Psychotronic Orbs of Power:


  The CF sustains and is the core of all evil entities both dark energy matter and human revolve around my power, spiral into the hell awareness of the CF Eagle, Chief Archon, Devil, Source of all Evil: all core intents of all CF awareness and reality. As Tim Rifat's listeners on U.S. national radio have discovered the West is ruled by Zionists hell bent on total suppression of all freedoms. What do they fear? In 2013 the sun will helically rise in concert with the galactic centre. This changes the alignment of the dark energy matter which overlays the light energy matter changing the phasing, alignment and constructive and destructive dark energy matter interfering and the Pulsar Force, the other aspect of the torsionic soliton is aligned with the Earth, this causes all CF dark energy matter entities to lose control of the Matrix so they can only control the ADR derivative Matrix: the Western World of the Illuminati bankers. this means the Chinese, being the only ADR free superpower will find all their Psi adepts after 2013 display unbelievable Psi powers due to the Psi amplification brought about by the Pulsar Force. Europeans the slave race of the ADR, the EU being the new empire of the Illuminati bankers will be trapped in the ADR and cut off from the Pulsar Force by the ADR. All Psi-Masters in the Matrix will find their Psi powers unbeatable and so will be subverted by Illuminati agents or forced to fight the CF agents of evil.


Psychotronic Orbs of Power Simarillion as named by Tolkien are Pulsar Force amplifiers that boost all 4 types of the Pulsar Force (PF). In Castaneda's: The Fire from Within, the Rolling Force is described a two part Circular, then spherical Force of Creation, destruction. Since the Matrix is composed of the CF this first Circular aspect of the Rolling Force sustains the matrix and it's ADR Psi-prison. The spherical rolling force destroys the Matrix/ADR and was the Force used exclusively by the ancient Seers before 100,000 BC and the Old Seers circa 10,000 BC. This spherical rolling force, enabled both ancient and old Seers to move their awareness and totality outside the Matrix to voyage to worlds beyond the human domain/Archons. To move the assemblage point within the human biophysical body another Force called the Earth's boost, alignment with the Earth's emanations to block out the Matrix's Psychic Damping Field (PDF) was used. Both the Sperical Rolling Force and the Earth's Boost, alignment of human consciousness with the Spherical Earth can be carried out using Psychotronic Orbs of Power. Since the CF is useless to all Psi but sustains the Matrix/ADR it can be used by Psi-Adepts willing to sacrifice all freedom/power to feed the Archons - the definition of all black magicians, occultists, Illuminati and the government of the West. Psi-Masters wreck the Matrix and ADR for PF, it takes the human insectiles millenia to build a Matrix/ADR but it is a matter of moments to destroy Matrices/ADR for PF. This PF can be used to power Psychotronic Orbs for breaking fee of the Matrix or Lucid Viewing/dreaming of anywhere in the MegaVerse.


The Earth's Boost is used to Lucidly View any of the 600+ separate worlds of the Earth's energy body. To do this hold a Psychotronic Orb in your left hand, BPC in your left sock and hold the Orb up to a light source so the light glints through it or off it. This light grips your attention and once the internal dialogue is silenced the Assemblage Point is shifted to another of the 600+ separate worlds. Constant practice and instruction can enable the Psi-Master to align with all the worlds of the human domains., Many of these are Archonic so by plunging the Orb in your mind's eye you can shred all the CF entities you meet for PF as the Orbs kill CF entities.


Tim Rifat has the advantage over Seers both old and new ini that he used Lucid Viewing of the far future to overcome all the barriers set in front of Psi... Discoverer of the ADR, Psi-damping field (PDF)... using the scientific approach Tim Rifat has found the Matrix evolved to a Matrix within a Matrix, the ADR. This was formed by the British Illuminati during the reign of Elizabeth 11 and the Rothschilds who infiltrated the Freemasonic groups of the period and introduced Goetic black magic and paedophile sacrifice. During the Middle ages the Zionist Illuminati were banished from England for child sacrifice. Since CF entities produce spread in the Matrix, their aspect of the Rolling Force paradoxically sustaining the Matrix this obession with black magic sex and child sacrifice must hisde a vital aspect of ADR. The human energy body has a vital core in the centre, this core centre is sucked dry by the Tenant (The Art of Dreaming; The Fire From Within; Castaneda) on all Psi-Masters since the 18th Century to produce a shell-like empty energy body of the Don Juan line of Toltec Sorcerers. When these poor souls burn with the Fire From Within they enter the bodiless, transcendent state, the Third Attention as agents of the CF entities who posses their Core Centre. This enables the CF vermin to extend the Matrix not as a derivative like the ADR but an integral of the Matrix the 30 Aethers of Enochian magic so these poor souls enter an over Matrix which enables the CF Archons to extend their corruption into the Third Attention; to form an over Matrix in which Don Juan and all his line, since Sebastian the First shell of the over Matrix was created by the Tenant. One can see the chaotic characteristic of self similarity which the Cf entities follow of forming layer after layer of ADR, Matrix and over Matrix. Tim Rifat as  Psi-Lord is beyond all Matrices and uses the over Matrix for Psychotronic Fuel; it does mean all Psi-Masters from the 18th Century have been turned into over Matrix shells rather than find Total Freedom. The New Seers of Central and South America failed because the increasing population of the West, the zombies of the ADR, topped 1 billion in the 18th Century producing a PDF that could hold 17 Seers of the Third Attention and use them after opening their gaps as over Matrix Shells. Numbers really matter in Psi and 1 billion Westerners totally controlled by the ADR enabled the Tenant to pull, evicerate, Sebastian, Don Juan, Castaneda so they become over Matrix Shells. Castaneda a genius of the New Age realised something was wrong and turned away from the New Seers path. Unfortunately he failed to find a way through the over Matrix to the true Third Attention, realm of bodiless beings, tracendance, Psi-Lords.


Using far future technology Tim Rifat has transcended all CF blocks so the presence of three Matrices provides the finest concentration of psychotronic fuel in the World's history enabling ultimate Psi feats impossible, even thought they are theoretically possible, in the far future. Having 3 Matrices to use as PF produces an unstable ever falling awareness, reality that can be used for all eternity as PF without diminishing, rather like the instability of 3 bodies in physics.


Why is the perversion of sex and child sacrifices so important to Illuminati and how is it used to create Matrix illusion. When humans have sex their core energy centres donate energy to create a total energy field which can create new life, or be used to build Matrix reality, feed dark energy matter entities. Once humans have children this core centre is sucked into the new child leaving a hole in the energy body. If this process is taken to it's logical conclusion the human becomes thoroughly empty a shell, devoid of all Psi and the perfect wage slave. This process has been developed by the Illuminati where they get babys, young children to rape, torture and sacrifice to use the force of creation in the Matrix, CF, to pull energy not only from the children's parents but to generalise it so they can pull the core energy out of all humans and with continuous practise turn humanity into shells - perfect zombie wage slaves. Since this sexual core centre energy is corrupted by the process it is the perfect psychotronic fuel for CF dark energy matter entities that give temporal power to the Illuminati in exchange . This process has been developed by the CF entities who use dark Psi-Masters such as the Tenant (described in Castaneda's books) a dark shell containing no core centre to use the force of sexual evisceration described above to open the energy body of all potential Psi-Masters so they lose their core centre. These Psi-Master shells are then bereft of the core centre needed to access God Power; they then become the unwitting tools of the CF entities to spread the Matrix into the Psi-world, Second Attention and the bodiless being transcendence, the Third Attention reached by burning with the Fire From Within. By this means the over Matrix is spread into the transcendent Third Attention. Since all CF black magic is based on diabolic Kabbalah, the 10 Serfiroth of physical, soul and spirit of the tree of life become the 30 Aethers of the over Matrix.  The God Force and the supernal powers outside the 3 Matrices of ADR, Matrix, over Matrix are wrapped up into a blocking energy in the 4 state of the 30 Aethers bottom rung (reversal) all the other 3 Aethers have 3 demons/Arch demonic forces to mirror the ADR/Matrix/over Matrix. The whole Multiverse of the Archons is therefore an interlimited set of 3 Matrix within a Matrix within a Matrix constructed from the inverse of the creative force used to create babies, Corrupted Eve made manifest. This 3 fold way is present in all the Archonic Corruptions.


As a Psi-Lord, Time Rifat has exploded the entire process and found it all depends on the CF. The life force creation of the CF has been totally perverted to create Matrices and demonic awareness. That is why all the good Psi-Masters have only helped build the Matrices: 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Ironically the only way out of the Matrices is to use the Pulsar aspect of the Rolling Force, the destructive aspect. Since the entire Multiverse available to humans is ADR/Matrix/over Matrix, the only way out is to burn a hole in the Matrices to allow the Psi-Master escape to Total Freedom. The Orbs are designed to utilise the Pulsar aspect of the Rolling Force to crack the energy bodies of all the Western wage slave zombies, Illuminati and dark energy matter not creating life the CF a Matrix or dark energy entities, but destroying all 3 Matrices, zombies and dark energy matter vermin, a reversal of the Archon construction - in effect a deconstruction of all CF Matrices and beings. This leaves CF shells, empty casings of zombies, dark energy matter Archons in a shelled set of Matrices, evicerated, gutted, burnt out; the dream world of 2013 for the mindless masses and their Archons. All this energy is channelled into the PF Orbs for use by the Psi-Master to break out of the Matrix and become a Psi-Lord. For a Psi-Lord the psychotronic fuel is used to invert the Matrices so they become what they really are negative energy awareness junkyard for the evil corrupt detritus of the Megaverse. The negative energy is used to balance up the positive energy used by the Psi-Lord to create time-lines where humanity can achieve the God Force lost from the  cored shells of this negative energy tri-Matrix corruption. Negative energy dumps are vital to act as counterbalance huge creative acts that produce new time-lines, realities, the jump from Psi-Lord to Psi-Creator the active perfection of the Source's aspects to weed out evil, channel histories to perfection and manifest the Source's perfection, dumping the dross in negative tri-Matrices such as this one to enable the process of perfection and to supply the Psychotronic Fuel (PF).


The core energy is the key to matrix production as it is used by the CF Entities as the seed core of their zombie wage slave production and is used to make all 3 Matrices. Since the start of the 18th Century the Illuminati bankers have used all Psi-Masters to construct the over Matrix. Only Psi-Lords outside the Anglo Demonic System of evil are free from the 3 Matrices and can use them as fuel. The Matrix is built from self destruction of the solitonic torsionic CF to follow the Fitonacci 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 energy pattern, as the 11 refers to the Crowley collapse of opposites in that Matrix: good/evil; left, right; fascist/communist; capitalist/Zionist... the Matrix is a construct of this Crowley developed parasitism of opposites. Each of the three Matrices follows these construction axions. A Psi-Lord burns Matrices as PF and can use all three Matrices as:-


1) Anglo Demonic Reality burnt with the Matrix (ADRΘM)
2) Anglo Demonic Reality burnt with the Over Matrix (ADRΘOM)
3) Matrix burnt with the Over Matrix (MΘOM)
4) (ADRΘM) burnt with the Over Matrix
5) (ADRΘOM) burnt with the Matrix
6) (MΘOM) burnt with the Anglo Demonic Reality


Θ denotes the operation of collapsing opposites to produce a synthesis of energy.


One can see there are 6 types of Matrix burning which is because the Agglutinising Force has 6 types of extraordinary Set controlling the gluing together of energy filaments to produce the realities of physical, biophysical and transcendent.


a) The Silver Age Orb uses the Rolling Force to burn the Over Matrix for PF  
b) The Bronze Age Orb Age Orb uses the Rolling Force to burn the Matrix for PF  
c) The Iron Age Orb uses the Rolling Force to burn the Over ADR for PF  
d) The Silver Age Orb Θ the Bronze Age Orb burns (OMΘM)  for PF  
e) The Silver Age Orb Θ The Iron Age Orb burns the (OMΘADR) for PF  
f) The Bronze Age Orb Θ The Iron Age Orb burns the (MΘADR) for PF  
g) The Silver Age Orb Θ the Bronze Age Orb Θ the Iron Age Orb burns the (OMΘM)Θ(ADR) for PF  
h) The Silvers Age Orb Θ the Iron Age Orb Θ the Bronze Age Orb burns the (OMΘADR)Θ(M) for PF  
i) The Bronze Age Orb Θ the Iron Age Orb Θ Silver Orb burns the (MΘADR)Θ(OM) for PF  


PF = Psychotronic Fuel

ADR = Anglo Demonic Reality


It can be seen that when one completely burns the 3 diabolical anglo Matrices in all combinations 9 varieties of PF a) to i) are released corresponding to the 9 archetypes, Council of 9, Arch Archons, Eanead of the West, the human consciousness imprisoned, evil...


To burn the Agglutinising Force of the 3 Matrices that bind the West Illuminati Pri-prison together simply hold the Orb of choice in your left hand (BPC) in left sock as 1) to 3). For 4) to 6) hold two Orbs in your left hand (BPCs) in left sock to charge you with the PF from burning the Agglutinising Force of the 6 diabolical Anti-Grail (Anti-Christ) binding keys of the occult, Illuminati, Achon, evil Matrices. The Psi-Master can download this energy into the 6 Grail Stones by placing them in a circle around the Psi-Master to superenergise the 6 Grail Stones to give the Psi-Master the ability for strategic psychokinesis in concert with the Grail Patterns. Or placing the 4 SuperPower PCs around the Psi-Master agglutinises the devic body into the perfect vessel to contain all 34 energies, the SuperBody of the Psi-Master to evolve into. The Agglutinising Force liberated from the Matrix can be used to (by placing all 7 Psycrystals around the Psi-Master) solidly the 7 dark energy matter dimensions so the Psi-Master can have perfect cohesion and uniformity in these inroganic realms while Lucid Travelling so they become as real as this Matrix (ADR). The Agglutinising Force can be downloaded into the Sex PCs by placing them on the floor during the process outlined above to make psychic, physical and intent based sexual unions as real as those in the ADR for wage slave zombies.


The Agglutinising Force can be downloaded into the Awareness PC to forge psychic swords capable of clearing all CF vermin: zombies: Illuminati: dark energy matter entities. The Agglutinising Force can be downloaded into all Anti-Occult/Demon PCs to supercharge them to exterminate their intended victims on a strategic scale. Use of the 3 Matrix burner Orbs (Silver, Bronze, Iron) unglues all 3 Matrices to super solidify all pulsar realities at the expense of CF realities. It enables the Psi-Master to unravel all 3 Matrices so they becomes so they become dreams that have no effect on her/him and can be reglued to the detriment of all CF entities so more CF can be liberated.


The a) to i) combinations give the Psi-Master access to burning the 9 achetypes of the Matrices to liberate awareness so strategic RI, psychokinesis, telekinesis, world change can occur to the detriment of the entities. By this method the BSRI-Engine can be supercharged to run on the burning of the Council of 9  insectiles simply by placing the 9 PC/BPC BSRI-E round the Psi-Master as he focuses his/her Lucid Viewing on the a) to i) combinations in his left hand/sock. By this means the destruction of the Matrices fuels her/his psychokinesis to break free of the Matrix or destroy it/them to impose her/his intents for wealth, power, love, health, anti-ageing, good luck, psychic powers... By placing the 7 Psycrystals around the Psi-Master while carrying out a) to i) the Psi-Master can use the burning of the Nine to gain power psychokinetic control, RI the 7 dark energy matter realm of the CF entities to trap them in a Matrix/Matrices of the Psi-Master's creation. Downloading into the 4 SuperPower PCs/BPCs boosts the Devic Body so it can accept the human totality for teleportation, physical lucid travelling, lucid viewing of all 600+ worlds in the Earth. The downloading of the shredded Nine into the Sex PCs enables the Psi-Master to have Psi Sex in all realms with anyone she/he wants in a reality more real than ADR life. Downloading into the Grail Stones amplifies the Grail Pattern effects fo the Pattern becomes strategic rather than tactical, useful for Psi-Masters with the wish to become Masters over the Illuminati by controlling strategic events and making paper Illuminati money worthless. Downloading into the Awareness PCs forges Psychic Swords to attack on a strategic rather than tactical scale all aspects of the CF Matrices, killing corporations rather than managers, countries rather than ministers... the burning of the Nine by a) to i) released the power for strategic psychokinesis, RI, telekinesis to empower the other 30 PCs/BPCs. By using all 34 in concert the Psi-Master can utilise the ADR/Matrix/over Matrix for PF to break free of the CF realities. Simply sit in a 34 BPC/PC Total BSRI-Engine, relax and let the 34 Energies interact in 34 ways and 68 combinations to break you fee from the Matrix, not by lifting you out of the Matrix but letting the Source descend to make you real then lift you out of the Matrix. All humans are made in the image of the Grand Archon and are just figments of evil intent made manifest. The Total BSRI-Engine enables the Source to descend into the Matrices, make the Psi-Master an aspect of the Source an Avator of the Source - a Psi-Lord then raise them to link up with the Source so their path is to transcendence to Godhead to the Source. The Matrices provide PF for this process of Source embodiment and Total Freedom enabling the Psi-Master to overcome all obstacles and bring to the Source their direct experience of hell damnation something the Source has no direct contact with due to it being perfect. This means any human can by this process transmigrate from a damned being to Source being but the mediation of a Psi-Lord is needed to open a total channel so all 6 billion + humans can be fee but only a miniscule fraction will see the Total Freedom available and take advantage of it.