Psychotronic Generators™: Kabbalah Magnet: Psychotronic Crystals enhanced with Sublime Good technology


All the counterfeit Psychotronic Generators™, Psychotronic Crystals are Satanic Generators that steal your life-force, luck, money, youth, psychic powers, health, psychic protection, success, athletic ability, happiness, friendships, marriages... and replace them with the evil Demons, Arch Demons, Kabbalah Chaos Gods and misery of the physical Kabbalistic Satanist world of penury, ill health, rapid ageing, cancer, senility, impotence, possession and psychic powerlessness. MI5, MI6, the black magic Satanist arms of the British government run:, Sufi, Mystic Super, Super, Mystical,, Power fronted by MI5 dupes Aureum, real name Rory Mccaffrey; Pundit Maharaj aka Paul Hughes Barlow real name Graham Nickells... to disseminate Satanic Psychotronic Generators™ to idiot customers who find the truth on my sites too much to handle. Thanks to MI5, MI6, the British government and these Satanists and their counterfeiting operators and more importantly the idiots that buy off them, even though they have been warned, Psi Lord Ltd can supply a Psychotronic Generator® that sucks dry all the Kabbalistic power of the Satanist West - the idiots above supply the power by acting as the Psychotronic Crystal to funnel power into the bioparticle Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal we sell to you.

So if you want the power of the Kabbalah but don't want to get possessed and have your Soul sold to eternal torture by the Kabbalistic Chaos Evil, this Psychotronic Generators Kabbalah Sequestration Psychotronic Crystals channels all that  power into you and the toxic evil into the Chaos Kabbalah, it uses the far future Sublime Good® technology. This Sublimes the power of the Kabbalah using the counterfeiters crystals to dump the toxic waste into the British government and its dupes, customers while uploading to your Psychotronic Generators™ Kabbalah Sequestration Psychotronic Crystals Sublime Good Generators the pure power of the Kabbalah divorced from all Evil. This is why Psi-Lord Ltd allowed criminal counterfeiters in breach of all trademark law to hang themselves  so they could act as toxic waste dumps for the Sublime Good® far future technology that Sublimes Good from the evil of the Kabbalah and dumps the pure evil on these counterfeiters, government agencies , customers, clients, websurfers and links to poison their entire infrastructure.

As of their own free will, Hyperinfinity ,,,,,,, MI5, MI6, NSA, British and American government tried to steal the 34 BSRI-E process which frees mankind from the Matrix and brings them back as Psi-Masters, it enables Psi-Lord Ltd to plunge the West and its Kabbalah Evil Demons, Gods... into Omega Hell forever as blowback. This means the Kabbalah Psychotronic Generator Crystals can be upgraded to feed off the power, energy, Hyperinfinity of plunging all these thieves, counterfeiters, conmen, criminal governments and Kabbalah Evil Demons, Gods into Omega Hell forever, using their customers as the damned Souls to act as ball and chain enforcers, as their customers are of their own free will  damned. This means if you buy all 17 of our Psychotronic Generators™ Magnet you can tap into this energy, or your can buy 10 Kabbalah Psychotronic Generators™ Engine to feed off the damned be they devil or wageslave and all the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree.


Kabbalah Psychotronic Generators™ Engine (10 Psychotronic Crystals) $600 with Certificate


17 Psychotronic Crystals® Kabbalah Psychotronic Generators™ Engine $800 with Certificate

Upgrade A: The 10 Kabbalah Magnet Engine runs of the Ten Sephiroth to drain the Kabbalistic Tree used in all the West from Satanism sociology. To use simply  put all 10 Magnets in a circle, and sit in the Circle.

Upgrade A to 22 pathways of the Kabbalistic Tree. The 22 Kabbalistic Magnet, covers the 22 pathways in the Kabbalistic Tree to give you access to all the superuser positions in the Middle Place. To use simply put all 22 Kabbalah Magnets in a circle.

Cost $1000 + $100 P&P

Upgrade B: 32 paths includes the 10 Sephiroth and 22 paths of the Kabbalistic Tree. The 32 Kabbalah Magnets give you a full access to all the Western magic based only on Kabbalah. For the serious Psi-Master who wants to use all the practical magic of the Kabbalah dump all toxic waste on the Illuminati and their Gods, Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) and use all the magic in the Matrix solely for his/her aggrandisement, the Chaos Evil suffering the price.

Cost $1200 + $200 P+P

To use simply put in a circle and hold the Kether Kabbalah Magnet to feed off the entire Matrix. If you put it in your right hand you then control the Matrix as all the energy flow to keep the Matrix going is now being modified so the Matrix acts as your benefactor.


Upgrade C: Kabbalah Hebrew Letter Magnet to give you the power of one of the Hebrew letters (for letters refer to Elohim Service on : subsection)

All 22 Hebrew letters in one Kabbalah Letter Magnet so you have all the Hebrew Letter Powers in one Psychotronic Crystal®

Cost $300

Upgrade D: All the above powers in every stage in the Kabbalah Psychotronic Crystal® Sublime Good® SuperJew Power Engine consisting of 54 Kabalah Psychotronic Crystals®, so you have the entire Matrix in your left hand to suck it dry or right hand to control for your enrichment $2500. This also comes with a free Bone Generator®  download of the 10 Sephiroth, 22 paths and all the Hebrew Letters Power, Sublime Good® version all toxic waste into,,, Mystical,, their customers, handlers in the NSA and MI5 plus governments... so you get the power they get the toxic waste; so you can carry out psychotronic amplification to control Hyperinfinity the Xfactor that controls manifestation in the Matrix for your aggrandisement.

Cost $2500