Sequestering Counterfeiters Psychotronic Crystal:


The MI5 front companies:,, run by criminal fraudster, counterfeiter Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and run by Rory Mcaffrey aka Aureum as well as, NSA front company, have been trying to counterfeit Psychotronic Crystals® and Services, all Tim Rifat's Trademarked intellectual property to no avail. All their customers, secret police handlers and torture murder governments can now be used as ScapeGoats to dump toxic waste from all their bogus products, counterfeit Psychotronic Crystals® into them and using the Trademarked Sublime Good®  process Tim Rifat can extract from these Total DeathGoat Jews burning in Omega Hell a Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal® that is fed by sequestering the counterfeiters and gives you the Sublime Good® Powers, Services they purport to give on their website but instead give you Satanic Talmudic toxic waste as described in the Sequestering the Abraham ritual mini-website on (forthcoming Spring 2009). So you can get all the Powers and Services on their combined websites, they and their customers pay the price and Tim Rifat can sell the Psychotronic Crystal® for only $60. To use simply keep in right pocket the Bone Generator® that comes with the Psychotronic Crystal® automatically charges the Bone Generator® with Sublime Good® derived from all their products and Services


Sequestering Counterfeiters Psychotronic Crystal: $60