Email from a customer of RV Science:


Also.... do you know, is the silver power ring I ordered from rvscience and got back and have been wearing for a year now... is that actually evil?? I sent to Paul at an address on a marina somewhere in England to charge after ordering and paying on your site. He did refund the paypal payment and had me pay a different paypal acct before sending the ring.

Please advise!


Tim Rifat's reply:

Graham Nickells as my former webmaster, assumed name Paul Hughes Barlow, intercepted emails and redirected payments to his accounts and address.

If you have been conned by this criminal Tim Rifat offers a cleansing PC/BPC:

This cleanser costs $80

This gets rid of any CF entity energy. A thief and conman such as Graham Nickells (aka Paul Hughes Barlow) is a purveyor of evil (by their works you shall know them, as the Bible states) So any counterfeit item should be exorcised as a basic principle - and or thrown away.