Redeploying Energy Psychotronic Generators:


The Shamans of central and south America found that the energy of the human and biophysical energy body becomes hardened and fixated to the surface fo the energy body like a bark. The AF of the human becomes super solidified by the Archonic Matrices so that the stresses of life turn an energetic being into the fossilised specimens of 'grown old' humanity with their altzheimers, hardened arteries, minds, emotions - Reichion muscle armouring to suppress sexual energy, bigotry, inflexibility... All these can be seen as the AF being modified by the Archons to ossify the vital energy of humans to make their minds and bodies prisons to entrap them in old age ready for death and the Archon after life.


Reich's Orgone Generators have been improved to embody the Haematite PC/BPC PGs to channel the bioplasmic energy - lifeforce of humans back into circulation to free it for use by it's owner so he/she can evolve to channel the AF at will to become a metahuman able to change strength, speed, stamina, health at will. The ancient Seers made their bodies superstrong, powerful, disease resistant, age resistant and dynamic. How did they do this? It was done by manipulating the Agglutinising Force and moving the Assemblage Point to the right and beyond the energy body. Haematite PGs are perfect for manipulation Orgone as they have an iron structure that is the most stable AF Conformation. By linking them as a Tim Rifat Class bipolar quantum entangled BPC/PC the stability of the iron PGs is bounced from BPC to PC and PC to BPC to rock and roll the Af in the human body to literally stop the flux of the body and reconform it into a new stable bioplasmic conformation for redeploying energy from the outside of the energy body into the vital energy centres of the throat, pancreas, liver, kidneys to power your energy centres with your own energy to jumpstart your health, vitality in a new metahuman Psychic Warrior Shaman state. This frees up all your energy to make your health using energy you have but could not access without the Redeploying Energy PGs. Carrying out the Magical Passes in Castaneda's aforementioned book completes the process of redeploying your energy so it is released to block the energy loss from dark energy matter parasites and instead can be used to evolve you, make you healthy and super human.


The haematite PC/BPC comes as two haematite rings so you can wear them all day and make your everyday movements into Magical Passes so every movement you make during the day makes you healthier as it redeploys your energy. The Bioplasmic Orgone Ring BPC/PC is an everyday energy redeployment Ring Set to enable you to free your energy for psychic, metahuman use.

The cost is $80 inclusive of P&P plus $40 immediate postage.


The two haematite magnet set are a BPC/PC set to super-charge the Magical Passes of Castaneda's books, or exercise videos, martial arts, exercise, aerobics, so that your exercise regimen gets converted into Magical Passes, to redeploy your energy to make your full potential available to you so all your energy is freed to enable you to have the physical prowess to reach your dream, enjoy your dream and then move onward and upwards so you can begin to evolve beyond money, sexual power after you have achieved temporal wealth. You can only achieve wealth if you have the Orgone, bioplasmic life force freed from the AF of the Matrices to the AF of your dream's Fate so you can enjoy the health, wealth and happiness locked up in your energy bodies but denied to you by dark energy matter entities manipulating your Fate.

The cost is $100 inclusive of P&P plus $40 immediate postage.