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Anti-CF Chakra PCs

For those new age devotees wed to the concept that Chakras must stay, the ACF ChakrasPC's fulfill your dream. They reverse the Chakra CF so the Chakra becomes a verse spiral to the one the Archons designed by intending in the Fourth Attention - the realm of dreams made manifest. This means that rather than pin you to the: ADR: Matrix: Over-Matrix and the 5 Aeon torture hells of the dead, the Anti-CF Chakras push you away from the Matrix and actively keep you from being held by the Matrices. This takes an enormous amount of energy as the CF Chakra has to be spun down, then reversed up again, then spun to such a a high frequency that no chaotic Archonic evil can interact with it to re-reverse it, to bring you back into the Matrices. Only the BPC/PC of a Tim Rifat PC couple can supply this energy and since he has mastered Anti-CF technology the process can be made foolproof. This means the Psi-Adept frees themselves from the human Matrix and faces the wheel of time so they see time as it approaches them (as described in Castaneda's: The Eagles Gift). That faculty enables the user to develop precognitive Psi so they can see future events approaching. The following PCs develop that precognitive Lucid Viewing so you can see a variety of future events or change your actions to bring them into your life. Each of these PCs consists of 7 BPCs or PCs to enable the wearer to change the CF force to the Anti-CF for precognition.


75000810 Oval facet Chakra Pendant Multi purpose Anti-CF Chakra PC to enable the wearer to face the Wheel of Tim and see future business opportunities coming their way so they can make their fortune. The Investors PC to boost money making on the markets as described in my business books (see
$600 + $60 P&P
75000791 STS Chakra Pendant This multi purpose Anti-CF Chakra BPC enables the wearer to see physical events coming the way of the wearer so they can avoid accidents, muggings, domestic violence or any physical event that could impinge on their well being. The Psi-Saint Christopher for the 21st Century.