Tim Rifat's Ultimate Pavlita Generator


Pavlita used ancient alchemical research to develop PGs for the Czech and Russian psychic warfare programmes. Tim Rifat is the world expert on Russian Psi and discovered all Pavlita PGs used by the Russian military turned negative and caused their Psi-Masters to collectively destroy the USSR with negative energy, the more they used them the worse the effect leading to the collapse of the USSR and it's bankruptcy leading to all Russian resources being owned by the oligarchs, zionists funded by the Rothschild Institute - the heart of the Illuminatis. The fall of the USSR shows that all Pavlita Generators on the market will eventually lead to the user's downfall. Only the Tim Rifat class of PGs is safe as they use the gradually poisoning of PGs with negativity to produce pure clean Psychotronic Fuel 24/7. To do this a PG must have two PGs linked by quantum entanglement: Bells Theorum, linked as two bipolar Kline bottles which are in perfect tandem; as they both get negative to BPC/PC pair cancel out each others negativity perfectly to produce pure positive PF all the time. All previous civilisations: Atlantis, Lemuria, The 2M BC alien race before them... suffered collapse like the USSR because their PG technology went negative on them and they could not stop it. As the only expert on PGs, Tim Rifat's scientific study led him to develop the mathematical theorems of PGs that keep them positive 24/7: the BPC/PC pair of PGs sold in all Tim Rifat PGs.


The Tim Rifat Pavlita Generator uses a glass flask as the 4D representation of a Kline bottle to ground the 5D Kline Bottle in our 4D world by pairing it with another glass flask; the two glass flask 4D Kline Bottle representations (in the mathematical sense - grounding the effect from 5D to 4D space) act as paired quantum entangled: Bells Theorem 5D Kline Bottles paired in hyperspace the 5th dimension. The Time Rifat Pavlita Generator comes as 2 glass flasks with 34 PCs in one flask, 34 BPCs in the other - the two interact to collapse the shamanic Matrix around them to produce PF of very high power for one full whole year. The Ultimate PG for those Psi-Masters who want all the benefits of a Pavlita Generator without the negativity of all other designs. Two Spar Wands are supplied as PC/BPC directors so you can hold the PC/BPC in left and right hand to direct biophysical energy into you as you pour physical energy into your body; or BPC/PC in left right hand to pour physical energy from without into you and pulse it as biophysical energy into your bodies. Or BPC in left sock, PC in left hand to burn the Matrix around you for PF to supply you with the Ultimate PF for all Psi and physical pursuits.  Or have the PC/BPC in left hand/foot (sock) to direct PF into your energy bodies for the ultimate Psi uplift.


Since the 34 PC/BPCs in the flasks act as BPC or PC simultaneously they produce a super high frequency biophysical/physical vibration described in Castaneda's: The Active Side of Infinity - Chapter on Mudshadows, used by the ancient Seers as a weapon against all CF dark energy matter vermin. In this mode the Tim Rifat Pavlita PG can be used in BALEFIRE mode to direct a beam of super high vibration energy beyond the Matrices negative energy to burn holes in the Matrix, cleanse yourself, take out dark energy matter CF Archons, insectiles, weredogs, Illuminati... their human thugs. To do this simply hold the two Spar WAnds in your right hand and direct the beam at the evil entity or it's creation or both to damage, destroy it. To pulse this energy through you to uplift your being hold the two Spar BPC.PC's in your left hand to cleanse your being, home and all around you.


Cost is $200 + $30 P&P


200 + $50 P&P for immediate delivery


Comes as 2 Kline representation flasks, each containing 34 PCs/BPCs to contain all 34 Energies and combine them to burn them as PF to leave the Matrix. Two Spar BPC/PC Wands to direct the energy - the Ultimate PG developed by the only Psi-Lord - for now. If you want the best PGs 24/7 then only a Tim Rifat bipolar design will do.  The Tim Rifat Ultimate Pavlita Generator is designed to last 1 year at the power level used by only the owner - cannot be used by anyone else or groups.