Anti-Death Psychotronic Crystals:

The death of humans is the only certainty to a wageslave, or a billionaire. Only the Psychic Warrior Shaman beats death and can extend his/her life to billions of years. Having met ancient Seers from 100,000 to 12,000 years old makes one realise that everything the Westerner worships, dollars, big houses, trophy wife, yacht, private jet, is great if you could have it for millions of years but for a few years of a normal human's life is a travesty. The Illuminati being bodies possessed by Archons, the Souls of the Zionist sold for temporal power have no interest in extending life for their human cattle. Let the human breed many children and die young. This keeps up a steady supply of fodder for the Archon, who torture murder the human Soul for more fuel in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Hell. Life extension has been my pet hobby since emergence into human life understanding ageing and death to my mind are the vital keys for a Psychic Warrior Shaman.

The human body is surrounded by an energy membrane as is the biophysical body, a small orange sized flaw in the membrane called the gap in the belly button region is the weakness through which the negative aspect of the Rolling Force shatters the human energy bodies membrane and rolls up the energy fields for transport to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison or for the Spirit being shredded devoured by the Strange Attractor called the Eagle by Shamans. Death is the process by which the left side Pulsar energy is depleted to a critical low (weight of a feather as depicted by Egyptian pictograms from the Book of the Dead) so the Pulsar Force stolen from man all his/her life by suppression in the Archon Matrix, can be used to shatter the membrane prematurely. This is why we have the myths of men living much much longer in the far past, Methuselah... Noah... A normal human in the Matrix can increase their lifespan to a 16 fold increase by addressing the real causes of ageing, supernatural spirits. The Conte de St Gemain in the Court of Louise the 14th was supposed to be gifted with a super extended lifespan as well as immense wealth. If you are rich already a 16 fold increase would be worthy a huge proportion of your fortune, since Tim Rifat believes in meritocracy the Anti-Death PCs are priced so only one in the developed world can afford one (if you worry about the Third World people you can buy one for a poor friend).

Let's look at the key points of ageing so you can see how the Anti-Death PCs work:- The left Pulsar side of our energy bodies is used to kill us by the Archonic force of Death. The left Awareness PC/BPC which boasts your left Pulsar filed being tops up this depletion by the Archonic Death Force so is a must have for any normal human wishing to live to 1280 years. The Anti-Death PC/BPC shreds the

Archonic Force that has tapped into your left Pulsar being and erodes it to kill you prematurely, the Anti-Death BPC/PC blocks your left Pulsar being from this Archonic predator called Death so the left Awareness PC/BPC can top up the massive amount of energy you have lost to this Archonic Death Force. It does this by tapping into the dark energy matter Archonic Death Force and burning into it as it does to you; this technology was given to me by the Blue Pulsar who taught the ancient Seers how to escape death. This Anti-Death technology cannot be deflected by the Archons and irreparably poisons the Death Force that is tuned to y our bodies and comes from the dark energy matter parasite lodged in your brain centre at birth by the Archonic parasite technology. Since the Pulsar beings can design any kind of Pulsar field, the Pulsar Field in the Anti-Death PC/BPC powers the Archonic Death Force, poisons the dark energy matter entity in your brain and poisons the nurse parasite to which you are connected. This poison is passed to the insectile that breeds the nurses and hence to the Archons. As the Pulsar poison takes effect you get freed from the Death Force and the dark energy matter parasite in your brain falls victim to your Pulsar being poison, dying and making the nurse insectile fatally poisoned... You can see that the use of psychic poisons is a fantastic Psi-technology and in one fell swoop clears not only the Archonic Death Force that eats your left Awareness to kill you, but destroys the dark energy matter entity that has taken over the synaptic process in your brain to relegate you to a zombie. The Pulsar Poison kills the insectile nurse so you cannot be infected and devastates the Archon vermin who fee off the human race. To use all you have to do is keep the BPC/PC on your left side, it is as simple as that!

Cost $80 + $40 Postage and Packing.