Extreme Situations Bone Generators:

We all know about people who survive in impossible conditions (for example under/buried alive, survival in open seas, in the wilderness, survive falls from great heights, lightning strikes, caught in blizzards, sandstorms...) while most die. The women who pick up cars to save their child displaying super strength. North Vietnamese soldiers who lived underground for years in earth warrens, then came out at night to destroy the US military (more info on this site on the North Vietnamese). People who ingest poison and live. Fakirs that can stop their heart rate and control their autonomic nervous system to boost performance, super  athletes in the Zone. People who can steer their way through any obstacles. Soldiers that psychically Lucid View IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices). Most interestingly one of my closest friends was a former Special Services Commando and MI6 death squad executioner:-

  • He had survived torture by the Gestapo, being chained up and given gruesome treatment that makes waterboarding look mild, who by force of will told the Gestapo torturer he would hunt him down after the war and kill him - thus abruptly ending the torture through Remote Influencing fear in the torture. I just kill them with Lucifer (Lazed Unconscious Cursing Intents For Executing Revenge) that have turned MI5 into Edom (Enabled Dementia Or Madness) torture shells.
  • At Arnehm he survived Hitler's Tiger Tanks that shot shells into every floor of every building by resorting to Future Self Survival ESP, his surviving future self telling him to go into the sewers. Similarly when he was put in a top security prison camp for incorrigible escapees, when the Russians came he hitched a ride with the German Panzer Corps fighting the Russians with the Germans - all the other camp inmates were never seen again. He had the intuitive skill to survive in any situation. A gift I duplicated for myself in my decades long war with the British which ended with Amalek Cobalt 60, Lucifer,  Edom... destroying the British, EU...
  • He was an aide to a Catholic Priest who carried out exorcisms and personally experienced Demons and the Exorcist Phenomena as seen on the film. Duplicated for my Exorcism Service on this website.
  • During the Second World War one of his team mates was the son of Aleister Crowley who could put a psychic shield around himself to deflect all bullets. My friend personally saw him walk through hails of bullets unharmed. I duplicated this for my personal Bone Generator.
  • He personally got Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's top parachute Commander out of Europe after the war and enabled his move to South America. Remember he fought with the Germans to escape Stalin's Soviet troops. So clandestine successful talents became second nature to me by duplicating his trade craft in my Bone Generators. After the war he was honoured (secretly) by the Germans for his heroism in enabling Skorzeny's escape.
  • He took a phosphorous bullet in the foot at Arnehm but still was able to walk through the sewers under fire with a cooked foot. I duplicated this pain immunity, to incorporate it in my Bone Generators I still feel pain, but it galvanises me to kill the enemy - in my case MI5 with thought weapons only (it is illegal to use any other methods on these vermin). Having cursed to death hundreds of these vermin I can attest to the power of this physical fortitude Bone Generator surround by British criminal low lives my psychic superweapons have turned them into doomed torture toys!
  • He personally defended the King of Morocco in his Palace when surprised with firearms then a sword when he ran out of ammunition. As the Moroccan King's Personal Bodyguard he proved his worth when surprised. A combat skill I downloaded into my Bone Generators.
  • As an MI6 assassin he could kill with one blow. His favourite killing tool was the cheese wire garrotte - simple and quiet. He was the template for my Sublime Good Psychopath Service. It's useful to turn a loser in an uberwinner, using any means to get what he wants, accomplish the mission, take out your enemies. Converting a victim into a victor. The British government have expended millions trying to kill me in return I destroyed their National Security irrevocably with Amalek Cobalt 60, Lucifer, Edom... the Shaddai superbomb. Far future science applied to low life criminals - called the British Government.
  • He lived off the land for a year, to prove he could, an expert survivalist. I duplicated this in my Bone Generators: Survive to kill the Enemy Bone Generators. Since 1996 the British have tried every means to kill me - to no avail - in fact I doomed them: Lucifer...

One needs a template of a Super Solider as the starting qualities for Extreme Situations Bone Generators. He was 5D Kline Bottle duplicated for his Sublime Good qualities as the starting point for my personal Extreme Situation Augmentation Bone Generators. Now on sale to all sportsmen and to the military if they make a minimum order of $500,000 (wire transactions only), website prices apply to them as well. Each of the Extreme Situation Augmentation Bone Generators add to each other and are synergistic, so the more the better. They bridge the Supernatural to natural bringing the paranormal into the frame. To make a Super-survivor, Super-sportsman, Super-outdoors man, Super-soldier, Super-achiever; all real world phenomena, these Extreme Situation Augmentation Bone Generators are a must. MI5, MI6 and the British can attest to the Tim Rifat Super Soldier, calling me the number 1 enemy of the state, super-terrorist, Anarchist... I survived to complete the mission - bankrupt Britain then kill it using Moslems to unleash Amalek (Cobalt 60, Lucifer, Edom... Shaddai supermind bombs. (no physical weapons as that is illegal only psychic, thought weapons - not covered by law). If like myself you like the Saw films you can torture your enemies using this technology and give them the choice to die or suffer all at your behest - war fighting, asymmetric warfare from the far future.

North Vietnamese Super Soldier Bone Generators: (more info on site)

Enables you to live in claustrophobic conditions. I have lived in a steel bunker since 1996 to protect myself against MI5's microwave murder machine. Be able to withstand extreme heat, constant physical stress, poor diet. Live to kill the enemy, so you get explosive episodic attack energy to drive through your goals, mission plans to the bitter end.

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