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The history of Power Rings was popularised by Wagner in: The Ring Cycle, the last century by Tolkien's: The Lord of The Rings, followed by all the copy cat fantasy writers of mass market dross. As a scientist focussed on Psi-research (a topic heretical to any state funded scientist - on the orders of the Illuminati) Tim Rifat has looked at the concept of Power Rings culminating in the development of the gold meme, silver-anti-occult Platinum Psi-Ring and Double Rings of the anti anglo demonic reality series. These four types of Power Ring are based on the four cycles of the Matrix: Gold Age, Silver, Bronze Iron as described in ancient Indian mythology, history and metaphysics. As one goes from the Gold to Silver the Godforce is barred from Psi-Masters, in the Silver to Bronze age the higher aspects of Psi are lost to man and in the Bronze to Iron age (as described in Tolkiens: The Lord of the Rings) Psi is banished and supplanted by mechanistic (insectile) awareness. Why this occurs is purely a physical phenomenon. Our Earth moves around the galactic centre changing it's orientation in space so the poles rotate facing different paths of the sky. As this occurs the torsionic soliton a spiral/circular force with it's pulsing aspect are modulated so their intensity, phase... are modified. For Psi the pulsing (left awareness force) is needed , for stable solid manifestation the spiral/circular is desired. In the Gold Age the Pulsing Force predominates, the Circular Force is banished this means Psi can be used to alter the entire Matrix at will. In the Iron Age the Circular Force is predominant and the circular Force banished. Power Rings modify the Circular Force to either amplify or damp it down. In Psi-able ages: Gold, Silver, Bronze, these rings are used to bring the Circular Force into play to enable the circular dark matter/energy beings to exist, function and be able to block, cripple, corrupt Psi. These evil Power Rings are used are used by dark energy matter entities to keep them alive in Earth's Psi-strong periods. In the total evil of an Iron Age a Kali Yoga as we find now these archonic Circular Force Power Rings are used by dark matter/energy entities, Illuminati to produce the Matrix within a Matrix of the anglo demonic reality (ADR) This Psi damping filed (PDF) keeps humans twice removed from the fundamental energies of reality the 34 aspects of the Total Unified Field. The Double Ring: Power Rings reverse this Matrix within a Matrix and enable Psi to work fully in the anglo demonic reality. As we have seen in psychotronic generators.com there are 3 types of PGs in the Matrix: the PG's that embody the 34 types of fundamental energies, the anti-occult/demon PGs that act as weapons against evil, the anglo demonic reality expungment PGs that lift the user out of the anglo demonic reality Matrix within a Matrix, these correspond to the Platinum, Silver and Double Ring: Power Rings respectively.


As we all know Sauran's Power Ring: The One Ring was a Gold Power Ring - as in Wagner's Ring Cycle. What hidden secret lies in the Gold meme? In the Iron Age Psi does not work effectively so the love of material riches obsesses mankind. Love of paper money printed by the Illuminati then draws the damned human into the anglo demonic reality: obsession with a promising note on a bit of paper that the Illuminati will exchange it for gold - now dropped in the Illuminati's 21st Century. In effect humans are worshipping the material Circular Force of the archonic dark energy matter entities by fixating their awareness on the Illuminati's worthless bits of paper. In times of emergency paper money becomes worthless as in the German Republic or in the WW111 to come. The Gold Power ring can be used to attract the Gold Meme so you use it as a psychotronic generator to amplify the wealth, profitability, worth of the user as described in the Gold Meme Power Ring articles on this site. This though is not the fundamental use of Gold Power Ring. They were created as in The Lord of The Rings - a mythological version of past real Matrix events - to suppress the Circular Force to enhance Psi as the Pulsing Force waned. His for this reason Gladriel in: The Lord of The Rings had a power ring with a crystal to keep High Psi as found in the Gold Age alive in the extended Bronze Age of the Ring War. This is the fundamental Power of Rings of Power to suppress the circular Force and use it's shredded energy to power the Pulsing Force of Psi. The highest form of this function was found in The One Ring of Sauron who used his ultimate Power Ring to suppress the Circular Force so the Iron Age never came into being, using the suppressed Circular Force to power Super Psi as the One Ring transformed all the Circular Force into the Pulsing Force wielded by the wearer. A normal person wielding the One Ring can suppress the Circular Force only in their immediate vicinity as their Pulsing Force (left awareness) is dormant, a Psi-Master with a Left Awareness Lucidly Awake can alter the world. A Psi Lord such as Sauran could control the entire Matrix with the One Ring and all other Circular Force Suppresses (Elvin and Dwarf Rings) Circular Force Amplifiers like the Nine Ring Wraiths: Power Rings these corrupt humans and amplify the effects of dark energy matter circular force veil entities to produce the 'Grey'' human - the Wraith.


Since the Matrix is made from the Circular Force of the torsionic soliton, cancelling the effect of this force at a stroke destroys the Psi-damping field and enables Psi so the Psi-Master can display powers that appear magical to primitive 21st Century man. Circular Force evil has 4 forms the first 3 corrupt, block and reverse Psi to produce the black magic used by dark energy matter entities and their Illuminati bodies. Worst of all the 4th circular Force corrupts the World turning a magical, malleable dream-like milieu into the super solid mechanistic evil polluted milieu of a Kali Yoga as found in 21st Century mankind. This 4th Force blocks psychokinesis (reality change) and telekinesis (mind over matter) trapping awareness in a solid prison reality where Psi is blocked. Sauron's One Ring blocks all the Circular Forces keeping the Kali Yoga permanently at bay - protecting the magic of the world, when it was destroyed the mechanistic Kali Yoga of modern man could be created by the full manifestation of all 4 of the Circular Force aspects. Thus the One Ring was vital to all Psi-able races even though the Ultimate Power Ring had Sauran's evil soul placed in it as a fail-safe to prevent others successfully using it. Repeating this mythical technology Tim Rifat has recreated all 4 types of Circular Force Shredding Power Rings to enable Psi of all types, RV, RS, RI, psychokinesis, telekinesis, precognition, lucid viewing, dreaming... ancient Seer sorcery. In this process the Circular Force and it's derivative the anglo demonic reality (Matrix within a Matrix) are used for psychotronic fuel on top of the Circular force expungement meaning Tim Rifat Ultimate Power Rings are the prime tool for power craving Psi-Masters who wish to manipulate the anglo demonic reality and Matrix as if they were dreams. In this way a Psi-Master can dominate love affairs, business using the protocols in my business books (see Psi-Master.com) politics, sport, military affairs, as well as events int he world. By destroying the Circular Force the Psi-Master has at his disposal not only a mileau that is susceptible to Psi, but the fuel supplied by shredding the Circular force to superboost them from Psi-Master to Psi-Lord since all of the anglo demonic reality, matrix, occult, Illuminati... demonic entities is a Circular Force manifestation, all these evil manifestations are totally vulnerable to Ultimate Power Rings and serve only as fuel living in a time of total evil with all 4 Circular Forces fully operative therefore in a time of plenty for the Psi-Lord looking for the ultimate fuel to power levels of Psi only open to the highest power levels only found in the Iron Age Kali Yoga of total evil. The anglo demonic reality is a new corruption so offers a once in an eternity opportunity for a Psi-Lord to wreck all Matrices using the anglo demonic reality as psychotronic fuel.


The Circular Force (CF) is the basis of all occult evil and the Matrix, the issue of giving energy to dark energy matter (CF) parasites for temporal power is the Faustian Pact of metaphysical novels - though in the case of Illuminati it is true. As a long term consequence of this process the occultist becomes a zombie shell for the dark energy matter (CF)  parasite invoked. A Psi-Lord, Master... takes energy from CF entities to empower Psi by a) Destroying the CF psychic damping force (PDF) b) Using CF entities only for psychotronic fuel. c) Since all occult endeavours are CF based the only use for all occult knowledge entities is to provide psychotronic fuel for leaps of awareness into Pulsar Force (PF) Psi-Space, the realm of dark energy matter beings at war with the occult anglodemonic CF of the Matrix within a Matrix. d) Since PF dark energy matter beings are addicted to love rather than the fear, evil, hatred... of the CF parasites, they are perfect allies as long as one does not double cross them (see Psychotronic Crystals for root of double cross evil) Power Rings are therefore the prerequisite for cancelling the CF in the Matrix and it's Matrix derivative (ADR) As CF suppressors in 4 dimensions - therefore 4 Rings; these Power Rings provide the power to take over the Matrix and it's derivative (the ADR) As the use of Philadephia contra rotating high power Tesla Coils enabled the American Zionists to divert this time-line from Nazi victory in WW11 and Russian Victory in WW111 (1943 and 1986) this time line is an artificial construct of the dark energy matter parasites and has no link with true time-lines unaffected by diversion technology. This means all humans in this time-line are reversions to dark energy matter overly intents, as such are intents made manifest of the True Source derived realities. In True Source realities such as Nazi World, Soviet Space... Napoleonic Reality... the Illuminati have been purged by  killing them all. In this time-line the Illuminati rule as they own the West and since they are dark energy matter shells, this time-line is cut off from the Source - a realm of evil - see Iraq - torture camps in the EU - Afghanistan under Coalition producing the worlds heroin... to see that this is true. For a Psi-Lord this state of affairs is perfect as the entire reality can be burnt for psychotronic fuel (PF) enabling feats of Psi banned in Source realities for lack of Power and by Divine Intervention. These evil time-lines are mentioned in the Kaballah as Edemic worlds and always are ruined by the Amalek Force. This Amalek Force can be thought of as anything goes in Illuminati, dark energy matter realities as they have no protection by the Source, in fact the Source, Cosmic Law requires those in the Light to unleash evil, righteous wrath upon the evil doer - Illuminati, dark energy matter entity. Edemic Worlds such as this one are therefore perfect for (PF) and enabled the Psi-Lord to do anything she/he likes unfettered by Cosmic Law. With Karmic dumps provided by counterfeiters of PCs the Psi-Lord can use Edemic Worlds such as this for any impropriety in all the real Source time-lines of the Megaverse so the Psi-Master born into this Edemic Worlds is truly blessed as she/he can boost themselves to Psi-Lords in one lifetime and use this Edemic World to dump all negative Karma acquired by their forays into other time-lines. That is the Catch 22 of Matrix (ADR) x Edemic Worlds, they totally enslave their human wage slave/starving masses denizens but for Psi-Masters they truly are manna from heaven, a place where psychotronic fuel is abundant and all sins in all real time-lines can be given to the thieves, murderers, conmen... endemic in Illuminati worlds.


Power Rings can be linked to the 7 Psy Crystals that control the 7 dimensions of dark energy matter reality so that you can Lucidly View/travel in all dark energy matter dimensions and totally suppress the CF Force in their home dark energy matter CF realms enabling the Psi-Master to hunt CF dark energy matter entities, put them into a Matrix of your choosing, change their dark energy matter reality... To do this simply wear one of the four CF damper Power Rings (or all Four) in a power circle of the 7 PsyCrystals, BPCs inward, PCs facing them bases pointing outward. Once in the Circle Lucidy View any of the 7 Dimensions of any dark energy matter reality you wish to visit (Casteneda's books list some: The Fire from Within) try the borgonic beings world, or the insectile realm (documented in Crowleyite occult books) the dog realm or the spirit world of the damned. Once there shred these demonic entities for psychotronic fuel and place their awareness in a Matrix of your design, then reMatrix in an anti-anglodemonic Matrix derivative Matrix to trap them forever as an eternal source of psychotronic fuel to power you from Psi-Master to Psi-Lord. Using a Power Ring with the 7 PsyCrystals which are designed to access/shred all 7 dimensions of dark energy matter enables the Psi-Master to access the 7 D dark energy matter as the entities access our reality; this enables the Psi-Master to use the dark energy matter parasites as PF and put them in a Matrix, then a Matrix within a Matrix, the ADR (see The Thirteenth Floor movie for the concept). Using the dark energy matter parasites as they use us (Casteneda's: The Active Side of Infinity: Chapter at end on Mudshadows {dark energy matter parasites}) Reversing the role of predator/prey empowers the Psi-Master to Psi-Lord.


Use of the 9 BSRI-Engine BPCs/PCs in a power circle as mentioned above (see diagram on site) with one or more Power Rings enables the Psi-Master to access the power of psychokinesis in the Matrix or it's derivative Anglo Demonic Reality. Suppressing the CF while using the BSRI-E enables the Psi-Master to use the flux of energy normally from our ADR->Matrix-> 7 intervening bands of awareness -> insectile realm to reverse it and use it for the Psi-Master's enablement. Using this raw power diverted from our Matrix/ADR so the Psi-Master gains control of a Kingdom within the Matrix/ADR. Remember the Matrix is the reality our ancient hunter gatherer/past civilisations existed within, where Psi worked once you eliminated the dark energy matter parasites; the ADR is the Western Matrix within a Matrix brought into being by occult black magic with blood sacrifice by the 1 million female 'witches' tortured to death, countless paedophiles, sex murders by Illuminati/British black magicians, concentration camp/persecution of Gays, Gypsies, Jews, Armenians, Anti-Communists, 10 million Germans starved to death after WW11... Iraqis... Americans after WW1V. All these mens deaths feed the ADR. By reversing the flaw the Psi-Master uses this as PF to empower. Once in the power circle Lucidly View the 13-7 million Incas/Mayans... killed by the Spanish to reverse the flow to empower your psychokinesis... to the modern day 1 million and growing Iraqi's killed by the West... to the future 450 million Europeans killed in WW11 to the future beyond 100 million plus Americans killed in WW1V. As we all know the aggressor becomes the victim so the West becomes the torture hell of the future. Rather than Archons using this human carnage for fuel the Psi-Master diverts it for herself/himself.


Use of the Power Rings with the 16 BPCs/PCs (BSRI-E + 7 PCs/BPCs) enables the Psi-Master to access the 7D dark energy matter parasites to realm simultaneously with the flow of energy from the Matrix/ADR. Synergistic amplification of dark energy matter parasite Matrix/ADR shredding and using the flow of energy from our time-line enables the Psi-Master to gain full control of his take over Matrix within the human Matrix/ADR using his dark energy Matrix/ADR to make it immune to dark energy repair and to power it beyond Matrix/ADR restraints so the Psi-Master can act as a God in the human or dark energy matter Matrix/ADR incorporating Psi into the Matrix/ADR so it only works for the handful of Psi-Masters accessing the Psi-Lord technology. Since all human reality is designed around the nine insectile archetypes of evil, this enables 9 human Psi-Lords to take control of the human and dark energy matter Matrix ADR as Controllers and a large number of human Psi-Masters upsurping the Archons to become Masters of the Matrix and ADR. If you are altruitic you can take on all humanities and the dark energy matter's Karma and be tortured for all eternity like Christ to reboot the Matrix back into a Source-line. Volunteers urgently wanted. For lesser mortals like myself the present milieau offers infinite PF for all aspects of Psi-Lordship; having no self importance I realise I would never make a Christ as I harbour no love for humanity (see Castaneda's book on Intent for the types of human).


Use of Power Rings with the 2 Awareness BPC/PCs allows the Psi-Master to switch off the CF completely and use it's energy to switch on the Pulsar (Left Awareness) Force to super boost Psi. A complete description of Left/Right Awareness is found in Casteneda's: The Magical Passes) Left awareness is the key to all Psi as centering one's being in around feet to accomplish all Shamanic acts. To do this hold left PC in hand BPC in left sock, Power Rings(s) on left hand/BPC in left sock. Right Awareness PC/BPC in your hand, foot (right) or in 16 PC Power Circle to convert all the energy accrued by the 16 BPCs/PCs into left Pulsar Force for pure Psi as described in all Castaneda's books. To contact super allies the Pulsar(s) dark energy matter beings that taught sorcery to our Shamanic ancestors, use Lucid Viewing to access them. Look for tall blue pillars of light. Their knowledge is accessed by bartering feelings of love for packets of info about Psi, a simple exchange. Those of you not capable of love shouold forgo this path as the path with heart - as described by Castaneda, pursuing only what brings you joy for the fun of it, is alien to most Westerners - Pulsars don't care for Illuminati paper money or the obsession with it.


Use of the Power Rings with the Sex PCs enables the Psi-Master to access Psi-space with the CF totally suppressed. This means you can have psychic or physical sex in a world made from your intent (as described in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming). The Power Rings banish the CF Force enabling the Psi-Master to experience Pulsar Sex: oh, more-pulse-higher-higher-bam! Rather than circular sex which is a circular sex where the more you have the more you want - it empties you and in the end becomes rote: desire: sex: emptiness -> desire... Pulsar Sex leaves you sated, peaceful, CF Sex leaves you empty craving more to fill the emptiness. By incorporating the Power Rings, Sex BPC/Awareness PCs/BPCs, 16 BPCs/PCs you can wield Matrices/ADRs in which to have physical or psychic sex and or feed off all the sex energy in the dark energy matter/human Matrix/ADR.


The six Grail BPCs/PCs control the Agglutinising Force (AF). The AF controls time as all things are just bundles of energy in a membrane, a human is a double packet of energy two energy bodies physical and biophysical held together by the AF. All personal history from birth to death to the afterlife of the Soul to the death of the Soul to becoming an intent of dark energy matter beings is a change in the AF. If nothing exists but energy the change in this energy held together by the AF dictates the time-line followed by that energy and hence the things that it is aware of. By manipulating the AF one can change time, use of Power Rings banishes CF time so the Psi-Master is no longer in cyclical time 70 years of ageing -> death split of Soul and Spirit -> Spirit into Archon Hell -> Spirit eaten by Archon Source -> Archon Soul death ->incorporation of human awareness into Archon Intent -> injection of Archon Intent into new human birth -> 70 years of ageing... Round and round pre CF. the human caught in the CF has no choice but to follow Archon Intent. Pulsar Force awareness just grows and grows as it's Circular Force counterpart fades and fades imploding to feed the PF awareness's Big Bang of awareness into the Third Attention: the realm of field effects unbounded by membranes: the World of the Psi-Lord. Tim Rifat has access to all the Grail Patterns, the folding of awareness in CF Reality. So by accessing all these patterns with a Power Ring one can control/wield a Matrix/ADR. To do this duplicate each Grail Pattern ini the centre of your Power Circle of Grail PCs holding the Wands of Horus Left and Right BPCs for physical Matrix time change; or PCs for biophysical (mental) time changes. Each of the Grail Patterns controls one of the psychokinetic moulds of the Matrix, the building blocks of a Matrix. By engraving to take energy or writing to give energy, Patterns in wet sand, or writing on paper respectively the Patterns with the left or right Wand of Horus respectively, bounded by the 4 Cardinal Grail Stones one can mould the AF so events shape the way you want to destroy or create the Matrix Patterns physical or mental (BPC/PC respectively) manifestation within this time-line. Use of the Power Rings suppresses the CF component enabling a Matrix where the reality experienced by the human and dark energy matter entities (if you use the 16 BSRI-E for amplification) not only follows the Pattern engraved to banish or drown to manifest (war or peace...) but use of the Power Rings adds Psi to the matrix so the worlds has Psi added. Int his case Psi works in war to win it, or to force peace on a warlike world using Psi (by engraving or writing). It is in fact the technology of psychokinesis, controlling the AF by use of the Matrix AF Pattern to control time/events and their manifestation. It can be seen that the Grail Stones and the Matrix Patterns embody the ultimate use of Power Rings in that they enable the Psi-Master to emulate Sauron in the Lord of the Rings and control the Matrix using Psi and hold back (using Ring technology CF suppression) materialism and empower, enable Psi to control the Matrix. For this matter Power Rings are the most powerful tool of the Psi-Master  and must be broken by the Psi-Master once she/he has total control of the Matrix as absolute Master if the Ring is not to control her/him and lock them into their lust for power. Breaking the Ring by the Maker at the height of her/his power smashes the Matrix and uses it for the Ultimate PF to power the Psi-Master into the Third Attention to become Psi-Lord. The Ultimate Power Rings use for a Psi-Master, entry in their totality into bodiless being.


Use of the Power Rings with the SuperPower BPCs and PCs builds an 8 lobed SuperNagual body that is CF immune enabling the Psi-Master to be invulnerable in body, mind, soul and spirit to all occult Matrix/ADR evil. By nature the Megaverse is predatory and the weak devoured by the strong, notwithstanding being a Matrix and ADR zombie robs humans of all their being just makes them mindless cattle running around in Matrix/ADR programmes to enable maximum milking of their outer coat of Awareness (Castaneda: Active side of Infinity: chapter on Mudshadows). By transferring your ast vestige of awareness to the SuperPower PCs/BPCs it enables your awareness to regrow protected by a devic sheath which CF predators find impossible to eat as the crystal coating is indigestible to the parasites dark energy matter mandibles. On their own the SuperPower BPCs/PCs allow your awareness to grow completely back as a Devic Body able to emulate all Shamanic powers - the process is slow unless accelerated by the Total BSRI-Engine. Power Rings accelerate the process by feeding your devic awareness; your Fringe of Awareness by your feet (all that remains after dark energy matter CF predation) into the SuperPower BPCs/PCs by transferring your being into the 4 BPCs and 4PCs building an 8 lobed devic body composed of nagual awareness in a devic Kline Bottle. Use of Power Rings fuels the process accelerating the regrowth of your awareness by suppressing the CF, using it as fuel and letting the PF be the sole force in the regrowth making you in essence a Pulsar Light energy matter being, the perfect counterpart to Pulsar dark energy matter beings. Once can use the 8 lobed devic body to combine with a Pulsar dark energy matter being to enable you to live in all the light or dark Pulsar realities of the Megaverse as the ancient Seers of antiquity aspired to but did not perfect completely. By using far future RVScience one can perfect the process and make human awareness devic capable of living in the entire Megaverse. Power Rings enable the evil CF dark energy matter and light energy matter entities which wish to Coral, Control, Contain, use and recycle endlessly to become a mere annoyance to be used for Psychotronic Fuel (PF). The most useful Power of these Rings is in using the CF Force in the Matrix and ADR as PF. This is done by the Anti-Occult Power Ring: The Silver Ring and this spawns a whole sub type of Anti-Evil, Occult, Demonic Power Rings which are sold on this site:-


The Anti-Occult/Demonic Power Rings:

The Matrix and it's Matrix within a Matrix was created by occultists feeding , helping and opening gateways for demons, dark energy matter entities. This black magic occultism is nothing but CF manipulation in which the occultist always gives energy to the dark energy matter parasites for temporal power. This process of generation always leads to the occultist being tortured for all eternity - The Faustian Pact. To understand the Core of the West, the ADR and it's Illuminati Masters - let us look at the process:


a)     Use of Goetia, these dark energy matter parasites for temporal power Since all humans are parasitised by CF dark energy matter parasites they can get their human zombies to do anything in return for blood sacrifice. The Anti-Goetic Power Ring shreds all this for PF, to power the Psi-Master who wishes to destroy the evil that brought the Illuminati to own all the World's banks except China, Northern Korea, Iran... Anti-Goetic Power Ring $600 + $20 P&P


This Power Rings provides abundant Psychotronic Fuel (PF) for the Psi-Master to carry out any highpower activity in the Matrix or ADR using psychokinesis. This Anti-Demonic Power Ring gives the Psi-Adept power over these demons and enables you to ac`cess the possessed minds of all humans enabling your RI, psychokinesis to have the power of the Illuminati, witht he backlas being directed at the Illuminati.


b)     The Abrahemelin Ritual is a 6 month blood ritual in which the Illuminati gives his soul to the dark energy matter parasites in return for temporal power. In this process the corrupt human becomes a full dark energy matter parasite shell and is now a living vessel for the dark energy matter parasites, a trainee Illuminati one of the Wraiths of Tolkinesque metaphysics. The Anti-Albrahemelin Power Ring shreds all the humans, entities, powers of this Illuminati initiation worldwide and powers the Psi-Master to control all the Illuminati vermin in the World, or use their energy for Lucid Viewing trips beyond the Matrix. The Anti-Abrahemelin Illuminati Power Ring is $600 + $20 P&P

This Power Ring uses the Illuminati and dark energy matter parasites shredded energy to allow the Psi-Master to step outside the Matrix/ADR or control the Matrix/ADR.


c)     The Enochian Magic of the British has been used by them to wield the ADR the Matrix within a Matrix which binds the human zombie in a Psi-prison where they are blocked off from Psi. Illuminati use Enochian black magic to re-create the World in the dark energy matter parasites image - a hive of overpopulated concrete, in a poisoned material world dominated by brain washing and the hive mind - the ADR of the West. Worship on the altar of Illuminati paper money breeds greed and fear... of allies any promisory note - Pound, EU, Dollar... the Anti-Enochian Power Ring allows you to bind the Illuminati in a Psi-prison, control their hive mind (Western public opinion) make money, destroy all dark energy matter parasites that get in your way; in effect take over the ADR as a new Controller with the Illuminati dark energy matter entities trapped in a corruption of their Matrix/ADR controlled by you. The Anti-Enochian Power Ring costs $600 + $20 P&P


This Power Ring allows the Psi-Master to subvert the CF so it is controlled by the Ring user to subvert the Matrix/ADR or to smash the Psi-Prison for escape into the real world.


d)     During the Second World War Aleister Crowley developed the worst form of the ADR; in this Crowley black magic the combining of opposites, as represented by the Book of Thoth: demonic tarot memes of the Matrix, was used to imprison mankind in a SuperPsi-Prison. Fascism was combined to destroy communism to produce the Zionist government of the West: EU, America, Canada, Australia... With the Book of Moat: demonic uses of will power, the Illuminati used Crowley to perfect the ADR


i) Corrupted Eve was embodied by Brittania - the British state.
 ii) Atbash corruption was carried out by the UN (Security Council of 5 to take out first five terms of Fitonaccis Series Matrix production); all UN based on Atbash System the basis of new World Zionist government (Illuminati are the arch Zionists practioners of occult Kaballah with child sacrifices)
iii) The Crossing Corruption: Double Crossing was the Nazi symbol subverted by the Illuminati, with the triple cross of      the Union Jack: Freedom and Democracy against: Fascism, Communism, Islam, Russian nationalism... the Chinese.        The process goes on. Put simply this form of black magic pits opposites against each other to provide the energy        for the ADR (high security Prison of a Matrix within a Matrix). Look at the the Psychotronic Crystals.com site for a       full explanation. The Anti-Crowley black magic Power Ring shreds all modern occultists using Crowley black magic      and the dark energy matter parasites of the ADR as well as the British Zionists elite that rule the World via all banks (except China). This energy is so powerful it enables the Psi-Master to burn the ADR for fuel and elevate               her/his awareness to Psi-Lord while still embodied in the Megaverse. The Anti-Crowley Black Magic Power Ring           costs $600 + $20 P&P


It allows you to access all the Crowley dark energy matter vermin such as: Gap, Book of Thoth entities, Book of Moat demons, Magik dark energy matter parasites, Gold Dam Magik entities and shred/burn them for Psychotronic Fuel.



The four Anti-Occult Power Rings can be thought of as the ADR version of the matrix Power Rings: Gold Meme, Anti-Occult/dark matter/energy, Platinum Psi Ring and, Double Ring total CF suppressor. Once in the ADR as all Westerners are, brain-washed from birth to accept enslavement by paper money are totally locked in the ADR so are a Matrix removed from the Matrix of our ancestors - total zombies. The four Anti-ADR Power Rings are the CF suppressors for the Matrix within a Matrix. For Psi-Masters the ADR Power Rings are just extra PF elements enabling the Psi-Master to take over the ADR, corrupt it, reverse it then burn it to the ground for PF to gain the trancendent GodForce needed to be a Psi-Lord, a bodiless being that manifests. The ADR Power Rings versus Gold... Power Rings are:-


1 ADR Anti-Goetic/Demon Power Ring a) Silver Anti-Occult Matrix Power Ring
2 ADR Anti-Abrahemelin Power Ring b) Platinum Anti-Psychic Damping Field Power Ring
3 ADR Anti-Enochian Power Ring c) Gold Anti-Illuminati British Benkind Power Ring
4 ADR Anti-Crowleyite Power Ring d) Double Power Ring complete CF Suppressor


The eight CF Suppressor Power Rings form a complete CF Suppression, Destruction, Reversal System; there are eight CF shredders because all dark energy matter parasites are bound by Ostonian mathematics and need 8 CF Suppressors to completely expunge reverse their evil if you are at the bottom of their ADR pit. For a Psi-Master free of the ADR, the ADR range of Power Rings provides unlimited PF for the highest levels of Psi only reached by Psi-Lords. In this time-line of total evil the PF reserves are unlimited and Psi of the very high order can be carried out, in the future total corruption such as the ADR is expunged so the Psi-Master has to make do with Matrix vermin for PF not the distilled evil of the ADR. To use the Power Rings simply wear on the left hand and keep the BPC at home or in left sock. Wear while sleeping to access CF dark energy matter realms to use for PF.


CF Power Rings specific Anti Demon/Personal Demon CF Shredders:

We can make any Power Ring to suppress the CF to banish/reverse and destroy any occult entitiy, dark energy matter vampire, Gap, Thoth, Satan... or personal demon such as Boss, Police, Politicians, Enemy... Since all the ADR and the Matrix is based on the CF, a CF Shredder Power Ring is most effective for those of you wishing tyo destroy the basis of evil, the CF force. The Anti-Occult/Personal Demon/Demon BPCs/PCs shred the CF and feed you with it's shredded energy. CF power Rings are tuned to annihilate the specific frequency of the CF associated with: Gap, Police, Satan... so that evil cannot manifest near you. In effect the CF Shredder Rings are erase features enabling you to wipe them form your life.  The BPC/PCs are weapons to kill, disable... these entities.  So CF Suppressor/Shredder Power Rings are useful for the more pacifistic human that does not wish to engage the evil by attacking if, instead just erasing it's effects from their life. To do this simply wear the CF Shredder Power Ring on your left hand while having the BPC at home or in left pocket.


Choose your Anti-Demon or Anti-Personal Demon CF Shredder Power Ring from the following lists:


Anti-Demon PCs 600 inc p&p

Anti_Demon Power Ring Range  
Product: Description:  
Anti-Devil To be used against Satanic Practices
Anti-Occultist To be used against illuminati, Satan Worshipers
Anti-Ghost Protects against Evil Dead
Anti-Curse Reverses the effect of Evil Spells, Wishes
Anti-Possession Exorcises all Evil Entities from the owner
Anti-Vampire Stops people and Entities sucking at your life force
Anti-Goetia Reverses all effects and powers of Goetia Demons
Anti-Tarot Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Tarot Demons
Anti-Enochian Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Enochian Demons
Anti-Kabbala Reverses all effects and powers of Kabbalistic Demons
Anti-Servitor Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Servitor Demons
Anti-Sigil Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Sigil Demons
Anti-Typhonian /Set Reverses all effects and powers of Egyptian Demons
Anti-Chaos/Magick Reverses all effects and powers of Chaos Demons
Anti-Jinn Reverses all effects and powers of Moslem Demons
Anti-Buddhist Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Buddhist Demons
Anti-Akashic Record Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Matrix Demons
Anti-Seven Evil Spirits Reverses all effects and powers of Seven Evil Spirits
Anti-Reptiloid/ Insectile/Werewolf Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Dark Dimensional Demons
Anti- Voodoo Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Evil voodoo Demons
Anti-Tiamat Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Babylonian Demons
Anti-I Ching Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Chinese Demons
Anti-Kahuna Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Hawaiian Demons
Anti-Golem Demons Reverses all effects and powers of Jewish
Anti-Dagda Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Celtic
Anti-Lilith/Morrigan Reverses all effects and powers of Female Demon
Anti-Succubus Reverses all effects and powers of Sexual Vampiric Demon
Anti-Incubus Reverses all effects and powers of Sexual Vampiric Demon
Anti-Abrahemelin Demon Destroys the powers and occultists who have sold their souls to the Dead.
Anti-Wicca Demon Eliminates the Evil Entities that are at the root of Witchcraft
Anti-Communist Demon Expunges the anti-spiritual Demons that are the core of Communism
Anti-Karma Demon Dissolves the knots that hold you through many re-incarnations in the Matrix
Anti-Horoscope Demon Frees you from the Birth Sign Demon that ties you into a specific slave role within the Matrix
Anti-Matrix Demon Dissolves the Demonic Power that stops you exerting your will or manifesting your dream within the Matrix
Anti-Adversary/Archon Rids you of the voice in your head that convinces you to do the wrong thing time and time again

Anti-Black Mass

Erases the dark forces generated by the Occultist's human sacrifice ritual and destroys their power and being, consigning them to the True Hell
Anti-Halloween Draws in the powers of all the Occultist's dark forces and the dead damned, shreds these malefactors and uses their Power to bring in the Light
Anti-Haunted House/Place Erases all the powers of Darkness from the Cursed Place using reverse psychokinesis to strike down the Evil Ones and giving you their Power to use for the Light
Binder of Demons PR Reprograms Demons to strike back at only those working for the Source of all Evil, useful for transporting Occultists, illuminati to the True Hell while still alive to leave Zombies in their place
Anti-Hell PR Enables the user to automatically place all illuminati, Occultists in the True Hell, leaving a Zombie that wrecks the New World Order. Frees trapped Souls from Purgatory and lets them go to the Light
Unlike the Psychic Protection PC, the Anti-Demon Power Rings can be used for offensive Psychic Warfare.
Anti-Personal Demon PC's  
Product: Description:  
Anti-Boss PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Bosses
Anti-Enemy PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Enemies
Anti-Wife PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Wives
Anti-Husband PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Husbands
Anti-Lovers PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Lovers
Anti-Racist PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Racists
Anti-Politician PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Godless practisioners
Anti-Banker PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Bankers
Anti-Traffic Warden PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Traffic Wardens
Anti-Police PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Pigs
Anti-Lawyer PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Lawyers
Anti-Neighbour PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Neighbours
Anti-Teacher PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Teachers
Anti-Relation PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Relations
Anti-Dictator PR Extreme Psychic retribution for Dictators

Anti-Media PR

Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Media Mouthpiece

Product: Description:  
Anti-Nightmare Demon PR Banishes the Evil Nightmare Entities
Anti-Personal Demon PR Rids you of the Compulsion to do Wrong
Anti-Habit Demon PR Rids you of the bad Habits that damage your Health such as smoking
Anti-Vanity Demon PR Rids you of the Compulsion to buy the wrong thing to live up to a Vanity born of fad and frustration
Anti-Willpower Demon PR Rids of the weakness that stops you doing what you know you have to do
Anti-Obediance Demon PR Wakes you up from the Mind Control that has made you a willing and eager Wage Slave. As a Lucid Waker you gain the Power to see Reality, near and far, then change it in accordance with the Light

All Power Rings are $600 and Postage and Packing on each item is $20


Anti Occult/Demon Protocols

The Power Rings and BPCs are charged with negative energy corresponding to the energy and matter respectively of the occult entities, occultists and human evil doers such as politicions, secret police, judiciary...

Simply wear the Power Ring on your left hand, BPC in left sock and visualise energy being drawn from the entity, human evil doer. In the process you can rotate the PR anti-clockwise to draw even more energy from the evil entity. Two sets of eight looped anti-clockwise spirals drawn in the air by rotating the PC totally discharges the entity, occultists... Having had a black magician to practise on I have used him to act as a cats paw to enable me to turn all occult entities, dark energy/matter vermin into negative energy constructs suitable for reverse worship - pulling energy from normal occultists give their life force, souls, spirit to demons in exchange for temporal power. They then need willing followers to supply more lifeforce, souls as they run out of life energy as they are drained dry. In anti-occult practice the process is reversed and life force, energy... is drawn from the occult entity destroying the entity as the Psi-adept becomes stronger and has the energy for Psi-activity supplied to him by the process.

If you wish to cause even more damage to the evil entity place the anti-occult/demon PR in your right hand, BPC still in left sock. Now visualise the occultist, politician, demon... and rotate the  PR eight times anti-clockwise in front of you with the right hand; in the process see negative energy tuned to the entity piercing it to cause energetic tumours that fester in the entity liberating from the entity energy as it is irretrievably corrupted, rather like a computer virus in a vast software program corrupts the computer. Feed the liberated energy from the corrupted entity into your left BPC making you physically stronger at the expense of the entity. This process drives the occult entity/human mad and diseased and in the basis for Euripides saying: "When the good wish to destroy, they first make mad..." This self destructive corruption is of immense value on illuminati, politicians... as it destroys the Matrix from within as it makes you powerful.

The RI Secrets Course contains the protocols for RI mind control and the above anti-o-/e PCs, BPCs, can be used on any human entity in the left withdrawing energy or right corrupting/then withdrawing energy made to full effect on the desired target. The BSRI-E is needed to sue the RI secrets for psychokinesis or for mass mind control of groups of people. Remember the anti-o/e PCs are tuned with the negative energy of only the named evil entity. To use mind control RI on politicians for example visualise the brain centre as described on the RI Course and pull energy out of it to weaken that centre. Use the right hand PC to inject corrupting negative energy to corrupt that brain centre so it is irreversibly scrambled to drive that part of the brain disfunctional. leading to madness in the politician, illuminati, as demonstrated by British politicians for example. The eventual cost to the politician of those techniques is dementia and strokes as demonstrated by the conditions pertaining to the West's cold war politicians.

The anti-personal demon PRs can be used as above in people who are evil toward you and serve to drive the evil human self destructively mad - far better than using violence against SObs as there is no comeback. The anti-personal demon PRs can be used with the RI Secrets Course for mind control of people you know to control their behaviour and make you physically strong as they grow ill. This psychotronic from of cursing is totally legal as the law cannot recognise Psi as the illuminati are terrified of the public realising it's potential.




The price of any of the Anti-Demon/Anti-Personal Demon CF Shredder Power Rings is $600 inc P&P. Each CF Shredder Power Ring is tuned to banish, destroy, reverse that specific CF evil so you can fine tune your armoury of Psi-Defences. As a further aid to the Psi-Master Tim Rifat can also offer specific CF Shredder Power Rings to banish the ADR/Matrix CF evil forces of the PDF that block from your life the 34 energies of:-


1 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Love energy
2 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Luck energy
3 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Money energy
4 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Anti-Ageing energy
5 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Psychic Power energy
6 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Psychic Protection energy
7 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Health energy
8 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Animal Physical energy
9 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Plant Physical energy
10 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Insect Physical energy
11 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Animal Biophysical energy
12 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Plant Biophysical energy
13 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Insect Biophysical energy
14 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Animal Dark Matter energy
15 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Plant Dark Matter energy
16 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking perception of Evil Dark Matter energy
17 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Male Sex energy
18 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Female Sex energy
19 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Left Awareness sex energy
20 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking perception of the Evil of the Right Awareness sex energy
21 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Physical Body energy
22 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Mind energy
23 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Soul energy
24 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Spirit energy
25 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Gold Meme energy
26 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Anti-Occult energy
27 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Psi energy
28 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Total Freedom energy
29 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking North Grail Stone energy
30 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking South Grail Stone energy
31 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking East Grail Stone energy
32 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking West Grail Stone energy
33 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Left Wand of Horus Grail
34 CF Shredder Power Ring tuned to banish, destroy, reverse the evil blocking Right Wand of Horus Grail







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