Specialised PGs.


The specialised PG uses a number of different Sources as PF. These can be morphogenic fields of entities such as insectiles, reptiloids, insects or gods worshipped, avatars such as Buddha, or the Eagle strange attacker of the chaos realms (see Castaneda's: The Eagles Gift)  Whatever the Source, the PG converts the source force/energy from it's CF form as found in the Matrix to PF for the Psi-Master to use.



Hold in left hand, BPC in left sock for physical effect

Hold in left hand, PC in left hand for biophysical effect.


PG can be BPC or PC depending on mode.

Or... hold in right hand to:-

Input negative energy into the Source form, reptiloid, insectoid... in the physical when used as BPC: PC in left hand for biophysical effects (small stone acting as BPC in same hand). Using these two modes one can input large amounts of negative energy to poison the CF force or to free it from evil influence if it is a good Source such as Buddha or Ganesh, to make these positive energies pure and potent to boost their effects.


Specialised PGs are useful for the Psi-Master who wishes to entertain all the forces of the MegaVerse to aid her/him in breaking free from the Matrix. The Shamanic PGs amplify the Powers of the Seers as found in Castaneda's books: such as Magical Passes....