Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator


Unfortunately the Psi-Lord cannot put Evil, Chaos Demons in crystals as his touch is pure poison to Evil, Amalek the Evil in Evil that destroys Evil rendering all his Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators™ free from Evil. As Psi-Lord Ltd holds the trademark Psychotronic Crystals™ as well as the intellectual property rights for putting Psychotronic Generators™ in crystals to make Psychotronic Crystals™ the trademark patent holder. This blocks off an interesting development of Psychotronic Crystals® as Sublime Good® Engines. Sublime Good® is the trademarked technology for dumping Evil toxic waste in a target, company, country and getting in return pure positive energy out of it by having double Tim Rifat Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystals®. So in essence the target gets an evil crystal which automatically dumps toxic waste into the target and by use of Sublime Good® Engine Psychotronic Crystals® your Psychotronic Crystal® gives you a pure Sublime Good® positive energy output.


Fortunately there are NSA/MI5 Satanist counterfeiting  operations that sell illegal Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generators. These are run by Rory Mcaffrey aka Aureum, NewTarot run by conman Graham Nickels aka Paul Hughes Barlow aka Pundit Maharaj of NewTarot + aka MI5 of, Loohan aka Dexter Ator or vice versa of the trailer park front for Fort Meade NSA, Mystical the Satanist Cabal of US/British Intelligence (oxymoron) agencies: as well as all Satanist groups and companies that put Satanic supernatural spirits in crystals. In this Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® you get all the Sublime Good distilled from all their products and Services (idiots freely giving away their Hyperinfinity to be possessed as advertised on Mystical while Amalek toxic waste is pumped into all their products and Services retroactively. You can add on your order any other Satanist website, shop you wish to be included in your Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal®  Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Generator®  free of charge, you list them we add them to the Sublime Good® free of charge, you list them we add them to the Sublime Good® Engine. The bargain of the century.


To use the single self charging Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® Psychotronic Generator® place the point of the Psychotronic Crystal® on your left hand to upload the pure positive energy to boost health, love, money... To download more Amalek toxic waste to cleanse you and your home just hold the Psychotronic Crystal® in your right hand point toward target, that target can be a picture, name, article of theirs, or news report... It's as simple as that. Far future science (RVScience) transposed to the 21st Century to use Evil as your bitch.


Cost $60 comes as single quartz crystal.

Bone Generator® upgrade add $50


Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® Engine:

Want a second bite at the cherry. Now you can buy most Bone Generators® as single Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals®, the power of the Bone Generator being added to the Psychotronic Crystal®. The toxic waste dumped into the counterfeiters  and Satanists to give you pure Sublime Good® output and to make it self charging. Excluded are all Limited Edition Bone Generators® and products. The use of having a Bone Generator® Psychotronic crystal® is that you can put a Psychotronic Crystals® power in your Bone Generator® Bone Psi-Master Service then put that in the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service, then put it in the Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal ® then re-input it back into the Bone Psi-Master, hence to the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service, hence to your Bone Generator Psychotronic Crystal and then back in again, ad infinitum all the time gaining power by the Sublime Good® Engine at the counterfeiter Satanist governments expense,. A free energy Bone Generator® to upgrade any of your Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators® to the infinite self charging level all thanks to the counterfeiters, Satanist, US/UK governments... To order just purchase the Bone Generators® Psychotronic Crystal® of your choice from the Bone Generator® list as usual and add to your order Psychotronic Crystal version required.


Recommended is the Bone Psi-Master Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® and Crystal Bone Psi-Master Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® which is $1200 as you get 2 Services free. For all customers that have both Services the Bone Generator® Psychotronic Crystal® for the above two Services is $600