Controlling the ADR:

The beginning of the ADR can be traced back to the slaughter of the Merovingian's in France and the Pyrenees by a Crusade led by the French King and backed by the Pope to slaughter the heretics who had harnessed the power of a Psychotronic Grail Stone to link them with higher power outside the Matrix. The Crusaders captured the Grail Stone technology and it was thus corrupted by linking it with Goetic Demons that gave the Rothschild's Sanhedrin predecessors the ability to control the Matrix. The Grail Patterns, the moulds of the Agglutinising Force by which the Matrix of the Shamans had been created. In the last Grail Pattern is the Grail Maze, the archetypal Pattern of the Matrix. The science fiction writer Roger Zelazny wrote about this Grail Pattern Maze in his Amber novels. The Grail Maze has been in the history books of metaphysics in the West and is a key to walking out of the Matrix into other dimensions and time-lines as well as controlling the Matrix. 6 Grail Stones and Grail Patterns $660 (see and Every Westerner has been run through the Grail Maze when they were moulded (the Mould of Man: Castaneda: The Fire from Within) but the Sanhedrin wed the Westerner not with their Soul mate but with the Goetic Demons wed to Yabalaoth the Chaos Angel of Total Evil. This was the seminal event that locked the Western wageslave into the Aeon Psi-Prison, caused the superimposition of the slave's Soul by alchemically wedding them to the Goetic Demon to produce the Grey, an inverse birth where the human is transposed with Demon to produce the Grey damned even though he/she fights all their life against slavery; since they were born into damnation they cannot escape it. This is the process of ADR damnation. As the ADR runs out of fuel the Grail Maze is used to enable a male Psi-Master to escape the Matrix. This poor idiot has been wed to one of Yabalaoth human female bodies so he is wed to Yabalaoth. As he escapes and transcends becoming bloated with energy from without the Matrix, Yabalaoth pulls him back. The Psi-Master's love for the Yabalaoth female zombie then binds him to the Aeon prison as she spurns him and his world falls apart; the force of his collapsing love, boosted by the transcendence outside the Matrix fuels the ADR and bind him to a special call to power the ADR. Successive generations of this process have built the ADR up to the power of the West that destroyed the Soviet Union by purely Demonic means.

Unfortunately Yabalaoth chose the wrong idiot for this generation's power boost. Instead of accepting the female zombie Tim Rifat used her for PF and the Yabalaoth creative that was her real form. This caused the storm of October 16th 1987 that wrecked Brighton and the entire South East of England. Unlike other Bridegroom's Tim Rifat can unconditionally Love and Hate; if someone

doesn't accept my love then I can cut them off and use it for PF. Total ruthlessness is the prerequisite for Silent Knowledge, Power and all of the arts of Shamanism (see Castaneda: The Power of Silence) Since Yabalaoth was wed to me I could use all it's Power as mine to become a Psi-Lord and destroy the ADR.

What does this mean to you? The Grail Maze is the mechanism used to mould you to a Grey or eternally tortured Cell inmate who produces Demons by their torment, depending on whether you say no or yes to Yabalaoth and willing give away your Soul. If you don't it's taken from you by force. Power always wins. The Grail Maze can be used by the Psi-Master to unbind your Soul from the Goetic Demon you are wed to. All you have to do is walk your Soul through the Grail Maze to unbind it.

The Grail Stones are used for this process of unbinding. Place the four Cardinal Grail Stones at the corners of you meditation space at the points of the Compass. The Grail Maze is the last pictogram of the Grail Patterns. Hold the left Wand of Horus in your left hand, BPC in left sock, Right Wand of Horus in your right hand, BPC in right sock. The Egyptian Pharaohs used this technique to gain God-like Powers. You then walk through the Maze, a magical Pass stepping out through the Maze in your mind's eye and in your space delineated by the Cardinal Grail Stones. Once in the Centre you revolve eight times in an anti-clockwise set of concentric circles as per the Grail Pattern diagram. Once in the Centre you rotate eight times anti-clockwise outward and retrace your way out of the Maze. This expels the Demon your Soul has been wed to and uses it for PF. Once out of the Grail Maze you enter again free of the Demon Goetic Superimposition and retrace your way through the Grail and return to the Centre to change your Mould to a Shamanistic non ADR configuration. This use of the Grail PGs and the Grail Maze unbinds your Soul from Yabalaoth. You then exit the Grail Maze directly from the Centre using the upward path that directly accesses the Grail maze from the Centre, but is only accessible from the Centre. This allows you to step out of the ADR and the Matrix and is the only way to become a Psi-Master. Once you have done this you are free from the ADR and Matrix.

Since all Westerners are moulded by the Grail Maze you can control any Westerner: Illuminati, Politician, Industrialist by placing their name or picture... in a blown up version of your Grail Maze. You then visualise them moving anti-clockwise in the Centre of the Grail Maze outward and being forcibly expelled from the Maze. This exorcises the Demon from the Western elitist leaving them as a zombie Tulpa controlled by you. It also gives you an energy boost from the deepest torture cells where Yabalaoth holds all the Psi-Master Bridegrooms that escaped the Matrix but willingly come back to give all their energy Soul, Spirit... to Yabalaoth. This is the core power cells of the ADR and the true Power of the ADR. Burning these core power cells for PF gives the Western Psi-Adept the PF to become a Psi-Master as you feed off the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison like Yabalaoth but free of Total Evil using the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison for PF enables the Psi-Master to live in the West and yet be totally outside it free to grow, free from the Total Evil of the ADR but feeding on it's destruction. By expelling Western elite from the Grail Maze you disempower them, shred their Demon Soul and can use their physical body remotely as a living Tulpa to control all their actions as your Tulpa. By this means the Psi-Master can take control of an entire country and rule the country via it's Illuminati, elite, politician Tulpas. I prefer wrecking the ADR but I am not wed to temporal power. A Psi-Master can thus control every major decision in his Western country to his advantage. As the Demons try to re-integrate with the Illuminati... these new Demons are shredded by the Grail Maze inputted into your Grail Stones which iterate the procedure constantly to keep your Western elite zombie as your Tulpa and to enable you to tap into the power core cells of the Bridegroom damned who gave up their exit from the Matrix... For Yabalaoth. This constantly inputs you with PF and enables you to RI Western power makers. To control reality put any company, event, area... in the Centre of your Grail Maze repent the process to drop the company... out of the ADR, burn it's Demons for PF and tap into the core power cells as you control the reality of the target as your Tulpa reality; a new Lord of the Matrix to control events as you wish as you get stronger...