Illuminati Freemasons.

The Illuminati Freemasons are the Priests of the Archons. The Archons are controlled by Yaltabaoth the Archon God, the centre of the Chaos Force, hence the Lords of Chaos, Qlipoth Kabbalism the religion of the Western elite. The Fibonacci Series control the Circular Force (CF):- 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144. The first 12 terms are the sum total of the CF in humans. The ADR (Anglo Demonic Reality) blocks us from all the terms and sets up the 9 demonic powers linked to the 4th term 3 to bind us in 4 Dimensions of the ADR Matrix, Psi-Prison of the 12 Aeons. The Total 34 BSRI-Engine pushes the Psi-Master beyond the ADR and Matrix. This means only death controlled by the Archons Thoth and Moat bar her/her way to total reality. They attack the left shoulder blade Assemblage Point, the Pulsar version of the Assemblage Point of the right shoulder blade (Castaneda's: The Power of Silence) to kill humans. They engage the Pulsar left side of our energy body unused in life and use that energy to open our gap and kill us. The Ancient Seers linked to the Pulsar blue beings to fully engage the Pulsar left side of our being so it could not be used to smash open our gap in our midsection to flood us with energy we could not contain to kill us. Once the Ancient Seers used their Pulsar left side the Archons did not have the means to open the gap to kill them as the right side of man is the CF and since it upholds the Matrix (now the ADR and OverMatrix) cannot be used to kill humans without killing the Matrix. Hence the Archon filth Thoth and Moat misused the Rolling Force in it's negative aspect and the Pulsar Force was smashed open at the time when we had become fully socialised, brainwashed, cut off from our left side Pulsar nature (Castaneda: The Magical Passes) On all Egyptian pictograms from the Egyptian Book of the Dead the two monstrous animal/bird, Moat, Thoth weigh the Soul of man and when it is lighter than a feather kill him/her. The feather denotes angelic Pulsar nature (flying beyond the Matrix) and when our Pulsar Awareness in the Soul is less than a critical weight (remember the Soul weighs 2 grams according to research in the early part of the 20th Century when a person about to die was weighed as he/she died - 2 grams was lost by modern man at death) The Ancient Seers developed their Pulsar side so it never became atrophied so the Thoth, Moat Demons could kill them they become immortal by using the Rolling Force to push their totality into the Pulsar 6 Dimensional level the home of all the Ancient Seers, they can be visited by LV or LD. To build up our Pulsar left side to avoid death is the goal of all Psi-Masters as death is their final enemy. A Psi-Lord enters the matrix and allows her/his memories of Power to be wiped and tested her/his total being to withstand any evil awake and in the process prove he/she was totally worthy of Power at the same time taking all the Power of the Matrix, Archons, Yaltabaoth, Illuminati, their reality, 12 Aeons Psi-Prison... in one go, to gain the

PF to attain the Logos, Source state to merge one's Awareness with evolving higher power the Agglutinising Force self aware with Total Intent. Having done this the Psi-Lord now the Source, Logos, can use the entire Matrix... for PF. Since this has been done the way lays open for the wageslave to become a Psi-Master all you need is PF. Developing the Pulsar side of your being is the way to boosting your energy into a state where death, Thoth and Moat cannot use the Pulsar nature of your being to kill you. The Pulsar beings, Blue Red, Yellow Green... called the Nordics by UFO researchers (the CF beings are the Greys, Reptiloids, insectile preying mantis vermin...) are keen to help high energy human beings because the Psi-Master is of immense value to Pulsars. The hybrid offspring have the best of both dark and light matter energy matter being billion year lived, capable of manipulating the physical world and experiencing both realms in their totality.