Earth and Moon Superbooster Service...


In this Psychic Warrior Shaman BSRI-E upgrade the Earth/Moon Psychotronic Generator is quantum entangled and an energy Bell's Theorem, non locality wormhole is connected is all your Psychotronic Crystals to superboost their capability. This means that your Love Psychotronic Crystals, Bioparticle are changed from being the power source to the access interface to make the Earth/Moon Psychotronic Generator work for you as your Love Psychotronic Crystals... If you study the flow sheet you will see that all the Psychotronic Crystals and Psychotronic Generators (can be superboosted to Earth/Moon power levels by this upgrade) have a specific function on the hierarchical pathway to the evolving perfecting perfect Psi-Master. You have used your hard earned cash to purchase the only working Psychotronic Crystals™, Psychotronic Generators in existence (see Warnings). With this Service your Psychotronic Crystals™ and Psychotronic Generators are used as the wormhole gateway for the gigantic Earth/Moon Tim Rifat class Psychotronic Generator and the original Psychotronic Crystals™ and Psychotronic Generators tune the output to the function of the Psychotronic Crystals™... specially tailored for you. So for example if you have a Money Psychotronic Generator PC/BPC the Crystals become the wormhole termini for the output of the entire Earth, Moon Psychotronic Generator specially dedicated to filling you and your milieu/life with money energy - making you rich. So in effect this Service turns your Psychotronic Crystals™, Psychotronic Generators into mobile phone like links to the gigantic Earth, Moon Psychotronic Crystal™ fashioned into a Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator. So your 34 BSRI-Engine gets the super upgrade from boosting your psychic powers to a strategic Psychotronic Crystal™ powerhouse that can elevate you from a simple psychic to a Psi-Master. As one might appreciate this upgrade lifts your power levels to astronomical power levels so is only for the professional Psi Master. As a Psi-Lord anything less than astronomical power levels are beneath notice. Looking at the flow chart gives the Psi-Master a complete guide to Psychotronic Crystals™ and Psychotronic Generators and their function uses and how they fit in with each other to elevate the psychic to Psi-Master. All your Psychotronic Crystals™ can now be elevated to astronomical levels of power for Psi-Mastership. As a way to boost Psychotronic Crystal™ power levels to the Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator Earth/Moon quantum entangled Psychotronic Crystal™, Bioparticle Engine is the way to achieve strategic power levels to change your country to suit you not Satanists. To use simply keep the Psychotronic Crystals™ you desire to use in your right hand to transmit the Intent to the Earth/Moon BSRI-Engine. They Crystals act as transmitters to communicate with the Earth/Moon BSRI-Engine so that function is radiated by the Earth/Moon BSRI-Engine to bring you money, luck, love, health, anti-ageing, psychic powers, psychic protection all on a strategic level.


Earth and Moon Superbooster Service $600


Upgrade A: For Sublime Good Earth/Moon BSRI-IEngine output so your energy is pumped out as pure Sublime Good to keep you totally centred. Recommended as at this power level even positive energy has huge hidden evil.

Upgrade A $200


Upgrade B: For amplification of Bone Generator Services to use the Earth/Moon BSRI-E to raise all Services to astronomical levels. To use simply broadcast Service with right hand and the Earth/Moon BSRI-E broadcasts pure power.

Upgrade B $600


Upgrade C: For Sublime Good Earth/Moon BSRI-E Bone Generator Service: $200