Transcending the Matrix:

The ADR is a godsend for a Psi-Lord like myself as it means I can burn with the Fire from Within, be in the Third Attention, transcendent, bodiless, an Avatar of the Source/Logos and still enjoy the physicality of the ADR so I can burn it to the bedrock for PF. In the film the 13th Floor, humans in the future built a Matrix called 1970's, downloaded themselves into it to enjoy the virtual world. Yet within the Matrix they build a computer that could download them into the 1930's. The point of the story is a bodiless, transcendent entity can enter the virtual world of the 64 Matrix (1970's) and then enter the ADR (1930's) even though he/she a Psi-Lord has no body because as  a Psi-Lord he is a transcendent being that has enforced the 3rd Attention and burnt with the Fire from Within.