The 3 Great Band PGs


In the Earth's energy body there are 3 great bands of emanation as described by Castaneda in 'The Fire from Within.' One is the band of animals, two the band of plants, three the band of insects. Each of these 3 organisms has a different type of energy configuration. In the dark energy matter world these 3 great bands apply to all the inorganic beings contained in the 600+ worlds of different dimension.


It is no coincidence the Archons dark energy matter parasites have 3 Matrices to imprison humans: ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix. By mixing the 3 Great Bands of Awareness in the light energy matter realm (normal world) with 3 Matrices the Archons made sure that all Psi-Masters were trapped unless they mastered the Awareness of all 3 Great Bands.


Tim Rifat, as the only Psi-Lord bypassed the problem by conquering the Animal Band, joining with the Plant Band and using the Insect Band as PF to build the device awareness of the SuperPower Crystal bodies of the 8 lobed nagual and union with pulsar awareness outside the Matrix. Once you have mastered the 3 Great Bands the use of all 3 Matrices simultaneously  as PF is enabled meaning the Psi-Master can use the intense Psi-prison of the Archons as the Ultimate PF.


The 3 Matrices can be accessed simultaneously by the 3 Great Band Awareness to burn the Archon's Matrices simultaneously for maximum PF provision. The EB locked into by Lucidly Viewing light, flame, illumination cab e blocked onto the Matrices to use the EB to superamplify burning of the Matrix for PF. The EB can be used to merge with the 3 Great Bands of Awareness, the 3 Matrices to supply PF to change the EB from a force that only shifts the Assemblage Point to one that moves it. A movement in an awareness of things outside the Matrix. Since the Archons are the dark energy matter parasites of the Moon's energy body the movement must jump them, they being the ultimate barrier to the Psi-Master. Using the EB to swamp the smaller Moon's energy body is the perfect way to break the Matrix and enable access to non Matrix consciousness.


 A PG tuned to do the above has been a fantasy until Tim Rifat invented this new class of PG. Coupled with a bioparticle PC or BPC to stop the PG going negative as all Pavlita Generators do, producing negative DOR (Destructive Organe Radiation) as do all Orgone Generators, the Tim Rifat PGs are the only PG that works 24/7.



3 Great Band Awareness Psychotronic Generators:
hw178 Agate Slice - Burns the 3 Matrices to boost the 3 Great Band Awareness to enable the Psi-Master to dominate the Light Energy Matter realms as a Psi-Master in concert with Power Rings to dominate human reality for power, money, sex. $460 + $100 P&P

hw387 Flourite Slice - Uses the 3 Matrices as PF to boost the RI Power of the Psi-Master over the 3 Great Bands to enable strategic RI of populations boosted by EB to give the Psi-Master with Power Rings temporal power. $460 + $100 P&P

hw361 Rose Quartz Slice - This PG uses the 3 Matrices as PF for the Psi-Master who wishes to pull out of the Archons the lifeforce they have stolen to turn their intents into reality. It turns all Archonic realities using the EB to pull the lifeforce out of Archons, their reality and servants to return the lifeforce to the Psi-Master. $460 + $100 P&P

hw388 Labradorite Slice - This PG uses the 3 Matrices as PF to boost the 3 Great Bands Awareness to link with the EB to move the Psi-Master outside the Archonic Matrix; beyond the Moon's Archons realms to the real worlds beyond the evil we live within. Once there the Psi-Master can Lucidly View real beings not corrupted by chaotic evil. $460 + $100 P&P

hw389 Ocean Jasper Slice - This Ocean Jasper EB PG uses the 3 Matrices as PF to propel the Psi-Master into the non Matrix realms outside the moon's Archon's to Rs the non Matrix and it's in habitants. Enables the user to talk to these pulsar beings and learn the secrets of the Ancient Seers - non Archonic Psi, the power of the Atlanteans, lemurians and the Alien race that inhabited the planet 2 million years ago. $460 + $100 P&P



EB Generators: These EB generators link the Psi-Master with the Earth's Consciousness to move the consciousness of the holder outside the Matrix using the EB modified by the PG as the motive power.
86040118 The Agate Slice PB EB's move the consciousness of the Psi-Master beyond the Moon's Archon evil to Lucidly View true non Matrix beings super-accelerated by the EB so you can handle the high vibrational frequency of non possessed entities that exist beyond the confines of the Archon Psi-Prison. $200 + $100 P&P

86040115 The Circular Agate Slice PG:  moves the Psi-Master to Lucidly View outside the CF, suppressing the CF force and enabling the Psi-Master to fight the Archons in their Moon energy dimensions using the EB. $200 + $100 P&P

86040116 The Flourite Irregular EB PG: enables the Psi-Master to RI the negative non Matrix beings not outside the Matrix and use them as cannon fodder against the Archons. $200 + $100 P&P

86040117 The Circular Flourite EB PG: enables the Psi-Master to use RI against the Archons in their home Moon dimensions as he uses the EB to power a CF suppressor PG to make Archons helpless before the Psi-Master using RI against them. $200 + $100 P&P