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The discovery of the tenth planet Sedna orbiting the Sun every 10,800 years, a 1,000km ball of ice and rock has totally changed the Matrix. The nine inner planets have been the focii of a global field based on the nine insectiles, Council of Nine, the number of black magic and evil; more importantly the number of chakras binding humans in an inverted way to the Matrix. With the advent of the force fields of the tenth planet, the nine have become ten, this can be thought of the energies needed to shatter the Matrix enabling the human to escape or subvert the Matrix. The energies' technology enables Psi to take form and function in ways undreamt of by even the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. In the energies of the tenth planet we can find the power to use magic, Psi, psychotronics, etc, not by beseeching spirits, gods or other entities to do our bidding; rather to take power to ourselves by shattering the Matrix and its entities, using it for fuel to empower ourselves. We are therefore uniquely fortunate to be born when the Matrix was at the height of its powers, its demented creator Yaldabaoth in its full glory, the world totally evil. Why? Simply because the advent of the tenth planet and its energies allows us to shatter the Matrix, thrown down the demiurge Yaldabaoth using all for psychotronic fuel. This is an age when psychotronic fuel is abundant enabling feats of Psi that will not be possible in future ages as the psychic bonfire ignited by the destruction of Yaldabaoth and its Matrix fuel jumps of consciousness so profound that they will be inconceivable in the ages to come.

This is the end of the cycle of Matrix realities as the Kali Yuga, Iron Age of consciousness has forged humans so inured to evil that they can not only leave the Matrix but having no attachment to it, can turn it in its entirety for psychotronic fuel. Since there is no mould outside the Matrix, the tent planets energies are useful as they are the only astrological forces not of the Matrix. Since the Goetic spirits used by the Illuminati are linked to the astrological forces, all the occult forces of the Key of Solomon, Abramelin, etc, are Matrix forces. The tenth planet brings in a new class of forces, energies, inorganic beings, etc, not of the Matrix that are the basis of Dark Science, the technology of dark matter and energy developed by Tim Rifat, the only scientific expert in this area. To this end Tim Rifat has forged a dark matter ring of power by burning the Matrix and Yaldabaoth for psychotronic fuel. This dark matter ring of power embodies the forces personified by the tenth planet, those of dark science, the knowledge and power to use dark matter, energy as well as the inorganic beings of that realm for power, illumination, wealth, etc. This dark matter ring is the meme of Dark Science, psychotronics; since only remote viewers trained in dark energy/matter bilocation zero outside of the military can see the dark matter ring; Tim Rifat has placed it in a quartz psychotronic amplifier. Since only Toltec sorcerers explored the dark matter realms, this knowledge has been lost, as Don Juan, Carlos Castenada's teacher was the last of his line, no Toltec sorcerers remain of any note. Luckily remote viewing can be developed to explore and utilise those dark matter realms, all that is needed is psychotronic fuel. With the astrological force of the tenth planet the Matrix can be ignited for psychotronic fuel to power the dark matter ring of power. Thus the few Psi-masters using astrological tenth planet dark matter rings of power can power jumps of consciousness impossible at any other time in human history.

The Astrological PC is a new line of psychotronic amplifiers which is entirely alien to the Matrix and is not used like the other types to escape the Matrix. Instead it burns the Matrix and Yaldabaoth for psychotronic fuel to power leaps of consciousness, Dark Science psychotronics of a kind unknown before this age.

When you get the Astrological PC the PA can be used to shatter burn or consume any part of the Matrix. Hold in your left hand to consume psychotronic fuel, hold in right hand to ignite any part of the Matrix, be it organisations or enemies. In the psychotronic fuel mode the APC burns you out of the Matrix and Yaldabaoth giving you the energy to use the dark matter ring of power inside it. The APC is the ultimate Matrix smasher expunging anything of the Matrix. It will therefore annihilate any occult spirit, demon force sent your way for fuel, unlike the psychotronic protection PC it does not protect you, rather it transmutes you into the tenth planet consciousness of Dark Science. It is therefore not recommended for people who wish to be normal but for aggressive Psi-Magi in the Psiops mode, military Dark Science not for the elite but for yourself.

With the APC fully charged withdraw the dark matter ring of power meme by visualisint it appearing on your left or right forefinger. The left forefinger for absorbing dark matter energy, the right for projecting dark matter energy. To use in the occult mode call up any occult force, spirit, Lam, Goetia, Enochian, etc, simply point the ring at them in your left hand. It will annihilate them completely. Use the right hand to project dark energy matter versions of them not in the nine Matrix mode of Yaldabaoth, but ten Dark Science mode of the new planet consciousness, the Psi-Mage that worships no entity. Doing this enables you to absorb all the knowledge of that occult entity. This dark matter power ring renders the entire occult world obsolete, just Matrix to be used for fuel. New spirits, angels, entities, etc, are simply made by using the ring on the right finger to create your own Dark Science Intelligences using the Matrix for fuel.

The Dark Matter realm is entered by RV simply by having the Dark Matter power ring on your left forefinger and projecting your biophysical body through the centre of the power ring. You will then enter the 30 aethyrs, dimensions of Enochian, Egyptian Magic. These can be thought of as the thirty dimensions of the Matrix; above them is the 31st dimension, blocked until now. Simply place your power ring on the 31st dimension to enter the dark matter realms, or the other 30 for more psychotronic fuel to power your dark mattering. Once through the 31st dimension you have gone beyond the Matrix and can explore the realms of non Yaldabaoth realities. Remote Viewing is ideal for this as it is safe and simple; the ring powers Dark Science RV Rvscience. You can stay in the dark matter dimensions or go into human time-lines where Yaldabaoth was destroyed by human action, some of these human timelines are very cruel, but that is man's nature.

Once back in the Matrix you can use the Dark Matter power ring to empower all aspects of your life. Since Dark Matter and energy cause disease in humans the power ring naturally makes immune to these diseases. In this manner you can live long enough in the Matrix to outgrow the thought police mind control we take for sentience. The power ring integrates any dark matter energy in your body so it strengthens your body rather than killing it. Grail Stones should not be used with the APC as they are opposite in function. The APC is for use outside the Matrix, or to create reality within the Matrix not of Yaldabaoth's doing. Use of the Dark Matter power ring enables you to use dark matter and energy in the Matrix to manifest this realm in the manner you wish. Since dark matter/energy is invisible to normal humans it is the perfect force to be used by the Psi-Mage. In business you can surround your competitors' business in dark matter to block them from customers. You can create dark matter stakes to pin your competitor in the Matrix of your own, as was done to you via the nine chakras. Dark energy can be used to psychically attract customers to you like moths to a candle the uses are endless. Since dark energy and matter are unknowns they are the perfect weapon; tunnels of dark matter can be created to bridge realities by bringing your creation into being ultimate magic. 2013 is not due to intervention by forces outside the Matrix but rather by the explosion in useage of Dark Science.

Interaction with dark matter beings, the inorganic beings will become commonplace. These beings, like humans, are good and bad. Since they live for millions of years their knowledgebase is enormous. They crave energy, so the dark matter power ring can be used to exchange knowledge for energy. Beware though if you give the ring to them you lose it as only one power ring is yours. No other exists. As long as you have it you can safely interact with this infinity of realms. Lose it and you become lost in the infinities or worse luckily it can only be given away by you never taken by force.

APC  $400 (+ p&p) $40

Level III of the Tim Rifat Psi-Master Course:

Introduction to Dark Matter/Energy RV Tape Course $600 (p&p $60)
Dark Science Occult Neophyte Course  $600 (p&p $60)
Dark Science Occult Adeptus Course $600 (p&p $60) (includes Opening of the Mouth Rite)


Earth Energy Psychotronics:


  1. Place Cardinal Grail Stones at North, South, East and West in a square or rectangle.
  2. Place base on ground to direct energy up from ley, earth, dragon energies into sacred space.
  3. Place point in ground to direct energy into ley, earth , dragon energies to form earth energy form for manifestation.
  4. Use any of the 7 Psicrystals, hold one in left hand, other 6 in circle around you to power the intent, money, luck, love... to superboost Psycrystal. Cardinal Grail Stones as in 2.
  5. Use any of the 7 Psycrystals, hold in right hand to place intent, money luck, love into earth energy form for manifestation Cardinal Grail Stones as in 3.

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