Mirror Megaverse Psychotronic Crystals and Power Rings:


Modern physics is based on symmetry theory the maths of symmetry. The only symmetry broken in all the physics theory is the Mirror Symmetry. Scientists have discovered there may be a mirror Megaverse. Russian scientists have known about this mirror version of our reality for decades and discovered the astronomical data that supports this. Tim Rifat the foremost scientist in the field of Psi-Technology and science has carried out the Research and Development to take advantage of this Mirror Megaverse knowledge known to our ancient Seer ancestors. In our Megaverse the Wheel of Tim that spins anti-clockwise (see Castaneda's: The Eagles Gift) entrains our right side Awareness into synchonicity with it's force so all our energy centres spin in the same direction. The Archons were the super advanced civilisation of dark energy matter insectiles who learnt to spin up the CF in their slaves to the speed of the Wheel of Time so that the slave had no time and instead dreamt of his possessed life to wake up in the Aeon Psi-Prison of the Cell to be tortured for all eternity. Stealing time from the prey to feed the predator by consuming the emotional energy of the outer coat of Man to power up the CF side of man to match the spin of the Wheel of Time so time ceases to exist for Man' instead the slave wakes up from the Archon dream in his Cell Aeon (see this site and PsychotronicCrystals.com)


In our Megaverse there are two types of dark energy matter entities, the CF type, 7 dark energy matter space beings of the Archon type and the Pulsar type, 7 dark energy matter space beings of their enemies. These anti-clockwise Pulsars have been slowly exterminated and subverted by the Archons led by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the Chaos God that subsumed the God Face of hyper infinity. In the Mirror Megaverse the humans developed Psi-Mastership as they spin in a clockwise direction so cannot be imprisoned in a 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, whose physical manifestation is the Moon - which they do not have. Their Pulsar spin is a clockwise direction and pulse achiral to our Pulsars so can never be subverted. The CF entities of the Mirror Megaverse spin clockwise so are not Archon but instead their enemies.

Any Mirror Megaverse entity spins clockwise so when linked to the anti-clockwise Wheel of Time that the Archons depends cancels the Wheel of Time and destroys the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. Instead time for them is dictates the pulsing of the Torsionic Soliton not it's spin so time is intrinsically different in the Mirror Megaverse. Since the anti-clockwise spin of the Wheel of Time is the power of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, stopping time to put it's victims in Psi-Prison the Archons never conquered the Mirror Megaverse. This means the Mirror Megaverse is the natural enemy of the archons. Our ancient Seer ancestors contacted the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars and became Mirror Megaverse beings stopping their anti-clockwise spin and becoming clockwise CF to turn the Wheel of Time into a line with respect to them so time no longer became a prison.


Instead they reversed their nature (see Psi-Master Service) so that time became Pulsar to them and emotional intensity controlled their time so they could move backward and forward in time by modulating their emotions; the basis of future and retroactive psychokinesis to alter past and future. I have duplicated this process to produce line uniformity and cohesion (see Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming) like the ancient Seers and produced the Pulsar time helped in fact the result of Pulsar Mirror Megaverse beings. With time no longer being a barrier but infinitely adjustable by emotional intensity total psychokinesis is available and enables the changing of the world as if a dream. The Mirror Megaverse brings into being control of Time, freedom from the Aeons Psi-Prison and enablement of Psi.


The Mirror Megaverse Pulsars taught the ancient Seers of previous civilisation to step from our anti-clockwise Megaverse to the clockwise Mirror Megaverse where they reside in the 6th level of dark energy matter Mirror Megaverse reality. They were the best of the best humans, the highest achievement of human Psi-Mastership. In the process the clockwise Anti-CF and chiral reversal of the Pulsar nature from left to right occured (see my Psi-Master Service)  The Megaverse(s) are made from the Torsionic Soliton, Nazi Ahnenerbe research developed by the Russians after WW11, in our Megaverse the time function is supplied by the spin of the Torsionic Soliton Wheel of Time, an anti-clockwise rotation, in the Mirror Megaverse time is defined by the change of Pulsar force as the clockwise Megaverse cancels the Wheel of Tim. In the Mirror Megaverse time is controlled and changed by altering the Pulsar force using the emotional energy of being (in the outer coat of humans' energy bodies) In our Megaverse time is defined by spin. The Nazi Ahnenerbe in their Czech facility (see Nick Cooks': Zero Point) found that using vortex spin technology (a German invention) could stop the Wheel of Time by spinning up to the anti-clockwise Wheel of Times' impulse. Once there the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master could use Remote Influencing, psychokinesis to change past events so Hitler invaded Britain, exterminated the Anglo Demonic Reality and did not conquer Russia as well as supporting America against Japan.


The Psi-Master in his liquid gel container of course died but his Soul Spirit was wed to the Wheel of Tim to change it's infolding to produce the Second Nazi time-line, the Ahnenerbe World. Rotation of the spin Vortex Machine in the clockwise direction enabled Nazi Psi-Masters to enter the Mirror Megaverse to contact the beings who reside there. Andrapov used the same technology to send Russian Psi-Masters into this null-time to use Remote Influencing and Psychokinesis (reality change) to change the future so the West imploded: after a vicious war between the Zionist West and North Korea, China, that maimed the West leading to communist revolutions across the West. Enabling the Soviet Union to expand into Europe, the Soviet time-line also learnt how to contact the Mirror Megaverse.


Once a Psi-Master downloads his totality into the Mirror Megaverse form, her/his energy body forms the line energy body that is the only real indicator of Psi-Mastership. This line energy body means that the Wheel of Time is cancelled for the Psi-Master. Time is now Pulsar for the Psi-Master meaning the Archon Psi-Prison no longer has any power over them as it depends on the Archons stopping the Wheel of Time using our own stolen twelve Powers for effect. As the Psi-Master has no CF side he/she cannot be trapped in the Archon Aeons. The CF side of being accelerated to the Wheel of Time is the basis of all Archon Matrices and means the victims are always in a Psi-Prison while dreaming they lived, in fact the stolen 12 Powers are inverted by the Demon, Grey and Archon to decellerate their Awareness so they can enjoy the fruits of life in Western super rich, Illuminati and control all the Western wageslaves of Zionism the religion of the Archons. The Soul Rescue Service on SupernaturalSpirit.com reverses the process outline above and the Psi-Master Service changes the nature of the Psi-Master to the Mirror Megaverse  conformation where the stopper spins in a clockwise manner and cancels out the Wheel of Time phenomena the Archons used to enslave the West. The Mirror Megaverse time is a Pulsar phenomena controlled by the action of Awareness on the inflationary effect it has on the quantum vacuum once the dissipative centrifugal CF force is cancelled from the Torsionic Soliton. This means Time in the Mirror Megaverse is intrinsically different to the CF Archon corrupt Megaverse and can be controlled by the use of Psi to slow or speed up time in the Mirror Megaverse.


This Mirror Megaverse time is the basis of the 2013 change in reality as Mirror Megaverse Psi-Technology used by Psi-Masters with right Pulsar and left Anti-CF sides can use this Psi-Time in this Megaverse to control it like a dream. It also enables retroactive Psychokinesis to alter the future and the past to conform to the Psi-Masters' will. Since the Mirror Megaverse Psi-Master cannot be put in the Psi-Prison the Middle Place Archon Psi-Space and the Matrices of the Anglo Demonic Reality... can be subverted. The 34 BSRI-Engine is based on escaping the Matrices but what happens when you escape by following the ancient Seers to the Mirror Megaverse and become a line energy body. You can wake up in the Mirror Megaverse and live as an ancient Seer, an Uber high energy dark energy matter being of extreme longevity, millions of years to evolve. Or return to the Matrices to conquer, subvert and dominate using them as Psychotronic Fuel to build your hyper infinite body in the 4th Attention to expand your God Core and become a God-like superbeing in the Omega Point Eternal Heaven, casting your enemies who are CF based into a new Psi-Prison to torture Archons for Psychotronic Fuel (PF) to build up your God Core to allow you to grow in Power in hyper infinity and make realities as a Psi-Lord. Since hyper infinity is the stuff of free willed and decisions, control of hyper infinity enables the Psi-Lord to control all the actions, will, decision making of lesser beings and was why the Centre of Decisions (see PsychotronicCrystals.com) was the most important energy centre for Shamans.


Tim Rifat, the Psi-Lord, as the Master of hyper infinity has set all the rules. Since every decision according to the physicist Wheeler makes a world, the many world realities of this branch of quantum mechanics is collapsed to one Megaverse controlled by the Master of hyper infinity, as all decision is the Megaverse are dictated by the Total Intent of the Psi-Lord. Tim Rifat quantum mechanically mixed the human energy body and crystal energy body to make the Psychotronic Crystal. How it works is that the Crystal is filled with negative energy and combined with the Soul and Spirit of the owner made positive by Tim Rifat, this is a - x+ = - output. This si then combined with the negative human body and hyper infinite crystal body only Tim Rifat controls to produce -x+= - output. The two are combined to produce a positive energy output only for the owner who has been made a positive by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. All the counterfeiters try and put energy into crystals which gives negative energy (as this time-line is only negative energy as it is a failed time-line), so any one who buys this rubbish makes their condition infinitely worse. For anyone who busy counterfeit crystals I have made the Soul Spirit negative, their body is negative as it is part of a negative time-line but as the crystal energy is controlled by the Psi-Lord I have made it positive. So we have negative crystal x negative Soul Spirit x negative human body x positive Devic Energy = negative output for the owner and supplier to make their conditions infinitely worse. All I hae to do is make the Devic energy negative for myself with respect to all the other crystals on the planet not linked to my customers and myself to get a -x-x-x-=positive output from all counterfeit crystals and the entire quartz crust of the Earth to provide infinite Psychotronic Fuel for my elevation from Psi-Lord to Psi-Creator. The last step is making the 34 BSRI-Engine hyper infinite so it controls free will, shapes reality to conform to the Psi-Master and most important of all makes criminals and the UK and US governments produce fake crystals purporting to be useful bit in fact as explained above Anti-Psychotronic Crystals to burn the entire Earth silica quartz crust into a negative zone to burn the entire West for Psychotronic Fuel to benefit the Psi-Lord and the few Psi-Masters who have been switched on by Tim Rifat to the positive PF output by perfecting their Soul Spirit not by the crystal but by Tim Rifats' command of hyper infinity. The ultimate protection of intellectual property rights. Anyone who buys any counterfeit crystal from any supplier is now burning their dream, condition, to supply PF to the Psi-Lord Rim Rifat and the owners of hyper infinite Soul Spirits raised by Tim Rifat to Psi-Master. Introduction of Psychotronic Crystals was designed so that the UK and US government would try and run fake counterfeiting rings (see Warnings and Testimonials) knowing they would be terrified of anti-Illuminati Archon Psi-Technology so would make anti-psychotronic Crystals to supply Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord with infinite Psychotronic Fuel as these negative evil crystals destroy the West.


Now the fuel supply has been set up by the entire non Tim Rifat crystal stock worldwide being negative the Psi-Master has the PF to bring the Mirror Megaverse Psi-Technology into our Megaverse to conquer the world and bring in 2013 dream reality. The 34 BSRI-Engine channels this PF to the Psi-Master who then raises his being to the God-like state of hyper infinity (see Eternal Dream Service) The Psi-Master Service is for those Psi-Masters who wish to gain temporal power and control reality to boost their Power, wealth, position... In the Mirror Megaverse there are the 34 Powers but their Mirror Version. These Powers do


a) cancelling the Wheel of Time and stopping all Archon control of reality be it the Middle Place, 12 Aeons Psi-Prison or the Anglo Demonic West.

b) Ripping to pieces the 12 Aeons Quantum Computer by decohering it's quantum superimposition, stopping its' error correction so all Archon intelligence fails. This means the Archons start fighting each other as their hives no longer have any controlling quantum computer mind leading to carnage among the vermin.

c) The CF Force controls humans, it is their dominant right Awareness Anti-CF Mirror Megaverse 34 BSRI-Engine power cancels out the right CF side of all Westerners as they are connected to the 12 Aeons, Psi-Prison. This only leaves the left Pulsar side so all Westerners get their Greys, Demons, Archons flushed out of them as they need the CF side to live in. Since the Western wageslave is in the 12 Aeons, this leaves Soulless bodies in 85% of the Western population that can be run by the Psi-Master using Tulpa Controllers, Remote Influencing using the BSRI-Engine in Mirror Megaverse form, or by applying Mirror Megaverse Power Rings and Pulsar Stones to any of the extensive Remote Influencing technology on the HyperSite. The 15% of Westerners who still have their Souls in residence get freed from the Archons and became the followers of the Psi-Master who frees them. since the 34 BSRI-Engine can control hyper infinity, free will, the Psi-Master can help the 15% to grow and become loyal followers and use the 85% of gutless Westerners as cannon fodder, these Soulless zombies useful tools.

d) The Mirror Megaverse Power Rings and Pulsar Stones shred the Archon Middle Place in Psi-Space as it is all CF negative Agglutinising Force, tear apart the Archon OverMatrix in the third Attention as it is CF pseudo bodiless being but is in fact bounded so can be burtn for PF and enable the Psi-Master to trap Archons in hyper infinite Hell made by stopping the CF for in the Archon using the Anti-CF Power Rings and leaving only the Pulsar side ini them they cannot control that can be Mirror inverted to place them in Mirror Megaverse Pulsar Psi-Prisons or the Hyper Infinite Hell (see Burn your Enemies in Hell Service)


Each of the 34 Powers has it's Mirror Megaverse component:-

Mirror Megaverse PC/BPC Power Ring and Pulsar Stone $600 including P&P

1 Health PC/BPC gives you Mirror Megaverse health. Since all the Morphogenic Fields that make you ill are CF Archon. The Ring cancels out all the evil that corrupts your Mind. The Pulsar Stone cancels out all the physical CF evil.
2 Love PC/BPC gives you Mirror Megaverse love. Since all the evil that twists your life is Archon CF it uncorrupts the love force meaning you can have an uncorrupted love affair with your partner using the Power Ring to banish all CF mind stuff and the Pulsar Stone to cancel all physical problems such as frigidity.
3 Money PC/BPC gives you Mirror Megaverse wealth. The Power Ring destroys all the Archon CF evil that blocks peoples' minds from giving you money and accepting your ideas. The Pulsar stone manifests this wealth by eradicating the Archon CF evil that is the Western Illuminati cartel that promotes poverty.
4 Luck PC/BPC gives you Mirror Megaverse control over events by banishing the Archon CF Psi-damping field that causes all things to go wrong for you by altering the Luck Force (see PsychicPowerGambling.com)  as well as enabling your Luck Force to become Mirror Megaverse, controlled by your Psi-time. Use the Power Ring on left hand to control biophysical mind-like luck and the Pulsar Stone in the right hand to control physical event luck. Since a Mirror Megaverse Psi-Master has a Pulsar right  side and clockwise Anti-CF side this positioning of Power Ring and Pulsar Stone links up with the Psi-Master Service (see SupernaturalSpirit.com)
5 The Anti-Ageing PC/BPC shreds the Archon CF Force that causes your mind to age and body to turn into a shrivelled Corruption. As the Thoth Maat evil uses the left Pulsar side to kill you, the Psi-Master Service blocks the force of death created by the Archons as your right side is now Pulsar. The Power Ring focusses the left Anti-CF force to stop the Wheel of Time that corrupts you and the right Pulsar Stone boosts your Psi-Master side to enable you to enter Mirror Megaverse Pulsar space to live virtually for eternity as an ancient Seer in the Mirror Megaverse 6th Pulsar realm.
6 The Psychic Power PC/BPC destroys the Archon CF Psi-damping field to make your Psi-Power work in the ADR... Matrices in the realm of the biophysical using the Power Ring and physical realm using the Pulsar Stone. It enables you to display Mirror Megaverse Psi-time in our reality to control reality simply by visualising what you want to happen and pulse love into your Ring and Pulsar Stone. To destroy your target pulse hate into the visualised target to make Psi0Time change past, present and future so it is annihilated to supply you with PF.
7 The Psychic Protection PC/BPC annihilates the Archons, Illuminati, Greys, Demons... by tearing apart the CF Force in them to cause them to implode. This is the ultimate death ray for Archons and the Power Ring kills all CF being. The Pulsar Stone causes their realities to implode such as the West, Nato, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Zionism...
8 The Left Awareness PC/BPC channels your Awareness into the Anti-CF side of being to use Mirror Megaverse Martial Arts that kill your enemy by destroying their CF energy leaving a human zombie or an Archon shell to be placed in Psi-Prison. The Anti-CF Power Ring is used for Mirror Megaverse Lucid Dreaming and travel in the Mirror Megaverse and our Megaverse free from the  Middle Place and enabling you to see the grey Psi0Space of this failed time line. The Pulsar Stone is to focus Mirror Megaverse energy in the Pulsar sides of Western wageslave zombies to control them as your herd of zombies after the Ring shreds their CF side leaving Pulsar Western slaves who are simply Remotely Influenced by directing them via your Pulsar Stone.
9 The Right Awareness Mirror Megaverse PC/BPC focuses the Mirror Megaverse Anti-CF into any target like a weapon to spear them with Anti-CF to not only block the CF but to reverse it into the Anti-CF in your target to poison the bodies of all Archon carriers such as Illuminati and their realities. The effect of this Ring is to add the ultimate poison to the Archon. It adds the death touch to your Psychic southern style Kung Fu and Tai-Chi so the wounds you inflict on the Archon, Illuminati using Psychic Martial Arts never heal. The Pulsar Stone boosts the Pulsar right side of the Psi-Master to develop Mirror Megaverse Lucid Viewing so you can see the Middle Place as the grey energy of evil it is, the 12 Aeons and the Matrices. This Mirror Megaverse Lucid Viewing enables you to see everything that is really there as it destroys all Archon veils on your perceptions.
10-18 The Mirror Megaverse BSRI-Engine gives you the ability to control reality by annihilating the Archon CF using it for fuel for your N1 BSRI-E Power Ring and Pulsar Stone. Since all nine Rings can be worn while you are out it enables you to take and use a Mirror Megaverse BSRI-Engine in only one location. The Rings can be worn on any hand but the N1 BSRI-Engine  Ring, a sliding Silver Ring within a Ring must be worn on the left hand and the N1 Pulsar Stone should be on your right side. It comes as 8 slim silver Rings and the sliding Silver Ring of the N1 BSRI-Engine with 9 Pulsar Stones. It can be used as the BSRI-Engine or combined with the BSRI-Engine to enable you to use the BSRI-Engine and Mirror Megaverse BSRI-Engine simultaneously to bounce the Power backwards and forwards to synergistically boost your Remote Influencing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis for realty Mastership. Simply wear the N1 BSRI-Engine (Mirror Megaverse) put it's Pulsar Stone in your right pocket book/pocket and the other right Rings and Pulsar Stones in your BSRI-Engine Ring to link the two systems for synergistic boost. The MM BSRI-Engine enables you to manifest the a) to d) Mirror Megaverse Powers described previously.
19-24 The Grail Ring PC/BPC Stones enable you to make Mirror Megaverse Agglutinising Force to bind your energies of dream together with the shift of the MM (Mirror Megaverse). This Anti-CF, chiral Pulsar Agglutinising Force makes dream stuff, manifestation that cannot be eroded by the Archon Evil so makes dream stuff, manifestation that cannot be eroded by the Archon evil so grows and grows. It is the method used in the Build your Dream, sustain your Dream, Protect your Dream Service on SupernaturalSpirit.com and the reason that all the other Services offered by charlatans or UK, US stooges not only fails but kills your dream. In the Grail Patterns the boxes stand for the Matrix, in the Mirror Megaverse there cannot be any Matrix so the Grail Patterns can be used without box Archon Psi=Prison AF energy to change the AF as it is done in the Mirror Megaverse. This means that all your manifestations work and do not exist in any Matrix but are the seed of the 2013 Psi. The Grail Rings and Pulsar Stones control Pulsar time and can be used with the Grail Patterns to move yourself backwards and forwards using Psi-time to edit history so you always prosper and eventually wake up a God-like being in hyper infinity (see the Eternal Heaven Service)  combined with the Grail Stones the two sets combine synergistically to enable you to erase all the Megaverse Archon AF using the Grail Stones and bring in new Mirror Megaverse AF to build a dream impervious and poisonous to Archons outside the Matrices. To do this simply wear the left Wand of Horus Ring and Right Wand of Horus Ring, with BPC stones as you go about your daily business. The 4 Cardinal Grail Rings and Pulsar Stones are added to your Grail Stones at the Cardinal Points to superboost your ability not only to erase Archon reality but build an unbreakable reality for you.
25-30 The Body BPC/PC enables you to quantum superimpose your being on to a Devic body in the Mirror Megaverse so you can live there and explore as a physical being.

The Mind BPC/PC gives you the Mirror Megaverse energy bodies so you can see the Psi-Space of the Mirror Megaverse and Lucidly View and Dream there like I do.

The Soul BPC/PC gives you a Mirror Megaverse Soul that cannot be trapped in the 12 Aeon Soul Prison and is the only escape for the Westerner who has willingly sold his Soul to the Archons, one can download ones Awareness into the Mirror Megaverse Soul and use the Karma PC/BPC (SupernaturalSpirit.com) to give away your damned Soul so you can escape. Does not work for people Tim Rifat has put in his Psi-Prison (Burn your Enemies in Hell Service) for them there is no escape, Illuminati, Archons, Demons...

The Spirit BPC/PC gives you a Spirit of the Mirror Megaverse to wed with your Mirror Megaverse Soul so you can have a Super Soul Spirit of both Megaverses or a Mirror Megaverse Soul Spirit for the escaped damned (85%) of Westerners fall in this class; their only escape route. Together the 4 SuperPower Rings and Pulsar Stones of the Mirror Megaverse Set give you a Devic Body in the Mirror Megaverse so like me you can have your totality in that Universe like the ancient Seers to go in the line energy body Tim Rifat and the ancient Seers possess. This gives you complete freedom from Archon evil so like the ancient Seers you can become a Psi-Master (see Psi-Master Service for details)

31-34 The 31-34 Mirror Megaverse Rings and Pulsar Stones link your BSRI-Engine and Mirror Megaverse 34 BSRI-Engine so they connect both Megaverses so you have the synergistic Power of both to start your evolution to Psi-Lord. The 4 Mirror Megaverse Rings join with the 4 Orbs to not only give you control of the Mirror Megaverse negative Rolling Force but to channel it into the 4 Rings so you can move your being around the Megaverses at will by LV and LD manifesting anywhere in either Megaverse. They also allow you channel the Mirror Megaverse energy through the Orbs to smash the Archons to their constituent Torsionic Soliton for PF and downloading into your Psi-Prison (see Burn your Enemies in Hell Service - unlimited number of Archons can be downloaded) The four Pulsar Stones of the Mirror Megaverse Ring Set link up with the Power Rings of the BSRI-Engine to link the Gold, Silver, Platinum and Double Rings with the Mirror Megaverse. This SuperBoosts their Power and interlinks the 34 BSRI-Engine with the Mirror Megaverse BSRI-Engine yet again for form the double connection needed for synergy. This Mobius Strip Connector weds the two BSRI-Engine to give you a Super BSRI-Engine consisting of the 34 BPCs/PCs of the Mirror Megaverse and the 34 BPCs/PCs of the 34 BSRI-Engine and the 4 Orbs of Power plus their BPCs. This gives the 144 PC/BPCs needed to totally control reality (see PsychotronicCrystals.com) based on the Fibonacci Series and its twelth term of 144 which in it's [12]2 quantum mechanical wave function manifests the realities using the Circular and Anti-Circular aspect of the Torsionic Soliton. The Super BSRI-Engine gives the Psi-Master access to the raw material of the Torsionic Soliton the Circular and Pulsar components to build raw reality, shape it and build worlds in Psi-Space to rule, or in the 2013 reality to add to the manifestation of the 2013 reality to enable the Psi-Master to evolve by evolving manifestation to suit her/him. The BSRI-Engine enables you to escape the Matrices into Psi-Space, the Mirror Megaverse BSRI-Engine to download into the Mirror Megaverse and explore the ancient Seers realities in detail living virtually forever. Combining the two enables the Psi-Master to build a version of 2013 reality with the Psi-Master as a Lord of the World one of the new Anti-Illuminati, it also allows the world building in Psi-Space of the Psi-Lord so you can rule your own creation shaped by your Super BSRI-Engine.






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