34 Energy Psychotronic Batteries:


  Since all 34 Energies are needed to break completely free from the Matrix all Psi-Masters should have a Total BSRI-Engine to supply all aspects of PF (Psychotronic Fuel) to their Devic Bodies (formed from the 8 SuperPower BPCs and PCs). Unfortunately most people are caught in the property, money trap so may find funds limited. To enable these spiritualy advanced people access to a Total BSRI-Engine, the 34 Energy Psychotronic Battery is available. It contains all 34 Energies contained in small crystal containers enabling the Psi-Master to draw all 34 Energies simply by holding the flask containing the Total BSRI-Engine in her/his left hand. This downloads the 34 Energies into the Psi-Master to enable RV,RS, RI, Psychokinesis, Lucid Viewing, Dreaming... This full spectrum psychotronic battery can be used by the Psi-Master many times but unlike a Total BRSI-Engine it is not self recharging and will have to be replaced or recharged. Since Tim Rifat charges each Battery and has access to the entire Megaverse the Total BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Battery is a potent tool to boost the awareness of the person who wishes a total PF supply for all aspects of Psi: Total cost $70 = $15 P&P

Each 34 Energy Total BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Battery is a glass flask containing all 34 Energy containing Psychotronic  Crystals and enables anyone to embark on voyages outside the Matrix for minimal cost. This is the cheapest full spectrum Psychotronic Battery available and will prove a boon to the normal person caught in the ADR/Matrix. Once you meditate with it in your left hand the 34 Energies will download into your being; a being constructed from the 4 SuperPower Energies to build you a Devic Body capable of long life, robust health, and able to use all aspects of Psi. Unlike the professional Total BSRI Engine available to our serious clients for thousands of dollars, the 34 Energy Psychotronic Battery is a pre-packaged PG downloading all 34 Energies into you while you relax at home holding it in your left hand while relaxing, reading, watching TV, talking with family or friends or enjoying home life... The easy way to boost your Psi-potential repetoire, abilities, strengths, while relaxing after a day at work. Unlike professional Psi experts like myself who spend 24/7 working at Psi, the 34 Energy Psychotronic Battery charges people with careers, family and commitments who only have limited free time to evolve , break free of the Matrix. This makes the quick fix 34 Energy Psychotronic Battery perfect for people who wish to become: 1) healthier, 2) luckier 3) luckier 4) younger 5) psychically powerful 6) protected from Evil 7) loved 8) potent males 9) fulfilled females 10) aware of everything in the world 11)aware of the psychic world 12) psychokinetic in the human 13) plant 14) insect 15)biophysical animal 16) biophysical plant 17) biophysical insect 18) dark matter animal 19) dark matter plant 20) dark matter insectile worlds 21) have power over materiality and the Gold Meme 22) have power over the evil occult world to protect your family from demons... 23) have power over the Psi world to boost your power 24) have power over the Circular Force (CF) to cancel out the Matrix/ADR in all it's aspects 25) control the 4 dimensions of the agglutinising force to produce your dream in all it's aspects 26) drain all evil so it doesn't hurt you 27)and be able to boost your dream to make it totally manifest: for your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit.