Psychokinesis and RI:


What are Matrix enclosures made from? Russian research indicates the torsionic soliton field is the basic unit of manifestation, a whirlpool/tornado vortex of energy contigous with a pulsing hyper-spherical field; the CF (Circular Force) and PF (Pulsar Force). The 5 extraordinary sets of set theory describe the transformations the 34 energies made from higher dimensional space to the 4D prison of the ADR (Anglo Demonic Reality). The CF force is controlled by the Fitonacci Series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. The mathematical function of the spiral, whirlpool, tornado. It stops at the ninth term and iterates as a chaos function as explained on psychotronic The PF is suppressed to make the CF Matrix and it's derivative the ADR. As everything is energy it needs the agglutinising force (AF) as described by Castaneda: The Magical Passes... to glue the energy into bounded enclosures to trap awareness - Matrix shells. This AF is the heart of Psi-Master knowledge as it controls manifestation and time. Since the CF is totally dominant Tim goes around as the wheel of Time (Castaneda: The Eagles Gift: All Castanedas books after this one are recommended). As the 34 energies combine held together by the AF they make patterns of the AF, template based on Set Theory. These Patterns are the psychokinetic templates of every event in the Matrix, combinations of which form manifest reality of the Matrix or ADR. A Psi-Master can bring any event she/he wishes into being in the Matrix or ADR simply by duplicating this AF template in Psi-Space and Bioparticle-Space. Together the two spaces manipulated by PCs and BPCs respectively form the first two terms of the Fionacci Series and provide the template for the energy to manifest held together for the AF to enclose, develope and propogate. These AF Patterns of the Matrix and ADR were recorded by analysing a Grail Stone used by Cathars/Merovingians before they were exterminated by the Catholic Crusade led by the French against the Merovingians.


All the psychokinetic templates of the ADR are bonded by the double square (a square within a square) as the boundary of the ADR Matrix within a Matrix. The Matrix templates are the same as those of the ADR but have only one square enclosing the AF Pattern. The 4 Cardinal Grail Stones manipulate the square boundary of the Matrix, their BPCs manipulate the ADR. By using these Grail Stones (4 BPCs and 4 PCs) the Matrix and ADR boundaries - prison walls, can be used as PF (Psychotronic Fuel) as energy is released or gained at the interface of boundaries held together by the AF. Archons bleed the Matrix/ADR at this box interface to channel emotional lifeforce from their human shells (hence the awareness of human shells is only on the surface coat (Castaneda: The Active Side of Infinity: Mudshadows) A Psi-Master has a complete list of all the Matrix/ADR AF Patterns so can bleed energy from the Matrix/ADR like an Archon but for her/his empowerment as she/he takes over the Matrix by subverting the Operating System of the matrix/ADR. The Grail Patterns give a complete list of all these AF Matrix/ADR Patterns. a Psi-Master must then know how they interact, what they do and the rules of the Archon Operating System; this is the knowledge a Psi-Master who like myself has become a Psi-Lord and can wield/destroy Matrices at will. In this Matrix/ADR the Illuminati will have a disastrous war with the Chinese... in which Europe is wrecked and America becomes radically changed - a world where the ADR is expunged and the Matrix is used by the winning governments as they become Psi-able. Key to all this is the use of psychokinesis to control reality, at the same time eliminating the CF parasites and their Illuminati puppets who run the dark energy matter Archonic control of the Operating System. A function of this Operating System is that the AF can be manipulated by emotion/lifeforce or by the Archons, or by Grail Stones that use the 5 Extraordinary Sets directly and subvert, control, override all Archonic emotion. The Two Wands of Horus (as used by the Egyptians are used to engrave, or write the AF Pattern to be used to draw energy from or create respectively, the psychokinetic Pattern of the event to be destroyed or invoked. by this means the Psi-Master can break or make any part of the Matrix. Every Psi-procedure in a Matrix or ADR has  a Pattern and every human activity in the Matrix/ADR has an AF Pattern. Control of this Operating System gives one total control of the human reality. Power Rings are used to erase the effects of the Cf dark energy matter Archons so they have no control over the OS by destructively interfering with the CF. Hence power mad/hungry Psi-Masters always use Power Rings.


Lucid Viewing is travel in the Matrix (not ADR) so line Patterns psychokinetically move the Psi-Master's awareness to any of the 600+ folds of the Matrix that make real worlds in the Earth's energy body. By using the Wands of Horus one can warp the Matrix be erasing it behind you and creating it in front of you to Warp yourself through space for RV, time for precognitive RV, Time-Lines for Lucid Viewing of alternate realities, dimension for Lucid Viewing... This is the basis of the Psi-Master's command over Lucid Viewing and unlike U.S. RV cannot be blocked, overlayed with ADR input or Archonically controlled as you are using the OS of the Matrix like an Archon. Use of Power Rings makes the CF entities helpless before your power to erase them.


Once you have arrived the Psi-Master can make any event in the Matrix or ADR starting by writing a box, double box respectively with the right Wand of Horus inside the Master Box/Boxes (ADR) as the left Wand of Horus is used to erase Archonic AF Patterns to provide PF.


Simply put the Grail Stones:-

(Cardinal Grail Stones: Make the boundary for Matrix/ADR manifestation without which there is only formless energy.

Left Wand of Horus: Erases the OS of the Archons to supply PF and space for the Psi-Master to manifest what she/he wants in the Matrix or ADR using the OS Patterns.

Right Wand of Horus: Writes the OS on the Cardinal Grail Stone AF Template producing psychokinetically any events the Psi-Master requires such as: wealth, growth of business, love, the event he/she wants, longevity, health... As long as the Psi-Master has enough PF supplied by the Left Wand of Horus any construct can be established in the Matrix./ADR. By this means any Psi-Master can become a leading powerbroker, rich, politician, success, conqueror, governor... The list is as big as the Matrix. By directly altering reality any change can be made manifest and since the Illuminati depend on CF parasites, Power Rings render them helpless and offer the opportunity for the Psi-Master to eliminate all Illuminati. Since all occult, Matrix/ADR evil is composed of the CF the Power Ring CF Suppressor banishes their effect completely from the wearer. The oldest Psychotronic Generators used pyramids to act as OS Squares the point of the pyramid funnelling energy into the Square base to bind the dead in a dream world of the Pharoah's intent replete with his biophysical/bioparticle servants, tools, grain, gold... Use of this pyramidal, PG enabled the Pharoahs soul to wake up in a dream world of his choosing - unlike Western man who wakes up in an Archonic realm where her/his emotional energy can be used even after death. Four Cardinal Grail Stones can replicate all Egyptian metaphysics as they form the hyper-pyramid in which a Psi-Adept can store them in awareness after death. As Cataneda wrote about in the Art of Dreaming, visualising anything in Psi-Space (Second Attention) enables the Psi-Master to wake up in his intent. Use of Grail technology enables the Psi-Master to make this intent real within the Matrix or within the ADR - Psychokinesis.