Earth's Boost Psychotronic Generators:


Flame links the Psi-Master with the Earth's energy body for all Psi-feats involving mind over matter, teleportation, physical travel to different time lines, dimensions and for major psychokinesis. The Earth's Boost is described in Castanedas's: The Fire From Within and is the basic super amplifier for all Psi. Combining the Earth's Boost (EB) with PGs (Psi Generators) produces a most powerful set of Psi-Generators that are used for brute force, strategic or interworld LV (Lucid Viewing), telekinesis, psychokinesis on physical events... The advent of combining the EB with PGs offers the Psi-Master unprecedented power levels not known since Atlantis, Lemuria, the alien civilisation that was the predecessor of humans on Earth...


To use: light a tea light as the PG and stare at the flame. The small crystal supplied controls output to use a BPC for physical results if the crystal is in left sock. Or hold small crystal in hand and or place a PG for biophysical effects giving you 2 modes of effect to supertune the high power: EBxPG effect of these brute force Psi devices.


Combined with the Rolling Force in some applications these EB, Rolling Force PGs can supply the PF (Psychotronic Fuel) for very heavy applications for strategic or anti-Matrix Psi for the Psi-Master.






Max Capacity Earth's Boost Psychotronic Generators
For the Psi-Master wishing to have a super large PG to amplify the Earth's Boost to shift his or her Assemblage Point against heavy opposition such as anti-Archon work, psychic attack or Psi-hunting of occultists with Archon souls, the Maximum Capacity Earth's Boost PGs are recommended. The light source when stared at in a darkened room link the Psi-Master with the Earth's energy body as described in Castaneda's: The Fire From Within. The very lareg crystal PG holds the Earth's Boost and stores it for use by the Psi-Master who can download this alignment with the Earth's Energy body to shift his physical energy body by holding the small paired crystal in her/his left sock, or to download it into her/his biophysical energy body by holding it in the left hand.
Enquire Large Selenite EB PG for enabling the Psi-Master to walk his biophysical body into the PG to bilocate using the EB to amplify Lucid Viewing of any area in the energy body.
$2000 + $1000 P&P

HW357 Large Crystal EB PG used for maximum amplification of the EB to supercharge all Lucid Viewing to enable the Psi-Master to use LV, RV, RS, RI, telekinesis and psychokinesis on guarded targets, locations. To break into the inorganic being world as described by Castaneda: In the Art of Dreaming to mine dark energy matter for boosting one's energy bodies. To enter Archon enclaves to destroy the evil entities and use them for PF. The Ultimate EB PG for offensive Psi.
$1000 + $200 P&P


HW356 Large Amethyst EB PG to give the Psi-Master the ultimate EB for all defensive Psi. To superboost the Psi-Master to protect against RV, RS, RI, telekinesis, psychokinesis, occult dark energy matter CF evil... The Amethyst naturally exorcises evil, when configured as a PG by Tim Rifat and with a light source to provide EB access the PG enables the Psi-Master to have a vast supply of protective exorcising energy for use in psychic protection, healing and group exorcism of people possessed by CF occult entities. With the PG you can erect a Psychic Shield around yourself powered by the PG to protect your while meditating or sleeping.
$1000 + $200 P&P



HW181 Crystal Cluster EB PG medium sized version of the Large Crystal EB for tactical rather than strategic RV, RS, RI, telekinesis, psychokinesis, or hunting Archons singly to extract their energy for PF.
$500 + $150 P&P

HW180 Amethyst EB PG medium sized version of the large Amethyst EB for tactical psychic protection of single people rather than groups from occult CF dark energy matter evil, offensive, RV, RS, RI, telekinesis, psychokinesis... psychic attack. To cast a psychic shield around one person rather than their home or business like the Large Amethyst EB PG.
$500 + $150 P&P

HW20 Rose Quartz EB PG to use the EB to access the life force Agglutinising Force that binds human energy bodies together to help renew physical and biophysical vehicles. Charge yourself with life force for health, anti-ageing, sexual prowess so you become filled with vitality, potency and charisma. Sucks the Ley energies from beneath your home to purge them of black telluric earth energy and reconvert them into the Dragon Energies needed for all physical Psi.
$300 + $150 P&P

HW179 Agate  EB PG uses the EB to access the Earth Magic used by the Ancient and Old Seers as described by Castaneda in: The Fire from Within. The PG shifts the Assemblage Point to the various 5 dimensions of the 7 dark energy matter available to access some of the 600+ worlds contained in the Earth's energy body. A vital PG for Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming of thos dark energy matter worlds and light energy matter worlds to access energy needed to build up your SuperPower PCs to create a Devic Body that can burn with the Fire from Within and access Infinity , the Third Attention.
$300 + $150 P&P

HW149 Selenite EB PG uses the EB to open gateways to alternate time-lines so the Psi-Master can explore using Lucid Viewing the other histories. Nazi worlds, Soviet reality, China worlds... One can also use this powerful PG like it's bigger version to Lucid View all world lines where the Moon is not in orbit around our Earth, the non Archonic controlled Matrix worlds of human Psi-Masters. Since our time-line is one of the failed Edemic worlds as described by the Kabbalah, it enables a Psi-Master from our world of shells to access real people in non Archonic time-lines to experience reality not the Matrices of the Archons.
$400 + $150 P&P

HW366 EB Crystal Point PG focuses the power of the Eb into a single point which projects EB energy that can be channelled like a laser to superamplify Directed Attention to enable the Psi-Master to use all the protocols in my books and courses but on the level of Lucid Viewing. The beam of EB can also be used to open gateways to world of intent so you can create your dream palace in intent (see: The Art of Dreaming). Using the Sex PCs one can pull partners into one's intent and have psychic or physical sex. The Large EB PG fills out your dream and makes it real. You can also use it to make Tulpas - beings of your intent as Tibetan magic skills.
$450 + $150 P&P


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