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Each Quartz Crystal has been reconfigured by Remote Influencing into a Psychotronic Amplifier, as used by Soviet Bloc Psi-Adepts.

There are seven Quartz Amplifiers on offer, which have been tuned for:

  1. Love
  2. Remote Viewing & Psychic Powers
  3. Money
  4. Health
  5. Age Extension
  6. Good Luck
  7. Psychic Protection.

The amplifiers are also available as pendants.

Each amplifier is tuned to the client, empowered in a virtual Stonehenge, and comes in a black velvet bag with personalised identification. Since Tim Rifat is the only expert on this technology outside of Russia, this is the first time theses device have been on offer to anyone in the West - they were only previously available as weapons for Soviet remote influencers.

Erzulie Bon Rouge, Aziyan, Aidowedo, Baron Samedi
Voodoo PC:
 $120 + $15 P&P

Choose your Psycrystal

 $70 + $15P&P
BSRI Council of Sixteen
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Psychotronic amplifier chakra charging kits, sixteen stones $900 + $100 P&P
BSRI Council of Nine

Psychotronic amplifier chakra charging kits, nine stones $600 + $60 P&P

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BSRI Council of Seven
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Psychotronic amplifier chakra charging kits, seven stones $300 + $25 P&P
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RI psychotronic amplifier Crystal Pyramids

Individually tuned to energise their owners psychically, cleanse rooms and charge water, $55.00 + $10 P&P
Psychotronic amplifier healing kits

Description coming soon
RI psychotronic amplifier crystal wand
Tuned to enable bioplasmic water energising for healing and rejuvenation, $100.00 + $20 P&P
RI psychotronic dowsing pendulum
Charged for co-ordinate map remote viewing $55.00 + $10 P&P
RI psychotronic amplifier magnetic necklace
To aid healing and boost the psychic powers of the wearer $55.00 +$10  P&P
Gold Silver or Platinum Power Ring
Send your own personal ring and it will be individually charged for you $200.00 + $40 P&P
Psi-Master grail geomancy
Alchemy course on tape, $600 + $60 P&P for advanced work. This is for the second level of the Tim Rifat Psi-master Course.
4 Cardinal Grail PA's
 $320 plus $30 P&P
2 Cardinal Grail PA's
$240 plus $20 P&P
The Grail pattern manuscript
Showing all the Grail Patterns:  $240 plus $20 P&P
The 6 Grail PA's and the Grail Patterns
$600 plus $60 P&P



There are 72 classes of Goetic demons/archdemons used by the lluminati since the sixteenth century to be the agents of occult RI and psychokinesis; these servants of darkness are used to kill, influence, drive mad… control humanity. The Goetic demons are found in the Grimoire; the Key of Solomon; and are the prime tool of the Illuminati bankers who oversee the Club of Isles that rule the European Union. The Goetia have been used to cause the meteoric rise of the Illuminati from their simple role as moneylenders to the rulers of the banking world. They control the UK totally and used the Goetia to smash Nazi Germany even though the Nazi Ahnenerbe were themselves psymasters. Similarly the Soviet Union was torn apart by these Goetic forces even though the KGB, GRU were experts in psy-warfare.

In the process, however, the Illuminati took over Germany and completely dominated control of the Russian Federation’s wealth through their eight oligarchs. So using the Goetia as psychotronic tools, the Illuminati have destroyed their enemy, no matter how psychically advanced.

Since the Illuminati are dedicated Satanists, they view the rise of the Moral Majority in the US with dismay. As a right-thinking person, I have developed technology to totally expunge the Goetia so that the US can bear the light of Christianity to the world, keeping in mind that the EU is now dominated by Satanic practices derived from their Illuminati masters – for example, the Royal Navy now has Satanic temples and priests on its warships, Belgium and Britain have paedophile torture rings dedicated to Satanic worship, Holland regularly assassinates anyone who argues against uncontrolled immigration that lowers wages and brings in misogynist races that devalue the female, all aspects of the European Union and governments are riddled with corruption and all enquiries inevitably exonerate any allegation of serious criminality, whilst the prison populations grow as they are filled with the poor and the mentally ill.

Christians are seen as the enemy of the New World Order that the Illuminati desire and the Goetia are constantly being used to undermine and emasculate the spiritual forces of Christianity. To use the AOT technology against the Goetia one employs a 72-bioparticle circle of crystals and repeats the standard AOT protocols. This has the effect of

·         Destroying the Goetic demons to release the power they have stolen from their victims, in a form which backfires on the Illuminati who have been their willing tools. This process also destroys the illuminati who are in the Goetia’s thrall.

·         Erasing the forces that resist all attempts to destroy the matrix or escape from it.

·         Freeing the entrapped sprits of humans who are in the Goetic demons’ purgatory.

·         Taking over the psychokinetic force that has up to now made events go the way of the Illuminati and the archonic entities that possess them.

·         The AOT protocols are exactly the same as in all other cases except for the 72 bioparticle circle and are recommended for any remote influencer who wishes to go against any aspect of the real world or further an agenda that is not demonic. Since the Illuminati have depended upon the Goetia for their RI and psychokinetic capability, this AOT is devastating to the forces of darkness.




The Enochian demons are used by the British illuminati to control the West. These diabolical Enochian demons were brought into the Matrix in Elizabethan times and twisted the Matrix to the Anglo-Demonic world view. By using 156 bioparticle PCs in a circle and repeating the AOT protocols, one can drain the entire British-Enochian demonic realm. This gives the psyadept:-

·         Psychokinetic power over the British demonic world, like an inner circle Illuminato.

·         Command of the 30-dimension continua of progressive degradation and the stairways to perdition used by the Anglo-Enochian demons to trap humanity in the humanist/materialist spiral of nihilism before, during and after death.

·         Power over the fabric of the Anglo-Demonic Matrix, the warp and weft of the solidifiers of reality used for trapping awareness on specific demonic tarot entities.

·         The power over the governors of the Enochian world, who are now used to ungovern the Matrix, ripping it to shreds.

·         Control over the five demonic elements used by the occultist to change the nature of humans to the five demonic aeons used to entrap the awareness of the mind-controlled masses who take the dream of the Matrix as their reality.

·         Careful study of Enochian occult texts will give you the idea of how to use this technology to totally disrupt, expunge and destroy all aspects of the Enochian occult and its Anglo-Demonic world.


The occultist of the Golden Dawn and neo-Crowleyites such as the OTT and the British Illuminati have the Abrahemelin ritual as the gateway to adeptship. In this ritual, the occultist spends six months conjuring up the Goetian demons and biophysically vivisecting himself until he is an empty shell devoid of any soul or spririt and a perfect vessel for the insectile Archonic dark energy matter entities which control the Anglo-Demonic matrix. To shred these foci of pure evil, reverse everything they have done within the matrix and drive their human zombies into dementia, common in the political classes of the Anglo-Demonic Empire, use 144 bioparticle PC and repeat the simple AOT protocols. The energy in the AOT keystone PC can then be used as a focus for pure good to

·         Decorrupt the Matrix

·         Decorrupt the user

·         Decorrupt the humans around him

·         Open up awareness of the corruption that is the norm in the Anglo-Demonic Matrix

·         Use the energy released to become a true psyadept

Cost of Anti-Enochian/Anti-Abrahemelin upgrade to AOT system is  $300


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