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This website is part of the RV Science Complex - offering protocols, usage guides and explanations for the future science brought to the world by Tim Rifat.


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Tim Rifat is the world's leading expert on matters Psychic, regularly predicting major government plans in advance of their release or instigation, using future technology Tim Rifat offers a wide range of solutions for the intricacies of living in the modern world.



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If you wish to explore the paranormal world, Psi, Shamanism, psychic powers, remote viewing, mind over matter... or are misguided enough to give your soul tot he occult, black magic, chaos magick, witch craft, satanism, the illuminati, ignorance can trip you up for the former or lead to damnation for the latter. A route map of Psi for beginners would eliminate all the pitfalls for the psychic researcher and tell the occultist exactly what price she /he will have to pay for their consorting with demons... Archons.

The map of Psi-Space is for the Psychic Warrior Shaman who wishes to evolve, grow and become aware of what lies behind the veil of the Matrices. To begin with, one needs to be made aware that dark energy matter entities keep ones mind fixed on the box: the world of the Anglo Demonic Matrix - western wage slavery. Since the dark energy matter parasite that latches onto your mind is energy it can be drained, shredded or expelled. The 7 Psychotronic Crystals (PCs) do this by blocking all 7 dark energy matter dimensions simultaneously and sucking your personal dark energy matter parasite into a dark energy matter black hole so it's load of light energy matter can be passed to you. This frees your Awareness to begin exploration of Psi-Space. It also supplies you with a way of producing psychotronic Fuel (PF) to power your Awareness's journey into Psi-Space.


You now can begin to:


a) Study Remote Viewing (RV) and gain energy by voyaging in Psi-Space and the 7 Psychotronic Crystals (PCs)/ 7 Biophysical Crystals (BPCs) power your RV, eliminate negative entities that try to attack your in Psi-Space as well as enabling you to see what is really out there - not screen imagery which all U.S. trained remote viewers see as they cannot puncture the Psi-veil that keeps them in the Matrix - they lose energy as they remotely view.


b) Practice all New-Age pursuits such as Reiki, healing, channelling, past life regression... the 7PCs/BPCs eliminate all negative entities to power you with Psychotronic Fuel (PF). If you want the New Age activity to work 24/7 then a New Age PC/BC carries out the procedure.


c) Study Remote Sensing (RS) to read the minds of people, governments, Illuminati, Archons. This can lead to becoming interested in world events and the hidden evil that underlies the western world. Microwave blockers, mind control evasion and the secret means of control become known as the Psychic Warrior Shaman (PWS) expands his Awareness to see what really goes on around her/him.


d) Study of Remote Influencing (RI) enables the Psychic Warrior Shaman to control the people around her/him and to actively enable the Psychic Warrior Shaman to control world leaders using his Remote Sensing (RS) knowledge to make the world a better place; since the Illuminati are not protected by 7PCs/BPCs as they have been written out of the protection protocols - success is guaranteed. The Psychic Warrior Shaman now uses the BSRI-Engine and it's protocols to control Illuminati, politicians, sports events, gambling, colleagues, enemies... Use of RI and PGs enables the Psychic Warrior Shaman to become a man/woman of power, a leader of men.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman having expanded his/her world view now begins to use Lucid Viewing using the Left Awareness PC/BPC to explore the Castaneda explored realities. Lucid Viewing is called dreaming awake in Castaneda's: The Active Side of Infinity. The Lucid Dreaming world described in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming is opened up by the Right Awareness PC/BPC/ These Left PC/BPC opens up the pancreas energy centre for Lucid Viewing, the Right PC/BPC the liver energy centre for Lucid Dreaming, see Castaneda's: The Magical Passes. This exploration takes the Psychic Warrior Shaman into the Psi-space of non human reality. Here you will meet insectiles, werewolves/dogs, Archons (cowled monk-like satanic archetypes), reptiloids and other dark energy matter CF vermin; the left/right PCs/BPCs can now be used in Psychic Sword Mode to kill the vermin for Psychotronic Fuel (PF) to power your voyages in Psi-space - the Second Attention/ You can also bring these powers back into the western mileau to manipulate the world as a Psychic Warrior Shaman man/woman of power.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman now explores intending in Psi-space the Second Attention (see Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming) to develop his sexual energy by using the male/female BPCs/PCs to have psychic sex with a partner(s) in Psi-space/ The Sex PCs load the Psychic Warrior Shaman with sex energy that she/he needs for all powerful Psi work. Sex energy is needed to fill out the energy vehicle that the Psychic Warrior Shaman uses to house his Awareness during, after, before, in other lives... The human boy cannot handle Psychic Warrior Shaman Awareness so is replaced with a Devic superbody that can house all the powers needed to be a Psi-Master, a Psychic Warrior Shaman who has achieved a Devic body. The 4 SuperPower PCs/BPCs are used to house the Awareness of the Psychic Warrior Shaman so the human body can be discarded at the right time. Also all Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming now uses the Devic body for travel in Psi-space (car rather than on foot) so the Psychic Warrior Shaman can safely travel in dangerous Psi-worlds and not get bitten to death.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman is now ready to manipulate the Earth energies, the most powerful aspect of old/ancient Shamanism. The Six Grail BPCs/PCs manipulate the dragon Earth, tellunic, ley: energies. With the use of the Grail Stones the Psychic Warrior Shaman begins to drain the Earth energies in his/her city that sustain the Matrices of the: ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix. As more Earth energy is take out of the Matrix Grid the city becomes a hole in the Archon's Matrix enabling the Psychic Warrior Shaman to step out of the Matrix at will or slip non Matrix energies, powers... into the western wage slavery to cause non Matrix change to enable the Psychic Warrior Shaman to become a pre-eminent man/woman of power to control the world. The Grail Patterns gives a list of the Earth energy patterns that were used to build the Matrix. By pulling energy from these the Psychic Warrior Shaman dissolves the Agglutinising Force of the Matrix so the world becomes a dream that can be manipulated using the Six Grail Stones. By this method the world is turned into the 2013 state where the entire world is a dream state to all people not just the Psychic Warrior Shaman who controlled the dream long before 2013.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman then starts experimenting with Power Rings to input his/her series of Grail Patterns into his/her Intent in the Second Attention - Psi-space, to build a world where the Psychic Warrior Shaman is a Lord of the Rings, a power centre. The old Matrices are used as Psychotronic Fuel to energise his Intent so the tulpas (intent people) become real as the Matrix creatures are overlaid with her/his Intent so the world follows her/his intents. Since there are many competing Psychic Warrior Shamans the world becomes ruled by these Psi-Masters who compete with their Intents for dominance the key being the availability of Psychotronic Fuel.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman then begins to burn with Power for Matrix manipulation and begins his first step to maturity advancing beyond self importance to begin to defer to higher power, the Source, Logos. This means the Psychic Warrior Shaman is written into the Cosmic Plot as a Psi-Lord the 1st step in transcendence out of the Cycle of Karma, illusion, CF, hell, purgatory, Maya... The 4 Orbs, Simarillion of Tokien story space, Rolling Force BPCs/PCs enable the Psychic Warrior Shaman to begin using the Magical Passes, to master the Agglutinising Force (Castaneda: The Magical Passes) to stop the flow of energy and reboot it with the Psychic Warrior Shaman outside the stream of the Matrices: ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix: Archon space. Once this happens the Psychic Warrior Shaman is free from the chaos energy that possesses the Archons and their servants. Totally free from the Psychic Warrior Shaman can then begin to explore Psi-space as a free man/woman.


The Psychic Warrior Shaman then counters Pulsar dark energy matter beings from outside the Matrix who teach her/him sophisticated Psi not available to Psychic Warrior Shaman bound to their energy bodies. The line being described in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming, becomes the energy body of the Psychic Warrior Shaman as they choose to dream the human world and the dreamer is moved to the Pulsar's realms. This is a massive movement of the Assemblage Point - consciousness and requires the power tools of the Earth's Boost PGs, Chakra PGs, Orgone PGs, Anti-CF PGs... to build a line of light energy body takes incredible amounts of PF beyond the energy content of the Earth so special means are needed. Since the Psychic Warrior Shaman Awareness now resides outside the Matrix all that happens to her/him is just a dream that can be changed at will, real reality lies in the fixation of the Assemblage Point in the Pulsar realm. This means the Psychic Warrior Shaman's lifetime is extended to the billion year or more duration of a Pulsar dark energy matter superbeing so the Psychic Warrior Shaman can begin to learn non Matrix Psi to prepare for the jump into transcendence of the Third Attention - Awareness without a membrane surround the energy body a being of light, a creature of flux density.


Or the Psychic Warrior Shaman can burn with the Fire From Within and enter the Third Attention during his/her Matrix lifetime to begin the journey in infinity to be aware of non banded Psi-space as an ascended Master or can return as Psi-Lord to experience Pulsar Psi-space to teach her/him the path of Logos.


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