Psychotronic Generator™, Psychotronic Crystal®, Sublime Good®: Mystical Magnet...

The new age was set up by the Illuminati Satanists to leach the human spirit to evolve the Powers of Chaos Evil. Some one can see that the Matrix is dependant on the good hearted fool who dedicates his life to Reiki, Spirit Channelling, Rebirthings, Sai Baba, Kabbalah... Paganism. We now have MI5, NSA run counterfeiting sites such as,,,,, run by British government Satanists: Rory Mccaffrey who goes under the false name of Aureum, Graham Nickels who now goes under the name of Pundit Maharaj a pakistani pensioner as Paul Hughes Barlow is too well known as a conman, see All these scumbags sell mystical wonders junk and have tried to counterfeit my Services by selling Satanic Services and  quantum mechanics even thought the British government Satanist states Psychotronics is biology and quantum mechanics is something any new age dickhead can sell to the public, even though he doesn't know Schrödinger's Wave Equation from a tub or lard! The we have the of the NSA who names himself Dextor Ator and tries to counterfeit all my products.


Thanks to all these British government foods selling counterfeit crystals to idiots and Services to even bigger idiots Psi-Lord Ltd can now sell our Mystical Magnet: Psychotronic Generator™ , Psychotronic Crystals®, Sublime Good® technology that gives you real mystical power from all the new age junk sold on the Internet and counterfeiter website and dumps on them, the British government and all their idiot customers all the toxic waste from Subliming the mystical powers they all  purport to possess giving you a single Psychotronic Crystal® which sucks all the energy from these idiots and pumps it into you. Unlike other Psychotronic Generators™ it does not need charging, doesn't go bad, gets more powerful with time and uses our trademarked Sublime Good®  far future technology to give you the good and dump the Evil on those dupes, idiots and scumbags. To use simply keep in your left pocket, put under your bed, or throw it into the Sea where it cannot be recovered and it immediately downloads into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal® skeleton as a Bone Generator® so you get power pumped to you by the Psychotronic Generator™: Mystical Magnet wherever you are with no effort. As all the energy is supplied by the new age dupes and counterfeiters and customers of, you get all their life-force, Orgone: Vedic, odic, until energy, Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel, luck, love, wealth, Psychic Protection,  Psychic Protection, health, youth as a one way wormhole to you via Bone Generators®  technology the trademark of Psi-Lord Ltd, the monopoly on all far future science for the public. As these scumbags have tried to sell Services such as,,, you get all their Services for free with the Psychotronic Generator™ Mystical Magnet and their customers get the inverse, negativity using the Sublime Good® technology to dump the negative on the counterfeiters and their clients and give you the sublimed positive energy, so the Services don't need to be fuelled up by you but are run by the idiots who go mad, ill and are placed in eternal perdition to power your Psychotronic Generator™, Psychotronic Crystals®, Sublime Good® Mystical Magnet. These Services are downloaded as quantum computing Psychotronic Generator™, Crystals® for a further cost upgrade as below:- 


Psychotronic Generator™, Psychotronic Crystals®, Sublime Good®: Mystical Magnet $45

Bone Generator™ upgrade with Mystical Magnet Psychotronic Crystal a further $45

Upgrade A:

Sequestering the Mystic Stone, Schethl'ya, the foundation of the Matrix by use of the Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal®


The Matrix was built by use of the Mystic Stone Schethlya which the Zohar states Abraham the arch Satanist founder of Israel was the foundation, the one supremely evil being on whom the Mystic Stone rests by home it is made permanent and who nourishes all creatures of the matrix (Archons...). This Stone is the sequestered Hyperinfinity of the Earth used to manifest the Matrix, the cornerstone of the Matrix (Zohar) but the Stone the Builders rejected - as it is fatally flawed, due to Amalek. It also was the foundation of Zion, Israel, Jacob called it the House of the Elohim, David used it to contact Tsabaoth, carried by Aaron as it is a slight Stone as which the Tetragrammaton was inscribed. This was the Mystic Stone which was the archetype for the fantasy One Ring of Power of Tolkien, Wagner... countless fantasy clones. Why the ring? As before the Stone, Tsabaoth used circles, Torsion fields to for a gateway between Chaos and our light energy matter reality, so the stone morphs into a ring in fantasy.


Thanks to the NSA counterfeiters,, MI5 stooges such as,,,, new age Satanist fronts Tim Rifat could sequester the power of this Mystic Stone as the counterfeiters tried to steal from me so I could take from them of their own free will the Schethlya, ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® . This ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® also has total power as I have sequestered the Satanic Abraham ritual the foundation of the Matrix, Israel in my new Service that has 27 upgrades, as the Abraham Chaos ritual was the basis of all magic, now owned by the Psi-Lord. The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® is the Anti-Chaos Schethlya, the One Stone of Power in the Matrix upon which all the Matrix depends. As the Earth's Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force supplied all the means to manifest Chaos in the light energy matter reality, the Psi-Lord has cut this quantum superimposition so the Matrix is now unmanifesting. As the Schethlya was the Yellow Stone this means the Canary Island's (Canary yellow) volcano collapses to produce the Tsunami air to water and the Yellow Stone super volcano explodes, fire as the Matrix was created from the Yellow Stone in air to water to fire, so the Psi-Lord has rebooted the Matrix with Tim Rifat in control, a regime change, the Jews Untergoyim, the Russians the new chosen race.


To get your Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal®, the One Power Stone of the Matrix you can thank the counterfeiters who have supplied all the Westerners to burn in hell forever as they were run by USA, British Zionist governments so the Psi-Lord can supply more the One Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® - the West pays the price. The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® needs no charging as the West supplies the power. This Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® is your key to temporal power in the Matrix, the foundation, manifester of the Matrix now yours so you can have the physical power, real world power in the Matrix. Simply have in the left hand for power, right to change the Matrix to your whim.


All the rest is automatically the One Powers Mystic Stone Schethylya does the rest - get the ultimate power Psychotronic Crystal® of the Jews to make yourself a new Illuminati Master of the West!


  • Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® to control Matrix $1000
  • Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® $1000
  • Sublime Good® upgrade for Psychotronic Crystal® or Bone Generator® $200


Get the Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal® to control all the Illuminati's Satanic Grail Stones by the Illuminati!

Simple to use, possession gives power!