Beginners Guide to Spiritual/Soul Rescue and Exorcism.

The Psi-Adept, beginner... first needs to evict the damned human Souls (Greys) and demons lodged in his/her physical and biophysical bodies. To do this you need an Aeon Burner PC/BPC; placed this PC (smokey Quartz on the forehead, top of the head) using your left hand to shred the demon dark energy matter entity, use the BPC in the same way to shred the damned human Soul - the Grey. If you are heavily infected or have been involved in psychic work, are a healer, have ever channelled, given your energy to a guru... you will need all 12 Aeon Burner PC/BPCs to give the supernatural spirits no escape route by burning all 12 Psi-prisons in one sitting/procedure. Next you need to recover your Soul from the Psi-prison (only for Westerners) To do this you need to Lucidly View the 12 Aeon Psi-prison by projecting your Awareness into the Aeon Burner PC/BPC held in your left hand, left sock respectively. Once your Awareness is in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison check each level for your Soul, once found, the PC/BPCs will automatically find it for you if you are a psychic submissive check in the 'heaven' Aeons, rebels check the 'Hell' Aeon. Once you have your Soul back you will buoyed up by the presence of your true Soul stolen from you by the anglo demonic reality - usually during childhood. Since the true Soul has been leached of all energy by the ADR Psi-prison you need to add the 12 Powers missing from it by using the 12 Psi-Crosses to fill your Soul with it's missing energies. To do this place the Psi-Cross BPCs in 12 Circle around the 12 Aeon Burner PC/BPCs, this makes 36 BPCs/PCs, use the Psi-Cross PC point inward in a Circle inside the 12 36 BPC/PCs. This burns the 72 names of Yaltabaoth, the Archon god by combining the 36+36 BPCs/PCs in 12x11x10.... combinations to rip your stolen energy Soul that has been digested by Yaltabaoth. The missing Soul energy is then fed into the Psi-Cross PC.  Inside this Circle you sit and use the Anti-Atbash PC/BPC to unravel the corruption imprinted by the ADR on your Soul. Use the Anti-Atbash PC/BPC in your right hand to place the Fire from Within into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison... Yaltabaoth - the Archon God, then put in left hand, sock, to replace lost Soul energy. Place Anti-Atbash on floor in circle then use the True Eve PC/BPC to inject Sacred Fire into the Psi-prison, Yaltabaoth by holding both PCs in your right hand, then transfer to left hand/sock (PC/BPC respectively)  to replace the lost feminine energy in your Soul (remember Souls are feminine) Then place the True Eve BPC/PC in your left hand and use with the 34 Total BSRI-Engine to super-boost your Psi by having your true Soul available for the Psi-operations. Use the True Eve BPC/PC with the 36 Anti-Demon Total Demon Shredder to use the Illuminati Zionist real world as Psychotronic Fuel for lifting your Soul like a rocket to the True Spirit that the Total BSRI-Engine brings into the Matrix to wed Soul and Spirit and in alchemical marriage uplift it to reach the Logos, Source.


Soul Rescue:

As one can see the process of freeing your Soul from the ADR Psi-prison needs the 12 Aeons Burner PC/BPC, regaining the Soul life drained from the Soul, the Psi-Crosses, Anti-Atbash and True Eve, wedding Soul and Spirit to make them forever free, the Total BSRI-Engine of 34 PCs/BPCs and to fuel it the 36 PC/BPC Total Demon Shredder. This is an investment so Tim Rifat offers to do it for you as a Supernatural Service. A professional healer will need the above Psychotronic Crystals but if you just want to save yourself the Supernatural Rescue Service may be cheapest.


Stage 1 Soul Rescue: Tim Rifat personally enters the 12 Aeon Psi-prison on your behalf, rescues your Soul from the Archons and transports your true Soul back to your physical and biophysical bodies. Your physical and biophysical bodies are purged of supernatural spirits of the damned humanity variety - the Greys - and the dark energy matter Seraphim, the demons of the human consciousness, these vermin are shredded by the Psi-Lord for PF. Once this is done your true Soul is restored to you. A Pulsar Anti-CF coating is then applied to your energy body's outer surface to stop the dark energy matter CF Archons and their vermin eating their way back into your Soul, energy bodies for re-possession. The Pulsar Anti-CF coating kills by poisoning Archons, so keeps you safe, an invention of the Blue Pulsar race it has been used extensively on humans from other time-lines they have interacted with. A BPC/PC Soul Stone specially created to keep your Soul in place will be sent to you as a physical anchor to the work Tim Rifat has done to rescue your Soul from the 12 Aeon Psi-prison. As an expert in the Psi-field, Tim can do rapidly what might be impossible for you unless you had all the PC/BPCs, 12 Aeon Burners... and the time and persistence to use them.

Cost $240 including P&P for the Soul Stone Anchor. Add $40 for Immediate Action.

Stage 1 Soul Rescue without Immediate Action

Stage 1 Soul Rescue with Immediate Action

Stage 2 Soul Rescue: The rescued True Soul is then restored to it's true nature just as if you had the 12 Psi-Crosses, True Eve and Anti-Atbash PC/BPCs. Your Soul trapped in Yaltabaoth is restored to you as the Psi-Lord has set Yaltabaoth burning for PF, so the process is facilitated for a Psi-Lord. Once your Soul has been repaired and returned to it's pristine vigour you will be sent an Authentication Certificate stating Tim Rifat has fully charged your returned Soul. Having a True Soul inflated to it's normal energy density is a prerequisite for all Psi-Master activities.

Cost $240  Add $40 for Immediate Action.

Stage 2 Soul Rescue without Immediate Action

Stage 2 Soul Rescue with Immediate Action

Stage 3 Soul Rescue: This is a year long guarantee by Tim Rifat the only Psi-Lord to look after your returned Soul and prevent energy leakage. This guarantees that your True Soul wont' be taken back to the Archon Psi-prison by force and that trespassing damned human spirits and demons will be shredded as part of the Service. Also your Soul will be protected from all negative attacks as part of the guaranteed Service. Soul protection for the customer who is not yet ready for the 24/7 battle of keeping one's Soul in a world full of Archon vermin. Remember it is in your friends and family who link you to the Psi-Prison, enemies are easily resisted.

Cost $240  Add $40 for Immediate Action.

Stage 3 Soul Rescue without Immediate Action
Stage 3 Soul Rescue with Immediate Action
If you wish to benefit from all three Stages, they are available here for $600 inc P&P