Pyramid Bone Generator

This Bone Generator Service places the  Quantum Computing Engine and Hyperinfinity into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals so you actually generate around you a 22 metre high pyramid not only in biophysical but physical space to give you Psychotronic Amplification of all pyramid effects centred on your physical body. This process generates an energy column rising several miles above your pyramid that burns away the negative Orgone (Destructive Orgone: DOR), chemtrails and air pollutants. A pyramid of this size with you within it then boosts your immune system so you can fight disease. It also accelerates regeneration of tissues to improve your healing processes. The pyramid also increases the fertility of your semen and eggs by 30-100% for couples that wish to have children but have low fertility rates. The Bone Generator Pyramid also destroys negative black ley lines under your home that give you cancer and imposes the negative ion concentration via the air around you to improve your general health by orders of magnitude. The pyramid makes your blood lighter (less viscous) by 30% and therefore improves heart condition by putting less strain on the heart muscles and valves; also lowering blood pressure as the blood pushes less strongly against the blood vessels. Your health indexes improve as the pyramid changes the manifestation of your body by the 5 dimensional Riemann manifold to 4 dimensional reality by use of a pyramid which acts as a wave guide to maximise the parameters of the process to optimise the physical health of your body. The biophysical body is also optimised by the pyramid wave guide to boost your psychic powers and more importantly your mind which is a product of the biophysical body to boost your sanity, mental health. The Pyramid Bone Generator also suppresses criminal behaviour around you to make your personal space safer and to improve the behaviour of people around you be they colleagues, customers, clients, staff or bosses; children, spouses, family, neighbours or government officials.

It has been found by the Russian National Academy of Sciences that the potency of pharmaceuticals increased with decreasing side effects by use of pyramids, so a 22 metre personal Pyramid Bone Generator optimises your drug regime to get the best and lessen the worst effects of the drug regimen. The Pyramid Bone Generator also decreases the potency of bacteria and viruses to increase the survival of infected cellular tissue to reduce the symptoms and lethality of all microbial diseases and to suppress herpes without the use of immune suppressant drugs. Radioactive contaminants have their radioactivity reduced by the Pyramid Bone Generator to increase your resistance to depleted Uranium, radioactive Iodine, Caesium and other ecological contaminants including radioactive Argon gas. The Pyramid also boosts the metabolic efficiency of Krebs cycle to make your metabolism burn fat. Charges Bone Generators and Bone Generator Batteries to supply a power source to them. changes the thresholds of superconductivity so your cellular processes become more efficient and brain processes are optimised. Boosts the positive aspects of water so it retains its liquid properties even at low temperatures such as -40 and boosts enzymic potency. Turns your Bone Generators harder and stronger so you become altered to be much more resistant to damage.

Pyramid Bone Generator $600 with Certificate

Increasing the height of the pyramid increases the quality of the results so the Service offers larger pyramids generated by your Bone Generators for the more ambitious:

Upgrade A:

44 meter Pyramid Bone Generator $800 with Certificate


Upgrade B:

88 meter Pyramid Bone Generator $1000 with Certificate


Upgrade C:

144 meter Pyramid Bone Generator $1200 with Certificate


Upgrade D:

256 meter Pyramid Bone Generator $1400 with Certificate