The Good Things in Life Psychotronic Crystals:


Want: Love, money, friendship, power, esteem, property, a fast car, committment, honour, investments, expensive holidays, a yacht, helicopter, Lear Jet, high end computers, Master widescreen TV entertainment system, trophy wife, big company, success, stardom, bestselling writer... Well you can be sure the Illuminati Satanists headed by 13 Jewish Families: Rothschild, Rockerfellers, Oppenhimers, Stearns... (see The Power of the Rothschilds) have carried out a black magic ritual to steal it from you. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord arch enemy of all Satanists has discovered all the secrets of the Satanists and reversed them. This means Tim Rifat the leading scientist in the field of Psi-Technology can offer you Psychotronic Crystals(TM) and Bone Generators(TM) that reverse all the Satanic black magic the Zionist Illuminati black magicians have invoked using Demons and evil spirits to block you from the things you want, need and desire. The Psychotronic Crystal and bioparticle just need to be kept in your left pocket to dissolve all the black magic keeping you from the good things in life. As a free upgrade you get a Bone Generator(TM) that runs in tandem with the Psychotronic Crystals to give you dual processor Psychotronic Crystals(TM) to dissolve all blocks to you getting: The Good Things In Life. Make sure you get what you deserve by unblocking, eradicating, the Illuminati Zionist evil that has stolen the good things from your life. This Psychotronic Crystal set reverses the process so you get all the things you deserve just by heaping the PC/BPC on you and the Bone Generator works to amplify the effect so you double, redouble and quadruple all the good things in life and the Satanists pay. The ultimate payback for all the evil you had to eat imposed by the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati Families that own the West by theft. This PC/BPC gives you your just due and repays you from the Illuminati by using these Satanists as Deathgoats to fuel: The Good Things in Life that flow to you by using this ultimate payback Psychotronic Crystals(TM) power source.


Cost $240 with Bone Generators(TM)

or just $150 for Psychotronic Crystals(TM)


Get the best, get the Good Things in Life and make the Satanist bastards pay for stealing it from you - it's your birth right reclaim what you are owed.