The Archon God Yaltabaoth.

The Archons are Circular Force CF dark energy matter parasites. Since 96% of the Universe is dark matter energy these vermin are very common. They follow the mathematics of the Fibonacci series, the spiral form: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144...

we have seen the Psi-prison of the Archon has 12 Aeons so the 12th term of the Fibonacci series 144 is crucial to the Archons. Why is this? From I explained how Luck Engines work, and that in quantum mechanics the square of the wave function confers probability, reality on the wave function; denoted 14²1 squared in quantum mechanics. Only the 1st term and the 12th term of the Fibonacci series are perfect events from the quantum wave equation; Schrödinger's wave equation. So one can say the 12 term, 144 of the CF is where reality begins. What the Archons learnt to do was trap the human Awareness in the Matrix. How was this done? The Chief Archon Yaltabaoth is supposed to have 72 letters in it's name. this comes about by closing off the CF force and reacting half the 144 elements with the other 72 of the CF to set up an energy of collapsing opposites, or using an Atbash crossing corruption. This puts a veil around the Awareness within it keeping Awareness in an OverMatrix in the realm of bodiless beings the Third Attention area of Angels. Yaltabaoth could then form the Matrix that our ancestors found themselves trapped within, not reality, but a construct designed to keep our ancestors penned in so they could be fed off:- 'And before his mansion he created a throne which was huge and was upon four-faced Chariot called "Cherubim" Now the Cherubim has eight shapes per each of the four corners, lion forms and calf forms and human forms and eagle forms, so that all the forms amount to sixty four forms - and he created seven Archon Angels that stand before it, he is the eighth and has authority. All the forms amount to seventy two. Furthermore from this Chariot the seventy two gods took shape so that they might rule over the seventy two languages of the peoples. And by that throne he created other serpent-like Angels called Seraphim, which praise him at all times (The Nag Hanmadi Library (Gnostic texts) Robinson, James M: Harper Collins 1990) The original Matrix is formed from the 8 x 8 quantum wave function this 64 energies Matrix was the one our ancient ancestors lived in and the one the Chinese still live within. The 7 dark energy matter lime-like dimensions and the 8th dark energy matter space-like dimensions are the Archon realms wedded to the Matrix. That is why I designed the 7 Psycrystals to shred the 7 dark energy matter time-line dimensional demons of the Archons. The 8thspace-like realm of Yaltabaoth's authority (Archons love authority and the authority slaves bred in the West) is burnt by the Total Demon Shredder available on The 36 BPCs and 36 PCs of the

Anti-Demon PGs used to burn the Archon god for PF, 72 PCs/BPCs to destroy Yaltabaoth so it can't escape. With the creation of the Seraphim serpent-like reptiloid dark energy matter entities, the evil spread as these Seraphim were worshipped by the Illuminati Zionists, the Sanhedrin money lenders thrown out of the temple by Jesus. The three fold corruption of Corrupt Eve, Atbash and Anti-12 Powers satanic crosses (see for full explanation) allow the Archonic god to further compress human reality into the total evil of the anglo demonic reality of the West. Now Yaltabaoth has 3 x 72names, gods, languages. The triangle is used to invoke demons and British MI5 advertises in National News papers to give away free triangular demon invoking talismans under the pretence of talismans that counterfeit my 7 Psycrystals (Paul Hughes Barlow told me he had offered his services to MI5 and that he was a black magician dedicated to Satan) The ADR compressed the 64 components of the Matrix to the 9 infernal elements of the Council of Nine... This 3 x 3 ADR Matrix is the one found by all Westerners as their starting point into life. During birth life damned human souls and demons that infect Westerners pull their souls into the 12 Power Psi-prison a 3 x 3 Psi-prison Hell so during life nearly all Westerners have their Souls transferred to this Psi-prison Hell as the damned human spirits and or demons of the Seraphim take over their bodies to give the standard greed or fear wage slave zombie of the West that obeys all authority. The invention of the ADR and the Psi-prison Hell that allows Westerner's Souls to be transferred out of their bodies during life was the master plan of the Archons to use the dead and demons to bind Westerners to the 12 Aeons even though the 2013 event will change the world from a CF to a Pulsar domain, perfect for Psi-Masters. Since nearly all the Westerners are bound in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison while alive the Archons can weather the 26,000 years of the Pulsar cycle secure that all future humanity is penned up in their Psi-prison so the human cattle cannot evolve and escape being fed upon and damned. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat was sent to give every human a chance to evolve, few or fewer might take up the chance but Cosmic Law dictates before humans are damned they must be informed of their fate and the way out. The 12 Aeon PC/BPCs burn the Psi-prison Hell of the Archons so:-

a) Liberate the human Soul from the 12 Aeon Psi-prison where the Souls of most humans are bound during life.

b) Burns the 12 Aeons for PF so the Psi-Master has fuel for his/her high level Psi.

c) Makes the Psi-Master recollect his/her life experiences that bind the human to the Psi-prison by the exchange of energy with possessed humans already in the Psi-prison Hell - most Westerners.

d) Allows the Psi-Master to enter the Matrix (8x8) of the Chinese... so the Psi-Master can copy the Shamanism of the ancient Seers.

In Shamanism stopping the internal dialogue drives away the dark energy matter insectile in the head centre of the energy body. This is because in quantum mechanics the wave equation collapses when it is observed. When you switch off your internal chatter the quantum wave equation reverts to it's natural state and kicks out the predatory dark energy matter parasite. It does not do this in the ADR. so all Westerners are lost to possession unless they have the 12 Aeon Psi-prison Hell Burner PGs. In the Chinese (8x8) ancient Seer Matrix the focussing of Attention on the Agglutinising vibratory force that binds our energy body drives the dark energy matter parasite away permanently. In the ADR/Psi-prison Hell of the West, it does not do so because most Westerners are Soulless shells possessed by damned humans/demons their bodies just vehicles for those ADR humans/demons, their real Souls trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison by giving themselves to the Western milieu of evil. This means the Chinese who never succumbed to the ADR due to Tiananmen Square have all the potentials of the ancient Seers and will take over the world as the 12 Aeon Psi-prison Hell of the West is burnt by the use of the 12 Aeon PC/BPCs PGs for PF for Psi-Masters. Since the Chinese have the use of ancient Seer Psi and all Westerners do not the inevitable outcome of the war between the West and China... will be the Chinese hegemony, a new uber-Power. The 12 Psi Crosses, Anti-Atbash PC/BPC and true Eve PC/BPC expand the 9x9 ADR Matrix and 9x9 Psi-prison Hell of the Western undead to the 64x64 Matrix of the Chinese ancient Seers. The 3 fold process of Yaltabaoth corruption is wrecked by the 3 processes of 12 Psi Crosses, Anti-Atbash PC/BPC, True Eve PC/BPCs. Once one gets back to the 8x8 Matrix of the Chinese/Ancient Seers, how does one evolve out of the Matrix into the Third Attention, transcendent state of bodiless being, the mark of a fully developed Psychic Warrior Shaman, someone who burns with the Fire from Within and journeys in infinity.

Transcending the Matrix HERE