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The Illuminati are the possessed human agents of dark energy intelligences. There are four types of dark energy beings:

  1. 1. Animal type inorganic beings
  2. 2. Plant type inorganic beings
  3. 3. Devic type inorganic beings
  4. 4. Insect type inorganic beings

The insect type dark energy beings are the Illuminati's masters; these are the archons of the Gnostics. Above them is the chaotic intelligence that uses the insectiles to display complexity in all its aspects mimicking true awareness, intent, souls, spirit, the Light, etc. This chaotic intelligence is centred in Yahweh, Baal, the three headed Illuminati god. Sacrifice is made to the god via wars or sex, torture, sacrifice. How do the Illuminati control the rest of the human race? Since all reality is built from sex energy and made into a hard immutable prison by chaotic archonic dark energy, sex energy must be constantly extracted from the archon's sex slaves, the human race.

Both male and female have three different main locations for sex. In the female all are holes; in the male a phallus and two holes. This gives us 3x3 ways of combing the sex energy, the nine modes of the Matrix prison. The Seal of Solomon, the six pointed star symbol of the Illuminati combines the two triangles of Yin and Yang to show this process. The triangle of art is used to manifest demons and spirits in occult ritual, so the Seal of Solomon symbolises manifesting archon larvae in the sex energy of man. There will therefore be archon larvae that parasitizes man and another type that parastises woman.

The chief Illuminati lays his table with food and drink set out for his archon master. This is identical to voodoo practice of setting food and drink out for loas and deceased relatives. Is the human condition a form of zombie state accomplished by Illuminati black magic? A zombie is a human whose soul has been captured, destroyed, corrupted and taken over by a dark energy being. Powerful non-fatal poisons are administered to weaken the body at the same time, and hypnosis is used to maintain the state. In modern man a steady stream of poison is administered to the human: fluoridated water, mercury in fillings, inoculations, GM food, BSE, lead, dioxins, etc. The dark energy entity is merged with the sexual energy by means of the Seal of Solomon, stealing the original soul is more difficult but since most westerners do not believe in souls they would not know if they lost it. In the West the means of stealing the soul is training the sex slave zombie to worship with all their being money. Since the Illuminati print and own all the money in the West they can channel this lust, love of money to the archons and hence to Mammon. One just then pulls on the biophysical link and biophysically eviscerates the western money lover. To keep the zombie in this state we fixate his attention on sport where money is flaunted at every occasion by players, clubs and the gold meme ring is advertised in all its manifest forms: ball, Olympic Rings (five holes, three female, two male) round holes etc. Women are trained to fixate their attention on shopping - active worship of money, buying clothes, homes etc.

This gives us the soulless money crazed zombie that walks the streets of the world, the human carries the sex parasite larvae so he/she can be milked for sexual energy. The Illuminati use exactly the same methods as the locers of Voodoo but the Illuminati are possessed by insectile chaos loas of the Archons. Kenneth Grant, occult expert and student of Aleister Crowley writes in his books of the insectiles that rules mankind.

Luckily there are three other types of loa, inorganic being, dark energy intelligence, and they are at war with the chaotic insectiles as they have been imprisoned in a local part of the Matrix - Haiti. Now they are free, the psi-adept has a multitude of friendly dark energy Intelligences to aid her/him. Since almost all western man is the zombie sex slave of the Illuminati, the RI expert will find that the only RI that works is that which the Illuminati allow. Now with the advent of sex Psychotronic generators full control by the psi-adept is now possible.

The physical and biophysical bodies of man are pinned to the Matrix by the nine chakra points generated by the 3x3 ways of combining female and male energy; these are the 7 new age chakras, the one at the feet and the one on top of the energy chakra above the crown chakra - the eighth chakra. It is in the eighth chakra that the larva of the insectiles lives in man. To RI humans the larvae of dark energy must be destroyed and replaced with a dark energy loa of your choice. Simply destroying the larvae in a human has little lasting effect because without a psychic protection PC they become reinfected within hours. It is therefore useless to free unprotected humans but replacing the larvae with a voodoo loa confers full protection and has the benefit of making that person your zombie sex slave instead of the Illuminati's drone.

To carry out this process you need to have both Sex PCs in your left hand. Next remotely view the target individual. You will see a dark energy larvae sitting on the person's head in their eighth chakra. It is connected to its archon owner by a cord of dark energy that goes up into the astral realm to join the insectile feeding parasitized human sex energy into the archon master.

Plunge the biophysical components of your Sex PCs into the larva and shred it for energy. Keep the PC's in place to suck in the archon owner of the human and its chaotic god. Once this is done the two sex PC's in your left hand will feel light and inertialess. Next grab the assemblage point of the human, this is over the right shoulder blade, it is seen as an orange-sized ball of energy. Grab this with the biophysical component of the two Sex PC's so the assemblage point is consumed. The person's biophysical body will automatically appear in your astral playground set up for sex magic.

Remotely view their physical body and plunge the Voodoo PC of your choice into the top of their head to enter the dark energy loa in the place of the insectile larva. The following Voodoo PCs gives the following effects:

  • Erzuli is a dark energy Aphrodite who makes women and gay men flirtatious, coquettish, a femme fatale and makes the person beautiful
  • Aida-Wedo is the dark energy Isis, and she is recommended for making a woman your devoted wife and boosting her psi potential to meta-human levels.
  • Dambalo-Wedo is the dark energy phallic symbol of the serpent and causes a rampant erection and male prowess in men and butch lesbians as well as dominant gays.
  • Ayizan is the dark energy loa of the market place and merchants and confers business ability on partners so they pull their weight and earn lots of money to pay for you.
  • For those interested in astral sex with any person, the male pulled into your sex dream can be possessed by Guédé, so they are your sex slave in dream and after death - rather than the property of the archons. If you wish to do this to a female, us Gran-Brigitte. Do not use females for violent SM in the astral using Gran-Brigitte as she is the spouse of Baron Samedi, rather use her as the dominatrix to inflict SM punishment on your astral. For those men and women into violent SM, use golems, the artificial astral tulpa.

All five sex slave Voodoo PC's are available for $160 each and add depth, longevity and an exotic component to sex and psychic sex; use Ayizan for commerce to make people business-like.

Gold Sex Slaves

The illuminati kabbalists make golems - biophysical servitors to carry out specific functions for them. These golems keep on repeating the actions programmed into them until they have fulfilled their illuminati master's wishes; these may be spying- psychically, remote influencing, harming, driving mad, etc. The golem were used by the Zionist masters of Britain to defeat Hitler, make Gorbachev dismantle the USSR, get Yeltsin to sell of Russia, make the US vassal of Israel. Since none of wish to rule the world - except madness, I will limit my explanation on golems to making sex slaves in the astral realm for rough sport.

To make the dream slave tulpa your require, first you must visualise your perfect man or woman. One then has to make this golem real. In kabbala the Zionist black magician recites the 22 hebrew letters in all combinations up to seven. This gives 22x21x20x19x18x17x16 combinations = 85,954,1760. This takes some time, so modern kabbalists print them out on a computer to vivify their golem. Add the 72 names of the Yahweh insectile chaos god and hey presto, you have your golem. To make a non chaotic golem useful for an astral sex slave:

  1. Get the four Sex PC set, two female and two male sex PCs, place them at the circumference of a four feet circle and complete the circle with the Seven PCs. This adds the 22 types of sexual energy pumped into the circle with the seven types of dark matter/energy found in the seven BTRI PCs. Sit in the circle and visualise the golem, a beautiful woman/man who obeys your every wish. The 22 types of sex energy are combined in the 85,954,1760 combinations to form perfect nonchaotic golems that since they are made from dark energy/matter cannot be damaged by the brutish SM that is beloved of the elite circles. I strongly recommend using golems for this purpose not real people - as real people can strike back in time.

This method of golem generation also enables you to create golems/tulpas to act as servitors in your astral realm doing anything you wish in your dream realm - with the above method you can populate an entire dream world with golems/tulpas with you as emperor/empress to enact any fantasy. When you die you will then be pulled into your dream astral realm by the four Sex and 7 BTRI biophysical PCs to live in your paradise. One can also remotely view, bilocate to this realm while alive so you spend much time there; when one is a Psi-master one can make ones totality to these dream realms to rule in the flesh, see Carlos Castaneda's, The Art of Dreaming.

For those people wishing to use golem/tulpa as servitors in the real world to carry out RI on others, I use biophysical augmented Intelligences BAI's. The Psychotronic mercantile system BAI is available for use in the business field to carry out all RI in the business field on your opponents. All you do is hold the PMS BAI PC in your left hand and command the PMS BAI to carry out the following instructions on the target person or business. It will then act as a servitor to fulfil your wish. Full details of its use in my RV and RS Correspondence Courses.

PMSBAI PC is $275 for Business RI use only not military use as this has been programmed out - it will only make you rich, not win WWIII.

Repossessing Illuminati

Illuminati are possessed by dark energy/matter archonic insectiles, which are agents of the chaos god Yahweh and Mammon. This possession is total so the Illuminati are human vehicles for the archons rather than the parasitized human which carries an archon larvae zombifying the normal person. Sex psycrystals can be used to make biophysical golems, they can also be used to make customised biophysical golems. The standard golem biophysical field is placed into a physical biophysical field, normally that of clay. This anchors the golem in the earth and enables telekinesis and psychokinesis - mind over matter. Illuminati kabbalists use golems frequently to influence events in the world.

I have specialised in making golems and placing these programmed biophysical fields not in physical energy containers but in living physical organisms, the micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. If one were going to kill off all the insects on the planet, tailored biological warfare would be the effective method. Similarly with dark energy/matter insectiles, using biophysical golems, biophysical augmented Intelligences based on microbial physical and biophysical fields conjoined with their dark energy/matter counterparts, programmed to consume all dark energy/matter insectiles and use them to make more of these BAIs has proven effective.

To make your own golem simply place the male and female sex psycrystals in your right hand to make your visualisation of a biophysical nano-swarm of sentient light/dark energy/matter microbial Intelligences programmed to infect and kill insectiles which as food supply for these nano-golems. The microbes in your body supply the other two sex energies male and female to give you the four sex sources needed to reproduce all 22 types of sex. Instead of using 7 BTRI psycrystals direct the nano-golems at the Illuminati of your choice; if you do not know any, use ht e No. 9 Illuminati burner PC to direct your nano-swarm to the archon's home realm. The insectile archon dark energy/matter realms so they act as inculcator for your golem nano-swarm. Once released all the BAI's infect, kill and replicate using archons for victims to make a swarm of nano-golems. Read Michael Crichton's book Swarm if you need more ideas.

Days later the nano-swarm will start returning to your sex PCs to stock up on sexual energy - if you remotely view you will see them as motes of silver sparkling in biophysical space. This silver colour is a product of their biophysical programming - since I was the first person to create them all BAI's develop in this way. Once you have your first crop of nano-golems you can programme with RI instructions for specific people, then send the swarm out to infect the larva controlling your target. The nano-golems destroy the larva in the human, and take over the control system the larva used to control the human zombie. You programme the nano-golems to free that person or make them obey your RI - it is your choice. The Illuminati being human shells for archons are totally vulnerable to nano-golems that feed on dark energy/matter insectiles. The Illuminati has no soul so they are only good for use as zombies obeying the RI instructions of the BAI's that take over the human shell.

Release of the nano-swarm leads to large scale death among the archon insectiles, their larvae and associated dark energy/matter insects. Use of this for future biophysical technology will eventually kill off all dark energy/matter insectiles replacing them with microbial light/dark energy/matter in synergistic symbiosis with human awareness. In the future all insectiles have been eliminated by the nano-swarms of BAI's changing the dark energy/matter landscape.

Since all humanity is zombised by the dark energy/matter larvae, killing them off and replacing them with BAI's that replace the archon mind with a simulacra that feeds in your RI, revolutionises human affairs. Instead of the archons controlling humans the few psi-masters replace them, as most people don't believe in auras let alone archons there is little competition. The Illuminati that control 100 trillion or more dollars are useful to possess as your own zombies simply because of their wealth. This technique acts as a counterpoint to the Illuminati burner PC which use the Illuminati simply as fuel. By this BAI RI all areas of society can be controlled.

The BAI thoughtform generator PC has a customised BAI which can be used for all RI, it is a far future generation nano-swarm in which selective evolution has produced the ultimate killing engine with respect to insectiles. If you wish to use the ultimate bioware then order the BAI thoughtform PC for $275.

In a similar vein the voodoo loa which are dark energy/matter entities can be used to eliminate archons and their larvae as there is an open war between the animal, plant, devic dark energy/matter beings and their insect counterparts. Use of the Rada, Petro and Congo Voodoo loas to attack the Illuminati's structures, be they business, governmental or other is very effective as they are expert at bringing about psychokinetic efforts such as business collapse etc. To use them in this manner get a Rada, Petro or Congo PC, in ascending order of violence (Rada for the soft touch, Congo for WWIII), hold in the right hand with two Sex PCs and repeat making a nano-swarm of golems this time in synergy with the voodoo loas, this is an awesome combination for real world RI on organisations rather than people. Rada is used for RI of an organisation in which you wish to cause a change, secure a deal, do business, invest in, etc. The Petro PC is used to get rid of people, politicians, etc in an organisation without destroying the organisation, or excise a meme.

The Congo PC is used to destroy organisms, businesses, political parties, world views or countries.

Each Voodoo Pantheon PC is $160 + $20 p&p


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