Use your Sublime Good for Supernatural Spirit Magic


Oxford Dictionary:

Sublime .adjective: of the most exalted or noble kind; awe-inspiring (sublime genius)

.verb: sublimate to purify or elevate by or as if by sublimation; make sublime.


Sublime Good Range of Psychotronic Generators:


To sublime means to purify by heating, say for example seperating sulphur from sand, the sulphur being sublime to form on a dish above the mixture. Another means is the highest, heavenly, perfect state. In our new product range the Sublime Good Bone Generators (Psychotronic Crystals(TM) ) Tim Rifat the only expert on Psychotronic Generators and Psychic Powers who is the worlds leading scientist on the subject and has published 3 books on the subject now offers an entire range tailored to the mass market at a price that is unbeatable. As the creator, owner, author of Bone Generators(TM) and Psychotronic Crystals(TM)  Tim Rifat is now offering a huge range of these awesome Psychic Amplifiers at Best Buy prices tailored to the hard pressed client to who dollars are in short supply. Now anyone can have a comprehensive range of Bone Generator Services (Psychotronic Crystals)  which are derived from our professional Bone Generator Services on but don't have a professional price tag. Both our Bone Generators(TM) and Psychotronic Crystals(TM) come as three different power to give a comprehensive range of function:-


Sublime Good: Bone Generator Services (Psychotronic Crystals) Tim Rifat has used his mathematical knowledge as a University Lecturer before conentrating on psychic application full time to study Good and Evil, the things that most impinge on humans. Godel's incompleteness Theorem states that any isolated system has a hidden part which it is unaware of but which through unknown can influence that isolated system. This means that Good in the real world carrys around unbeknownst to it evil which it is unaware of but which corruptes it so all good in the real world gets corrupted. Examples of this are Fundamentalist Christian Preachers that sleep with prostitutes and embezel money from their flocks of followers, Catholic priests that are Paedophiles and Popes using Cardinals (who later becomes the Pope) to cover up these crimes, police who are the criminals, the West that practices torture, murder, genocide for material gain - to steal oil, gas, minerals... Israel that practices holocaust on Arabs (Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, it's an Israeli Arab...) Now it is obvious that many of the good people were genuine but fell from grace due to the fact that in a closed system evil is wedded to good. In the Sublime Good Range, Psi-Lord Tim Rifat uses his world expertise to seperate, Sublime the Good from the evil within it to produce Sublime Good, free from any evil. This Sublime Good has its nature purified so that there are no seeds of evil within. The evil being transformed by the process so it is forced to do evil to itself. This leads to:-


Anti-Evil: Bone Generator Services (Psychotronic Crystals) The evil exposed to the Sublime Good(TM) process created by the scientist Tim Rifat is forced to destory itself so in effect becomes self destructive and self eliminating. The complexities of this process are given on our Professional Service site on along with the quantum mechanics, Maxtrix Mechanics of the physics and maths of the process for the dedicated Psi-Master. The Sublime Goods Range though is for the man in the street who wants the benefits of the Sublime Good Range without the complexities of the Professional Psi-Master. These Sublime Good people just want to live their lives aided by the ultimate Psychic Science available on the planet without any effort on their part. The Sublime Good Range perfectly fits this bill. The Anti-Evil Bone Generators(TM) (Psychotronic Crystals) force the evil selected by the Service to self destruct and harm itself so you not only have the Sublime Good in your life but you eliminate the evil. In effect you have an exorcism for that specific evil in your life. Since the West is built on Satanic Satanism unbeknownst to the citizens, a list of the evil Satanism being promulgated in the Western World is needed. Luckily the UK  government, centre of world Satanism, has been running websites selling counterfeit crystals, talismans... downloading Demons, all manner for Satanic creatures, entities, evil into crystals, talismans, amulets, as well as advertising for new Satanist adepts, running national newspaper adverts to promote these products (see Warnings) so Tim Rifat has made Anti versions of all these Satanic products to enable the man in the street to excorsis the Satanic evil done to them by the Illuminati the Anglo Zionist paedophile torture murders of the West. This gives the average person a full spectrum excorcim Service at an unbeatable price. Since producing Anti-Evil causes any evil around you to backfire on itself making it the target for it's own evil. An added benefit is that only the evil people and things around you are destroyed, the 'good' people become more good as the Anti-Evil acts like antibiotics and kills the evil infection. As the West is evil they soon get re-infected by the Anglo Zionist corruption but Anti-Chaos, Anti-Evil created by the Psi-expert Tim Rifat keeps on working. This range is an addition to our range of Anti-Demon products on


Scapegoat Bone Generator Services (Psychotronic Crystals) Using evil vermin to download evil into so you can manifest more good than you were born with is the dream of all high achievers. There is a full description of Scapegoat Psi-Technology on invented by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat the creator of all Psychic Science. As luck would have it the UK government stooges of RVMagic and not only counterfeit crystals but sell Satanic crystals with all manner of Satanic, Demonic, Kabbalistic evil, so have produced a perfect list of evil for not only Anti-Evil Bone Generators (Psychotronic Crystals) but for Scapegoat Sublime  Good psychic power. All those  Demons, Kabbalistic entities, occult Satanic entities and rituals make the perfect Scapegoats as downloading evil into evil so it is tormented, banished, expunged, placed into Omega Hell is a Service to mankinds Sublime Good. To that end scientist Tim Rifat has developed a whole range of Anti-Satanic Scapegoat Bone Generators and Psychotronic Crystals to use all these Satanic evil vermin as Scapegoats.  Since Tim Rifat sees this as a Service to the greater good of mankind all the Anti-Evil, Scapegoat and sublime Good Bone Generators (Psychotronic Crystals) are sold at a nominal price which refelcts the Cosmic Good, Sublime Good you are helping to create by actively destroying evil around you. All good people would like to contribute to the Sublime Good as now anyone can participate in this crusade against evil and in the process gain not only the pure good within them but exterminate the evil hidden within; reflect this on the world to make the people around them and the environment good; target Satanic evil and make it suffer for it's evil using Scapegoat Psychic Science; banish, excorsise this evil using Anti-Evil, the Cosmic anti-biotic purging the world of evil and in the process not only freeing up latent good, but creating Sublime Good for beyond that in creation by making evil torment evil to pay for new unique Sublime Good.