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Remote viewing (RV) is the state-of-the-art psychic spying technology used by the superpowers during the cold war. At the height of the cold war, a new twist to weapons development occurred, the paranormal warfare arms race. To those of you unaware of what paranormal warfare means, it is the scientific training of latent paranormal abilities we all have. Remote viewing, the ability to projecawareness to distant locations by psychic means, was the first of these military paranormal technologies developed under strictest secrecy in the former Soviet Union. They discovered that clairvoyance, the ability to use second sight to see things in the mind's eye could be used to enable 'psychic spies' the ability to gain information about top-secret US sites. This was done by projecting their awareness to these bases and astrally viewing personnel and hardware. This technique was later named remote viewing by the Americans.


In this book the author will explain how these techniques work and the means by which remote viewing may be self-taught.

  Since the stone age, the clairvoyant ability has been nurtured in mankind. The ability to mentally project awareness to find game, would have enabled our ancestors to find food, even in times of draught. Paranormally gifted humans survived, while their less able fellows died. By this means a strong paranormal ability was nurtured in man. Modern society suppressed this talent. During the bleak days of superpower rivalry, the Russians began to explore the territory of Psi-phenomenon in search of new silent, stealthy, paranormal weapons. If ESP and telepathy could be harnessed, they would offer the ultimate spying technology. Harnessing telekinesis and mind over matter, offered the potential for remotely influencing (RI) people by telepathic hypnosis and the holy grail of paranormal warfare, remote killing, the ability to make your enemy die by psychic attack. In reality the Russians were developing a scientific form of Voodoo.


In the early 1960s the Stalinist taboo, that prohibited paranormal research was lifted. KGB and GRU leaders began a scientific exploration of the weapons potential of psychic energy. Groups of scientists at many research institutes began to investigate and later harness psychic energy. The aim of this research was to produce deadly new exotic weapons that could tip the balance of power during the cold war. Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB from 1967 to 1982, who later became the Premier of the USSR, issued the command to implement a Paranormal warfare programme in order to develop a new form of strategic weapon systems that could augment nuclear weapons. In the early 1960s this was but a dream. There had been massive interest in ESP and spiritualism throughout the century. Dr J. B. Rhine, whose famous work at Duke University in the USA gave ESP a formal scientific base, led the field in telepathy and ESP research in the West. Soviet scientists took his research many steps further, they had little interest in proving ESP existed, that was taken as proven. What they worked on was the use of telepathy and ESP for psychic spying on US secret bases and the psychic interrogation of NATO commanders by use of scanning (military telepathy used to force information from another person's brain). The use of ESP and telepathy to scan through an enemy's mind and learn the secrets their mind held was one of the main thrusts of their initial research. To this end, the KGB scoured the Soviet Union for psychics. Children who displayed powerful psychic abilities were especially valuable, as were shamans from Siberia and the eastern central Asian territories.


Unfettered by moral or ethical constraints, the search for finding specialised techniques for developing psychic spying, ESP and Telepathy, what the Americans would later call RV protocols, was amplified by hypnosis, drugs, invasive brain surgery and high power magnetic fields.  Dr A.V. Kalinets-Bryukhanov, now president of the All Union Scientific Research Association, revealed in Ukranian Ufolog, that a top secret KGB project at the Filatov Eye Institute in Odessa, had looked into psychotronic amplification of clairvoyance. In Soviet terminology, psychotronic means the use of Psi energy for purposeful means, such as RV or telepathic hypnosis, RI. Kalinets-Bryukhanov was part of the research team that looked into artificially stimulating RV. It was found that natural clairvoyants changed the magnetic field around them and that of the Earth in their immediate vicinity. If this frequency of magnetic field could be artificially generated in the brain, then the Russians thought they might stimulate clairvoyance in their test subjects. Animal brains were bombarded with these specific magnetic fields that were found around clairvoyants. It was found that the animals developed clairvoyance and could remotely view what was going on behind solid walls. Unfortunately the high power magnetic fields soon disintegrated the animals brains and they died. Condemned prisoners were used for human experiments with the same results. Something about the natural clairvoyant seemed to guard them against the brain death, untrained humans died from the same fields. It showed to the Russians that RV was a field phenomena dependent on magnetic and even more esoteric fields unknown to western science.

  The Odessa institute had carried on with eye less sight research pioneered by parapsychologist Dr. A. N. Leontyev, in the 1950's, their approach was to undertake RV experiments with blind patients. Russian research was centred on training the blind to attain deeply relaxed states, from which visualisation of the body's energy fields, led to something called eye less sight. Coloured paper was passed beneath their finger tips. It was found they could distinguish between black and white and red and green paper, even though they were completely blind. This progressed into picture reading, the ability to run the hand over a photograph and state what the photo showed. These techniques evolved into teaching the blind to travel in their mind's eye to distant rooms and places they had never been before. Once there, they could describe the locations layout, the blind had been trained to be clairvoyant, they were RV. This eye less sight was called bio-introscopy in the Soviet Union. It was found that the colour of an object could be determined even after it had been removed. Soviet research showed that the object left a colour trace of itself in the air. This led the Soviets to studying how energy fields were imprinted on matter and vice versa. Much research was carried out on how to place harmful energy fields onto objects. These biophysically poisoned objects were then given to enemies to make them ill, or to infect them with subliminal commands, more on this later.


Eye less sight led the KGB to training methods to develop RV in their psychic spies. It was found that a deeply relaxed state was needed. Further to this, visualisation of biological energy fields, the so called biophysical fields around the human body, was necessary for efficient psychic spying.

  The Russians have always been more advanced than their American counterparts in the study of paranormal warfare, which includes not only RV, but remote sensing, the ability to enter enemy personnel's mind and scan their brain for information. KGB operatives were told to pick up people displaying paranormal abilities for use in their vast parapsychological research projects. One of the leading Psi-spy complexes was the 'Black Box', top secret research facility north east of Leningrad. It is rumoured that Russian telepaths could by the early eighties scan any US military leader at will.

 'Russians are the only people we know of who tried bugging telepathy', stated  the top American/Canadian psychic investigators, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Shroeder. By introducing a third telepath, who knew when biophysical information in the form of a telepathic conversation, flowed between two other telepaths, the Russians found the biophysical data stream could not only be broken into, but it could be changed by the third telepath who could substitute new ideas and words, in effect corrupting the telepathic message. By this method, the Russians learnt how to hack into telepathic conversations and to then proceed to substitute fallacious messages and images.


Research into psycho-warfare was conducted in more than 20 institutes, led by the Siberian scientific community of Novosibirsk. Andropov commanded the scientists to forget moral considerations about killing or injuring research subjects in the race to perfect paranormal warfare. Over 500 million rubbles was placed into this project by the Military-Industrial Commiddion and the KGB. This is an underestimate, as funding for the psychotronic weapon development was only surpassed by the nuclear weapon programme that deployed 40.000 nuclear weapons into the field. Research was ultra-clandestine. The lab at Odessa State University was hidden underground in the sub-subbasement beneath the old botanical gardens in the university. Only secret couriers knew how to access these paranormal warfare institutes. KGB and GRU guards made sure these highly secret research centres had no unwanted visitors. In utmost secrecy, new lines of research were followed which would seem bizarre, or off-the-wall to western scientists such as myself. Psychotronics, the applications of psychic energy were followed with the aim of remote killing. Remote viewing, the ability to psychically spy on your enemy and his top secret bases, was seen as the targeting mechanism for much more lethal paranormal weapon systems. Psychotronics was the catch all title for a multitude of Psi-weapons which ranged from microwave devices to psychic remote killing.


To perfect their psychic spying, the Soviets developed practical reliable forms of ESP, clairvoyance and telepathy for RV for espionage, surveillance and industrial spying. Results were outstanding, a spy's holy grail, by which means secret underground bases such as: Dulce, Area 51 and Pine Gap, could be mapped, documents within U.S. top-secret files and computer systems read. Information about distant places, people and equipment, enabled the remote viewer to invisibly and silently uncover US, Nato and China's secrets without risk to life. Enemy agents could be tracked in the field by RV. This led to the Soviets developing protocols to read telepathically the minds' of foreign agents, generals and scientists. This is a  technique called telepathic scanning and is part of remote sensing, the ability to remotely view people, a fictional example of which is shown on the television programme Millennium. Soviet researchers found ways to bug telepathic conversations and tap into the minds' of other remote viewers. This led to psychic shielding of their own secret bases against Western remote viewers.


It was the Russians who were the discoverers of electronic devices to block out RV from their own bases. They found that Tesla coils interfered with RV. Two Tesla coils which were out of phase could suck the awareness of a remote viewer into an energy bottle where they could be captured. These anti-RV devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but U.S. underground military and research facilities. US intelligence sources have alluded to the fact that by the end of the century they will have totally effective anti-RV devices in all their top secret installations - so concerned are they of the effectiveness of RV and RI.


After the invention of anti-RV devices, exotic biophysical defensive fields were developed to psychically protect Russian leaders and to kill or harm foreign remote viewers that trespassed into the Soviet Union. Soviet Psi researcher, Dr Abraham Shifrin, states that since 1963, he had worked in a classified paranormal warfare research centre in Kazakhstan run by the Moscow Institute for Information Transmission, run by Dr Solomon Gellerstein. Central Asian remote viewers were able to describe by psychic spying, minute details of Soviet missile sites hundred of miles away. Soviet army specialists were trained in RV to anticipate troop movements. Russian remote viewers from the institute worked with troops in actual combat and in war games to clairvoyantly find the enemy and when and where they would attack. RV was used in Afghanistan to locate the elusive Mujahedin. Hidden in mountain locations, the Afghan fighters were psychically hunted, as finding them by conventional means was very difficult. GRU and KGB remote viewers were trained to pinpoint map locations of Mujahedin strongholds, so Spetsnaz special forces could be airlifted to those locations. Once there, helicopter gun ships and aircraft could napalm, rocket and strafe the Mujahedin, followed by Spetsnaz special forces search and destroy missions to kill the survivors.


Russian research found that the theta state of consciousness, found in dreaming sleep was best for RV. Hypnosis, drugs and meditation approaches were tried out. It was found that auto-visualisation, was very effective in inducing the states needed for RV. Tesla coils tuned to radiate ELF waves at 7.8 cycles per second, the Earth's natural frequency, were found to amplify RV tremendously. Psychotronic augmented RV, enabled Soviet remote viewers to obtain almost picture-perfect psychic spying. Brain implants to switch the brain stress system, the bodies anxiety generator, off, were found to be very effective as were drug regimens and hypnotic suggestion. Magnetic fields at 7.8 Hertz were found to be almost as good as the Tesla coils. Aided by a vast array of high-tech stress management systems, the Russians then began to uncover the secrets of the energy field around the body that served as the vehicle for RV.


Exploring the body's biophysical fields, the Russians mapped out the neural currents in the brain. They found that in the normal waking state a negative to positive current runs from the front of the brain to the back. By passing a low-voltage current from the front of the brain to the back, one can vary the waking state of the paranormal warfare officer. By artificially lowering the negative potential with respect to the back of the brain, the remote viewer can be dropped into a theta state. Use of this methodology enabled the Russians to control the brain state of their remote viewers to any frequency they desired. they also found they could lower their remote viewers into the delta state found in deep dreamless sleep. Delta was the doorway to telepathic influencing, telekinesis and remote killing, the psychic killing of an enemy.


As a scientist, I found this all hard to swallow when I first learnt of it. My research into the scientific basis of this biophysical technology convinced me that the Russians had entered into a new territory of warfare. They had begun the inner space arms race. Biophysical warfare was the second cross-roads civilisations have to cross at their peril, the first being nuclear warfare. Inner space weapon systems had the potential to kill or drive mad entire populations by means of biophysical and electronic technology unknown to the West in the 1970s.


Energy fields that surround humans were first discovered by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian. Photographing the biophysical fields around the body has its roots back in 1939 in Krasnodar, capital city of the Kuban region in the South of Russia. Kirlian found that photography of biophysical fields around the body could be achieved with high frequency electrical fields and a spark generator which oscillates at 75 to 200 kilohertz. The generator causes a high-frequency field to emanate between two clamps which hold the sample and a photographic paper. The high frequency electrostatic field causes the biophysical field to resonate and become excited. Once excited, the biophysical field around the living object (hand or leaf) gives of photons. The 75 to 200 kilohertz electric field causes photons of light to be radiated by the living tissue, which fall on the photographic paper and produce images of the biophysical excitation. They are not actual pictures of the biophysical field, but secondary effects, rather like the wake of a boat through the water. Kirlian photographs of leaves which had sections cut out, revealed entire biophysical fields that showed the entire leaf as if it was uncut. It was as if the biophysical field was the energetic blueprint for the leaf.


Objective study of the biophysical fields around remote viewers led the Soviets into mapping out the biophysical field phenomena that underlied RV. It was found that the biophysical field of the remote viewer flared out when he or she was lowered into the theta state. At the Schumann resonance point of 7.8 Hz, the Earth's natural frequency, the human biophysical field seemed to merge with its surroundings and vanish for a split second. When it came back into being, it was many times larger than normal. While RV, this biophysical field seemed to grow smaller, as if part of it was at the place being remotely viewed. On familiar territory, the Russians discovered that RV was just a symptom of Out of Body Experience (OOBE) caused by biophysical translocation. In simple language, the biophysical body moved to the distant location picked up information, then returned to the physical body to transfer this information to the brain. With Kirlian type scanners, the Russians found that RV was a biophysical phenomena. If the biophysical fields could be controlled, not only RV was possible, but the telepathic knockout, the ability to render the person you were remotely viewing unconscious by psychic means.


Soviet scientists had discovered that hypnosis could be examined by its effect on the biophysical energy body, which could be detected using Kirlian photography. It was found that when a paranormal warfare expert remotely viewed another person, there was a change in the biophysical energy field of the remote viewer and the person being psychically spied upon. Pulsed, extremely low frequency (ELF) fields had been found to put people into a trance. Russian scientists found that if the remote viewer could mimic this ELF oscillation in his or her biophysical body, then place this field over another person, the person would fall unconscious. The telepathic knockout was born. Training the Russian remote viewer to mimic pulsed ELF by use of Kirlian photography biofeedback; the trainee watched the picture of his biophysical body whilst it was exposed to pulsed ELF, then he or she would try to copy this effect. Many months of training, looking at Kirlian photography of their own biophysical field, enabled the Russian remote viewer to control the biophysical body used for RV.


With hard evidence from Kirlian photography and a wide variety of other electronic scanners designed to study the body's biophysical field, which comprised: biomagnetic, bioelectric and bioplasmic components, the Soviet physicists were given experimental data needed for a new physics of the paranormal. Dr. A. Akimov, former director of the Soviets' Centre for Non-traditional Technologies disclosed that Russian research had discovered a new class of physical fields and particles. They had also elucidated the effect they exerted on living and non-living organisms and inanimate objects. New names such as "spinor," "torsionic," and "microleptonnic," were used to define these new classes of physical field. Scientists in the West, who have little appreciation of the remarkable advances made by the Soviets called them "scalar," fields. In later chapters as we examine the biophysical fields used for RV, we will discuss just what these biophysical fields do. Russian psychotronic generators which stored "torsionic radiation," were found to cause destruction of the brain's neural network and the biophysical field around the brain that constitutes our mind and psyche - mind zappers were born.


The discovery that psychotronic generators could store biophysical energy, meant that Russian remote viewers could link themselves to psychic amplifiers that boosted their paranormal powers to near miraculous heights. Psychotronic generators, devices which store Psi-energy, were discovered by a Czech called Robert Pavlita. It was found by Czech researchers that biophysical energy is the field effect behind psychokinesis and RV. The psychotronic generator was discovered in ancient alchemical texts, Pavlita set about using modern technology to improve on this psychic battery effect. Psychotronic generators draw biophysical fields from a person, store this field and then can be used to carry out psychic effects. The Czechs found two types of psychotronic generator, cosmic generators of which the Egyptian pyramids comprise this form and the biological generators of which Wilhelm Reich, and his Orgone generator belong. Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Sigmund Freud, found that boxes with alternate layers of wool, then steel wool, could store biophysical energy. His seminal work in the 1950s led the Soviet researchers into bettering these early biological psychotronic generators.


These generators can carry out three different effects depending on their type. The first type of Psychotronic generator, once charged, carry out the effect they were designed to do independent of outside agencies. The second type need to be continually charged and directed by human touch and gaze. The third class can be charged from plants and animals.


Soviet scientists looked into the uses of psychotronic generators to psychically amplify paranormal warfare experts such as Russian remote viewers. Work at the Metronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow studied Pavlita and his psychotronic generators. Remote viewers were hooked up to these psychotronic generators and research begun in earnest into ways of boosting the remote viewers' powers. Psychotronically boosted Russian remote viewers  were found to be capable of enhancing the telepathic knockout, refined versions of which are  now called remote influencing.  The telepathic knockout was developed to include remote influencing. The technique of remote influencing was developed from 'Sleep-Wake hypnosis' which was discovered by the Russians in the 1930s; it being the ability to hypnotise people from a distance. 'Sleep-Wake Hypnosis' allowed a hypnotist to transfer hypnotic commands telepathically to a subject, whether they were a few feet, or even a thousand mile away. Remote influencing is the basis of hypnosis. A Ukrainian, Albert Ignatenko demonstrated (on the Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, ITV UK) that he could raise or lower the pulse rate of people who were remote from him. This was a dramatic demonstration of remote influencing. This technique was developed from the methodology where Russian remote influencers were trained to stop the hearts of test animals.   The ability to hypnotise people at a distance and plant suggestions in their brains enabled the Russians to remotely influence their enemies. Years of research along these lines led to the development of the remote killing ability, the power to make your enemy drop dead by telepathic means. Vladimir Zironosvky, taunted the West by stating on BBC television, that Russia had psychics who could remotely kill anyone up to a thousand kilometres away. Russian boasts that they could remotely kill anyone may indeed be based on fact!


Edward Naumov, a leading Russian parasychologist is on record as stating, "A psychotronic generator can influence an individual, or a whole crowd of people. It can effect a person's psyche mentally or emotionally. It can effect memory and attention span. A psychotronic device can cause physical fatigue, disorientation, and alter a person's behaviour."


Isvestia a top Russian newspaper, had an article in the September 24th, 1997, edition, headlined: They Could Produce Zombies in the USSR. The article outlined the KGB and Red Army's experiments aimed at using hypnotic warfare against the West. Psychotronic satellites capable of releasing electronic mind-bending signals to control and correct the behaviour of the 'population' over an area the size of England were revealed. The Russian 'Woodpecker', psychotronic mind-control array of transmitters was the most powerful non-ionising transmitter in the world and powered by the Chernobyl nuclear power complex, the largest in the world, was alleged to have changed the mind-state of the entire western population. Its signals turn them over a period of decades, from sane people, to unstable  and mentally disturbed -  all by means of psychotronic modification.

 A strange signal which disrupted short-wave transmissions around the world (and which persisted even until the collapse of the Soviet Union) was nicknamed 'Woodpecker', due to its pulse modulation of 10 Hz. it emitted a peak estimated power of 14 million watts per pulse at frequencies between 3.26 and 17.54 MHz, making it the most powerful man-made non-nuclear non-ionising radiation source on the planet. Seven awesome transmitters near Kiev, powered by the Chernobyl nuclear power complex, beamed 'Woodpecker', psychotronic emissions in the direction of Western Europe, Australia, North America and the Middle East... but not the USSR


These emissions permeated all obstacles and were conducted into homes via the power lines of that nation's national grid. They were capable of penetrating underwater and even into shielded bunkers.


With this development the Soviets had discovered a method of affecting the neurological functioning of entire populations. 'Woodpecker', had been designed to alter the brain functions of NATO populations by using ELF modulated signals. It was found that these extremely long frequency waves could penetrate the skull and change behaviour in the brain, when broadcast at test victims. Of particular interest to the KGB scientists were the brain wave maps of pathological criminals, hopelessly depressed mental patients and socio-psychopaths who had no regard for anyone but themselves. The Soviets hoped to permanently rewire the neural networks in the brains of the entire Western population, thereby destroying their social cohesiveness, by beaming the brain frequencies of insane criminals at NATO. This ELF barrage was intended to make these aberrant mental states much more common in Western populations.


Year after year, these pathological ELF modulated psychotronic emissions were beamed at the West. In time, the constant EM stimulation of Peoples' brains resulted in permanent adverse effects on the social fabric of the West. In effect, these mind control commands became memes (mental and behavioural viruses) which spread throughout the entire western population.


Dr Robert Beck, a Los Angeles physicist and former member of a top-secret U.S. mind control programme, claimed, "It's highly likely that the 'Woodpecker', signal is causing neurological changes in 30% of the population."

  The intended net result of this strategic psychotronic weapon system was that it would make Western society more likely to implode, becoming more selfish and much less effective at fighting external enemies, turning instead against itself. A recent WHO (World Health Organisation) report stated that by 2020, one quarter of the world's population would be insane.


So successful was the mass brain-remodelling of American and UK societies that the U.S. and UK military machines began to regard its own populations as the enemy. UK police chiefs spend much computer time modelling how to control rioting populations and how trap them in their own streets, where heavily armed riot police can beat them into submission - it seems the Soviets succeeded.

  A hidden agenda for the 'Woodpecker', psychotronic device was to so damage the brains of Western people so that they could be easily remotely influenced. It was found by the Soviets that the incessant bombardment by 'Woodpecker', so weakened the Western leadership, that they could be easily remotely influenced.


Dr Nikolai Khoklov, a former KGB agent who defected to the West, was hired by the CIA in 1976 to uncover paranormal warfare research in the USSR. He found evidence of negative psychic research at twenty top-secret state-of-the-art underground laboratories, staffed with hundreds of the Soviet Union' s leading scientists. The Isvetsia newspaper story mentioned above, corroborated this by announcing research into psycho-warfare was conducted in more than twenty institutes, led by the Siberian scientific community of Novosibirsk and only stopped in 1991.


Research included the telepathic knockout technique being used by Russian paranormal warfare experts to stop the hearts of laboratory animals. Russian paranormal adepts trained in this remote killing technique by raising or lowering the heart rate of a test subject in a seperate room, just by the use of remote influencing mind over matter powers.


The Russian research institutes investigated telepathy in a rigorous way. In one experiment, new-born rabbits were separated from their mothers. The mother rabbits were hooked up to ECG and EEG monitors. Then the new-born rabbits were killed. It was found that the stress levels of the mother rabbits were raised dramatically, even though the new born rabbits were killed in another location.  Telepathic biological links between mother and offspring were therefore shown to exist. To test whether water blocked out the telepathic signal, the mother rabbits were transported on to nuclear submarines. These rabbits were found to 'know' when their offspring were killed, even though deep underwater. This experiment showed that hundreds of feet of sea water could not block out the Psi-effect.


Psychotronic devices were designed to kill or disable humans, then tested out on enemies of the state. Psycho kinetic experiments were carried out to see how much damage a paranormal adept could cause to an untrained victim. Condemned prisoners had brain capillaries ruptured by telekinesis causing massive embolisms in their brains. Telekinesis was also used to stop their hearts so they had a heart attack. It is alleged, that a group of Russian paranormal warfare experts used telekinesis to break the spine of an experimental victim.


Solid evidence derived from these heinous experiments enabled the Russian scientists to establish that the human brain receives and transmits signals, both electromagnetic and biophysical. By use of EEGs to record brain frequencies and Kirlian detectors to show the changes caused by this specific brain frequency in the biophysical field and vice versa, the Russians created entire maps of brain frequencies pertinent to paranormal warfare.


Russian remote viewers who were chosen because of their high latent psychic abilities could now be programmed with the specific brain frequencies needed for psychic spying. Hooked up to theta inducing electronics, the biophysical body of the Russian paranormal officer was boosted to a high psionic level, while the brain waves of the remote viewer were modified for optimum psychic spying capabilities. This high-tech state-of-the-art approach to RV enabled the Russians to achieve almost picture-perfect RV. RV was used for psychic spying, but more importantly it was used as a targeting mechanism for psychotronic warfare. Remote influencing of the person being psychically spied upon became standard procedure. Planting new thoughts and suggestions in the minds of US and Nato personnel became one of the new strategic weapon systems of the Soviet Union and was the reason that paranormal warfare became the second largest funded project, after strategic nuclear weapons. Remote: influencing and killing was practised in Afghanistan, against Mujahedin leaders, as was the widespread use of psychotronic behaviour modification technologies on the Russian troops to make them fight more ferociously.


Russian remote viewers, unlike their western counterparts who appeared in the 1970s, had a large array of psychotronic devices that they were hooked up to. US intelligence was aware of the massive expenditure on psychic warfare, but lacked the science to understand what the Soviets had discovered.


A standard RV operation for a Russian paranormal warfare expert would  be hooking themselves up to a psychotronic device called a theta-delta gun which by reversing polarity in the brain, placed the Psi-adept in the deep hypnotic-like state needed for psychotronic warfare. An ELF signal was broadcast into the brain of the Psi-adept that reproduced the perfect brain state for RV viewing. A room-sized psychotronic generator would then pump biophysical energy into the Russian Psi-adept boosting that person's biophysical field so it could overpower any normal person's biophysical field.


The target to be remotely viewed was then shown on a screen to the paranormal warfare expert. Once the target had been located by psychic spying, the ELF induced brain wave entrainment was modified to the frequency that had been mapped as optimum for remote influencing. A list of hypnotic commands was then shown to the paranormal warfare expert, so that he or she could reprogram the brain of the person being remotely: viewed and influenced. If the person was to be remotely killed, the ELF frequency for this paranormal ability was entrained in the Psi-adept enabling their power of telekinesis to be locked on to the body of the victim. With a psychotronic generator to power the Psi-adepts biophysical body, telekinesis to cause a brain embolism in the victim, or to telepathically knock them out, to enhance RI programming, was made possible, even over distances of thousands of miles. If the person was to be made ill, the specific frequencies that enabled the Psi-adept to broadcast negative illness inducing psionic energy, was fed into their brain. Boosted by the psychotronic amplifier they were hooked up to, the Russian paranormal warfare expert acted as a transmitter for negative energy, that used RV as the target locator to focus this negative energy on the victim.


This may all seem incredible to the western reader, The CIA found it impossible to believe. Lacking the scientific knowledge of the paranormal that the Russians had developed, these paranormal warfare devices seemed to be Soviet disinformation.


Remotely viewing of the present day Russian leadership shows that President Yeltsin, General Lebed, and other leading lights in the Russian Federation, are protected by psychic shields of an exotic and dangerous nature. Any remote viewer trying to remotely influence them is attacked by the biophysical logic bombs in these Russian psychic shields. On the ABC network, US television had KGB General Kalugin as a guest. He stated that during the coup that brought down the USSR he received a telephone call from a contact in a Ukrainian military lab used for paranormal warfare, that Psychotronic generators and paranormal warfare experts were using RI against Boris Yeltsin to undermine his health, so as to affect his heart to remotely kill him. Kalugin stated: "For the first time in my life, I took it (paranormal warfare) seriously." After the coup Yeltsin suffered a heart attack. After his heart attack, Yeltsin has been treated by top Russian healers such as Djuna Davitashvili. Pro-democracy Psi-adepts were asked to create the psychic shield around Yeltsin. Remote influencers and psychic telepaths capable of scanning enemy paranormal warfare experts, or fellow Russians, keep Yeltsin and his chosen few, protected from remote influencers and killers. They also use psychic scanning to protect the President's offices and home from Psi-attack and electronic bugs.


Russian researchers used RV to explore reality and more importantly, to change reality. In the West, RV is seen as the directed use of clairvoyance to enable psychic spying of distant locations and people. Invented in the Soviet Union, RV was seen as an adjunct and targeting system for psychotronic warfare, the use of Psi-energy to alter reality. RV is therefore only the tip of the iceberg of Soviet research. Psychotronics was used to effect political opinion. Anatoly Kashpirovsky, a Psi-adept, and ultra nationalist, won a seat in the Russian Parliament it is alleged by use of remote influencing. When he lost his seat in the 1996 election, Kashpirovsky threatened to psychically render impotent any government employee that tried to evict him from his government apartment (that came with the post of MP).


Many KGB paranormal weapons experts went into deep cover in foreign countries to act as Special Forces Psi-warriors. Located in the enemy country, they could use their psychotronics to attack the enemy by use of remote influencing and killing, all at close quarters. When World War Three began, they were commanded to psychically locate the top leaders of that country and using remote influencing, reprogram the brains of the leadership to follow the orders of the Psi-adept. By this means of RI, the Soviet Union could remotely influence the Chinese and Nato leadership - if need be - to lose the war by making the wrong decisions, on a consistent planned basis, as psychically commanded by the Psi-Adept working under KGB directives. The leadership could also be remotely killed if need be. This 'Anti-Hague' strategy, meant that unlike the First World War, where the soldiers got slaughtered in the trenches, while field Marshal Haig sipped champagne miles behind the lines, in the Third world War, the command leadership would be targeted by paranormal warfare. The generals and politicians would die-like-flies, or be rendered mad and a danger to their own forces.


With the end of the Cold War, these Psi-warriors and the paranormal warfare experts in Russia, have now been redirected to the corporate theatre and are focusing on economic espionage. They are also being used to remotely view government meetings in foreign countries and to remotely influence politicians and power brokers to manipulate the stock market and improve business opportunities for KGB run organisations.

  ESP and telepathy are an acknowledged fact in Russia. During the 1970s and 1980s, Russian remote viewers used to systematically remotely view western leaders, intelligence chiefs and military leaders. By remotely viewing a person, it is not only  possible to find their location, so they can be targeted with  more conventional weapons, the target can also be scanned. Remote viewing gives the operator the ability to scan the brain and mind of the person being psychically spied upon. By using advanced Russian protocols, it is possible to fool the person being telepathically scanned, into thinking they are asking themselves the questions being placed in their minds by the Russian telepath. In this way, the most secret information can be extracted from the target. Whole groups of trained telepaths were used by the KGB to scan Western and Chinese leaders. Remote sensing, as this branch of RV is now called, is used in economic espionage by the KGB led business organisations operating in Russia.


Experiments in remote sensing led the Russains into investigating whether they could keep a psychic link with a dying person, to scan their souls after death. The Russians found that death has two stages, In the first stage, the body is declared dead, the second stage occurs when the biophysical body is released from the physical vehicle. It appears as if an ectoplasmic-like soul fluid moves up from the feet and hands of the dead person, passing through the body to accumulate in the head. It was found that the dead person experiences a state of bliss, after which they are cosmically judged, as their entire life flashed before their awareness. Sudden death seems to trap the biophysical body in the body. When the biophysical body it at last is released. There can be problems, as it may get stuck in a perceptual loop, where the dead soul reviews its violent death, then flicks back to the start of the episode and repeats this violent death endlessly. This explains the ghost concept, as biophysical revenants trapped in an endless cycle of repaeting the events that caused their death. KGB scientists came up with the idea of remotely viewing dead people to scan them for information, an idea the CIA was to duplicate in their RV experiments.


KGB scientists having proved that Psi-energy acted as the medium for RV, began to experiment with directing Psi-energy. Dr Abraham Shifrin, who worked in a Psi institute in Kazakhstan, under the directorship of Dr Solomon Gellerstein, studied how to store this Psi-energy in psychic accumulators. They studied how Siberian and Altai shamans and witch doctors, cursed or blessed talismans and amulets. In their research they learnt how to charge Russian souvenirs, such as Russian dolls, which were then given to unsuspecting victims. Depression and mental problems were easily passed on by these negatively charged objects and in some cases health was adversely effected.


Dr Boris Ivanov worked on "charging" water with Psi-energy at the Popov lab in the USSR It was found that a paranormal warfare expert hooked up to psychotronic amplification could charge water with negative Psi-energy that could shrivel plants or cause cancer. US test subjects were tested with this negatively charged water which was added to their drinks at state functions.


In Leningrad, Dr Pavel Gulyaiev found a way to scan another person's electromagnetic field at a distance, then to impose another field onto that person to control behaviour and make them ill. The neurology Institute of Kharkov University experimented on dead rats, which had their brains removed and placed in solutions that kept them partially alive. Remote viewers and sensors transmitted emotions, thoughts, mental calculations and commands. The rats brains responded to this telepathic link until they died.


This gave the KGB scientists the idea to train their remote viewers and psychotronics experts to remotely view a target and then to transmit negative-Psi-energy at the person to make them ill. It was found that this barrage of negative Psi-energy also made it much easier to remotely influence the target.

The negative Psi-energy acted as a shock to the target's system, that facilitated the remote influence being able to telepathically hypnotise the victim.


The history of mind control really begins with Soviet experiments carried out by Pavlov in the 1930s to modify behaviour. The salivating dog experiments are the most well known, but Pavlov's research laid the ground work for NKVD and later KGB brainwashing techniques: sleep deprivation, systematic beatings, verbal indoctrination, being the least unpleasant of a 'scientific' approach to behavioural modification by mind control. Pavlov's work on the conditioned salivating reflex in dogs gave clues on how to brainwash people. When the dogs were castrated it was found that it was much easier to modify their behaviour. Physical trauma made the brainwashing process much quicker and effective. In RI, the Russian researchers found that if psychically induced trauma could be induced by projecting negative Psi-energy at the target, then telepathic brainwashing could be made more efficient.

  In Russia paranormal warfare is seen as a strategic weapon system and the ability to telepathically hypnotise and brainwash foreign politicians, power brokers and military leaders, enabled the Soviets to project power globally. Unlike the U.S. carrier battle groups, which served the same purpose, to project U.S. aims globally by use of military power, the Russian paranormal warfare experts were silent invisible and impossible to detect.


The thrust of modern Russian psychotronic research is toward remote influence, telekinesis and biological-telekinesis. Dr Edwin May, head of the U.S. government Psi-project Stargate, and Soviet parapsychologist Dr. Larrissa Vilenskaya, in their overview: 'Influence at a distance, PK and Bio-PK', state that influencing the human brain telepathically with positive and negative Psi-energy, and emotions, changing RNA in lab cultures by use of RI, influencing the growth of plants using telekinesis coupled with the healing effect of RI on humans and animals, is present day Russian research. All of this research is aimed at honing RI and telekinesis to new levels of power and proficiency.

  In post communist Russia, paranormal research is one of the main priorities of  the security service as it is relatively cheap and very effective. It offers Russia a second strategic weapons system that does not rely on nuclear weapons. Deputy Chief of President Yeltsin's security service had become a "modern Rasputin," the May 4th edition of Moscow News reported. General Georgi G. Rogozin, approves the horoscopes cast regularly  for the country's top officials, communicates, with the cosmos on budgetary and financial matters, rotates tables and saucers right in his study and creates a powerful power field around the president. He also checks the decisions of the Supreme Personnel Commission by the tables of the Kabala.


With the paranormal being so highly favoured by the Russian government, it seems that the fifty year or more, Psi-warfare lead that Russia had built up, will continue to give this country a strategic advantage no other nation has at its disposal. Sony bought Psychotronic research from the Russians and have had a paranormal research institute operating in Tokyo for more than five years. The Aum sect, which used Sarin nerve gas in the Tokyo underground, used its 50,000 Russian converts to steal as much psychotronic Russian research as was humanely possible. Instability in Russian has meant that Psychotronic research has leaked out to other countries and it is rumoured that the Russian Mafia wish to deploy psychotronic weapons and experts for private gain. It seem the inner space arms race has spilled out from the super secret research labs into corporate and criminal organisations. The authors guess is that Russian psychotronic technology will shape the twenty first century rather like nuclear technology shaped the latter half of the twentieth century.

  In the next chapter we look at the US paranormal mobilisation, the other half of the inner space arms race.


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