Psi-Master in the Matrix:

It is a prime necessity to escape the ADR and Psi-prison Hell of the West so Psi can begin to work. the ancient Seer/Chinese 8x8 Matrix can be the starting point for evolvement. How can a Psi-Master burn with the Fire from Within to escape the Matrix yet be able to still manifest? The key is the ADR Psi-prison Hell of the West. Since the Archons broke the rules by taking Souls out of the Western bodies and replacing them with supernatural spirits; the Psi-Master can replace the supernatural spirits in her/his body with a transcendent Avatar, who has burnt with the Fire from Within, has escaped the Matrix and OverMatrix and is centred in the Third Attention and be still alive in a body. A superimposition of quantum states allowed by the ADR/Psi-prison. I burnt with the Fire from Within 20 years ago but still have access to a body due to t he superimposition of states. By setting fire to the Archon 12 Aeon Psi-prison with the Fire from Within I just reinforced the hold of my bodiless being on my Matrix personality, ADR personality. Instead of having demons, damned Souls piggy backing in my body, I have a transcendent Psi-Lord, Avatar of the Source/Logos - rules can be broken both ways. The ADR/Psi-prison Hell of the West is needed to enabled this and after the death of the Illuminati Zionist West no Psi-Lord will be able to physically incarnate because the ADR/Psi-prison Hell will have been consumed for PF. This stops Psi-Lords setting themselves up as new Yaltabaoth's, a cosmic fail safe.

Once you realise the Archons rule the world of the dead to lock in humans into the Psi-prison in the West you realise that Psi has become vitiated by the 12 Aeons. Conversely it allows bodiless beings like myself to enter the ADR so even though I am burning with the Fire from Within (Sacred Fire, see Grail Stones on I can operate as if I really had a body. What is going on from the point of RVScience (for future Science) quantum mechanics states a quantum wave equation, the nature of reality, becomes a probability wave (event - see Luck Engines on when squared 141. The real world is 144 elements, 12`squared (12) the Matrix 181 64 elements, the ADR is 9 elements 131, the Psi-prison Hell is all 9 elements 131. The stolen 12 Powers (described in from mankind are used to form an Archonic universe of 144 elements by multiplying the 12 Aeons (human 12 Powers of the living) to get a 1121 Total Reality Field; the total domain of the Archons. The engine of Archon creation is the 12 Aeons Psi Hell ADR, the 12 corrupted Powers in the supernatural spirits of Western man. It can be said the Archonic universe and the veil that blocks man from the Logos and Source, has only be fully operational since the 16th Century, with the rise of British occultist black magicians and Zionist Illuminati. This means a Psi-Lord

can enter this virtual universe burning with the Fire from Within an impossibility in the Megaverse because the Archon universe supplies the fuel to keep me burning. When a Shaman burns with the Fire from Within their body supplies the fuel then they excite themselves to a super fast dark energy matter pulsar being and escape the Matrices. If one is surrounded by fuel a Psi-Lord can step into the Archon universe and burn with the Fire from Within supplied by burning the Archon universe for PF. In the process the Archon universe supplies the PF to build a transcendent body in the 3rd, 4th... Attentions, the sum total of the Archon universe burnt for PF. The 21st Century is the gold rush for PF in Earth's history once the 12 Psi-prison and 12 corrupt supernatural spirits of the Seraphim, the breeders of the damned and demons are consumed with the ADR, the West vanishes and the Zionist Illuminati fall. This returns the Earth to the seminal Matrix of the 8x8 Matrix of the ancient Seers; the Matrix still found in China. The Chinese will be the net winners in the World War 111 to come (it's started over Iran by the way) and the return of the seminal Matrix means Shamanic Psi will work completely. The Blue Pulsars and their allies are already teaching the Chinese Psi and can begin to duplicate the exploits of the ancient Seers. In Nazi world and Soviet world in other time-lines the death of the ADR led to the same blossoming of ancient Seer Psi. Fro the ambitious few the end of the ADR and the West spells a time of boundless PF fro evolution in years that would normally take millions - if you did not have the PF. From my perspective it has given me the PF for the ultimate jump to the Logos and Source Level to add human spirit to the impersonal Powers of the Megaverse a synergistic amplification. Since it is already done, since a Psi-Lord is not limited to 4D space, cosmic law dictates other humans can share in the PF bounty. The Pulsars help me because the Earth is n longer blocked to them by the Archons who are burning up for PF to power the Logos and Source, now with a human component. In the very far future some humans may conjoin with the Logos and Source; the Agglutinising Force as a self aware Total Intent.

For the Psi-Master who wishes to use the

ADR and the 12 Aeons for PF, the 12 Psi Crosses and the 12 Aeon Burner PC/BPCs are used in conjunction to make a Total Archonic Universe Shredder. Simply put the 12 Psi Cross BPCs around the 12 Aeon Burners (PC and BPC) then put the 12 Psi Cross PCs in a circle point inwards inside that. This sets up the 24 Modes needed to burn the Archonic universe with the Fire from Within tuned to you as a subset, harmonic of the Fire from Within I brought into the ADR and 12 Aeons. By doing this you build a transcendent, superfast dark energy matter Pulsar body that can travel in the Third Attention, realm of bodiless beings, where the energy bodies of the biophysical body have no boundary layer and no physicality. This enables the Psi-Master to have a bodiless Avatar being to LV and LD in the Third Attention, to see from the transcendent realm the Second Attention, Psi-space and the First Attention of the physical world. This enables the Psi-Master to escape death by becoming a superfast dark energy matter Pulsar being. Since only Nagual 4 lobed energy bodies can unlock this process (see the Eagle's Rule: Castaneda, SuperPower PCs on the energy of the Total Archonic Universe Shredding Engine (TAUSE) needs to be downloaded into the SuperPower PC/BPCs to build a devic body for travel in the transcendent realm, though one can LV, LD without them. You are specifically building a devic vehicle to transfer to at death.