Anti Remote Killing Service:


Tim Rifat the world expert on psychic warfare has developed Full Spectrum Dominance in the field of psychic warfare and can now offer to the high power executives.... entrepeneurs Full Spectrum 24/7 real-time protection from Remote Killing and Remote Influencing used to cause brain damage and the concomittant physical disease associated  with offensive Remote Influencing. Guy and Ellie Rothschild the two richest Illuminati in Europe were taken out by Remote Killing by Chinese Triad group (see Benjamin Fulford on Tim Rifat has offered Vladimir Putin his  Kremlin associates and the Stavka as well as Beijing's elite Full Spectrum Psychic Protection to block out all Remote Killing, Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing and Remote Sensing by Zionist US, British, Israeli, Remote Viewing neophytes, to the extent that Vladimir Putin has turned from a portly middle ages man to a fit young Superleader. If you are in an environment with many enemies the Full Spectrum Psychic Protection Service for the elite is available for $50,000.


This gives you lifetime protection from Remote: Killing, Influencing, Viewing and Telepathic scanning of your brain - Sensing. As the author of 3 books on Psychic Warfare: Random House 1999... and undisputed expert in the field Tim Rifat offers Total Psychic Protection with a hotline: 0044 1273 690424 where all fully paid up Clients can get run downs of who attacked them and consultancy on the matter.


Anti Remote Killing Service: $50,000 with Certificate