Alien Abduction Rescue Service:

There have been hundreds of thousands of US Citizens abducted by aliens; over a million report this alien abduction. As the ADR has become all present in the United States due to total Sanhedrin control of every aspect of American life the barrier between the dark energy matter realm and the light energy matter realm has been systematically lowered by quantum mechanical mixing of abducted humans who have their God Cores (energy centres: see stolen by force and their Souls erased to enable alien Greys or Demonic Reptiloids, insectiles, werewolves to gain physicality in our Dimension. The US military has been covertly (unknown word) this quantum superimposition of dark and light energy matter being to enable their Masters the Archons and their slave races to manifest in our Dimension. This enables the Archons and their servants to gain physicality and be not only ghost-like but physical in our realm. Special places have been constructed by the US secret government for these hybrid (quantum superimposed dark, light energy matter crossovers) Each of the up to 2 million Americans used has been quantum superimposed on a dark energy matter grey, demonic: reptiloid, insectile or Archon and the dark chaos overlords. The human ceases to be human as their Soul is erased by the process, God Core stolen and part of their physicality stolen to give physical essence to the Archons... reptiloid... grey. Electronic implants, dark energy matter implants... are used to keep the human quantum superimposed with their dark energy matter piggy backed crossover now physical in our realm. Quantum superimposition means the grey... in essence steals all our real world being leaving a husk, an anchor to keep it in our Dimension as long as the abductee lives.

Having experimented with dark energy matter, light energy matter quantum superimposition with the Blue Pulsar Princess I understand the methodology in all it's aspects. If one is a Psi-Master one has excess energy and control and can bring Pulsar into the real world, the Archon way is deadly and destroys the Humans' Soul to manifest the alien hybrid. The Alien Abduction Rescue Service consists of terminating the alien hybrid crossover that has used your Soul for energy God Core to fix it in our realm and physicality to make it manifest. Once that is done I have to recreated your destroyed Soul. This is far future technology, and extension of making Tulpa biophysical helpers (see this site). Your Soul has to be recreated using Omega Point technology, then once this Soul has been recreated it needs the recovered God Force to give it longevity so it does not fade away. Hence Psi-Masters don't have children, this diminishes the God Force Centre.

Having recovered your Soul your physical body is then decohered to rip it from the Archon dark light energy matter superimposition of the supersolid version of the ADR present in the USA. All alien parasites in your body have to be purged.

Your body is then scanned by me for alien implants that are telekinetically de-activated so you fully decohere back to normal physicality. Your mind is then Remotely Sensed to scan the alien parasitic Memetic subroutines burned into your neural network and parasitic worms and viruses that have been scanned into your brain, Morphogenic Field and Biophysical Field. Your Biophysical Field is then scanned to erase all the alien biophysical implants and reverse all the psychic surgery needed to produce alien hybrids. Your biophysical womb, testes are recovered from the Archons hybridisation factories and all stolen eggs and sperm remotely killed to block further hybridisation by the alien child leaching physicality from it's parent route. Once that is done your womb, testes are returned to normality and their stolen components returned.


Service is for one year and you are guaranteed any further abduction will be reversed for that period.

Cost $600, including Authenticity Certificate.