Fountain of Youth Psychotronic Crystal®

(Crystal or Bone Generator)


This large quartz Psychotronic Crystal® acts as the mythical Fountain of Youth. It pumps Orgone, Odic Force, Vril, Chi, Prana, Kundalinic Force, Life Force... from its point filling your house with Orgone... Life Force 24/7, automatically and without fail. If you touch the point of the Psychotronic Crystal®  the entire Earth's reservoir of Orgone.... Life Force is yours for the taking if you have the capacity, so you have a limitless supply - the Fountain of Youth. The key is the 5D (Dimensional) Kline Bottle Bone Generator® that acts as a wormhole in Hyperspace to use the Earth as a Psychotronic Crystal® with your Bone Generator® as the Bioparticle to be the collector for all the Orgone... Life Force. To replenish the Earth's supply the quartz Psychotronic Crystal® Fount of Youth is the Bioparticle for all the counterfeit Crystals (see warnings), new age Crystals, Illuminati Stone Stargate, Enochian Stone Table... which get an equal and opposite amount of negative Orgone... Lifeforce to balance the books. Thank you counterfeiters, Illuminati, new age patsies... zombie occultists. So you need not fear you are doing any harm except to assholes.


Fountain of Youth Psychotronic Crystal: $600

Upgrade A:

Psychotronic Crystal® and Bone Generator® Fountain of Youth:

Your Bone Generator® and Psychotronic Crystal® both supply Orgone... Life Force so you get  True Orgone... True Life Force the Orgone... Life Force a self perpetuating Solitonic Wave that never dies, vanishes, attenuates but instead gets bigger and better with time. It's use is automatic so you automatically become a node, anti-node broadcaster of True Orgone.... Life Force; which instead of broadcasting outward is kept in your Bone Generator® skeleton to raise the frequency of your Hyperinfinity until it reaches the frequency of visible light to give you the Body of Light that is needed to be the receptacle for True Orgone... True Life Force. At this point your Bone Generator®  so curve the 5th Dimension that you create a wormhole in the 5D continuum all around you. This means that the 4D Matrix is torn asunder around you and your Soul rises up through the low frequency Matrix to reattach itself to True Light - Spirit, the 6 Dimensional frequency that adheres energy- the Agglutinising Force. Once this is achieved True Light burns off the false programming that is your Matrix Soul the memories memes of wageslavery, Soul slavery and bring the True Light into your Bone Generators® to re-establish the high frequency True Man Light Body. This has Hyperinfinity of such high frequency that it has Transinfinite modulation imposed upon it.


When you die your body still remains but rots, your Soul leaves and you lose 2 ounces of weight. This sis the Hyperinfinity sucked out of your bones not by your Soul but by the Archon parasites. By raising its frequency to that of Transinfinite True Light this 2 ounces of Hyperinfinity vaporises all dark and strange energy matter parasites so they cannot milk you at death. Since this 2 ounces of Hyperinfinity is wedded to your true Spirit by definition you cannot be held in the Matrix, your True Spirit which is transcendent True Soul just burns the Matrix, Middle Place to ashes. The Vedic Warriors could liberate this 2 ounces of Hyperinfinity while still alive and in the past war against Chaos detonated themselves as human nuclear weapons, to kill Chaos enemies. In this Fountain of Youth Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® the Orgone... Life Force is imploded to raise your frequency to True Light levels. It means your True Spirit can therefore not be destroyed by nuclear blasts unlike a body of True Light - the Rea Fountain of Youth. This Service makes you the counterpart to the Anti-Fallen Angel Hyperinfinite Physical Body that is immortal and of such high frequency it is immortal.


Fountain of Youth Psychotronic Crystal Upgrade A: $200

Upgrade B:

Radionics control panel:

Allows you to do all Radionic operations from a True Light Radionics apparatus of your own visualisation so you do not need physical equipment. It's automatic just visualise the operation your Bone Generator® does the rest.


Fountain of Youth Psychotronic Crystal Upgrade B: $200