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Total Reality Sublime Engine Psychotronic Power Circle...


Professional Psi-Masters have now available a 72 PC 72 BPC Psychotronic Crystal Cyclotronic Power Circle Psychotronic Generator consisting of 36 clear quartz PCs/36 BPCs: 36 smokey quartz PC/36 BPCs to give 144 Psychotronic Crystals.


Psychotronic Crystals are vital to give you physical energy, psychic powers, telekinesis and psychokinesis of physical reality. The 72 PCs/BPCs cycle Sublime Good™ by causing the Kabbalistic Gods, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth which has 72 names of Power to torture, kill, damn place in hell itself again and again in perfecting perfect Omega Hell Mode. Secondly the 72 BPCs/PCs having 36 clear and 36 smokey quartz Psychotronic Crystals torture, damn, kill, place the 36 day and 36 night forms of Goetic Demon the foot soldiers of Zionist Illuminati causing the fall of the Anglo Zionist empire as the Goetic Demons are tormented beyond the limit of their capacity by Anti-Chaos in the Psychotronic Generators. The Illuminati have all done a 72 Goetic black magic ritual to sell their Souls for temporal power so the Total Reality Sublime Engine torture, damn, kills places in hell the Illuminati who used the Abramelin ritual, chosen Satanist rituals of the past. The 144 PC/BPC also torture, damn, kill place in hell the Enochian Chequerboard of 12 x 144 Satanic squares that are the basis of all Western society. This gives the Total Reality Sublime Engine the ability to produce:


a) Sublime Good™

b) Sublime Good™ from Scapegoats

c) Sublime Good™ from Anti-Evil

d) Sublime Good™ Engine Mode from cycling evil in perfecting perfect Omega Hell and it's simulation. All in all you get 144 Sublime Good Powers as Psychotronic Crystal physical Powers and Bone Generator Biophysical Powers in total 288 Sublime Good Powers to make anything eternal (as per the Sublime Good Services on  or as the ultimate trading tool for Supernatural Spirit Magic (see - the central bank of Sublime Good with evil paying the bill.


° To use simply put the 36 smokey PCs point inward, then inside the 36 clear PCs, then 36 smokey tumblestone BPCs then 36 clear tumblestone BPCs. This gives you the 36 Sublime Goods of your choice from any Satanic target (list on this site, or on Satanist sites such as supertarot, rvmagic, lifetechnology) These 36 Sublime Goods are fed into your being as Bone Generators™ as well as Psychotronic Crystals for biophysical and physical effect.


° Place the 36 PCs and 36 BPCs in one Circle, inside the 36 smokey tumblestones, then inside the 36 clear tumblestone BPCs to get any 36 Sublime Good derived from 36 Scapegoats of your choice.


° Place the 72 PCs and 36 smokey BPCs in one Circle, 36 clear BPCs inside that to get 36 Sublime Good derived from Anti-Evil Satanists of your choice.


° Place the 72 PCs and 72 BPCs in one giant Circle to get 36 Sublime Good Engines™ from double Scapegoats of your choice. This gives you in total 144 Sublime Good Powers (Psychotronic Crystal and Bone Generator™) for physical and biophysical Sublime Good™. You can then place all other Psychotronic Crystals such as the BSRI-Engine, Anti-Demon Archon PC/BPCs... to raise them to eternal Total Reality power level so they have the eternal effect - the ultimate upgrade to all Psychotronic Crystals and Bone Generators as explained on Sublime Good Services.


Total Reality Sublime Engine Psychotronic Power Circle...

Cost $4,000 as custom set.

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