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Building a Devic Body with SuperPower PCs...



The human body is a very transient, perishable vehicle, according to Gnostic tradition the human vessel was designed as a prison receptacle for angelic awareness by the archons (New Dawn Magazine is full of articles on this issue.) A Psi-Master finds that here his body is the limiting factor in Psi-Evolution, ageing all accomplishments. A Psi-Lord does not try and repair a faulty receptacle, with it's negative energy of decay, large gap to amplify ageing and archonic energy to block the spirit energy, instead she/he decants her/his awarness into an immortal, indestructible devic body. A human body has a negative energy so it decays with time, a devic body has a positive energy so it increases with time. A Human body has a large fragile gap (see the Fire Within: Carlos Casteneda: The Rolling Force) so it ages prematurely; crystal capsules which are used for devic bodies have no gaps so are immune to ageing since the Rolling Force cannot damage them.


The Four Superpower PCs are iin essence the four lobes of a devic body to supply a vehicle for body, mind, soul and spirit; a devic version of the four lobed nagual body, the essential component of breaking free from the Matrix. To transfer one's awareness into the four Superpower PCs so they can then be supercharged by the other 30 PCs of the Total BSRI-Engine, a Kline Bottle is initiated in each Supower PC so awareness can be decanted from their owners into the PCs. This process enables the owner to develop a devic body in which dreams become solid and real, while the Matrix becomes a dream at the command of the Psi-Master. The end result a Psi-Master who has transferred his/her awareness to a crystal receptacle this is immune to death and can take the super high power of the other 30 PCs of the Total BSRI-E without burning with the Fire Within - a result of the negative energy of the human body.


Those angelic Psi-Masters have then got the time to evolve to the Psi-Lord stage as death no longer has them in it's grip. To initiate this process the Psi-Master just holds the four Superpower PCs in her/his right hand to open the Kline Bottle to decant her/his awareness into the 4 PCs to build a 4 lobed devic nagual body. Then transfer to the left hand to charge the new devid body using the archonic Matrix as fuel; BPCs in right sock, transferred to left sock respectively. Repetition of this process reinforces the process.


Since the Matrix is bound by the S extra ordinary sets of set theory, the devic ngual can then use the Matrix in unique manners not archonic in nature but instead to the benefit of the Psi-Master who subverts the Matrix for her/his own uses. The first use is to control the physical world by super amplifying the devic physical body for psychokinetic control. The four PCs in this mode are always held in the left hand, BPc in left foot/sock. This is described as the Business mode. Hold the Superpower PC you wish to broadcast in your left hand/left foot (BPc) to psychokinetically empower the 4 Physical modes:-


a) Wisdom PC to unlock silent knowledge so you know everything in the physical world
b) Entrepeneurship PC to unlock events to they go your way in the physical world
c) Fame PC to attract people to your will, make yourself a magnetic personality
d) Drive and determination PC to fill yourself with the energy to complete the task not matter what


Interpersonal Mode:

a) Understanding PC so you can RS your fellow humans to see psychically what makes them tick
b) Motivation PC to charge you with psychokinetic power to remotely influence your fellow humans to your benefit
c) Light PC to make your fellow humans glow with inner fire in your presence to enable you to become a leader of men
d) Leadership PC to make your fellow men beg to follow you in all your activities


To empower the Soul world: The modes are linked with Egyptian Metaphysics.


a) True Soul PC to open up the powers of your biophysical energy body for RV/RS, RI... psychokinesis
b) Fire Sould PC to amplify your physical energy body to shift your assemblage point (see the Fire Within: Casteneda)
c) Star Sould PC to allow your devic body to travel to any dimension, time line... at awill, to be a true vehicle of your awareness
d) State Soul PC, the physcial energy body reconfigured so you can fixate your awareness in any dimension, time line... so you can have uniformity and cohesion throughout the Megaverse (The Art of Dreaming: Castaneda)


The Spirit modes of the Superpower PCs are the ones most associated with Toltec Shamanism so are named after them.

Toltec Shamanic Spirit Modes:-


a) Impeccability PC - the unlocking energy body needed to escape the Matrix into total freedom - the flight of the Spirit
b) Energy PC - the ability to store the energy of Total Freedom and expand to accomodate it - the Psychotronic battery function of the Devic Body
c) The Other PC - the developed Devic Body fusion of Ta and Ka to form a complete body seperate of the flesh envelope of humans
d) Unending Intent PC - the Devic Body needed to manifest your dreams as reality, change the Matrix to your own Matrix or maifest in any reality the power to be anywhere, anytime, anyhow.


The Four Superpower PCs are the capsule for the energies of the other 30PCs. They enable the Psi-Master to wield a physical and biophysical vehicle which can accomodate all these energies; since with the BPCs it has 8 lobes, it describes a nagual woman and man in synchrony with Total Freedom and enables one Psi Master to reach outside the Matrix without the 17 group needed by the Eagles Rule (The Eagles Gift: Castaneda) Combined  with:-


Seven PC Set x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of the 7 dimensions of Dark Energy/Matter reality
Nine PC Set x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of the 9 dimensions of Dark Energy/Matter reality
Two Sex PCs x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of Sexual Energy
Two Awareness PCs x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of the Force of Awareness
Six Grail Stones x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of the Agglutinising Force
Four Rolling Force PCs x 4 SuperPower PCs = Total command of the Rolling Force

(Rings for the true aspect, the Sphere for the -ve aspect for total power or total freedom respectively)

The 4 SuperPower PCs amplify the other 30 PCs not by boosting their effects but by enabling the Psi-Master to contain the energies while still in manifestation, not turning with the Fire from Within.


Schematic of SuperPower PCs
  1 2 3 4 5
a) Mind Wisdom Impeccability True Soul (Bionformational/BA) Understanding
b) Body Entrepeneurship Energy Fire Soul (Bioplasmic/Ka) Motivation
c) Soul Fame The Other Star Soul (Bionfirmational)* Light, Life and Zest
d) Spirit Drive & Determination Unbending Intent Stele Soul (Bioplasmic) Leadership

* Union of Ba and Ka / BI+BP -> manifests as Bi The Other
   Union of Ba and Ka / BI+BP -> manifests as BP morable physical energy body (teleportation)

These S Modes of being are the ones open to a Psi-Master who manifests in any Matrix. Mode 1 is for uniformity and cohesion. Mode 2 is for dominance in that Matrix. Mode 4 is for Psi-Power in the Matrix as the Egyptians used Psi to preserve their dream. Mode 3 is for Psi-Power in the Matrix fixated in Total Freedom and the attainment of the Third Attention - bodiless being in which no energy envelope exists to restrain.