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With Tim Rifat's breakthroughs in anti-occult technology AOT the truth behind this evil has been laid bare; all occult entities are in fact dark energy/matter forces beings respectively. Since 73% of the universe is dark energy, 23% dark matter those dark entities have great power. They have been using occultists throughout the ages to corrupt human reality to evil. The illuminati are the modern day occultist puppets of these dark energy/matter entities - called archons, demons, shadows, vampires, ghosts, succubi... Tim Rifat has used AOT to produce the anti-matter version of dark matter and the negative energy of dark matter. By encapsulating this anti-dark matter, negative dark energy in his bi-polar PCs, Tim can enable:
  1. The expungement of all dark evil forces be they dark energy or matter.
  2. The reversal of all negative effects of these demonic entities.
  3. The exorcism of all dark energy/matter demons to the True Hell where divine power makes them pay for their perdition.
  4. Destroying the occultist who was the puppet of this evil.
  5. Trapping the revenant of this illuminati in the True Hell.
  6. Using reverse psychokinesis to turn all the occultist's reality into an anti-reality where they wake up in a nightmare of divine wrath.
  7. The negative dark energy generated by the AOT engine produces the psychotronic power to:
  1. Enable the user to free him/herself from the Matrix
  2. Enable the user to achieve their dream of happiness
  3. Enable the user to have the power to strike down the evil sinner
  4. Achieve the ultimate dominion of the powers of good
  5. Grow beyond simple material gain to awake as a lucid waker, a true Psi-Master

With AOT the Psi-Master now dominates the occult, the basis of the illuminati's power which they have used to control the Matrix. To use the anti-demon range of PC simply place in left hand or pocket or under pillow to work 24/7 all year round - it's as simple as that.

All PC's are $60 (30)  Postage and Packing on each item is $10 (5)

Psychotronic PCs are charged in an AOT power circle for the specific intents listed:
Total Exorcism Engine  
Product: Description:  
Anti-Devil To be used against Satanic Practices
Anti-Occultist To be used against illuminati, Satan Worshipers
Anti-Ghost Protects against Evil Dead
Anti-Curse Reverses the effect of Evil Spells, Wishes
Anti-Possession Exorcises all Evil Entities from the owner
Anti-Vampire Stops people and Entities sucking at your life force
Anti-Goetia Reverses all effects and powers of Goetia Demons
Anti-Tarot Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Tarot Demons
Anti-Enochian Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Enochian Demons
Anti-Kabbala Reverses all effects and powers of Kabbalistic Demons
Anti-Servitor Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Servitor Demons
Anti-Sigil Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Sigil Demons
Anti-Typhonian /Set Reverses all effects and powers of Egyptian Demons
Anti-Chaos/Magick Reverses all effects and powers of Chaos Demons
Anti-Jinn Reverses all effects and powers of Moslem Demons
Anti-Buddhist Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Buddhist Demons
Anti-Akashic Record Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Matrix Demons
Anti-Seven Evil Spirits Reverses all effects and powers of Seven Evil Spirits
Anti-Reptiloid/ Insectile/Werewolf Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Dark Dimensional Demons
Anti- Voodoo Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Evil voodoo Demons
Anti-Tiamat Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Babylonian Demons
Anti-I Ching Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Chinese Demons
Anti-Kahuna Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Hawaiian Demons
Anti-Golem Demons Reverses all effects and powers of Jewish Demons
Anti-Dagda Demon Reverses all effects and powers of Celtic Demons
Anti-Lilith/Morrigan Reverses all effects and powers of Female Demon
Anti-Succubus Reverses all effects and powers of  female-like Sexual Vampiric Demon
Anti-Incubus Reverses all effects and powers of male-like Sexual Vampiric Demon
Anti-Abrahemelin Demon Destroys the powers and occultists who have sold their souls to the Dead:- the Anglo Demonic Reality for power.
Anti-Wicca Demon Eliminates the Evil Entities that are at the root of Witchcraft
Anti-Communist Demon Expunges the anti-spiritual Demons that corrupt Communism
Anti-Karma Demon Dissolves the knots that hold you through many re-incarnations in the Matrix
Anti-Horoscope Demon Frees you from the Birth Sign Demon that ties you into a specific slave role within the Matrix
Anti-Matrix Demon Dissolves the Demonic Power that stops you exerting your will or manifesting your dream within the Matrix
Anti-Adversary/Archon Rids you of the voice in your head that convinces you to do the wrong thing time and time again
Anti-Black Mass
Erases the dark forces generated by the Occultist's human sacrifice ritual and destroys their power and being, consigning them to the True Hell
Anti-Halloween Draws in the powers of all the Occultist's dark forces and the dead damned, shreds these malefactors and uses their Power to bring in the Light
Anti-Haunted House/Place Erases all the powers of Darkness from the Cursed Place using reverse psychokinesis to strike down the Evil Ones and giving you their Power to use for the Light
Binder of Demons PC Reprograms Demons to strike back at only those working for the Source of all Evil, useful for transporting Occultists, illuminati Demons to the True Hell while still alive to leave Zombies in their place that destroy the ADR.
Anti-Hell PC Enables the user to automatically place all illuminati, Occultists in the True Hell, leaving a Zombie that wrecks the New World Order. Frees trapped Souls from Purgatory and lets them go to the Light
Unlike the Psychic Protection PC, the Anti-Demon PC's can be used for offensive Psychic Warfare.
Anti-Personal Demon PC's  
Product: Description:  
Anti-Boss PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Bosses
Anti-Enemy PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Enemies
Anti-Wife PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Wives
Anti-Husband PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Husbands
Anti-Lovers PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Lovers
Anti-Racist PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Racists
Anti-Politician PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Godless practisioners
Anti-Banker PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Bankers
Anti-Traffic Warden PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Traffic Wardens
Anti-Police PC Extreme Psychic retribution for the Illuminati's enforcers
Anti-Lawyer PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Lawyers
Anti-Neighbour PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Neighbours
Anti-Teacher PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Teachers
Anti-Relation PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Relations
Anti-Dictator PC Extreme Psychic retribution for Dictators

Anti-Media PC

Extreme Psychic retribution for Evil Media Mouthpiece spreading propaganda and disinformation
Please note PC does not work on  true Christians Moslems... as it is intended for Evil Satanist Petty Tyrant common in the EU. Anti-Demon and Anti-Personal Demon PC's made to order for no extra price email or telephone.
Product: Description:  
Anti-Nightmare Demon PC Banishes the Evil Nightmare Entities
Anti-Personal Demon PC Rids you of the Compulsion to do Wrong
Anti-Habit Demon PC Rids you of the bad Habits that damage your Health such as smoking
Anti-Vanity Demon PC Rids you of the Compulsion to buy the wrong thing to live up to a Vanity born of fad and frustration
Anti-Willpower Demon PC Rids of the weakness that stops you doing what you know you have to do
Anti-Obediance Demon PC Wakes you up from the Mind Control that has made you a willing and eager Wage Slave. As a Lucid Waker you gain the Power to see Reality, near and far, then change it in accordance with the Light
Product: Description:  
Total Demon Shredder The Total Demon Shredder is built from the Anti-Demon PCs, once you have 36 the Total Demon Shredder is complete.

Buy 36 Anti-Demon (Personal Demon, Anti-Jinn etc...) for $1000 + $100 P&P

Total Exorcism Engine:

The Illuminati who own the West - run all it's banks, own nearly all the major corporations, own the resources, print the paper money at massive mark-up, control all western politicians...(see and  depend on the occult energy matter demons to hold the West in their thrall. The Illuminati were the Sanhedrin demons, the money lenders thrown out of the Temple of Jesus in the Bible. They sacrificed babies to demons to get their wealth. The Key of Soloman, King Soloman's Grimoire described how to raise these demons Goetia to bring the Sanhedrin their wealth. Sacrifice of babies to control dark energy matter vermin like the Goetia is the core of the Illuminati's religion and binds the top echelons of the West together. The Sanhedrin moved to Europe after the Diaspora of Jews and set themselves up as goldsmiths, money lenders. They were thrown out of England in the middle ages for sacrificing Christian children to their demons. The 30 years war between Christian Catholic and Protestant enabled the Sanhedrin to become immensely rich as they lent money to both sides in return for usery and land. They also used gold invested in them by nobles to fund fractional reserve lending (all western banks lend thousands of times more than they have in reserve so if investors all wanted their money back every bank in the West would collapse...) The redshield, shield for north altar red for blood sacrifice, north altars are used for human sacrifice became the Rothschild. These Illuminati funded William of Orange's take-over of England and got the Bank of England in return - they print all British US monies. (The Orange Revolution of Yushenko in the Ukraine was funded by them as was the Russian revolution...) They offered Napoleon victory over England if he gave the Jews Palestine but then double crossed him. In 1913 the Illuminati got Woodrow Wilson to illegally turn over the Federal Reserve, IRS to the Rothschild cabal so America became a slave state like Europe of Illuminati Zionism. The First World War was begun by the Illuminati to destroy Russia the most anti-Semitic country, the richest and most resource filled. The Illuminati put the Communists in power funded by the Sanhedrin the inner Zionist Council of the Illuminati. The Second World War was was begun by the Illuminati to destroy Hitler's Illuminati funded nation to make Europe theirs and spin world opinion to set up the UN and Israel both Sanhedrin funded. Gorbachov, a Zionist, was told to destroy the Soviet Union to bring in the Zionist oligarchs who own all Russia, funded by the Rothschild Institute. Saddam Hussein was funded by the West as a puppet demagogue to pave the way for Illuminati control of the Middle East.

The only failure for the Illuminati was the Tiananmen Square revolution debacle crushed by the PLA keeping China in Chinese hands not a slave state of the Illuminati - like the West.... Now China is taking over the World, the Zionist world which pays the Illuminati to print it's money, borrow, lend money, fund the power structure of an absolute dictatorship run by the Sanhedrin for the Sanhedrin cannot compete with China where the Chinese pay no one to do business. This leaves the Illuminati Sanhedrin with two choices, go bankrupt as Zionist capitalism is swamped by Socialist Capitalism (India is a Zionist state so cannot compete with China) Or start a war between China and the USA to destroy China so the Sanhedrin can take over the world.

The key to Sanhedrin Illuminati are the dark energy matter demons of the Goetic, the Zionist demons that originally gave the Sanhedrin power.

As a Psi-Lord Tim Rifat sees the Sanhedrin Illuminati as the most precious Psychotronic Fuel Source - totally evil and totally dependant on demons. Since dark energy matter CF demons are childsplay to kill, Tim Rifat has killed all the 72 Goetia (36 light/36 dark phase) then killed their revenants again to make 72 Goetic torture shells, the perfect PF source. All the Anti-Demon PCs/BPCs are tuned to feed off the torture shell demons of the CF. As a wageslave Matrix prisoner humans are caught in the Matrix where the Goetia demons appear to be alive but are not, instead they are pulling the Sanhedrin Illuminati down by making the Zionists destroy the West by their every action: war against Iraq, Syria, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China. The constant PF from the Goetia and all the Illuminati bound to them has allowed Tim Rifat to fuel leaps of Awareness, power not available in a non-failed time-line like Nazi or Soviet world, or in the future. To share in this PF bonanza, a gold rush for power to fuel Psi, simply place an Anti-Demon PC in your left pocket, BPC in left sock, and live in the West - the ADR. If you live in China, sorry, you are not in the ADR so you haven't the Sanhedrin Illuminati Matrix to burn for PF. See

For the greedy Psi-Adept you can use 36 PC/BPC Anti-Demon Psychotronic Crystals (Anti-Demon, Anti-Jinn, Chaos Magic/Personal Anti-Demon) to burn all 36 Goetia (light phase using PC/dark phase using BPCs) This means all 72 Goetia aspects are burnt by the 72 PC/BPCs.  This gives you a pure PF Source tapped into the Illuminati Sanhedrin, ADR to shred the reality of the Zionist West like deflating a balloon with a pin. Use of the Total Exorcism Engine dumps all that power into you in one go so your wageslave zombie persona is blown out of all the Matrices by  power. The Total BSRI-Engine (34 PC/BPCs) enables you to shape the PF to make your own Matrix like the Illuminati. So for power mad Psi-Masters who need the PF to make their own Matrix but haven't the time to spend 2000 years accruing it, use the Total Exorcism Engine to burn/shred the Illuminati's reality for PF as I have done. The PF is available for anyone in the Matrix, having used the Illuminati to build a HyperMatrix, Psi Lord Tim Rifat has enabled any Psi-Master to break out of the Archon Matrices and fuel their own matrices. Since I was the first to blow the Matrices, every Psi-Master has to follow my Psi-rules, it means no one else has access to this technology. See warnings pages.  The first one in Psi sets the rules - luckily for me. The total Exorcism Engine can be see has the oil supply to run your Total BSRI-Engine to build Matrices on a strategic scale. If you are not a power mad soul the Total BSRI-Engine suffices. The total Exorcism Engine can be used for Total Exorcism of all houses, people, places, realities and is a must have for the professional psychic cleansing/protection specialist who wishes to get rid of evil on a large scale.


Anti Occult/Demon Protocols

The PCs and BPCs are charged with negative energy corresponding to the energy and matter respectively of the occult entities, occultists and human evil doers such as politicions, secret police, judiciary...

Simply hold the anti-occult/demon PC in yoru left hand, BPC in left sock and visualise energy being drawn from the entity, human evil doer. In the process you can rotate the AOD PC anti-clockwise to draw even more energy from the evil entity. Two sets of eight looped anti-clockwise spirals drawn in the air by rotating the PC totally discharges the entity, occultists... Having had a black magician to practise on I have used him to act as a cats paw to enable me to turn all occult entities, dark energy/matter vermin into negative energy constructs suitable for reverse worship - pulling energy from normal occultists give their life force, souls, spirit to demons in exchange for temporal power. They then need willing followers to supply more lifeforce, souls as they run out of life energy as they are drained dry. In anti-occult practice the process is reversed and life force, energy... is drawn from the occult entity destroying the entity as the Psi-adept becomes stronger and has the energy for Psi-activity supplied to him by the process.

If you wish to cause even more damage to the evil entity place the anti-occult/demon PC in your right hand, BPC still in left sock. Now visualise the occultist, politician, demon... and rotate the AOD PC eight times anti-clockwise in front of you with the right hand; in the process see negative energy tuned to the entity piercing it to cause energetic tumours that fester in the entity liberating from the entity energy as it is irretrievably corrupted, rather like a computer virus in a vast software program corrupts the computer. Feed the liberated energy from the corrupted entity into your left BPC making you physically stronger at the expense of the entity. This process drives the occult entity/human mad and diseased and in the basis for Euripides saying: "When the good wish to destroy, they first make mad..." This self destructive corruption is of immense value on illuminati, politicians... as it destroys the Matrix from within as it makes you powerful.

The RI Secrets Course contains the protocols for RI mind control and the above anti-AOD PCs, BPCs, can be used on any human entity in the left withdrawing energy or right corrupting/then withdrawing energy made to full effect on the desired target. The BSRI-E is needed to use the RI secrets for psychokinesis or for mass mind control of groups of people. Remember the anti-AOD PCs are tuned with the negative energy of only the named evil entity. To use mind control RI on politicians for example visualise the brain centre as described on the RI Course and pull energy out of it to weaken that centre. Use the right hand PC to inject corrupting negative energy to corrupt that brain centre so it is irreversibly scrambled to drive that part of the brain disfunctional. leading to madness in the politician, illuminati, as demonstrated by British politicians for example. The eventual cost to the politician of those techniques is dementia and strokes as demonstrated by the conditions pertaining to the West's cold war politicians.

The anti-personal demon PCs (see and can be used as above in people who are evil toward you and serve to drive the evil human self destructively mad - far better than using violence against Sobs as there is no comeback. The anti-personal demon PCs can be used with the RI Secrets Course for mind control of people you know to control their behaviour and make you physically strong as they grow ill. This psychotronic from of cursing is totally legal as the law cannot recognise Psi as the illuminati are terrified of the public realising it's potential.

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