The After LIfe and beyond the Matrices.


The Matrix is based on CF dark energy matter entities that spiral inward/outward as defined by the mathematics of the Fitonacci Series: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 truncated to 9 terms; the nine of the Ecnead, Council of 9, Nine Ring Wraiths... the first 5 terms are cut off from man by the Matrix, the 5 refers to the 5 Aeons of hell as referred to by the Gnostics. The over Matrix multiplies this into the 1 1 2 3 terms, the 7 Aeons of heaven. So all the pure souls are caught into the over Matrix in the 7 Aeons.

This filtering process put the humans in:-

5 Aeons (5th term of CF Fitonacci Series) hell realms for the damned humans: wage slaves, status quo humans, real men, aethiest, humanist... humans.

7 Aeons (1 to 4th term of CF Fitonacci Series) heaven realm for true Catholics, Buddhists, sages, saints, shaman, Psi-Masters.


These over Matrix prisons suck energy out of the Souls of humans in torment in the Aeons or in bliss (ignorant) as the 7 Aeons. These souls experience the torment, ignorant bliss as eternal. To an Archon feeding off it, it is transitory and the human is processed into the grey emotional damned soul no matter which path 5 Aeon Hell or 7 Aeon Heaven. The Aeons are based on the 12 energies blocked from humans in the ADR which are used in the over Matrix to bleed more emotional energy from the wage slave/saint as they are used by the Archons for Psychotronic Fuel using their emotional energies as fuel.


By integrating the 12 Powers into human beings before death enables the human soul to fly free, free from the Archons. At death the Soul Spirit, ta/ka is split and the Soul is kept by the Archon in the hell/heaven Aeons, the Spirit is consumed by Yaeloloth the Chief Archon, The Eagle (The Eagles' Gift by Castaneda: Harper Collins) as PF. If you have the missing 12 Powers in your energy body the Archon afterlife is circumvented. Moslem martyrs (Christian, Shia to Kamikaze...) die fighting evil so the Archons can't hold their Souls and Spirits as their heavenly violence can't be contained in any of the 12 Aeons afterlife Psi prisons in the over Matrix. The 12 Imman of Shia Moslem religion is the archetype of holy violence to free the Sould and Spirit from the Archon evil. Normal Moslems find themselves caught in a Shia/Sunni Psi-trap developed by Crowley, the use of opposites to feed black magicians the basis of Thoth Magik. The 12 ADR destroyer energies of the 12 Power PC/BPCs inure the Soul/Spirit to the ADR basis of the after life the 5 Aeons, the Corrupted Eve Shredder PC/BPC lifts the Soul/Spirit from the over Matrix 7 Aeons of corrupted love to feed the Archonic reality. Love can only be for the love of God, Allah, Source... all else is transitory and entraps the Psi-Masters. Use of the Rolling Force is it's death destroying mode tuned to the 12 Powers, Anti-Atbash, Corrupted Eve Shredder lifts the Soul/Spirit of the Psi-Master of the 12 Aeons of Archon after life Psi-Parasite the non Matrix Reality of the God, Allah, Source... To do this all you need is the 12 Powers PC/BPCs, Anti-Atbash, Corrupted Eve Shredder, to bring the Rolling Force of death to the ADR Matrix: OverMatrix, respectively. The general projector of the full spectrum Rolling Force in it's Anti-Matrix mode is the Golden Age Orb which focuses the Rolling Force to totally liberate the Psi-Master from the after life of the 12 Aeons of the Archons. It is important to realise that the Matrix... does not end after death; it is fully manifest after death as you cannot escape it as you are dead. The poor fools who burnt with the Fire From Within to enter the 3rd Attention (The Fire From Within: Castaneda) entered the OverMatrix 7 Aeons. Buddhist saints enter the Matrix 7 Aeons. Humanist saints enter the ADR 7 Aeons. Black magicians enter the 5 Aeons OverMatrix hells. Black magician adepts enter the 5 Aeons Matrix hells. Black magician foot soldiers, neophytes, secret police... enter the 5 Aeons ADR hell. Everything in the Archon multiversity is self similar. Only Moslem martyrs rip through the Matrices their Divine Evil cannot be contained by the Archons. Psi-Masters who do not wish to blow themselves up use the death, destructive Rolling Force to roll their awareness beyond the Archon Matrix by not buying into the wage slave dream of paper money and use the 12 Powers, Anti-Atbash, Corrupted Eve Shredder to focus the Power of the Gold Age Orb pur rolling force into the ADR: Matrix: Over Matrix, respectively.


To use the Power of Death for the Ultimate Leap of consciousness while alive is the aim of Psi-Masters. Focus the Rolling Force of the Gold Age Orb into:-


a) The 12 Powers missing from the ADR by holding the Orb with one of the 12 Power PCs/BPC to produce:


12 Power PC x Orb PC This produces the 48 Energies contained within the Earth (40 physical, 7 dark energy matter, 1 light energy matter) described by Castaneda to produce the PF for the Psi-Master to produce a real Earth in her/his intents to live within.
12 Power PC x Orb BPC
12 Power PC x Orb PC
12 Power PC x Orb BPC


Simply hold the Orb 12 Power PC together in left hand as PCs, or as BPCs in left sock of as PC/BPC in hand/sock respectively and suck in the energy from burning the ADR Matrix. This enables the Psi-Master to produce solid, real intents to live in after death or for Psychic Power Sex before death.



The Anti-Atbash PC x Orb PC Left hand Orb plus PC
The Anti-Atbash PC x Orb BPC Left sock for Orb plus Anti-Atbash BPC
The Anti-Atbash PC x Orb BPC Left hand plus Anti-Atbash in left sock for Orb BPC
The Anti-Atbash PC x Orb PC Left sock for Anti-Atbash BPC with Orb in left hand


This gives the 4 Levels of Consciousness in the afterlife:


a) Physical Use of these 4 Energies means the Psi-Master can jump between these 4 Levels of Intent to change the intended reality to focus on these 4 Energies. a) For physical interaction such as sex. b) Meeting of minds. c) Meeting of Souls. d) Meeting of Spirits
b) Mental
c) Soul
d) Spirit



The Corrupted Eve Shredder (CE) gives:

a) CES PC x Orb PC to focus the feminine energy in your Spirit
b) CES PC x Orb BPC to focus the feminine energy in your Body
c) CES PC x Orb PC to focus the feminine energy in your Mind
d) CES PC x Orb BPC to focus the feminine energy in your Soul


This enables you to build a body of pure intent in the after life which is filled with the missing feminine energy unavailable in the ADR: Matrix: OverMatrix to construct tulpa females perfect in all ways for Psychic Power Sex or to change a Psi-Masters sex to become female if male, or true female if a human Corrupted Eve female (a breeder, wage slave, home builder, Matrix Guardian, as is the norm) For a female Psi-Master to become male the 4 female energies released above are absorbed twice. In this way you can experience Psychic Power Sex as the opposite sex, or involute the Assemblage Point, energy body to change sex (as described in: The Art of Dreaming, Castaneda)


Only the negative aspect of the Rolling Force has the power to curl up the energy body to change sex. For a male the Assemblage Point faces inward, female outward, change the Solitonic Configuration and you change sex. So one can live after death as a male or female as the Tenant has done. I prefer the male form but many prefer the female. By use of the Gold Age Orb the death Rolling Force can be focussed the missing energies listed above. Once the Gold Orb is held in the left hand, BPC in left sock after all the missing energies are recovered the Rolling Force pushes the energy body down into the BPC which then falls out of the matrix. This turns the egg-like in modern humans globular energy body into a line of energy which falls out of the Matrix to form in the pulsar dark energy matter reality as occured with the Ancient Seers circa 100,000 BC. This means the Psi-Master then aligns with a  million times more energies than a Matrix energy body and becomes in effect a demi-god in the ADR: Matrix: OverMatrix. Described in 'The Art of Dreaming: Castaneda. The Rolling Force in it's Pulsar mode is the only Power able to do this fed by the 3 processes outlined above to produce the 48x4x4=768 positions of the Assemblage Point. Since the Earth only has 600 realities this pushes the Psi-Master to align with non Earth realities the Grand Movements of the Ancient Seers.