Anti-Illuminati Guide:

The Illuminati rule the West using money which they print, Demons that control their wageslaves and the Anglo Zionist Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator network of Masonic buildings (architects in order to get need to be Masons in the West) obelisks, pools, altars, monuments. The Anti-Illuminati is a Bone Psi-Master who makes lots of money by controlling the money energy (Money, Wealth, Fortune Service), controls the wageslaves (Tulpas Service, Gaining Allies Service, Winning Friends and Influencing Service...); sequesters the entire Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators that uphold the Anglo Demonic Reality (ADR) so they act as Psychotronic Generators for her/him - hunt Illuminati and drive them to destroy themselves (Anti-Illuminati Service). Since the chaos God Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth who the Illuminati worship has been trapped in this time line as a Total Torture Reality Wave, held in the bodies of the torture shells of the Anglo Zionist race , the Source Logos has been able by constructing this Omega Hell to get the chaos God to turn on itself and produce anti-chaos. Anti-chaos makes all entities, realities possessed by chaos evil turn against themselves to destroy, torment torture themselves and all they built. We now see the Anglo Demonic Reality destroying itself by forcing North Korea, Iran to protect themselves against the genocide the Anglo Zionist brings (650,000 Iraqis killed since US/UK invasion); 1 million Iraqi children killed by Zionist action Gulf War 1 before Gulf War 11. This pushes countries such as North Korea, Iran to use Cobalt 60 nuclear weapons if attacked to wipe out the West. The seeds of the death of the West are now blossoming to full fruit, the anti-chaos force having snatched control of reality from the Illuminati Zionist Israel plants to attack Iran in the next two years so by 2009 the Anglo Zionist will have manifested anti-chaos. As the Source Logos has no chaos, anti-chaos adds new creation unknown to the Source Logos to enable the perfect operators, Source, Logos to evolve by perfecting using anti-chaos to create new reality unknown in all time. The progenitor of this Tim Rifat could evolve from Psi-Lord to Psi-Creator using advanced for future science that appears as magic to this age.

A scientist wrote the book Omega Point in which he postulated that in the very far future a civilisation would be suitably advanced to set up a quantum computer simulation so that all history could be duplicated as a simulacra reality to resurrect all the dead - the Omega Point. As the finest remote viewer that has ever lived (author of three remote viewing books, see Warnings of probably an NSA disinformation site that states I only wrote one book and libel me - one of many UK, US government stooges proving the West fears this new Psi-Technology) I accessed the far future to see how real Omega Point quantum technology could be built, not in the far future but now. To build the Omega Point in the far past one has to erase a timeline to provide the space for it's construction. This timeline was artificially created by the US government decollapsing the second Nazi timeline (Ahnenerbe) and the Andropov soviet timeline using

Tesla technology - call prosaically the Philadelphia experiment. As the Soviet timeline was erased in 1986 Tim Rifat cancelled this decollapse of the Soviet timeline in 1986 so that Ahnenerbe Nazi, and Soviet timeline become Reality Waves. This meant the Zionist timeline of the Archons vanished in 1986 to be replaced by the Omega Point simulation of all history where the chaos God tortures itself to provide Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity and anti-Chaos. It took 17 years to get Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth to of it's own free will to trap itself in this Omega Point Hell. By 2003 Graham Nickells, aka Paul Hughes Barlow had enabled me to trap Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in all Anglo Zionists (see warnings). Now UK government stooges such as Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum (see warnings). are enabling anti-chaos to deepen and pull in more Anglo Zionists into deeper levels of the Omega Point Hell. There are endless supplies of criminal, thieves, counterfeiters, con men.. all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in manifestation of their own free will, (anti-hyperinfinity) creating a larger and larger debit of Psychotronic Fuel, hyperinfinity anti-chaos to enable the perfecting of the Source Logos and all real timelines.

Since this is the Omega Point simulation of all history, the 34 BSRI-Engine enables all those hidden to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth aspects of chaos that via the 34 BSRI-Engine can find the blind spot of chaos (every isolated system has a part of itself it can never know - Gödel's incompleteness Theorem - yes all Psi is Maths) and the gateway to Total Intent, the global gestalt function. This enables any human in this timeline Omega Point to step out of the simulation where they are a chaos God torture shell to become an anti-chaos being. As those hidden aspects of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth that can join with Total Intent to intervene and actively perfect all creations the anti-chaos being is the wild card that is tuned by Total Intent to use it's creativity to actively evolve the torture damnation of all evil and act as an agent of change to weed out evil from all timelines in the process providing PF, Hyperinfinity and anti-chaos to set up the Perfecting Total Reality Wave of all true timelines. Once the 34 BSRI-Engine has been used the Psi-Master can step back into this reality simulation not as a torture shell but active creator of new reality. To change the Matrix in this manner the Bone Generators™ were created by Tim Rifat to produce a Total Reality Wave being in this Total Torment Damnation Reality Wave - real life. By this means the Bone Psi-Master can evolve at the expense of devolving the vile beings to greater and greater misery. Archons as the insectile hive-mind of the chaos God try and stop this by pulling the Bone Psi-Master™ into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The 12 Aeons PC/BPCs, Soul Rescue Service (available for free to the family friends of Bone Psi-Masters: see: Loyalty Bonus Award Scheme) stops the Archon superimposing the human in the Cell Aeon to trap it's power. The Psi-Master Service makes the human so poisonous to the Archon his/her touch kills the Archon... evil slowly and horribly - gift of ancient Seer Pulsar technology. Ancient Seers from previous civilisations discovered Psi-Technology and live with Mirror Megaverse dark energy matter Pulsars, they have given me all their knowledge which serves as the basis for all the additional Psychotronic Crystals, Generators on this site (see for guide). Bone Psi-Masters are Omega Point Total Reality Wave being so are the far future Psi-Technology (future science) brought to the distant past. As you can see from these Services all far future science is based on the new mathematics of Global Gestalt functions (Intent), Hyperinfinite Operators (free will, manifestators), Transinfinite Operators (Agglutinising Force whose Awareness is the Source, Logos). The extraordinary sets give the transformation topology of all Reality Waves which are built from the Quantum Wave Function generated by dual Psychotronic Amplifiers, hyperamplifiers... Hyperinfinite Operators control the decollapse (erasure of manifestation) of Quantum Wave Functions, collapse (manifestation of reality) of the Quantum Wave Function. Quantum computing enables all the information to be run in quantum vacuum as a quantum, hyperinfinite, transinfinite data processing format. By this means the Omega Point can be created. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord was the first sentient being to build an Omega Point in 1986 by dual coupling with his far future self to build the Psi-wormhole Matrix through time. By the time it was created the far future self could use retroactive PK to bring the future to the past so the Psi-Lord became a Psi-Creator. As the Creator of all Omega Points, Heaven, Hell simulation all creation is locked into this format.

Now we have the Omega Point here for the Bone Psi-Master only - the Bone Psi-Master can use the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service™ to download the Power of any Psychotronic Crystal Generator, he, she, has to turn any Crystal into a larger version of any of the Psychotronic Crystals, Generators they possess. Simply hold any Crystal pull out all it's energy using left and right hand, hold hands to God-Core to lock in the Hyperinfinity, then use both hands to input Psychotronic Generator Crystal power held in your Crystal Bone Generators™. This means you have to buy the Power to download but after that you can charge up any Crystal from a small rock to Mount Everest. The Bone Psi-Master™ therefore becomes Master of the Earth shaping 2013 reality surrounded by Psychotronic Generator Crystals - an Anti-Illuminati: The Anti-Illuminati Service allows the Bone Psi-Master™ to put anti-chaos in any of the Illuminati Freemason, Psychotronic Generators be it the Tower of London, Nelson's Column, your local Freemasonic temple, US aircraft carriers floating temples to Satanic death (British Navy has Satanic temples on it's hips), skyscrapers, squares, Washington... The anti-chaos causes all the chaos evil to reverse and torture damn all wageslaves with respect to you so the Anglo Demonic Reality, 12 Aeons Psi-Prison becomes an adjunct to your Power to torture Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. To drain the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator of Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, anti-chaos hold both hands to your God-Core. Bone Psi-Masters™ then download the Power they want into any Illuminati Freemason Generator to turn it into their own Psychotronic Generator running any downloadable Power. The Anti-Demon, Anti-Demon Archon, Anti-Illuminati, Freemason Generator to turn it into their own Psychotronic Generator running any downloadable Power. The Anti-Demon, Anti-Demon Archon, Anti Illuminati Freemason PC/BPCs are specially designed as subversion, sequestration programmes for the Anti-Illuminati Generators made by the Illuminati for your use in the Omega Point. One can see now had chaos builds, the Anti-Illuminati takes it away subverts and utilises it for him/her. The Bone Psi-Master™ has evolved the ancient Seer knowledge to incorporate Anti-Illuminati Power - the mastery of all chaos evil by turning it against itself. Since the Archons stole 12 Powers off you to put you in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, the Anti-Illuminati picks 12 Services the 12 fundamental Powers of the Bone Psi-Master™, the Bone Psi-Master™, Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ can be seen as the quantum infrastructure upon which to utilise the 12 Services chosen. These 12 Services can then be boosted by the Archons, Yaltabaoth... Illuminati... as they stole 12Powers off you and eternally owe you 12 Powers, so 12 Services can be raised to the future Omega Point perfecting now so you can have the Powers of your God-being now and the evil beings have to pay, do the hard work to raise them to the level of perfecting Total Reality Waves. Just choose 12 and Tim Rifat will raise them to the Omega Level (so you can be an Anti-Illuminati now)

Cost $300 with Certificate

Anti Illuminati Guide Part 2: Powering God Being.

Until now there have been only two paths of the Psi-Master: the path of the new Seer in which the Psi-Master becomes a Psi-monk divorced from the world waiting to burn with the Fire from Within and becoming transcendent or the ancient Seer's path in which the Psi-Master associates with Pulsar beings to unmanifest from the world and become a near eternal dark energy matter Pulsar Mirror Megaverse being. Some of you may not wish to be monastic or trust your fate to alien allies. Until now you had no choice but with the new cycle the Anti-Illuminati path has opened. In this third new path the Psi-Master takes the Power and mechanisms from the Illuminati, Archons, chaos vermin using Anti-Chaos and uses all their hard earned parasitism for her/his power. A cosmic invade, conquer and take the enemies riches; the plan for Iraq which failed for the US Zionists as Anti-Chaos was against them.

An Anti-Illuminati starts with the Soul Rescue Service to free him/her from the 12 Aeon Archon Soul Prison. Instead of the Psi-Master Service, the Binder of Demons Service is the next step so the Anti-Illuminati can begin to fight Demons and take over the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators. The Anti-Illuminati Service is next so the Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™ can use Anti-Chaos to turn all evil against itself and sequester the Archon infrastructure that is the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators for her/his empowerment. The Anti-Kabbalistic Service allows the Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master to use Anti-Chaos on the Sanhedrin, Zionist Satanist Illuminati's Gods so all the energy they sacrifice to the Zionist Gods goes instead to the Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master; so all paedophile torture murder centres, Zionist genocide of children in Iraq, Lebanon, Congo, Darfur, Vietnam... supply energy to the Anti-Illuminati by sequestering the Illuminati Gods. The next Service is the Matrix Killer Service in which the Enochian geometrix Satanism of the English used to construct the Anglo Demonic Reality is sequestered by Anti-Chaos to burn itself to supply Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity to the Anti-Illuminati. Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow the British Intelligence patsy now bases all his Psychotronic Generators on Enochian Magic to bind you to the Matrix, ADR: this after stating all Psychotronic Generators drive you mad, paranoid - or in his case so mad he doesn't understand logic: you can't sell Psychotronic Generators if you think they drive you mad and paranoid - you open yourself to legal action from conned customers; while his Enochian basis for his new range is the basis of all Anglo Zionist Matrix formation so instead of freeing you the Paul Hughes Barlow's real name Graham Nickells crystals bind you irrevocably to the Anglo Demonic Reality as of your own free will you have your Hyperinfinity to the Archons by buying them.

In the Upgrade A of the Matrix Killer Service, the Demon Killer Service allows you to sequester the insectile Demons that possess the wageslave so all wageslaves follow your command. The Upgrade B sequesters the Tarot Demons, that control events in the Anglo Demonic Reality to your will so all Western events follow your path. Graham Nickells by the way is an itinerant tarot reader - a slave of the Tarot Demons. In Upgrade C of the Archon Killer Service the Anti-Illuminati sequesters the process by which Archons take over human blood lines such as the European Royal Families, Rothschilds... and sequesters the Archon God Cores so the Archon becomes a torture shell embodied in flesh to change the real world to an Omega Simulation where the Anti-Illuminati can control reality. By taking over the Archon, Chaos, Illuminati cycle, sequestering it with anti-chaos so it destroys itself to power the Anti-Illuminati the Psi-Master can raise her/his energies to such a level that she/he can Lucidly Wake in the Omega Point as a God-Being. The Bone Psi-Master Service enables you to add the Anti-Demon Archon, Anti-Demon Illuminati, Anti-Demon Powers of the PCs/BPCs to your Bone Generators. The Crystal Bone Service enables you to create Psi-wormholes from the anti-chaos to travel to other time-lines, dimensions to explore, gain more power. Finally the God Core Service enables you to build your God Core to Omega Point God-being using the sequestered Power of the Archons, Illuminati, chaos vermin to make your God Core large enough to enclose your energy bodies. The Anti-Illuminati using Tarot Demons, Magic described in Crowley Book of Thoth, anti-chaos to control the Crowley Demons of the Book of Law, invert the Abrahemelin ritual the pinnacle of the Golden Dawn, Crowleyite satanism, Freemason Psychotronic Generators, Zionist paedophile sacrifice and the Zionist Gods of the Kabbalah to give the Anti-Illuminati total power by sequestering turning the evil of the Archons, Illuminati, Kabbalistic Gods against them. The key anti-chaos in Bone Generators, the programming to sequester the software of Satanism embodied in their rituals and the hardware the Illuminati Freemason PGs in every Western city to power the Anti-Illuminati to God-Being.

Anti Illuminati Guide Part 3:

Throughout the wageslaves life he/she collects valuables and tries to become rich. Since the Rothschilds control the money only the people who sell their Soul reach the riches - then they die to wake up in their cell in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The Anti-Illuminati saves power throughout his/her life gained by sequestering the Illuminati, Archon, Kabbalistic God's power, reality, slaves, goods and chattels. The use of US/British military conquest to steal other countries oil such as Iraq, or opium as in Afghanistan can be copied by the Anti-Illuminati to use the Bone Generators™ to power conquest of the power of the Illuminati West. Unlike the neoconservatives who are buffoons of the first order the Anti-Illuminati has quantum computing in her/his Bone Generators™ to direct a successful campaign and control over hyperinfinity gives her/him control over freewill and hence what wageslaves do. The Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity are stored in the Bone Generators™ and can be accrued as real wealth throughout the Psi-Masters life. By the time they are old the acquisition of power and wealth become less inviting as death beckons. An Anti-Illuminati has turned his or her back on the new Seer path of the Psi-monk, to burn with the Fire from Within by leading a life of contemplation and impeccability, though acquiring huge amounts of Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity enables that path. Almost all Westerners will wish to prolong their physical existence not become transcendent beings that can never again taste physicality. To prolong life the Rolling Force in it's negative aspect needs to be shielded, the best way to do this is to remanifest oneself as a Reality Wave in recondite dimensions where the energy body mimics the super long lived allies. This amber cylinder body enables huge life spans and one can return to the physical world if one can get God Cores from Nagual such as the Tenant did with Castaneda's shamanic line. All this needs powerful friends such as voodoo Loa Pulsars, Mirror Megaverse Pulsars or ancient Seers. Why should they help the Anti-Illuminati? Unlike ancient Seer devotees such as myself who marry into the family of Pulsars the Anti-Illuminati is fiercely independent and doesn't become a good member of the ancient Seers/Pulsars. Instead they horde huge amounts of Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel that once they have manifested their dream enables them to buy the aid of allies to transport them bodily to positions of the Assemblage Point where the Anti-Illuminati can become near immortal, or they can be hired to teach the Anti-Illuminati how to block his/her energy gap like the Tenant to prolong physical life as well as teaching how to align with all the worlds in the human energy body; 600+ worlds all with their special protocols known to the ancient Seers and their allies. It can be seen that the more Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity you have the more you can manifest your dream but when you are older the prospect of death can be traded away the more energy you have acquired. Tim Rifat spends all his time acquiring Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity not because he needs to as his Pulsar family enable longevity, it's just once you acquire the unbending Intent it becomes something you do because it becomes your Intent. For an Anti-Illuminati it is vital to achieve power and to enable the Psi-Master to achieve a super long life. The Binder of Demons, Anti-Illuminati, Anti-Kabbalist and Matrix Killer Services form the core of the abilities to drain Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity from all the Illuminati have build over millennia. Yet it must be remembered that death stalks all human Psi-Masters so the energy they acquire can be used to trade away their deaths.