Build your Dream:

Use of the 34 Total BSRI-Engine is the Psychotronic Generator for making dreams real. General customers may just want help with one specific part of their life, be it their love life, business, career, studies, obstructive life situations or people. Tim Rifat offers a personal service Psychotronic Generator. Just put your requirements on an e-mail with the order, or on the PayPal form and Tim Rifat will personally Lucidly View you, charge the PC/BPC Psychotronic Crystal to your specification and enclose a Certificate of Authenticity with your prized intent. This could be to find the perfect partner, get a better job, career, improve your home, find the right car, improve your potency, health (remember by law one cannot sell cures to diseases, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for a PC to help your health condition) improve your sex life, become more outgoing, happier, healthier, wiser, find contentment...  The list is endless. Custom Psychotronic PC/BPCs tailored specifically to you. Part of the Service is to offer the opportunity for Tim Rifat to psychokinetically alter reality is tune with your intent so not only do you have a PC/BPC attuned to your intent but the Psi-Lord will change reality to bring your intent into being unless it is damaging to you like non stop sex...

By using a Psi-Lord's Service to psychokinetically change reality to your specification, you get the benefit of his experience alone, all a Psi-Lord does is collect PF and nothing else as reality can be changed at will. Using such power to change small details in your personal life is like using an H bomb to crack a nut - but it sure cracks the nut!

Since personal reality changing is so quick, Tim can take on thousands of tiny reality changes with no loss of energy. If you wish to have your life psychokinetically changed then Psi-Lord Tim Rifat can do it at an absurdly low price as we are the biggest and best in the business.

For those people who want a year long psychokinetic imprint of their intent on the Matrix so it can't change back, Tim Rifat offers the Service of year long psychokinetic insurance. Your intent will be kept going for one year and Blue Superbeings, Pulsars will guard your dream from the CF demons, dream stealers as well as kicking the ass of your enemies to keep them in a state of total defeat. No other psychic expert can offer this service as there is only one Psi-Lord, Tim Rifat.

Build your dream, Sustain your Dream, Protect your Dream:

Phase 1: PC/BPC Psychotronic Crystal specially created to build your dream. Put your exact specifications on your e-mail and or the PayPal order. Once this is done you will be sent a personalised Psychotronic Crystal to your special specification tuned to you and only you by Lucid Viewing, charged by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. Each PC comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Tim Rifat as he charges your personal Psychotronic Crystal. At the same time the Psi-Lord will use his Psychokinesis to change reality so your dream falls into place in the Matrix to bring you the new job, career, partner... to Build your Dream

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage

Phase 2: Psi-Lord Tim Rifat will use his Psychokinesis to globally change all the Matrices so your intent, dream is imprinted on every part of the Matrix, as the Bad Luck - Good Luck Engine works using Matrix quantum mechanics. By making your intent global every coincidence in your world builds up to help you achieve your dream by altering every event to push your dream into being. This global gestalt synergy in Psychokinesis is vital so that your dream is sustained as the matrices resist any change away from the programmed intent once it has been made global. The Archons used this technique to hold the Matrix rigid by use of the ADR, OverMatrix, Archon Realm. By causing your dream to be a causal synchronicity, global, it sustains and builds your dream indefinitely.

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage Comes with Certificate of Authenticity that Tim Rifat has personally carried out the Psychokinesis.

Phase 3: One year long guarantee to overlook the Psychokinesis and make sure no evil entity supernatural and or human zombie is not trying to attack your dream. This keeps your dream protected for one year by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat, who will reinforce the Psychokinesis and cause positive feedback so the event wave propagates expands and ins self amplifying to enable your dream to grow in power. Blue Pulsar Superbeings will be around to kill any CF vermin that impinge on your dream to give it the Ultimate Psychic Protection day and night (when you and your dream are most vulnerable)

Cost $220 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage Comes with Certificate of Authenticity that Tim Rifat has personally carried out the Psychokinesis.

By using a Psi-Lord, you get the aid of the ultimate in Psi-technology to build your dream, your precious intent you have longed for all your life, now but a step away.
Phases 1 to 3 $500 inc P&P  for Total Psychic Security