The Ultimate Matrix Burner Psychotronic Generator (UMB PG)


The Pavlita and Orgone Generator rapidly decay and become negative with use, the Tim Rifat Pavlita and Orgone PGs solve this problem Now the Tim Rifat Ultimate Matrix Burner PG links the: ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix to produce the ultimate PF (Psychotronic Fuel) for the Psi-Master 24/7, with no decay or negative inversion as occurs with all primitive designs like the Orgone and Pavlita PG classes of PGs. Since Time Rifat has created the BPC to solve this problem and designed the BPC so it cannot be copied, only the Tim Rifat class of PGs can give 1 year of full power with no degradation.


The Ultimate Matrix Burner PG uses three PGs linked by quantum entanglement: Bells Theorem to link 3 4D Kline bottle representations of 3 5D Kline bottle spaces that link the ADR: Matrix, Over-Matrix in a self annihilating trinity that erases the 3 Matrices around you to produce PF. The black magician uses the triangle to invoke his demon Master, the Moslems stone 3 stones that embody Satan, the Illuminati worship their 3 horned God - the corruption of the Holy Trinity. The UMBPG has 34 BPCs/PC in each glass flask, the three flasks burn all the Matrices simultaneously to provide you with the power trapped in the Matrix. The three Spar Wands BPC or PC depending on function channel the PF from each flask to you. Simply hold all three Spar Wands in the left hand to pulse all the PF into your being. All three in left sock, anklet, band... to channel all the PF into your physical being. All 3 in your right sock to channel the PF into your physical project such as business, sport team, new body construct, extra strong reflexes, speed.... self healing. In the SuperBaleFire mode the PCs are held in left and right hand while the third is placed over a picture or name of the target to burn their ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix, pulse the PF into your left wand into the right want, left, right... This produces a destructive feedback loop in the target to free them from the Archon Matrix if they are innocent victims or burn them, their organisation, dark energy matter possessors, nest, Archons if they are Illuminati and or evil personified such as corrupt politicians, western secret police running tortue camps auch as Atugrave, or warmongers intent on conquest... the UMBPG enables the Psi-Master to use all aspects of the Archon Matrices for PF. The Wand BPC/PC and Kline bottle BPC/PCs form a couple that even when turned negative by the influx of evil energy only gives out positive PF (-x- = +) 24/7 for the Psi-Master. Burning all 3 Matrices simultaneously means the Psi-Master can create permanent holes in the Archon Psi-Prison so poor souls like the wage slave can escape and the Psi-Master can collect Cosmic Kudos for enabling the innocent damned to escape the Archon Matrices. This Cosmic positive karma is used by the UMBPG to boost the PF to a higher frequency, pulse rate than Archons can stand so the Psi-Master fills his body with a pure incorruptible PF for his flight into infinity the Third Attention.


Cost is $300 plus $50 P&P

This is for immediate delivery for 3 'Kline Bottles' each containing 34 BPC/PCs, and 3 BPC/PC Wands tuned to the 'Kline Bottles' to supply pure PF 24/7 for 1 year. The Ultimate Psychotronic battery for the Psi-Master who wishes to have non Matrix fuel on tap or wishes to zap all Archon creations to open holes in the Matrices of the Psi-Prison  man finds himself within.