Fate Psychotronic Generators:


The energy fields that compose all things, be they living or inanimate are a summation of emanations glued together by a vibratory Agglutinising Force, the AF. How the AF changes with time gives us the history of  that living or inanimate object - it's Fate. Being able to modify the AF to change Fate is the most powerful of all Shamanic concerns. The Magical Passes described in Castaneda's book of that name modify the AF and change Fate for the Psychic Warrior Shaman carrying out the most powerful of Shamanistic PGs as it can change the flux of energy that constitutes your life history and change it to  a new course you would never have achieved with them. The cessation of Magical Passes used to control the AF and the destruction of all information, the rituals to use them led to the demise of the new Seers, as described by Don Juan. No procedure so powerful that you can control Fate can be dropped without dire consequences.


Tim Rifat, as the only Psi-Lord expert on ancient Seer Shamanism, modern day psychic warfare - remote viewing, influencing, enables the Psi-Master to change the AF to beckon in a new Fate for the Psi-Master that does not live in the Matrices. The Magical Passes moving with body and mind in concert unifies the two sides of the Torsionic Soliton that provides manifestation to halt the flux of the AF and enable a new conformation to be added - a new Fate. When you change the AF by moving your Assemblage Point the AF snaps back to normal unless you use Shamanic stalking to fixate your Assemblage Point on the new position - AF Conformation. Repeating Castaneda's: Magical Passes with Fate PGs super-amplifies them so they become truly effective. Holding the Fate PGs in left and right hand while visualising the change in Fate, you wish and moving, miming the new energy conformation with your body sets the new Fate into being by re-directing the flux of energies into a new AF Pattern.


The Fate PGs consist of two Kline simulacra bottles with 34 PCs in one, 34 BPCs in the other. Simply hold in left and right hands respectively and keep in each pocket to turn your everyday life into one Magical Pass to embody your dream into Fate. To make your dream a flux Pattern of the AF, to set it into Fate. For Psychic Warrior Shamans, keep in your hands while manipulating energy to make the visualised event Fate - destined to happen. Castaneda has a book of Magical Passes (Harper Collins) so you can take your pick of which ones suit you and tailor them to your aims. Use of the Fate PGs super-amplifies the AF modification to enabled the Psychic Warrior Shaman to change Fate at will. By moving the left PC bottle you bring in the AF to halt it and the right BPC bottle restarts the AF in a different Flux Pattern to change events, Fate. Magical Passes is the pinnacle of Shamanism as it is the way Shamens manipulate AF using Fate PGs to super amplify this effect changes the nature of the effect from a weak personal effect to a strong global effect where the Psi-Master can make Magical Passes to change the world. Since Magical Passes were given to ancient Seers as they raised their energy bodies upward, the Psi-Master will gain unique Magical Passes as she/he gains energy, the only currency of power. Manipulating the AF is the beginning of changing a Psi-Master into a Psi-Lord - a Fate changer.

The Fate PG is $160, inclusive of P&P plus $40 immediate postage