Earth's Boost Psychotronic Generators:



Orb PG:

Combines the power of flame and marble with the Orb shape of a Rolling Force Generator to mix the Earth's Boost with the power of the Rolling Force to move the Assemblage Point of Man. Simply stare at the flame in your darkened meditation chamber to shift or move your Awareness to SuperBoost Lucid Viewing...  HW334

$80 + $20 P&P

Cube PG:

Combines the power of the flame to link into the Earth's Boost to shift your Awareness out of the Cube of the ADR and Matrix, Psi-Prisons of the Archons to shift your Awareness to perceive non Matrix physical or biophysical reality. Simply stare at flame while meditating to shift your Awareness outside the matrix for perception of non Matrix Lucid Viewing. HW374

$80 + $20 P&P

Cylinder PG:

Combines the power of flame to link the Psi-Master to all the power of the Earth's Boost to shift your Awareness for proper Lucid Viewing. The Cyclindrical. PG links up with the circle outside the square of the Matrix, heavenly not Matrix energy to lift your Awareness up and up using the Earth's Boost into planes of consciousness which are positively charged with the Rolling Force to charge, vitalise, rejuvenate, heal and generally charge you up while Lucid Viewing. HW234

$80 + $20 P&P

Dish PG:

Combines the power of the Earth's boost using flame as the medium to align with the vast consciousness of the planet to SuperBoost your Awareness. The Circular PG amplifies the Rolling Force to pump into you healing energy for absent, self and professional healing. Earth's Boost x Rolling Force PG for SuperPower healing, Lucid Viewing to allow the healer to reach the ultimate heights of healing energy. HW243

$80 + $20 P&P

Agate End PG:

The power of flame combined with a slice of Agate that aligns with one of the 40 types of inanimate consciousness to change the Earth's Boost into Lucid Viewing of the Earth's physical realms for Remote Viewing of geological formations, tectonic plates, mineral deposits or solidify intent in the 2nd Attention to build solid dream worlds. HW132

$100 + $20 P&P

Agate Slice PG:

The Earth's Boost caught by the live light is magnified by the Agate slice that as a PG amplifies the Earth's shielding from the negative aspect of the Rolling Force to form a power centre of Earth's Boost in it's pure form free from the Rolling Force so you can shift your Assemblage Point in your energy body to experience all the 600+ worlds in the energy body using Lucid Viewing. HW133

$80 + $20 P&P

Amethyst Cluster PG:

A pure Amethyst PG to focus Lucid Viewing free from all negative interference to allow precision Lucid Viewing of any taregt free from psychic blocking. Add ot this amplification of your Lucid Viewing by the naked flame boosts your Lucid Viewing to enable any practitioner to Lucid View anything, anywhere free from Matrix corruption or military blockage techniques. Recommended for the professional Lucid Viewer who has to know what is out there. HW04

$100 + $20 P&P

Top quality Amethyst Cluster PG:

The Earth's Boost allied with the negative banishment exorcism power of Amethyst to filter, tune the immense power of the Earth's energy body into a pure beam of exorcism energy to clear sacred spaces, banish demons from houses people or for practitioners into psychic cleansing. HW04

$200 + $40 P&P

Crystal Cluster PG:

This general purpose EB charges the crystal cluster PC/BPC with the EB to super inflate the Psi-field so that the vicinity of the PG is a supercharged Psi-space free from the psychic damping force to enable the Psi-Adept to carry out Psi procedures impossible in the Matrices. A bubble of non Matrix inflated in the Matrices by this EB/PG BPC/PC so you can have a wormhole to non Matrix phenomena even in the evil of the ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix. Recommended for the psychic explorer who needs a diving sphere to exit the Matrix or bring non Matrix back into the world - a wormhole to the light. HW362


$120 + $60 P&P

2 side polished Flourite PG:

The Earth's Boost provided by a naked flame is added to a Flourite PG designed to amplify mind control of two parties simultaneously to get them to agree, disagree, got to war, make business, love, unite, disunite... the list is endless; for the sensuous remote influencer. HW26

$160 + $30 P&P

Rough Flourite PG:

The power of naked flame to link in with the Earth's Boost is added to a simple Flourite PG to amplify RI of a single target so you can influence all their thoughts, actions, to your benefit. HW27

$120 + $30 P&P

Flourite slice PG:

The Earth's boost wedded to a Flourite mind control PG to enable self RI to lose weight, stop smoking, give up bad habits, stop drug taking or reinforce positive programming for development. HW384

$100 + $20 P&P

Polished Flourite PG:

The power of the Earth's Boost magnified by a polished mind control PG to focus Directed Attention RI to a laser-like point to burn through protected targets to RI them in all scenarios where the target is aware of RI and has some type of protection. HW367

$160 + $30 P&P

Quartz Point PG:

Combining the Earth's Boost with a quartz PG to boost your biophysical or physical Awareness simply by staring at the flame in your darkened room to fill your energy body with the Earth's energy to expand it for all Psi endeavours. HW96

$160 + $40 P&P

Ocean Jasper PG:

Combine the power of the Earth's Boost wih the PG of Ocean Jasper to link you in with the Consciousness of all the Seas, Lakes and Rivers in the world for Lucid Viewing using the watery medium. Or using Springs to enable your Lucid Viewing to descend into the dimension of dark energy matter that underlie the human realm. HW386

$100 + $40 P&P

Rose Quartz PG:

The Rose Quartz PG uses the Earth's Boost to amplify the power of the Rose Quartz to draw life force from the Earth to boost your vitality for anti-ageing or to begin to Lucid View the dimensions where you can live for billions of years as described by Castaneda in: The fire from Within. HW05

$100 + $40 P&P

Rose Quartz slice PG:

The Rose Quartz slice combines the Earth's Boost, the life sustaining power of Rose Quartz and the slice aspect of Crystal that enables you to access the flux of the positive Rolling Force to simultaneously boost Awareness, life and creativity for the Psi-Master who needs to focus on all the life giving aspects of life for the arts, media, books, films or any creative process. A creative process PG for all the art buffs, producers and creators. HW360

$100 + $40 P&P

Selenite PG:

The power of the Earth's Boost coming from the flame is wedded to the Selenite PG to boost your dark energy matter aspect so you can build a dark energy body to develop all the powers of the Shamans, Old Seers, as described in Castaneda's: The Art of Dreaming: dark energy is the PF for all Shamanic powers. A general dark energy matter PF source for the Psi-Master. HW121

$100 + $50 P&P

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