Warrior Spirit; Psychotronic Voodoo, Life Death PCs/BPCs:

"... but the human form is no means just an empty vessel for the Gods. Rather is a critical locus where a number of Sacred Fires may converge. The players are the basic components of man: the Z'Etoile, the Gros Bon Ange and the Ti Bon Ange, as well as the N'ame of the Corpse Cadaver. The latter is the body itself, the flesh and the blood. Then N'ame is the gift from God. It is the residual presence of the N'ame for example, that gives form to the corpse long after the clinical "death" of the body. The N'ame upon the "death" of the body begins to slowly pass into the organisms of the soil... A process that takes 18 months to complete..." Davis, the Serpent and the Rainbow...

The black race as well as mongoloid (Chinese...) are not in the ADR so the rules of death are different for them. The above description of the energy bodies for a Voodoo practitioner are akin to the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and modern day black, mongoloid races. Only the Western man has been consigned by Zionist Sanhedrin Satanists to the ADR. To complete our survey of the after death experience for humanity I include the non Western description to show what is the norm before Western occult evil. The Voodoo, Voodun practitioners in Haiti were tortured to death by French Illuminati Freemasons, now the island is under US occupation to stamp out this Voodoo challenge to Zionist Anglo Demonic Reality. Tim Rifat offers the Psychotronic Voodoo Life Death BPCs/PCs to serve as a counter to the materialistic demonism of Western occultism. The Voodoo entities are a branch of Pulsar beings not of the Blue variety but nevertheless allies of the Archon's enemies.

1: Gross Bon Ange PC/BPC: This PG builds a non Matrix Spirit so you can practise Voodoo, ancient Seer Shamanism... with a Spirit not mired in the ADR as all Westerners are. Think of it as the elixir of life PC/BPC to add energy taken out of all Westerners at birth as they are born into the ADR. 'Primitives' such as the negro races still have this Spirit so witchcraft is as real to them as science. If you wish to be a Psychic Warrior Shaman this missing Psychic Spirit needs to be added to you if you want to practise Psi like the ancient Seers, Egyptians, Voodoo priests, Taoist Sages... To use this smokey quartz BPC/PC simply hold it in any hand, place under pillow, or keep in your house to bring the Psychic Spirit to you. By mixing your Corrupted Spirit with more Primitive Spirits not doctored by the Anglo Demonic Occultists you can use quantum superimposition of morphogenic fields to add traits subtracted from the Westerner to make the male eunuch and obedient female nest builder, spoilt undisciplined brats... the ancient human being a fierce hunter male, female gather with children disciplined or dead. Adding

this missing human spirit by biophysical Lamarkism (the transmission of traits through energy fields) makes the Psi-neophyte to have the necessary Warrior Spirit to become a Psychic Warrior Shaman, Warrior behaviour documented in: The Road to Ixtalon, A Separate Reality, by Castaneda; Samurai texts on Bushido: The Way of the Samurai, behaviour alien to a Westerner but vital to a Psi-Master. This BPC/PC instils that missing Warrior, Samurai Spirit, stolen from you at birth by the Illuminati and their Demons. The Gross Bon Ange: Warrior Spirit PC/BPC comes as a clear quartz PC and bioparticle charged personally to augment your Spirit by use of Lucid Viewing of your energy bodies by Tim Rifat.

Cost $80 plus $40 Post and Packing

2: Ti Bon Ange: Warrior Soul BPC/PC. As has been documented all Westerners have Soul surgery at birth to place part of their Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Compared to a primitive, ancient Egyptian or non Westerner they also have part of the Soul cut out, the part that made humans difficult to control. In Western societies the wageslave totally obeys the government murdering and torturing non Western countries to bring in the Anglo Demonic Reality by used of illegal invasions. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the entire Americas, Australia and New Zealand, now Iran. Only a Western Soul excised of discernment could fail to see that Western democracy and freedom means in fact slavery to Zionism and total ownership by the Sanhedrin. Since no Western Soul can see the true nature of reality; ask an Arab, Russian, or Chinaman and you will get a picture never beheld so unpalatable it cannot be given voice to in the West. This blind obedience to the Sanhedrin Illuminati is programmed into the Westerner and like Fluoridation, microwave mind control, TV induced attention deficit disorder, digital radio-frequency  drugging of every Western city dweller (discovered by Dr. Bienveniste for Digital France) as well as media mind control; the Western Soul is shaped to obey, the bits that don't fit the mould are cut off by the ADR. The Warrior Soul BPC/PC adds the missing part of your Soul pruned off by generations of psychic breeding in the West since the 16th Century. This Warrior Soul makes you impossible to mind control, the ancient Warrior Soul was extremely difficult to subdue and never tamed. The docile Western slave Soul is the result of a long-term breeding programmed by the Illuminati and Archons. Adding the Morphogenic Field for wild human Souls to your Soul by Morphogenic mixing Lamarkistically passes onto you the traits of a Warrior Soul. To use simply place in your bed while sleeping, as your dreaming body shifts here and there and a Warrior Soul BPC/PC can add to it the missing ingredients needed to have a Soul free from the missing aspects you need to be a Psi-Master and well rounded fully capable Soul. Comes as a clear quartz PC with BPC tuned specially to your Soul by Tim Rifat using Lucid Viewing.

Cost $80 plus $40 Post and Packing.

3:  The N'ame Warrior Body BPC/PC. Ancient man's physical characteristics were enhanced by not being in the ADR. The ADR has taken away much of the physical Morphogenic Field so Western man is fat, constipated, Alzheimer prone, has clogged arteries, is cancerous (one in three moving to one in two Westerners due to get cancer...) American Indians could run for miles and live in a harsh environment until they were destroyed by the superior science of the ADR (materialistic science is used to suppress Psi by use of the Psi-Damping Field.) The Warrior body BPC/PC is a clear quartz Psychotronic Crystal and paired bioparticle that by Quantum Superimposition and Morphogenic Lamarkism (the passing on of traits by energy fields) to add to your body the properties subtracted by the Archons... Illuminati. The Chinese eat Tiger, Bear... body parts to super boost their physical energy body. As they live in the Matrix they don't have the ADR subtraction of Morphogenic Fields. Since Russian joined the ADR after the fall of the Soviet Union there has been a catastrophic fall in all aspects of health and lifespan as the Zionist Illuminati black magic eats away at their body's Morphogenic Field to leave the Western model of man, that promotes obese human cattle the characteristic of every Anglo Demonic country. To use simply place in handbag, pocket, or under your bed to feed the missing Warrior Body Morphogenic Fields into your body to become a fit, archetypal human .

Cost $80 plus $40 Post and Packing

If you wish to emulate the Devic Body you can download this trio of missing Morphogenic Energies (subtracted by the Triad of ADR, Atbash, Corrupted Eve - remember the Triad is beloved of Freemason, Illuminati and Archon.) 

All three Warrior Power PCs available as a matched tuned set for $200 plus $40 Post and Packing.