of the family;


3.The abolition of countries and nationalities;


4.The abolition of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, together with all religion and all morality.


In the context of the above, the word `Communist` is in many ways interchangeable with all those who aspire to a One World State, including Marxists, Zionists, Fabian Socialists, The United Nations, The Parliamentary Group for World Government, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bilderberg Group, and even the World Council of Churches, plus a plethora of fellow travelers.


Marx formed the first `Internationale` with Mikhail Bakunin, the `God Father` of Anarchism who wrote,


"In this revolution, we will have to awaken the devil in people, to stir up the basest passions".

Doesn't this describe the world we live in today? All around is social decay and chaos, intended and designed to create the desired response in the people, that `something must be done`. We see violence, pornography, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, all the vices extolled and normalised, together with the perverse promotion of homosexuality as a `valid lifestyle choice` and extreme feminism, disguised as `women's rights` being used to socially and morally emasculate men, turning God's natural order on it's head, and weakening that element in society most likely to become an obstruction to the plan. More recently, the European Union tabled a motion to legalise Pedophilia. How far down this road do we need to be driven before people say enough? The Masonic Motto `Out of Chaos Order` aptly applies to our world today, and Satan appears to reign supreme.


When Satanists are initiated into the seventh degree, they swear that their overriding principal will be, " Nothing is true and everything is permitted".


Is this not indicative of the attitudes and conduct of our leaders and so called celebrities today? Whether they be Bankers, Politicians, Senior Police Officers, Professionals, Bureaucrats, Pop Stars or Film Actors, I believe that even the most cursory examination of all or any of the most prominent individuals active in the above spheres of influence will show that they are deeply connected to both Freemasonry and Satanism, and are working knowingly or otherwise, to bringing their `Master's` goal of a tyrannical world state into being, and sooner rather than later.


In `On Hegel`, Marx wrote,


" Words I teach all mixed up in a devilish muddle. Thus anyone may think just what he chooses to think".


And that is exactly why so many have followed `the yellow brick road`, towards the Dictatorial One World State that the followers of Satan advocate. They have been duped, confused, mesmerised. They have not thought out what it means to lose one's freedom and national identity, or that the diabolical depopulation agenda is real and evidential and that the slaughter of millions is a very real possibility, to be achieved via a bewildering array of means not least of which might include a `stage managed` Third World War. The `FEMA` camps in the US and the massive number of similar installations throughout Europe attest to the deadly seriousness of the situation. The `Dark One` is playing for keeps this time.


The Genetic Requirements


For the establishment of a World Dictatorship, there were three main requirements. The Communist and revolutionary teachings of Marx and associates must be integrated, disseminated and universally accepted. The destabilizing of nations morally and financially with the draining away of money and assets outside of the control of any nation would have to be achieved, along with the provision of a `Master Race` to provide the dictators and rulers.

In his book `Terrorism and The Illuminati`, Canadian Author David Livingstone describes such a `race` in the clearest of terms thus;


"The Illuminati represent the descendants of the Fallen Angels who inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis. These Fallen Angels interbred with humans, to whom they taught the Ancient Wisdom. Therefore, throughout the centuries, the Illuminati have been carefully intermarrying with each other, to preserve their "sacred" bloodline, handing on their esoteric knowledge from generation to generation. For this reason, they also refer to themselves as "the Family".


There are thirteen core bloodlines at the top of this `Family` and it is these `people`, who allegedly trace their lineage back to Babylon, and beyond into the distant past, who intend to become `Again as Gods` once their `Dark Lord's` World State becomes at last a reality. From one of these lines of decent, believed by many to be the Merovingian Bloodline, will come it is said, the supposedly beneficent `World Leader`, sometimes referred to as the `Anti Christ`.


These people or rather `things` see us as cattle, for culling and they have been very busy doing so throughout history. But today with the weaponry, medicines, vaccines and poisons available to them, it is difficult to see how their `Agenda` can be halted. Particularly when one considers the levels of apathy prevalent amongst what they term `The Sheeple`..


The British writer, `Bertrand Russell` had this to say back in 1954, "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will continue until they become separate species. A revolt of the plebs against the masters would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton".


Mr Russell wasn't so far `off base` as a walk down any City High Street these days will confirm. However, knowing how deeply `connected` Bertrand Russell was, I am convinced he knew that the `rulers and ruled` have always been different species.


In `Treason at Westminster` Kitty Little writes, "By 1963, the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination had provided for the massive movements of population that would in turn provide for the interbreeding of genetically incompatible races, and for the positive discrimination against the native populations of European decent who were considered to be the greatest obstacle to their plans. A parallel UNESCO Convention against `discrimination` in education had provided the impetus for race, sex, parentage, local and national loyalties and all forms of religion as well as ability, to be regarded as forms of `discrimination` and therefore to be abolished. Children were deemed to have a `human right` to be protected from religious indoctrination. All this, in addition to the encouragement of oral contraceptives (that lead to physical, mental and moral degeneration) vasectomy, drug abuse, and the current fashion for genetic engineering with artificial insemination and `test tube` babies, was designed for the debasing of the human race".


Financial Requirements


Taking financial control out of the hands of national governments was an absolute requirement if the Global Dictatorship was to become a reality. This was seen as a preliminary to the operation of a system of credit whereby only those in good standing with the `World Government` would receive the means of subsistence. Hence the fact that the EU, the prototype for World Government, has concentrated it's focus on undermining national industries, taking control of food supplies, and by dictating farming and fishing policies, ensuring that the member nations remain dependent on the centralized European State for essentials.


Another example of how the `One Worlders` coerce and manipulate countries economically is the way the World Bank discriminates in favour only of those nations who comply with it's genocidal depopulation goals, mandating the use of `family planning` via contraception, and implementing compulsory vaccination policies on whole swathes of people in the developing world, resulting in the mass sterilisation of native women as a primary goal, and chemically induced miscarriages as an important secondary `failsafe`.


The fanatical opposition to South Africa, before the takeover by the majority population can also be placed into context when one comprehends the `Agenda`. South Africa had and still has the largest gold reserves on this planet, and without taking control of that, the credit trap could not be sprung.


Development of the Plan



Since the launch of World Communism, the Illuminati's plans have developed and matured. In 1928, the Communist Internationale presented a three stage plan for achieving World Government:


1. Socialise the economies of all nations.

2. Bring about the regional unions of various groupings of these nations.

3. Amalgamate all these groupings into a final World Union.



In 1942 Stalin, in cooperation with Western Marxists was intent on laying the foundations of the UN. He defined the necessary goals for the final World Coup d 'Etat as:


1. Confuse, disorganise and destroy the forces of private capitalism.

2. Bring all nations together into a single world system of economy.

3. Force the industrialised nations to pour prolonged financial aid into the developing countries.

4. Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to total World Government.



As any informed observer must be able to see, the plan is far advanced and in it's final stages. Can anyone argue that goals one and three have not already been attained. Number four is partly fulfilled in the form of the European Union, and plans for a North American Union are beyond the planning stages. The European Single Currency or Euro is a `stepping stone` towards the World Currency, to be possibly called the `Phoenix`, symbolising Satan rising from the ashes of the old order to establish the new.


Working on the assumption that the point of no return would be reached with the establishment of European Union, the Illuminati in their obsession with all things Satanic, created a symbolic `Monetary Snake` that would penetrate into the heart of nations and undermine their power. They saw it primarily as an encirclement of Europe and in as much as, "When this ring closes, all the States Of Europe will be locked in it's coil as in a powerful vice". This statement was made in the 19th Century and it was considered that by `enchanting` Europe, it would ultimately encompass the whole world..


The current manipulated global financial crisis is a ruse to achieve a universal system of money, and with it, World Government will be achieved by `hook or crook`, by financial or murderous means. Either way, the point of no return seems long past..


The United Nations and The European Union


Together with UNESCO, the UN has insinuated itself globally into the very fabric of nation states, corrupting and undermining them at every turn. In the field of education for example, the intentions of the `One Worlders` who controlled UNESCO (and still do) were:


1. To deride, ridicule and destroy any feelings of patriotism or loyalty to their country amongst the youth.

2. Instill in the youth an outlook of internationalism that could easily be reconciled at a later date with the concept of a One World Dictatorship.

3. Indoctrinate the youth to embrace Marxist Socialism (under different labels such as Social Democracy for example) as being the correct social and political outlook.

4. Neutralize the youth against the religious influences in the home along with all concepts of rigid morality.



The establishment of a European Union has been critical for the Illuminati's plans to create a `World Government` and the formation of the UN was seen as a necessary preliminary, in the same way as the EU and NAU are seen as stepping stones to World Government. When the UK entered the EEC back in 1973, the British people were told deliberate lies about the intentions and significance of that move. The now familiar deceits were new back then, the primary `mother of all lies` being no loss of sovereignty. The Treaty of Rome empowered the Commission to formulate Directives which took precedence over national laws. There was no requirement to make these laws public, even though they had to be implemented.


Since then, with each treacherous treaty signed, the peoples of Europe have been lead by the nose ever closer into a Federal `Rat Trap` from which there is no way out. Jean Monnet, the so called `father` of the EU put it like this;


"Europe's nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation'.


Last years Irish referendum debacle exposed the EU for what it is; A Totalitarian State in the making, albeit of the `drip by drip variety`. It's refusal to accept the `democratic` will of the Irish people is little more than a precursor of what is to come.


The Treaty of Lisbon had been absolutely critical for the Illuminati/Communist plans for the World Dictatorship, and having come thus far, it was clear even before the Irish Referendum that the `Euro Marxists` would not allow something as insignificant as Democracy to get in their way. But the question begs to be asked; "How on earth have they managed to come this far without detection ?


The research of Dr Kitty Little back in the 1960's and on through the 1980's describes how the activities of the members of a nameless subversive organisation at Oxford University back in 1940 set the agenda for how the goal of a Federal European State would be achieved. In her pamphlet, `Treason at Westminster, she writes;


" At a meeting in Oxford in 1940, the head of the political section of the subversive organisation described it's intentions, and MI5 received a report from Moscow the following year outlining the same plans. Members of the political section of the subversive organisation were to infiltrate the Political Parties. Those in the Conservative Party would lean to the left, those in Labour to the right. The reason being that the British it was said, distrust extremists. Those infiltrating the Conservatives were to be responsible for the `financial smokescreen` that would conceal the changeover from democracy to a Marxist Dictatorship. The description given fits entirely the manner in which the Heath Government took us into the EEC and explains the Tory party's support for the Treaty establishing European Union."


Throughout, the method has been infiltration from the top. Although the people of a `member state` may continue to vote in national elections, the candidates are chosen by a very small select number of people, and since WWII, large numbers of the subversive organisation have entered the various national parliaments. I think it is now safe to say that this insinuation of subversives is mirrored globally and particularly throughout the west, and since the great weakness in the `party` system is the manner in which candidates are chosen, this provides fertile ground for subversive activity. A further weakness in the electoral system of the UK for example has been the `packing` of marginal `seats` where strong Anti Marxist candidates are standing, with immigrants who vote the way their own `bought and paid for` leaders tell them. Thereby circumventing true democracy, and undermining those prepared to make a stand against the subversives bent on achieving the Federal Superstate as the initial goal, and the `World State` as the final solution to the `democratic question`.


The Damage Done


Over the past thirty or so years, the primary objectives of the EEC Commission has been to pave the way for the Treaty Establishing European Union, and thereafter the creation of the Federal Superstate. The laws emanating from Brussels have seriously damaged the industry and defenses of member states and have introduced many changes needed for the smooth transition to a dictatorship. The significance of handing over vast sums of taxpayers money to the EU, only to have them returned, should not be overlooked. The money returned is spent according to the wishes of the Commissioners , mostly on altering the infrastructure of the nation that it may more easily be split into smaller administrative units, thereafter to be more easily absorbed into the Federation..


In all of this, the complicity of national governments has been imperative, and the levels of treachery unprecedented in human history.


The Penultimate Step


Later this year, the Irish will be coerced into another referendum, and this time, there will be nothing left to chance. One way or the other, the Communitarian's of the EU will fabricate their `yes` vote and with the Lisbon Treaty finally ratified, it will be full steam ahead towards the Supestate.


Within it's murky pages, the Lisbon Treaty holds no provision for the continuation of the Monarchy (not that in this writer's opinion that is any great loss, considering who and what they are) or National Governments. The Commissioners would become absolute rulers, with a Presidential `Puppet` fronting the tyranny. The Nation States of Europe will be divided into geographical regions divorced from all historical and traditional reality. The Map Of The Superstate to be, shows ten such regions in Britain including Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, and four in the Irish Republic. It rejects entirely the existence of England.


The European Union is the `prototype` for the other world `Super Regions` intended to become a reality in the near future as illustrated in the diagram below.


The Final Solution


The current financial crisis is intended to terrify the people of the world into accepting World Government. The calls for `New World Order` and for `global solutions for global problems` are increasingly being heard and transmitted across the airwaves by the media sycophants in thrall to the Globalists. Meanwhile, the political puppets are playing their part as dictated to them by their Illuminati masters, and although the `economic` route appears to be the chosen vehicle to attain World Power for now, does anyone doubt that if they feel it expedient, they will launch a global war on a scale hitherto thought unimaginable. We are not there yet, but the world situation deteriorates daily.


This intended `Coup d' Etat` with the installation of Satan's' World State the intended `Final Solution`, is by far the most far reaching and sweeping change seen in human affairs in millenia, yet we have not been told about it by our elected leaders. The reason for this deafening silence is quite simple. The `Family` controls virtually everything it needs to ensure that the secrecy of the `Great Work` remains hidden, right up until that time, when like all conspiracies, it must raise it's head above the `ramparts` for all to see. This is happening now, but the mass of humanity is still in total denial, and seems to prefer to stick it's collective head in the sand and hope all the bad things just go away. There are comparatively few involved in this criminal conspiracy and if all those who are unconsciously helping them stopped doing so, the plan would collapse.


As Kitty Little wrote, "Publicity is what they fear most and it will defeat them".


Further Reading:  


Treason At Westminster by Dr Kitty Little


Terrorism and the Illuminati by David Livingstone.  (vital reading) the parallels are frightening.




“Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”

Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).

This makes her the richest individual on earth. However, there is no way easily to value her real estate. There is no current market in the land of entire countries. At a rough estimate of $5,000 an acre, and based on the sale of Alaska to the USA by the Tsar, and of Louisiana to the USA by France, the Queen’s land holding is worth a notional $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty three trillion dollars or about £17,600,000,000,000). Her holding is based on the laws of the countries she owns and her land title is valid in all the countries she owns. Her main holdings are Canada, the 2nd largest country on earth, with 2,467 million acres, Australia, the 7th largest country on earth with 1,900 million acres, the Papua New Guinea with114 million acres, New Zealand with 66 million acres and the UK with 60 million acres.

She is the world’s largest landowner by a significant margin. The next largest landowner is the Russian state, with an overall ownership of 4,219 million acres, and a direct ownership comparable with the Queen’s land holding of 2,447 million acres. The 3rd largest landowner is the Chinese state, which claims all of Chinese land, about 2,365 million acres. The 4th largest landowner on earth is the Federal Government of the United States, which owns about one third of the land of the USA, 760 million acres. The fifth largest landowner on earth is the King of Saudi Arabia with 553 million acres

Largest five personal landowners on Earh

Queen Elizabeth II

6,600 million acres

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

553 million acres

King Bhumibol of Thailand

126 million acres

King Mohammed IV of Morocco

113 million acres

Sultan Quaboos of Oman

76 million acres





The Nag Hammadi Library

The Hypostasis of the Archons
(The Reality of the Rulers)

Translated by Bentley Layton

On account of the reality of the authorities, (inspired) by the spirit of the father of truth, the great apostle - referring to the "authorities of the darkness" - told us that "our contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the universe and the spirits of wickedness." I have sent this (to you) because you inquire about the reality of the authorities.

Their chief is blind; because of his power and his ignorance and his arrogance he said, with his power, "It is I who am God; there is none apart from me." When he said this, he sinned against the entirety. And this speech got up to incorruptibility; then there was a voice that came forth from incorruptibility, saying, "You are mistaken, Samael" - which is, "god of the blind."

His thoughts became blind. And, having expelled his power - that is, the blasphemy he had spoken - he pursued it down to chaos and the abyss, his mother, at the instigation of Pistis Sophia. And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power - after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented.

As incorruptibility looked down into the region of the waters, her image appeared in the waters; and the authorities of the darkness became enamored of her. But they could not lay hold of that image, which had appeared to them in the waters, because of their weakness - since beings that merely possess a soul cannot lay hold of those that possess a spirit - for they were from below, while it was from above. This is the reason why "incorruptibility looked down into the region (etc.)": so that, by the father's will, she might bring the entirety into union with the light.

The rulers laid plans and said, "Come, let us create a man that will be soil from the earth." They modeled their creature as one wholly of the earth. Now the rulers [...] body [...] they have [...] female [...] is [...] with the face of a beast. They had taken some soil from the earth and modeled their man after their body and after the image of God that had appeared to them in the waters. They said, "Come, let us lay hold of it by means of the form that we have modeled, so that it may see its male counterpart [...], and we may seize it with the form that we have modeled" - not understanding the force of God, because of their powerlessness. And he breathed into his face; and the man came to have a soul (and remained) upon the ground many days. But they could not make him arise because of their powerlessness. Like storm winds they persisted (in blowing), that they might try to capture that image, which had appeared to them in the waters. And they did not know the identity of its power.

Now all these things came to pass by the will of the father of the entirety. Afterwards, the spirit saw the soul-endowed man upon the ground. And the spirit came forth from the Adamantine Land; it descended and came to dwell within him, and that man became a living soul. It called his name Adam, since he was found moving upon the ground. A voice came forth from incorruptibility for the assistance of Adam; and the rulers gathered together all the animals of the earth and all the birds of heaven and brought them in to Adam to see what Adam would call them, that he might give a name to each of the birds and all the beasts.

They took Adam and put him the garden, that he might cultivate it and keep watch over it. And the rulers issued a command to him, saying, "From every tree in the garden shall you eat; yet from the tree of recognizing good and evil do not eat, nor touch it; for the day you eat from it, with death you are going to die."

They [...] this. They do not understand what they have said to him; rather, by the father's will, they said this in such a way that he might (in fact) eat, and that Adam might <not> regard them as would a man of an exclusively material nature.

The rulers took counsel with one another and said, "Come, let us cause a deep sleep to fall upon Adam." And he slept. - Now the deep sleep that they "caused to fall upon him, and he slept" is Ignorance. - They opened his side like a living woman. And they built up his side with some flesh in place of her, and Adam came to be endowed only with soul.

And the spirit-endowed woman came to him and spoke with him, saying, "Arise, Adam." And when he saw her, he said, "It is you who have given me life; you will be called 'mother of the living'. - For it is she who is my mother. It is she who is the physician, and the woman, and she who has given birth."

Then the authorities came up to their Adam. And when they saw his female counterpart speaking with him, they became agitated with great agitation; and they became enamored of her. They said to one another, "Come, let us sow our seed in her," and they pursued her. And she laughed at them for their witlessness and their blindness; and in their clutches she became a tree, and left before them her shadowy reflection resembling herself; and they defiled it foully. - And they defiled the stamp of her voice, so that by the form they had modeled, together with their (own) image, they made themselves liable to condemnation.

Then the female spiritual principle came in the snake, the instructor; and it taught them, saying, "What did he say to you? Was it, 'From every tree in the garden shall you eat; yet - from the tree of recognizing good and evil do not eat'?"
The carnal woman said, "Not only did he say 'Do not eat', but even 'Do not touch it; for the day you eat from it, with death you are going to die.'"
And the snake, the instructor, said, "With death you shall not die; for it was out of jealousy that he said this to you. Rather your eyes shall open and you shall come to be like gods, recognizing evil and good." And the female instructing principle was taken away from the snake, and she left it behind, merely a thing of the earth.
And the carnal woman took from the tree and ate; and she gave to her husband as well as herself; and these beings that possessed only a soul, ate. And their imperfection became apparent in their lack of knowledge; and they recognized that they were naked of the spiritual element, and took fig leaves and bound them upon their loins.

Then the chief ruler came; and he said, "Adam! Where are you?" - for he did not understand what had happened. And Adam said, "I heard your voice and was afraid because I was naked; and I hid."
The ruler said, "Why did you hide, unless it is because you have eaten from the tree from which alone I commanded you not to eat? And you have eaten!"
Adam said, "The woman that you gave me, she gave to me and I ate." And the arrogant ruler cursed the woman.
The woman said, "It was the snake that led me astray and I ate." They turned to the snake and cursed its shadowy reflection, [...] powerless, not comprehending that it was a form they themselves had modeled. From that day, the snake came to be under the curse of the authorities; until the all-powerful man was to come, that curse fell upon the snake.

They turned to their Adam and took him and expelled him from the garden along with his wife; for they have no blessing, since they too are beneath the curse. Moreover, they threw mankind into great distraction and into a life of toil, so that their mankind might be occupied by worldly affairs, and might not have the opportunity of being devoted to the holy spirit.

Now afterwards, she bore Cain, their son; and Cain cultivated the land. Thereupon he knew his wife; again becoming pregnant, she bore Abel; and Abel was a herdsman of sheep. Now Cain brought in from the crops of his field, but Abel brought in an offering (from) among his lambs. God looked upon the votive offerings of Abel; but he did not accept the votive offerings of Cain. And carnal Cain pursued Abel, his brother.

And God said to Cain, "Where is Abel, your brother?"
He answered saying, "Am I, then, my brother's keeper?"
God said to Cain, "Listen! The voice of your brother's blood is crying up to me! You have sinned with your mouth. It will return to you: anyone who kills Cain will let loose seven vengeances, and you will exist groaning and trembling upon the earth."

And Adam knew his female counterpart Eve, and she became pregnant, and bore Seth to Adam. And she said, "I have borne another man through God, in place of Abel." Again Eve became pregnant, and she bore Norea. And she said, "He has begotten on me a virgin as an assistance for many generations of mankind." She is the virgin whom the forces did not defile.

Then mankind began to multiply and improve. The rulers took counsel with one another and said, "Come, let us cause a deluge with our hands and obliterate all flesh, from man to beast." But when the ruler of the forces came to know of their decision, he said to Noah, "Make yourself an ark from some wood that does not rot and hide in it - you and your children and the beasts and the birds of heaven from small to large - and set it upon Mount Sir."

Then Orea came to him, wanting to board the ark. And when he would not let her, she blew upon the ark and caused it to be consumed by fire. Again he made the ark, for a second time.

The rulers went to meet her, intending to lead her astray. Their supreme chief said to her, "Your mother Eve came to us." But Norea turned to them and said to them, "It is you who are the rulers of the darkness; you are accursed. And you did not know my mother; instead it was your female counterpart that you knew. For I am not your descendant; rather it is from the world above that I am come."

The arrogant ruler turned, with all his might, and his countenance came to be like (a) black [...]; he said to her presumptuously, "You must render service to us, as did also your mother Eve; for I have been given [...]." But Norea turned, with the might of [...]; and in a loud voice, she cried out up to the holy one, the God of the entirety, "Rescue me from the rulers of unrighteousness and save me from their clutches - forthwith!"

The <great> angel came down from the heavens and said to her, "Why are you crying up to God? Why do you act so boldly towards the holy spirit?"
Norea said, "Who are you?" The rulers of unrighteousness had withdrawn from her.
He said, "It is I who am Eleleth, sagacity, the great angel who stands in the presence of the holy spirit. I have been sent to speak with you and save you from the grasp of the lawless. And I shall teach you about your root."

(Norea apparently now speaking) Now as for that angel, I cannot speak of his power: his appearance is like fine gold and his raiment is like snow. No, truly, my mouth cannot bear to speak of his power and the appearance of his face!

Eleleth, the great angel, spoke to me. "It is I," he said, "who am understanding. I am one of the four light-givers, who stand in the presence of the great invisible spirit. Do you think these rulers have any power over you? None of them can prevail against the root of truth; for on its account he appeared in the final ages; and these authorities will be restrained. And these authorities cannot defile you and that generation; for your abode is in incorruptibility, where the virgin spirit dwells, who is superior to the authorities of chaos and to their universe."

But I said, "Sir, teach me about the faculty of these authorities - how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, and of what material, and who created them and their force?"

And the great angel Eleleth, understanding, spoke to me: "Within limitless realms dwells incorruptibility. Sophia, who is called Pistis, wanted to create something, alone without her consort; and her product was a celestial thing. A veil exists between the world above and the realms that are below; and shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that shadow became matter; and that shadow was projected apart. And what she had created became a product in the matter, like an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, as I have already said, because it was from matter that it derived.

Opening his eyes, he saw a vast quantity of matter without limit; and he became arrogant, saying, "It is I who am God, and there is none other apart from me". When he said this, he sinned against the entirety. And a voice came forth from above the realm of absolute power, saying, "You are mistaken, Samael" - which is, 'god of the blind'.

And he said, "If any other thing exists before me, let it become visible to me!" And immediately Sophia stretched forth her finger and introduced light into matter; and she pursued it down to the region of chaos. And she returned up to her light; once again darkness [...] matter.

This ruler, by being androgynous, made himself a vast realm, an extent without limit. And he contemplated creating offspring for himself, and created for himself seven offspring, androgynous just like their parent. And he said to his offspring, "It is I who am god of the entirety."

And Zoe (Life), the daughter of Pistis Sophia, cried out and said to him, "You are mistaken, Sakla!" - for which the alternative name is Yaltabaoth. She breathed into his face, and her breath became a fiery angel for her; and that angel bound Yaldabaoth and cast him down into Tartaros below the abyss.

Now when his offspring Sabaoth saw the force of that angel, he repented and condemned his father and his mother, matter. He loathed her, but he sang songs of praise up to Sophia and her daughter Zoe. And Sophia and Zoe caught him up and gave him charge of the seventh heaven, below the veil between above and below. And he is called 'God of the forces, Sabaoth', since he is up above the forces of chaos, for Sophia established him.

Now when these (events) had come to pass, he made himself a huge four-faced chariot of cherubim, and infinitely many angels to act as ministers, and also harps and lyres. And Sophia took her daughter Zoe and had her sit upon his right to teach him about the things that exist in the eighth (heaven); and the angel of wrath she placed upon his left. Since that day, his right has been called 'life'; and the left has come to represent the unrighteousness of the realm of absolute power above. It was before your time that they came into being.

Now when Yaldabaoth saw him (Sabaoth) in this great splendor and at this height, he envied him; and the envy became an androgynous product, and this was the origin of envy. And envy engendered death; and death engendered his offspring and gave each of them charge of its heaven; and all the heavens of chaos became full of their multitudes. But it was by the will of the father of the entirety that they all came into being - after the pattern of all the things above - so that the sum of chaos might be attained.

"There, I have taught you about the pattern of the rulers; and the matter in which it was expressed; and their parent; and their universe."

But I said, "Sir, am I also from their matter?"
"You, together with your offspring, are from the primeval father; from above, out of the imperishable light, their souls are come. Thus the authorities cannot approach them, because of the spirit of truth present within them; and all who have become acquainted with this way exist deathless in the midst of dying mankind. Still, that sown element will not become known now. Instead, after three generations it will come to be known, and it has freed them from the bondage of the authorities' error."

Then I said, "Sir, how much longer?"
He said to me, "Until the moment when the true man, within a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth, which the father has sent.
Then he will teach them about everything, and he will anoint them with the unction of life eternal, given him from the undominated generation.
Then they will be freed of blind thought, and they will trample underfoot death, which is of the authorities, and they will ascend into the limitless light where this sown element belongs.
Then the authorities will relinquish their ages, and their angels will weep over their destruction, and their demons will lament their death.
Then all the children of the light will be truly acquainted with the truth and their root, and the father of the entirety and the holy spirit. They will all say with a single voice, 'The father's truth is just, and the son presides over the entirety", and from everyone unto the ages of ages, "Holy - holy - holy! Amen!'"


The Reality of the Rulers

Selection made from James M. Robinson, ed., The Nag Hammadi Library, revised edition. HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1990.


The Nag Hammadi Library

The (First) Apocalypse of James

Translated by William R. Schoedel

It is the Lord who spoke with me: "See now the completion of my redemption. I have given you a sign of these things, James, my brother. For not without reason have I called you my brother, although you are not my brother materially. And I am not ignorant concerning you; so that when I give you a sign - know and hear."

"Nothing existed except Him-who-is. He is unnameable and ineffable. I myself am also unnameable, from Him-who-is, just as I have been given a number of names - two from Him-who-is. And I, I am before you. Since you have asked concerning femaleness, femaleness existed, but femaleness was not first. And it prepared for itself powers and gods. But it did not exist when I came forth, since I am an image of Him-who-is. But I have brought forth the image of him so that the sons of Him-who-is might know what things are theirs and what things are alien (to them). Behold, I shall reveal to you everything of this mystery. For they will seize me the day after tomorrow. But my redemption will be near."

James said, "Rabbi, you have said, 'they will seize me.' But I, what can I do?" He said to me, "Fear not, James. You too will they seize. But leave Jerusalem. For it is she who always gives the cup of bitterness to the sons of light. She is a dwelling place of a great number of archons. But your redemption will be preserved from them. So that you may understand who they are and what kinds they are, you will [...]. And listen. They are not [...] but archons [...]. These twelve [...] down [...] archons [...] upon his own hebdomad."

James said, "Rabbi, are there then twelve hebdomads and not seven as there are in the scriptures?" The Lord said, "James, he who spoke concerning this scripture had a limited understanding. I, however, shall reveal to you what has come forth from him who has no number. I shall give a sign concerning their number. As for what has come forth from him who has no measure, I shall give a sign concerning their measure"

James said, "Rabbi, behold then, I have received their number. There are seventy-two measures!" The Lord said, "These are the seventy-two heavens, which are their subordinates. These are the powers of all their might; and they were established by them; and these are they who were distributed everywhere, existing under the authority of the twelve archons. The inferior power among them brought forth for itself angels and unnumbered hosts. Him-who-is, however, has been given [...] on account of [...] Him-who-is [...] they are unnumbered. If you want to give them a number now, you will not be able to do so until you cast away from your blind thought, this bond of flesh which encircles you. And then you will reach Him-who-is. And you will no longer be James; rather you are the One-who-is. And all those who are unnumbered will all have been named."

<James said,>, "Rabbi, in what way shall I reach Him-who-is, since all these powers and these hosts are armed against me?" He said to me, "These powers are not armed against you specifically, but are armed against another. It is against me that they are armed. And they are armed with other powers. But they are armed against me in judgment. They did not give [...] to me in it [...] through them [...]. In this place [...] suffering, I shall [...]. He will [...] and I shall not rebuke them. But there shall be within me a silence and a hidden mystery. But I am fainthearted before their anger."

James said, "Rabbi, if they arm themselves against you, then is there no blame?"

You have come with knowledge,

that you might rebuke their forgetfulness.

You have come with recollection,

that you might rebuke their ignorance.

But I was concerned because of you.

For you descended into a great ignorance,

but you have not been defiled by anything in it.

For you descended into a great mindlessness,

and your recollection remained.

You walked in mud,

and your garments were not soiled,

and you have not been buried in their filth,

and you have not been caught.

And I was not like them, but I clothed myself with everything of theirs.

There is in me forgetfulness,

yet I remember things that are not theirs.

There is in me [....],

and I am in their [...].

[...] knowledge [...] not in their sufferings [...]. But I have become afraid before them, since they rule. For what will they do? What will I be able to say? Or what word will I be able to say that I may escape them?"

The Lord said, "James, I praise your understanding and your fear. If you continue to be distressed, do not be concerned for anything else except your redemption. For behold, I shall complete this destiny upon this earth as I have said from the heavens. And I shall reveal to you your redemption."

James said, "Rabbi, how, after these things, will you appear to us again? After they seize you, and you complete this destiny, you will go up to Him-who-is." The Lord said, "James, after these things I shall reveal to you everything, not for your sake alone but for the sake of the unbelief of men, so that faith may exist in them. For a multitude will attain to faith and they will increase in [...]. And after this I shall appear for a reproof to the archons. And I shall reveal to them that he cannot be seized. If they seize him, then he will overpower each of them. But now I shall go. Remember the things I have spoken and let them go up before you." James said,"Lord, I shall hasten as you have said." The Lord said farewell to him and fulfilled what was fitting.

When James heard of his suffering and was much distressed, they awaited the sign of his coming. And he came after several days. And James was walking upon the mountain which is called "Gaugelan", with his disciples, who listened to him because they had been distressed, and he was [...] a comforter, saying, "This is [...] second [...]" Then the crowd dispersed, but James remained [...] prayer [...], as was his custom.

And the Lord appeared to him. Then he stopped (his) prayer and embraced him. He kissed him, saying, "Rabbi, I have found you! I have heard of your sufferings, which you endured. And I have been much distressed. My compassion you know. Therefore, on reflection, I was wishing that I would not see this people. They must be judged for these things that they have done. For these things that they have done are contrary to what is fitting."

The Lord said, "James, do not be concerned for me or for this people. I am he who was within me. Never have I suffered in any way, nor have I been distressed. And this people has done me no harm. But this (people) existed as a type of the archons, and it deserved to be destroyed through them. But [...] the archons, [...] who has [...] but since it [...] angry with [...] The just [...] is his servant. Therefore your name is "James the Just". You see how you will become sober when you see me. And you stopped this prayer. Now since you are a just man of God, you have embraced me and kissed me. Truly I say to you that you have stirred up great anger and wrath against yourself. But (this has happened) so that these others might come to be."

But James was timid (and) wept. And he was very distressed. And they both sat down upon a rock. The Lord said to him, "James, thus you will undergo these sufferings. But do not be sad. For the flesh is weak. It will receive what has been ordained for it. But as for you, do not be timid or afraid". The Lord ceased.

Now when James heard these things, he wiped away the tears in his eyes and very bitter [...] which is [...]. The Lord said to him, "James, behold, I shall reveal to you your redemption. When you are seized, and you undergo these sufferings, a multitude will arm themselves against you that <they> may seize you. And in particular three of them will seize you - they who sit (there) as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they also take away souls by theft. When you come into their power, one of them who is their guard will say to you, 'Who are you or where are you from?' You are to say to him, 'I am a son, and I am from the Father.' He will say to you, 'What sort of son are you, and to what father do you belong?' You are to say to him, 'I am from the Pre-existent Father, and a son in the Pre-existent One.' When he says to you, [...], you are to say to him [...] in the [...] that I might [...]."

'[...] of alien things?' You are to say to him, 'They are not entirely alien, but they are from Achamoth, who is the female. And these she produced as she brought down the race from the Pre-existent One. So then they are not alien, but they are ours. They are indeed ours because she who is mistress of them is from the Pre-existent One. At the same time they are alien because the Pre-existent One did not have intercourse with her, when she produced them.' When he also says to you, 'Where will you go?', you are to say to him, 'To the place from which I have come, there shall I return.' And if you say these things, you will escape their attacks.

"But when you come to these three detainers who take away souls by theft in that place [...] these. You [...] a vessel [...] much more than [...] of the one whom you [...] for [...] her root. You too will be sober [...]. But I shall call upon the imperishable knowledge, which is Sophia who is in the Father (and) who is the mother of Achamoth. Achamoth had no father nor male consort, but she is female from a female. She produced you without a male, since she was alone (and) in ignorance as to what lives through her mother because she thought that she alone existed. But I shall cry out to her mother. And then they will fall into confusion (and) will blame their root and the race of their mother. But you will go up to what is yours [...] you will [...] the Pre-existent One."

"They are a type of the twelve disciples and the twelve pairs, [...] Achamoth, which is translated 'Sophia'. And who I myself am, (and) who the imperishable Sophia (is) through whom you will be redeemed, and (who are) all the sons of Him-who-is - these things they have known and have hidden within them. You are to hide <these things> within you, and you are to keep silence. But you are to reveal them to Addai. When you depart, immediately war will be made with this land. Weep, then, for him who dwells in Jerusalem. But let Addai take these things to heart. In the tenth year let Addai sit and write them down. And when he writes them down [...] and they are to give them [...] he has the [...] he is called Levi. Then he is to bring [...] word [...] from what I said earlier [...] a woman [...] Jerusalem in her [...] and he begets two sons through her. They are to inherit these things and the understanding of him who [...] exalts. And they are to receive [...] through him from his intellect. Now, the younger of them is greater. And may these things remain hidden in him until he comes to the age of seventeen years [...] beginning [...] through them. They will pursue him exceedingly, since they are from his [...] companions. He will be proclaimed through them, and they will proclaim this word. Then he will become a seed of [...]."

James said, "I am satisfied [...] and they are [...] my soul. Yet another thing I ask of you: who are the seven women who have been your disciples? And behold all women bless you. I also am amazed how powerless vessels have become strong by a perception which is in them." The Lord said, "You [...] well [...] a spirit of [...], a spirit of thought, a spirit of counsel of a [...], a spirit [...] a spirit of knowledge [...] of their fear. [...] when we had passed through the breath of this archon who is named Adonaios [...] him and [...] he was ignorant [...] when I came forth from him, he remembered that I am a son of his. He was gracious to me at that time as his son. And then, before <I> appeared here, <he> cast them among this people. And from the place of heaven the prophets [...]."

James said, "Rabbi, [...] I [...] all together [...] in them especially [...]." The Lord said, "James, I praise you [...] walk upon the earth [...] the words while he [...] on the [...]. For cast away from you the cup which is bitterness. For some from [...] set themselves against you. For you have begun to understand their roots from beginning to end. Cast away from yourself all lawlessness. And beware lest they envy you. When you speak these words of this perception, encourage these four: Salome and Mariam and Martha and Arsinoe [...] since he takes some [...] to me he is [...] burnt offerings and [...]. But I [...] not in this way; but [...] first-fruits of the [...] upward [...] so that the power of God might appear. The perishable has gone up to the imperishable and the female element has attained to this male element."

James said, "Rabbi, into these three (things), then, has their [...] been cast. For they have been reviled, and they have been persecuted [...]. Behold [...] everything [...] from anyone [...]. For you have received [...] of knowledge. And [...] that what is the [...] go [...] you will find [...]. But I shall go forth and shall reveal that they believed in you, that they may be content with their blessing and salvation, and this revelation may come to pass."

And he went at that time immediately and rebuked the twelve and cast out of them contentment concerning the way of knowledge [...].

[...]. And the majority of them [...] when they saw, the messenger took in [...]. The others [...] said, "[...] him from this earth. For he is not worthy of life." These, then, were afraid. They arose, saying, "We have no part in this blood, for a just man will perish through injustice" James departed so that [...] look [...] for we [...] him.


The Apocalypse of James

Selection made from James M. Robinson, ed., The Nag Hammadi Library, revised edition. HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1990.


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