Money Magnet, Love Magnet, Health Magnet, Anti-Ageing Magnet, Luck Magnet, Psychic Powers Magnet, Psychic Protection Magnet, Friendship Magnet, Sex Magnet, Athletic Magnet.



Tim Rifat is the exclusive owner of all Psychotronic Generators™ in crystal form, these are called Psychotronic Crystals™ which are a registered trademark of Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd). If you have bought any crystal sold as a Psychotronic Generator™ from criminal fraudsters (see Warnings) such as,, or any other UK government sponsored counterfeit operation you have not only been conned but bought of your own free will (Hyperinfinity) a Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal that will drive you mad, make you ill or worse.

Now every victim is another mans prosperity so all the Satanic counterfeit crystals sold by these criminals can be used as crystals where these counterfeit crystals their owners and sellers act as the energy supply for the bioparticle Psychotronic Generators™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now sell to you. Unlike normal Psychotronic Generators™  these do not need charging as all customers and the websites:,, as well as all the people who access them to purchase... now supply the: Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force... life-force, sexual energy, vril, odic force... for the Psychotronic Generator™ which the Psi-Lord Ltd can now supply. As it takes no energy on our part to pair these large quartz crystals with the counterfeit ones to suck energy from the counterfeit crystal they can be supplied at a very fair price of $30 + $15 P&P. Even better since the criminal Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum (who has put some bogus email from Tim Rifat (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) purporting to give him permission to steal - please give the public some semblance of intelligence!) has put the diabolical 9 Insectile Powers of the Satanic Council of 9 in his counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™, Psi-Lord Ltd can now put all 9 Anti-Satanic Powers in our Psychotronic Generator™. This means that all the people buying the counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™ from:, (yes the Graham Nickels aka Paul Hughes Barlow),, get bad health, destroyed psychic powers, psychic attack instead of psychic protection, rapid ageing, bad luck, no money or worse, no love but hate, no athletic ability, no sex... while the real Psychotronic Generator™ created by Tim Rifat (Psi-Lord Ltd) gives you real love, real money, real psychic powers, psychic protection, good luck, good health, love, sex, athletic ability and the counterfeiters supply the power. Even better since the Satanists:, Mystical Wonders have used the Council of Nine in one Psychotronic Crystal™  the Psychotronic Generator™ we can produce enables us to drain the evil from the Satanic Insectile Council of Nine and the Satanists have given us full permission by trying to steal the Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® from Psi-Lord Ltd so the evil Council of Nine cannot stop the Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® we produce totally draining them  and the Satanists pay. Even better the Sublime Good ® process, the Break to Make you better technology in which the negative parts of you with respect to: love, luck, money, psychic power, health, psychic protection, anti-ageing , sex and athletic ability can now be jumped by the sublimation process into the counterfeit Psychotronic Generator™ as sold by:, Mystic, and Sublime Good drawn from them and the Council of Nine Insectiles Satanic Powers. This means the Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® on offer is the only Psychotronic Generator™ that does not need charging as the counterfeiters and their customers supply the power and more importantly the Council of Nine. To use simply keep the Psychotronic Generator™ in your left pocket or place under the bed to use for 24/7 effect.

If you would like the Psychotronic Generator™ tuned to one specific psychic power only Psi-Lord Ltd offer you fully self charging Psychotronic Crystal® :- (if you have bought any other Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® you have bought a counterfeit - see Warnings)

1 Psychotronic Generator™ 9 Power Magnet $45
2 Psychotronic Generator™ Money Magnet $45

3 Psychotronic Generator™ Love Magnet $45

4 Psychotronic Generator™ Luck Magnet $45

5 Psychotronic Generator™ Anti-Ageing Magnet $45

6 Psychotronic Generator™ Health Magnet $45

7 Psychotronic Generator™ Psychic Power Magnet $45

8 Psychotronic Generator™ Psychic Protection Magnet $45

9 Psychotronic Generator™ Sex Magnet $45

10 Psychotronic Generator™ Friendship Magnet $45

11 Psychotronic Generator™ Athletic Magnet $45

12 Psychotronic Generator™ Success Magnet $45

13 Psychotronic Generator™ Job Magnet $45

14 Psychotronic Generator™ Career Magnet $45

15 Psychotronic Generator™ Beauty Magnet $45

16 Psychotronic Generator™ Business Magnet $45

17 Psychotronic Generator™ Big Break Magnet $45

All energy comes from counterfeiter government Satanist, front organisations such as,,,

If you want even more power then only Bone Generators® can give you the power for Mind over Matter in the public eye of scrutiny (see Bone Generator® Service, site) For personal use the Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® cannot be beaten and remember you are buying the real product not some worthless criminals satanic crystals (see Warnings). Only a multi million dollar company can afford to give you the power of the Psychotronic Generator™ Crystal® at a bargain price so all Clients can share in the, bonanza offered by this new technology exclusive to Psi-Lord Ltd. If you have bought from, MysticalWonders, org,,, thank you for giving your energy, Hyperinfinity, lifeforce to power the real Psychotronic Generators™ sold on the home of all real Psychotronic Generators™ Crystals®

Special offer: Buy 2 and get one free, just order 2 and put with your order the 3rd one you want. 3 Psychotronic Generator™ Crystals® for only $60 plus $30 Postage and Packing.